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Religious sleeve

Religious sleeve by Martien. The polynesian tattoo was already there.
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Usually I don't like full length tattoos but this arrangement is beautiful
Good job. F.y.I. For the people talking about Christianity and tattoos, here is a good article to read regarding it. Food for though. Click the link.

I wonder how this sort of thing jives with the whole biblical pronouncement against making marks/tattoos on your flesh? It's like ordering a coke for your wife, at dinner, when she's made it clear she doesn't like soda. That kind of disregard never goes over really well.
From an artistic standpoint (which is, I realize, the context of your image here on DA) the line work and depth of field reads very well, especially considering the added challenge of working around a pre-existing tattoo.
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Actually the biblical context of Leviticus speaks to tattoos for the dead! Atleast that's my understanding.
The part in Leviticus that talks about the marks on your body/flesh goes on to describe that of desanctifing your body for satanic worship. I have definately read alot of articles about the topic cause i wanted to get God-honoring tattoos. Your body is a temple, but if it glorifies God, who is to say you cant decorate the walls?
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