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Character Vs Meme: Mabel Vs Dipper

This had to be one of the hardest memes that I've made to this date. Overall I like both of them both the same but for some reason I believe that Dipper is the stronger character of the entire show. 
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People People PlZ their both wonderful characters that's why there twins
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Dipper may be more capable of handling things, but Mabel has a much more likable personality.
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I love Mabel but Dipper is my man!
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Personally, I think Mabel is better(Thou I will say Dipper my 3rd Favorite next to Giffany).
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dipper is a lot like me. the guy who has to do everything for everyone, example: whenever the kitchen bottle is empty and i'm not there, they rather die of thirst or wait until i come home.
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I fell that me and dipper have a lot in common to.
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yeah, doing everything for everyone sucks.
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Okay, I can respect that, even though I haven't seen an episode of Gravity Falls.
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You should really check them out.
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I think the outline for the comparison here is too small.  The characters are too deep (while being the most accurate representation of kids their age) to only be judged by personality, design, development, and enjoyment.  These specific characters, and other select cartoon characters have insecurities and little quirks that make them them.   I think you need more sections or just an ect. section, But I do like the idea, and I think your choice is good.  But I love them both and I could never choose a favorite.
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I strongly agree with you and I'll use a better template next time. this review was the hardest that I had to do. but i still stand by my word and selection Dipper is the stronger character of the two twins (but that just me).
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Mabel is kinda just the comic relief of the show. You could do the show without her, and little would change. They would need another twin, but not someone who's humor is based on randomness and stupidity. With Soos you could argue he's just a simple goofball, but Mabel has shown signs of not being your typical childish kid.
At least Dipper takes matter with his own hands and is serious most of the time.
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If you've seen the last episode, you'd know that Mabel is FAR from the comical relief. In some episodes, she is more important to the plot than Dipper. She may be easy going, but she is just as important as Dipper is.
Dark-Carioca's avatar
Already seen it, you could've thrown any character there that was also a twin of Dipper. It would've been the same.
Lord-Morgaphus's avatar
It wouldn't have been nearly the same. She is extremely important. Her obvious differences from Dipper are what even him out and make him more happy. Take Mabel away, and nothing is the same in that show. Mabel is probably one of the most important characters in this show, take her away and it wouldn't be the same.
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It could. You can change Jerry from Tom & Jerry with any other mouse, it would be the same.
Lord-Morgaphus's avatar
No, she'd change how the show is completely. I'm sorry you don't see that, but it's actually plain to see why she is really important to the whole story. More important than her brother sometimes, but they are both even in importance. Every character in this show is important, and it would not be the same if they were to change one. Especially Mabel.
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I agree with the this 100%
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I agree with you 100% of the way.
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Why isn't it a tie? They're both great characters!
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both characters have there pros and cons, but I believe that Dipper is the stronger of the two. 
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