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Rupee Dice Bags

These Hand-knit pouches are inspired by Link's Rupee Bag in the Legend of Zelda series. They are great for holding dice, coins (rupees) and other small items! :) 
I've been trying to come up with new fun (and useful) things to knit.. and I love LoZ so this is what happens!! :shakeTriforce:

Bullet; Green Red Heart Soft Yarn - Chocolate (Brown)
Bullet; Green Lion Brand Wool-Ease Yarn - Avocado (Green) & Cranberry (Red)
Bullet; Green Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Yarn - Sapphire (Blue)
Bullet; Green La Mode Genuine Leather Button

Rupees & Legend of Zelda © Nintendo
Design & Knit pattern © Wildphoenix22
Free to use: LoZ divider by speqqy

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For Sale at Etsy by foxyboxysolutions These bags are available for purchase here: Rupee Dice Bags

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I love that it's so totally adorable and totally nerd in the same time XD
Wildphoenix22's avatar
Aw, thanks so much! :D
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These looks rally lovely and.. cozy :D like hand gloves :B
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Well this is something any nerd needs!!! This is an amazing idea, and it's perfectly executed, I immediately recognized what it was :) This is perfect for carrying around dices, tokens, etc :la:

I think it's awesome that you made them in different colors, if I had to be super exigent I would comment that the green is a bit dull. Green rupees are brighter, but maybe it's just  my screen or the photo.
Wildphoenix22's avatar
Thanks so much! :D
Yeah I agree, the green is a little less saturated/bright than would be ideal for the green rupee. Unfortunately, my local craft store doesn't have the best selection of yarn. I struggled to find a color that was bright but also the right hue. This was the closest that I could find without getting a green that was too blue-ish or going full on lime-green bright! haha But now that you mention it... I'm wondering if I might be able to order online from other craft/art stores and find more suitable colors! ;)
Talty's avatar
You're welcome :love:

Oh I guess that must be a struggle with yarn, you can't mix the colors like I can mix the clay :confused: it must require a lot of work to find the right color for every project. I hope you can find some good options online :)
Wildphoenix22's avatar
Yes! If only I could mix my own colors like I can with paint! haha Thanks!
Talty's avatar
That would be perfect :giggle: you're welcome!
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I like the idea behind this bag - it's definitely the type of nerdy accessories that would strike up a conversation! 
The bags themselves are nicely executed, and I like how the rupees themselves have a little bit of 3D design built into them. That little bit of shadowing really made the rupees stand out! The button is also a very nice touch, too. 

There's a part of me that wonders what would happen if the buttons were coloured to match the rupees instead. Perhaps that will make them show up more and become a little more eye-catching? It's just a thought. But I think you did a grand job here! Well done!
Wildphoenix22's avatar
Thanks so much! :hug:
Yeah, actually I even had one customer send their friends to my shop after bringing their rupee bag to a gaming session.. apparently it catch everyone's attention (which was totally cool!)

Hmm, color coordinated buttons is a fun idea! Since posting this on DA I've actually started making my own wooden buttons and using those. I like those and the leather ones because they have that sort of "natural" feel that I feel fits well with the setting of the games. BUT I do really like your idea. I may have to find some colored buttons and make a set with them too! :) 
SinistrosePhosphate's avatar
You are more than welcome! :) 
And the best salesmen are happy customers. I believe in that! :thumbsup: 

It's just a thought I had. You see, after I read about the leather buttons, I had to actually go back to the photos and try to find the buttons. The colours just help them to blend into the rest of the bag so well. But if you are spending a lot of time making the buttons, showing them off sounds like a good idea. Wooden buttons can easily be painted into different colours with acrylic paint. And you never know, they might just pop off the bag, just like the rupees. :) 
Wildphoenix22's avatar
Yes that's true. The leather ones do sort of disappear into the color of the bag.. I never really noticed that before you mentioned it! heh
Luckily the wooden ones stand out more because they are light in color (and much bigger.)

20150424 132933 by Wildphoenix22  

But, thanks so much for your suggestions and thoughts. I'm definitely going to keep my eyes out for some good colored button options in the future! :D
SinistrosePhosphate's avatar
I guess if you never noticed them... it really means they've blended into the rest of the bag, doesn't it? ^^;  But I do agree with you, the wooden ones stand up nice and clear. And thanks to the wood grain on the buttons themselves, they look pretty good. So even if you want to use the wooden buttons instead of the leather ones, I think they will still look very nicely on your bags. 

But you're more than welcome. I hope you'll come across suitable buttons to run your experiments! And I hope those experiments will work out for you. :thumbsup:
Wildphoenix22's avatar
I mean I never noticed that they blended in so well! :rofl: Of course I sewed them on so I should know they are there.. but who knows. I have been known to go temporarily insane from time to time! hehehe

Thanks again! :)
SinistrosePhosphate's avatar
... I guess you're right! ^^; 

But yeah... glad to know we still kinda, sorta understand each other. Communication is pretty important, isn't it? ^^; 
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nihilistic-hun's avatar
Congrats, this wonderful work was featured in I-Heart-Colors: Best of April 2015
Wildphoenix22's avatar
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! :)
Maz-Zeldette's avatar
Wow :meow: this is very cool !
Wildphoenix22's avatar
Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! :)
LittleNespa's avatar
Wildphoenix22's avatar
Thanks so much! :D
SpikyEaredPichu96's avatar
These are so cool! Did you write up the chart for the Rupee design yourself? Also, just out of curiosity, did you use Fair Isle/Stranded Knitting to put the Rupee design on, or did you add it on later with Duplicate Stitch?
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