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Tryggr | Gatherer | Male

| Basic |

Name ::Tryggr
Nickname ::Triggr, Try, Trig, Triggy/twyggy (Any nickname except Try is only for siblings use)
Age :: 3 years
Year of Birth :: 551 - Eclipse year

Gender :: Male
Sexuality :: Bi-sexual
Breed :: Southern Jaro x Northern Jaro (very slight/little to no feral coat)
Fertility :: 80%

Slot Used ::  First

Old Norse: 'trusty, faithful, true, safe'


| Affiliation |

Group :: Meteor
Profession :: Gatherer


| Family |

Sire :: Athalwolf (Deceased) (Southern Jaro)

Dam :: Siku (Deceased) (Nothern Jaro)

Siblings :: Sacel(Whereabouts unknown)Okal (Deceased)

Mate :: -
Love Interest :: Folger (crush)
Offspring :: -
Friends: Rhea, Folger,

| Appearance |

Phenotype :: Piebald Black with Points and Minimal Irish spotting

Eye Color :: blue eyes
Build :: Delicate and thin yet strong
Height :: 87 cm

Additional Details :: Friendly face

| Personality |

Likes :: Helping his tribe with healing, Friends, snow, pups and teaching, his siblings
Dislikes :: Old grouchy males and fussy pups
Strengths :: Observant, Loyalty
Weaknesses :: Puppy dog eyes, fresh meat

Personality ::  Loves to play in the snow, absolutely hates night beasts, He's adventurous, clever, dauntless, and a bit of a flirt once you get to know him. He is a true ally to others and despite his delicate frame there is something obscure about him, perhaps it's his decency or perhaps it's simply his company. Because of this when he is around other dogs he is a bit timid and acts submissive due to him being afraid of conflicts. After getting to know the other dogs he will slowly warm up and begin acting like an over grown puppy. When Try is alone he gets rather depressed because of how his parents died and left his siblings alone to fend for themselves. He enjoys company because it reminds him of how happy he was before his parents died and left their family incomplete. It makes his “inner demons” settle and allow him to actually interact with others.

| Attributes |

Experience :: -


Point value :: Art/Literature Link


| Backstory |

He was born and grew up without a tribe, living with his family as nomads until he was about 11 months old. He had a beautiful Dam who was pure milky-white named Siku. His Sire was a lean large build named Athalwolf who was piebald black with brown underbelly. His siblings, Sacel was an exact copy of Tryggr except for the fact that its markings were opposite of Tryggr and Okla who was the first born in a litter of three. They had lost their home and family when it was destroyed after a rogue pack of cruel nomads kidnapped and brutally murdered their parents, and making them fending for themselves. The father and mother fought hard and told their pups to run which they did finding a small hole in between rocks which was screened by ivy just large enough for the three pups. Due to their family's death, they were left alone to fend for themselves, yet they didnt know how to hunt, find shelter, or make a fire to keep the beasts away. Later all three pups grew and managed to hunt small prey with success, and how to keep a small fire burning to keep the night beasts from attacking them. They were thriving after they found an abandoned camp site. They originally agreed that their parents had become night beasts and were now to scared to face their parents. They were later forced to survive in a cruel world without their parents. At the time they had not known where any other tribes were and walked into gold marked dogs’ territory seeking refuge after their sister was too scared to join anymore packs when they were around two years old. After Okla and Tryggr stunk around to figure out who this tribe/pack was one of the guards caught them and tackled them both to the ground asking where were they from. Being too scared Okla told them what had happened. After this they were told to wait until the Jarl decided what to do with them. Since this was Tryggr’s first encounter with learning the rules and laws, it left him rather confused. He didnt adapt well at first because he had not really learned the tribe's ranks and because of that got himself into trouble often. But with his intrepidness and skills, he managed to start a new life in the Meteor Tribe who he pledges his loyalty to. Before his “judgement” in the trials, he decided he wasn’t suited for being a squire and he turned to plants. He discovered that it hurt his heart seeing his tribe mates hurt and wanted to some how help them without having to fight. After a few days of earning his rank, he had seen how the aggressive nature of the males and he seemed to be out of place. He had seen how the females were treated and felt uneasy about their treatment but wouldn’t dare go against the Jarl. After finally turning life around, he now works on meeting new, kind dogs. By doing so, he hopes to start life over on a good note and finally find joy and love in the tribe he has never experienced as much with his short time with his complete family. The tribe leaves a pleasant memory of his fortunate destiny in the tribe. 

(art soon to be added)



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