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Below is the preliminary sketch. I filled in the silhouette over this as a mask, and then let textured brushes do the rest of the work.
Rogue Archer Sketch by Wildweasel339

The bow is loosely based on a traditional Japanese design.…
It is consistent with the theme of asymmetrical balance that I was going for in the pose. 

Originally done for the Daily Spitpaint group on Facebook.
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Hi! I really love this picture, you're a great artist! I am an archer and a bowyer, so this image is very significant to me. Would you make a version of this image with a bow that I made? I would love to buy the design to get a tattoo ^^

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This is absolutely amazing. Great job. I have no words.
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Simplistic elegance frames the beauty of power and grace.
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LOVE IT SO BEAUTIFYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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loving your whole gallery.  Thank you. 
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Really cool and dynamic. I love how her leg is lifted to kind of form a bow shape of its own. Great work!
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Very nice style.
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I cannot describe my feels, but whatever you;re doing, keep doing it! :)
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Lovely.  I saw it in MJWilliam's favorites.  From the thumbnail I assumed it was a photograph of a bronze statue.

I like it even better this way.

The full-size version is stunning.

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Brilliant sharp lines combine well here with the crayon look.
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Wow your works are exquisite!!!! And your gallery is filled with Fantastic pieces!!:)
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LOVE this! So elegant and graceful. Aweshum ^u^
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Very elegant. Love the style. 
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Really neat new style. Different from your typical work, but just as stunning.
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Have you thought about doing several of these?  You have the archer (awesome, by the way), so now I think we'd need a swordsman, a fan-dancer, a pole-arm, all those kinds.  They'd look good as a simplistic japanese art collection! 
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That's an excellent idea! I just find myself with a shortage of time. Waaaah! 

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So now that you've had a few years, ever think about returning to this and making it a series after all?
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This design is perfection. 
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