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Dark fairytales

Meow :3 Beautiful :iconaisii: 
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Incredible illusion! This really looks cool. Interpreting photography has always been a great challenge. Well here goes...

The dark blue dress visually shares a sense of royalty, providing a sharp contrast to the greyish, khaki, and lighter blue background. The title, "Dark Fairytales" is an interesting one. The perspective gives that dominant impression. The model indeed appears to be floating. When I think of the word Dark, I think of heaviness, or concrete, like the walls and constructs of the building. The building stands just as she maybe standing...

The word fairtales is the visual illusion we now see. She appears to be floating. Or rather her dress is, because it is extremely long and so it drapes over the edge. ...Oh snap I think I figured it out! Cool! This is a very clever illusion. Very cool!

Well that concludes my interpretation. Hope you enjoyed the read. The title and the building perspective were powerful elements that helped me to read into the pic. And the dark color connected with the perspective of the background was the bridge that enabled me to cross the connection. It's pretty cool overall. ^^
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Wow - this draws your eyes up and down. Love it!
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:nod:....One will teach your children, the craft of capturing Light.... 
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im trying so hard to figure out how this shot is possible and i juts...cantXD how....???XD
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Great point of view and nice floating appearance.
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This is a wonderful angle. I really like this a lot!
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Wonderful! Great to see you posting again :D
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i get dizzy looking at this. 
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Nice! How have you been :D
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Wow! What an incredible image, what an incredible point of view!
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Great shot. It's been a while.
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hah, you're still here ^_^ good to see a familiar face :)
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I'm not here as much as I used to be.

I got married and now have a 105-pound Old English Sheepdog and and orange tabby.
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Awesome shot, looks like she's floating in the air.
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