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Master, is that you?

Epona meeting wolf Link for the first time. (At least how I imagined it would happen.)
The background was an experiment.. but I think it came out pretty well.

This was created for :iconzipti3: as part of an Art Trade. (Hope you like it! :) )

(Mechanical and Colored Pencil)

Link & Epona © Nintendo
Art © Wildphoenix22

DO NOT use without permission
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While this generally speaking is moderately appealing to the eyes and gamer's heart, there are a few minor flaws that could use some alterations: Epona may have a surface under her hooves, but Wolf Link doesn't? Maybe give him some dirt under those paws to balance it out. Epona's neck is just a little bit too long and her lower lip is too thick as if she has a mouth full or horse grass... proportionally she's great otherwise. You are spot on when it comes to their legs! Great size, good length, spaced out evenly, and perfect joint placement as well. The color style is also smooth and pleasant.
Not only the details, but the initial idea is cute. I always thought about that first interaction with curiosity too XD. Great piece as a whole.
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Thanks again for leaving a great critique!

The framed background and lack of dirt under their feet was actually on purpose. I've always liked that sort of stylized background and was playing around with that concept a little back when I drew this. (However, perhaps I should have stuck with it and not let the ground overflow under Epona. lol I think originally I had it only under the right side of her but then kept going because she looked funny sort of straddling the line.) I do agree with you though, that it would look more balanced to have some dirt under Link as well! :)
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Or remove it from under her as well, either would do it.
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"Link! Turn back to your true self!"
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Aww, Epona looks so nice and intelligent!:aww: Just the way she seems to behave in Twilight Princess. I really liked the fact that you can actually talk to her when in wolf form.
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Thanks! :)
Yeah that was really cool. It definitely gave her more "character."
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My pleasure!
Oh yes and it definitely made up for that seriously difficult part where you have to calm her down after the bulblin tried to ride her...
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Haha, yes indeed! :P
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Awww! This is adorable!!! :aww:
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hehehee soo cute!!
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ur welcome!! ^^
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This so cute my two favorite characters, Epona and Link in his wolf form (but I still love link in his hyrule form). Anyway great job!
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Thanks so much! :)
I've always had a great love for Epona as well.. but maybe that's just because I love horses?
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I have twilight princess game and i made link go up to epona  as a wolf and talk to the horse, i remember the horse saying something like: hurry and return to your true form
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Oh really? haha Nice!
I guess I never tried to talk to Epona in wolf-form! :p
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