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Autumn fairytales IV

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F U L L - S I Z E

Model: Ada :heart:

Make-up & hair: *JustMeOnyX :heart:
Dress: Bria Design
Assistants: *ideea *JustMeOnyX :heart:

A recent news article about a rich man who kept more than a dozen horse that were malnourished, only skin and bones made me think that I should release this photograph with the following info. I would like to encourage all people who submit a photograph of an animal to submit it with a link to an animal shelter, maybe we can make a difference.

In Romania beautiful horses such as this one are abused on a daily basis. Find your local horse shelter and donate or volunteer, or please donate here for one of the Romanian horse shelters:
Here's the Facebook page:



P.S. Same goes for kittens and dogs, find your local shelter and adopt or donate, saying "kawaii" doesn't help.
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Nice concept. Apple The Original Sin

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Wow I love this so much looks like it is right out of a fairy tale just like the title indicates ^ ^. Awesome work!
really nice, lovely autumnal light and colours.
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love the work, thanks for sharing.
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Beautiful.Creative.Evocative.Pastoral.Magical...and so much more.
I love this photo and the world it creates. It makes me want to win her heart and trust by shooting an arrow into the apple in her hand and whisking away with her into the sunset on the horses, pockets full of apples.
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Very beautiful horses, model, and shot.

I completely agree with your comment about donating and adopting;
I ONLY adopt animals and help as much as I humanly can.
It's very refreshing to see an animal lover that's as devoted as you.

And great idea!! I will most definitely post a link to local animal shelters every time I take a photo of one;
that was a really good idea that I've never thought of doing. :)
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Warm feeligns make warm shelters for every life.
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Great style. Like something you would see in a cool creative music video.
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This picture is perfect. Great idea
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beautiful.. those horses look very happy :)
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A very beautiful composition!
AndreasHensel's avatar
It´s my pleasure to comment your fine artwork! :aww:
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I actually would not have known that had you not written of it in the description, I haven't been able to travel outside the US due to funds, but I have always wanted to. Thank you for posting about it, that's really awesome of you. Also, I like the photo.. But I have to say, I like the message and delivery more. :) Have a good one.
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