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The Sojourner (Redux)

Just passing through...

The original effort was shocking, even by my beginner standards. Here's hopefully a more acceptable version. :)
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Wow! Nice! Really like it!
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Thanks, the colours and contrast could do with more work.

I limited myself to half an hour, to see what I could come up with. I know there are people who can make something look twice as good in under half an hour, but my skill level isn't there yet!
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Yeah, I've been trying to time myself allot more on my projects. I find I get allot more done when being timed. Probably because it gives me more incentive to not get distracted.
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It is always good to find little things that can help us concentrate. :)

For myself, a night with only the sounds of rain and thunder works nicely.
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Interesting. You know, there are brushes for Gimp for drawing grass. I like your birds. :)
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Thanks for the tip!

I'll hold off on using brushes other than the simple ones as much as possible, and maybe ones such as the chalk brush for some grit. I feel the important thing is to learn the fundamentals properly.

Brushes are not going to take my art to the next level, only learning and practice will.

Brushes might be helpful someday when I get better, as a way of speeding things up, but not right now. :)
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