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I love how raw and beautiful this is!
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Love it. The light on the clouds works great with the delayed light on the UFO's trail to give a sense of height, depth and time. Rough and dramatic. White Stripes. 
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Nice pallete, and the thumbnail reads really nicely. Also love the rough strokes and energy coming for this.
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The background is very nice and dramatic!
BUT :D (this will be a critique) In my opinion the foreground is obsolete. I assume it has to do with showing what the guy in the ship flying away is escaping from - a dark world - but it's more like a still life of a dead tree than an escaping pilot. Hope this is useful for you. :)
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Thanks for offering a critical eye!  You make an interesting point. My focus on the abstract qualities of the composition, may have neglected the story of the escaping ship. 
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Wow sweet! Really like the energy here!
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These rough strokes, the bold contrast and the tiny rocket work perfectly together.  If you hadn't already demonstrated mastery again and again, I'd have thought it was a lucky fluke...  As it is, I'm just really envious! Waaaah! Wink/Razz 
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Hah, I must be careful or your comments will inflate my ego! It usually feels like a lucky fluke to me. Thanks though :) 
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I really love the accent of the complements in this painting. The textures really enhance that as well.
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Yeah ! the texture of brushes is amazing ! I see You used shaddy's brush set :) I might try them too!
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Yes, I hardly find need for any other brushes after I found Shaddy's.  They are pretty great for the rough painterly look! 
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Really lovely! What kind of brushes did you use? 
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Thanks! I was using several brushes from this set:…
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Wicked awesome! Thanks so much! :D
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ha! if only that worked as advertised :)
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Beautiful work, as always! The rhythm of the lines works so perfectly :heart:
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:D (Big Grin) thanks! There were many failed attempts behind those lines.
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That's very reassuring to hear :D
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