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  • May 31, 1990
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My Bio

Hello there everyone my name is Carl Henrichs I am a digital cartoonist and oil painter.

I don't do requests or rollplay.

I'll do trades with friends or artists who interest me.

Commissions are open for everyone.


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Favourite Movies
Drive, The Hunger Games
Favourite TV Shows
We Bare Bears, Workaholics, Tosh.0
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Taylor Swift
Favourite Books
Ready Player One, All the Light We Cannot See, Imange Wanting only This, Clayborrne Park
Favourite Games
legend of zelda ocriena of time
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
Been busy lately with a return to comic strips.
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Been busy cleaning up my bedroom today.
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Now that it is the day after Thanksgiving I am starting to debate with myself on what to do for a Christmas project and birthday gifts for next year. Yes I am still going to be doing the Christmas wish open Collab I am just debating on what to do for Christmas. -wildstar27
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I’m up for one

Okay, can you draw my OCs characters Jacky Humming Birds defeats Banshee, please?


Will do draw whatever you want for your half

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Hey there. Anything new with you?