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Danse du soleil

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A nice enough image, and definitely has that "double-take" zing to it, but the model has really let the image down. There seems to be such a fun, up-beat, excitement to the image that just doesn't come across in her expression.
Wow. Really spectacular. I'm a fan of Maxfield Parrish and others in the Victorian Romantic Period and I see such a strong influence. Wonderful color and use of light.
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Like it. 3rd is best.
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Everything, starting from model, lighting and composition to the image editing is perfect. Amazing.
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Toujours avec la beauté, le style et la grâce que vous créez avec votre œil passionné - vous peignez avec une palette de sensualité!
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beautiful as usual
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The colours and concept are awesome. Its a shame that thee model didn't really look into it.
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Oh , the colors! Fantastic!!!
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yaaaay you're back! And these are breathtaking...I love the colors
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Wow, you are back..with gorgeous pictures....
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Inspiring. Beautifully balanced colour and tonally too. Thank you. :sun:
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absolutely stunning.
How did you do that!?
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Well done!
Great you're back again!
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