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So I've decided to "officially" put up my commission info here, for anyone who might be interested. I'm currently accepting commission in various mediums. Price vary depending on size and detail/complexity of subject. (All dimensions are listed in inches.)

Please feel free to send me a note if you have any questions or comments!

Compass of the Stars by Wildphoenix22  Green Sea Turtle by Wildphoenix22  Fisherman's Paradise by Wildphoenix22  Fairy in a Bottle by Wildphoenix22

Watercolor Paintings: 

  4x6: $25-$40
  5x7: $40-$60
  9x12: $75-$100

Sunset Sail by Wildphoenix22  Commission: Quechee Home 2 by Wildphoenix22  Commission: Oliver the Hunter by Wildphoenix22

Acrylic Paintings:

  8x10: $75-100
   9x12: $100-$150
   11x14: $150-$200
  16x20: $200-$300
  18x24: $300-$400 

Sleeping Beauty by Wildphoenix22  Commission: Missy by Wildphoenix22  Shannon Leto by Wildphoenix22

Pencil Drawings: (Medium Detail)

    5x7: $30
  8x10: $40
   9x12: $50
+Background or complex detail: +25% of price

 (For illustrations & character concepts (semi-realism) please send me a note to discuss the details. Prices vary depending on subject. 

Kate Beckinsale by Wildphoenix22  Jared Fantasy by Wildphoenix22 P.S. I Love You by Wildphoenix22

Charcoal/Pencil Portraits: (High Detail) 

   Portrait: $100
  Half Body$125
   Full Body: $150
+Additional Person: +50% of price

 All high-detail realism portraits are typically drawn on 11x14 paper. However, exact dimensions may vary depending on subject.  Feel free to send me a note if you're interested in a specific size.

Knitting Frenzy by Wildphoenix22 Owl Gloves by Wildphoenix22  Rupee Dice Bags by Wildphoenix22

Hand-Knit Accessories 

Visit my Etsy Shop for available items & more info!

Payment: I accept Paypal and credit cards (via Etsy Card Swipe). You can also set up a custom order with me through Etsy.

I will only accept points:points: for commissions under $50.

In most cases, a deposit of 50% the agreed/estimated price is required before I begin working. I will send you progress updates & images of your piece as I work. Full payment must be received before the finished artwork is sent to you.

Shipping: I ship through USPS (both domestic and international) from the US.  Shipping cost is extra (not included in the base prices listed above) and will depend on your location and the size of the parcel.    

Copyright: I retain copyright for all artwork that I produce but you have full permission to post, share, and alter the image for your own personal use (i.e. avatars, signature, blog/website, background, etc.)  

If you wish to publish or reproduce the image for commercial use (i.e. business logo/letterhead, book illustration/cover or printing on merchandise to sell,) that will require an Exclusive Copyright License agreement. Additional fees will apply and will depend on the nature of intended use. 

© 2016 - 2023 Wildphoenix22
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