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In the Shade


update: I cleaned up some areas, mainly the underside of the cliff on the left.
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Your landscapes are always so impressive, you add so much into them! I always like how most of it is almost bllurred and suggesting form while you add detailed flora into it with a beautiful contrast of warm and cool tones
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is this uluru rock?
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Nope, this is no place in particular. However it is very similar to the tall red rocks found in Utah: [link]
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that utah place looks also similar like ulura rock, coz red haha

anyhow, eally wonderful job on this piece ♥
PrincessYadira's avatar
wow.. Great painting
DSil's avatar
Cool! The blue light is very well done, gives an impression of the vast expanse of sky.
Shiftagen's avatar
Utah?! :D hehe I can see him (or her) in the shade over there.
Mauritania's avatar

Had to do that, hope you don't mind! Great art, thought first it was a watercolor painting.
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The color scheme is fantastic..!!!
I'm really glad there's a person in there to add a sense of proportion to the piece.
It's spot on! :D
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Hahahaha I was just browsing the net looking for reference and this popped up. I was like "cool colors and so nice to have a person there" and I've just realized I had commented this before. So this stands the test of time!

BTW, I browsed through your entire gallery and I'm in awe. Amazing work! Your compositions are so good!!!!
Wildweasel339's avatar
haha, cool! Happy 6 years later :)
Boy time sure does fly...
Thisper's avatar
Wonderful, strong colors. The rocks really seem to push forward. Nicely done :)
Tsvetka's avatar
amazing colors! i love the atmosphere of this picture! :heart:
Marmottegarou's avatar
awesome color work :ahoy:
Komical's avatar
I didn't even notice the little man at first!
Thanks for uploading- it inspires me to do more scenery pictures!
SeraphimKiss88's avatar
Looove the colors in this one. The warm/cold contrasts and the shadows/reflections are perfect.
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Woow, this is so cool! :D
I like the pretty little details (like the drawings on the stones) and how the man sitting under the cliff isn't instantly visible (or at least, I only saw him upon looking closer xD )
athenapallas87's avatar
I really love the way you put a lot of focus into your landscapes, while still adding in human figures! I love the deails in this, even with the broad strokes (like the paintings on the rocks! wonderful eye for it! =D) you use to create your forms. I love the colors in this one as well. Really wonderful choices.
2tall4yall's avatar
amazing job on the colours :)
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