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Winter beacon


You can see on photo ILS/VOR flight navigation beacon during today's sunset :)

Image quality is not so good, because I did HDR from 5 photos and ISO was set to 400 so bad noise appeared after tone mapping proces :)
Hope you will enjoy a little :)

You can see another view on this link:

It's during summer 2 years ago.
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pekneee a ja byvam asi 10 minut od tejto veci :D
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Ahojcek :)
Dikes za koment :) aj ja mam od tej veci cca 10minut :-D
Cize tipujem, ze byvame blizko seba :)
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hej,vsimla som si uz na inych fotkach,ze byvas zrejme niekde na druhej cermanskej strane :) btw to miesto hore mam moc rada :D
WildSammy's avatar
heh, aj ja chodim tam hore rad ;-) mozno sa tam niekedy stretneme a nieco nafotime :-D
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ja teda ani zdaleko nefotim tak dobre ako ty :)