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Wishbone And Books Stamp

A stamp honoring Wishbone, the "little dog with a big imagination".

If you'd like to see his TV show released to season boxset on DVD please check out the Facebook group here: [link]

HitEntertainment owns the rights to the show right now so they would be the ones responsible for bringing it to DVD. If enough people show interest, there will be a much greater chance of seeing the Wishbone series finally on DVD.

So, if you are a fan, please consider sending HitEntertainment an email showing your support for the show and your interest in a possible DVD set:

:star: :star:

Feel free to add this stamp to your journal or anywhere you see fit.

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AshWolf-Forever's avatar
What's the story Wishbone? :)
Iawrence's avatar
Aw, man. I miss Wishbone so much.
DemensionWalker's avatar
*snuggles ancient wishbone plush* :meow:
DemensionWalker's avatar
Daw! My early childhood! ^^
ElectricPoodle's avatar
I loved this show when I was a kid! I read all the books as well! :)
WildSpiritWolf's avatar
Me too!!  :love:  I still love the show actually and really enjoy collecting various pieces of Wishbone memorabilia. If you're interested, you can see the gallery for my Wishbone collection here:…

ElectricPoodle's avatar
Oh! Thank you! Yeah, he was all that I'd read when I was a child....his stories are what integrated me in classic literature. :)
WildSpiritWolf's avatar
Yes, I owe a lot of my Classic Literature knowledge to that little dog too.  :heart:

autumnmistmeadows's avatar
One of my all-time fave shows as a kid! Wishbone will always have a place in my heart! This show is part of the reason I love books so much.
MSKM2001's avatar
Good old Wishbone. I remember watching this all the time. Ah...those were the days.
honeydrop1's avatar
awww i so remember wish bone would always make sure to watch all the eps in the morning <33333
Skylar-Wolf's avatar
Yeah! I'm totally use this! Thank you for creating!
Skittles07's avatar
Oh my gosh thank you so much for making this I loved that show Wishbone is so adorible! my favorite episode was Sleepy Hollow
WildSpiritWolf's avatar
You're welcome! I have several photos of my Wishbone collection posted to my toy gallery over at :iconthe-toy-chest: in my Wishbone album here: [link] :)

Skittles07's avatar
Thank ya darlin.
Zephammo's avatar
OMFG I have been randomly thinking of this show all the time lately. I LOVE wishbone, I used to watch the show all the time <3
LauraMartinArt's avatar
omgsh i LOVE him!!!!!!! :D :D :D I can't believe there's a stamp for him!
WildSpiritWolf's avatar
There's actually a whole club for him! :D


peacelovehalstewart's avatar
love wishbone he very cute I enjoy reading his books still
Merry Christmas
paptheangeldoggeh's avatar
i remember when i was 5-8 years old id watch wishbone on tv before we went to church :iconluvluvplz:
Khisax's avatar
omgosh =O i remember those books. thats where i got interested in all the real classics =D <3
taruto's avatar
I didn't know Wishbone belonged to Google. o.O
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