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Model: Maria Bălan
Make up: Natalia Kiselev
Hair: Andreea Dumitrescu Hair Designer
Dress: Gabriela Tzilica
Styling, Photography & editing: Andreea Retinschi

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wow beautiful one :) ~~
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Beautiful work :)
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Just... wow. Wow.
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Awesome and beautiful
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This song is dediacted to this picture:

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I saw this photo just by accident by listening to "Das Doppelganger" by Schubert. . .
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so amazing!love this idea:heart: and colors too,especially the blue shadow of the lady in the water^^
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AMAzing photo!!
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I love her freckles!
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very creative! :)
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love the outcome, foarte bine ti-a iesit sedinta asta :heart: but I'm gonna have to steal the title :D
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Inspiration vibed along for Moses :)
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