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Published: September 27, 2013
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Our captain is very particular about his mechanics. Due to a rather 'special' condition, he is frequently in need of repairs and limb calibration. He's tough on new crew members. Few can withstand his scrutiny for long, and in this time of war it has become very difficult to find qualified engineers. However, the new hire seems to be a good fit so far. The captain has given her a hard time, as expected, but she is confident in her abilities and holding her ground. I think the captain is really quite pleased with her performance, especially after his squeaky arm socket was fixed. He's just bit reluctant to express gratification too openly.
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I wrote a short story based on your image, a few years ago (www.facebook.com/2826373218500…) :

Calibration (Lane Brown aka wildweasel339)

She sighed in exasperation.

— I can't do it, she muttered to herself.

The screwdriver slipped and she sprained her wrist against his armor. The chiseled edge of the metal cut into her skin. She swore.

Ashamed, she turned away and tried to hold back a cry of rage, but could not. Her brief shout was heavily tainted with frustration. The screwdriver flew through the room, bounced off the wall and smashed into a pot full of screws and bolts which spread noisily to the ground.

He turned towards her as she left the shop, blood on her hand, and dared not call loud enough for her to hear:

— Julie…

When she came back, a few minutes later, calmed and her hand bandaged, she could not help but feel that mixture of conflicting emotions she felt every time she saw him like this, since he had returned from the Hospital Workshops. She felt pity for him, anger too and… disgust he unwittingly caused, and of which she was so terribly ashamed.

She kept a neutral voice when she announced her diagnosis:

— The gyroscopic controls of the parallel decoupler no longer work. There's nothin I can do.

He looked at her. These eyes, half-mocking, half insolent. Ironic eyes, aware of the absurdity of their situation but which, paradoxically, always calmed her. He smiled:

— But as usual, you'll work out a solution.

She suddenly wanted to weep. Why did he always press on like this? Could he not ask to be reformed, like many of his compatriots did? Why keep fighting this stupid war? Why this obsessive perseverance that bordered on madness? Did he not see that he was hurting her? That his casual attitude scared her? That his desire to win, that seemed everyday closer to suicidal, terrified her? That she just could not accept the risk of losing him, too?…

— You can't go on like this, Dad, it's just not possible…
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preston2694 Digital Artist
This is a really great scene. The characters look great, especially their facial expressions.

Can you describe how you approach a new painting? Do you do a drawing first before painting?
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There's a lot of emotion in this - makes me want to read a story about these two characters.
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MrPheenoxHobbyist Digital Artist
The lighting and scenery is superb
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ColeowingHobbyist General Artist
The facial expression is so good in this.
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Getting an upgrade
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CkomopoxSProfessional Digital Artist
Cool work! =)
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KarintaStudent General Artist
I love this picture. Love, love, love, LOVE it. You have yourself a cookie. :iconcookie-plz:
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GrimmsyHobbyist General Artist
Great piece! I love how focused on the task she looks. Very expressive.
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Kate246Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's super cool. Amazing job on the art piece!
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Great concept and artwork! I love the style and all the little details!
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RealmwrightHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I like how his chest and shoulders look like Roman legionnaire armor. And speaking of legionnaire, he looks a bit like Jean Claude van Damme
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LoreathanProfessional Digital Artist
love the look in her eyes, worried and concentrated
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Is this original or based off of something? Either way it's really cool.
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Wildweasel339Professional Digital Artist
Just my own creation. Thanks!
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CielaRoseHobbyist Digital Artist
I keep coming back to stare at this one.   Every time, I find something new.   I'm sure that must say something about the depth of this piece... o.o
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Wildweasel339Professional Digital Artist

Great to hear! This one was a fun challenge. Looking back at it, there are a few areas I would be tempted to refine a bit more, but perhaps the looseness is part of it's appeal. Better I focus that energy towards the next image.  

I want to do more illustrations that focus on the interaction between characters. It's an interesting dynamic when the design and pose of one character influences another. 
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CielaRoseHobbyist Digital Artist
I think you should do more character interaction!   I'd love to see you tackle the relationships and connections between characters, especially unique ones like your Red 3 concepts.   Wowie.
I always get excited at the thought of new pieces from you.  :D

I love the looseness of this image, actually, it has such an earthy, real quality to it.   The subjects feel alive.
Would you mind if I used this as an inspirational laptop background?  (it's okay if you'd rather I didn't, thought I'd ask)
Wildweasel339's avatar
Wildweasel339Professional Digital Artist
Of course! No need to ask :)  I change my background all the time with art I admire. The only problem is, I can barely see it due to a cluttered mess of icons! 

I actually just started on commissioned illustration that I couldn't pass up on. It involves a lady, a large brown bear, and tiny armored mouse in the same scene.  I don't think I can share it publicly for a while, but if it turns out any good I'll send it to you.   
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CielaRoseHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome!  :D   I just like to ask first, just to make sure.   And now I'm curious what on earth does your desktop look like and how many icons do you need?  XD

Oh my word I would absolutely love to see it!   That would be amazing!   I'm very interested in how you're going to tackle those various elements in an image.  Good luck!
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Wildweasel339Professional Digital Artist
Let's just say that organization is not my strong suit... Although for the past year I've managed to keep all my work in progress files in a WIPs folder. That has been an achievement! 
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CielaRoseHobbyist Digital Artist
A fellow messy person!  *high fives*   
That is definitely an achievement!   XD   I'm actually OCD about organizing my files, but everything else in my life...yeah no.   Nope.   Who needs to organize?
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JinshinProfessional Digital Artist
Saw the title and expected Mass Effect content. Still, I'm not disappointed in the least. ;)
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