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Cheating a Bug by organicvision
Wildflower by ian-roberts
Pale Butterfly Orchid by floramelitensis
Wild Orchids by alokethebloke
Orchids of Europe and West Asia etc.
Orchis purpurea by my-shots
Closer and Closer by organicvision
Froggies by organicvision
Curviflora by mossagateturtle
Orchids of Eastern Asia etc.
Darkness in the Light by organicvision
Paphiopedilum callosum by OshimaruKung7285
Banda (a common orchid specie) by baki97
Star Flower by badaipurba
Orchids of Australia and Oceania
New Zealand Orchids, nr 1d by MesmerizedByNature
spiderling by MesmerizedByNature
C menzeii close up by Ratabago
Pink finger orchid by Ratabago
Orchids of North America
Fragrant White Bog Orchid 01 by SongoftheBlackWolf
Fragrant White Bog Orchid 02 by SongoftheBlackWolf
Fragrant White Bog Orchid 03 by SongoftheBlackWolf
Rose Pogonia Photomanip by SongoftheBlackWolf
Orchids of South America.
Orchid LXXXIV - Lepanthes sp. by hipnoptico
Orchid LXXXIII - Lepanthes sp. by hipnoptico
Orchid LXXXII - Lepanthes sp. by hipnoptico
Orchid LXXXI - Colombiana silverstonei by hipnoptico
Mexico, Central America and Carribean.
Orchids by johnnycuervo
Orchid by johnnycuervo
Orchid by johnnycuervo
Orchid by Rubauz
African Orchids
Disa by JussyD
Zomba Mountain Wildflowers : 6 by shrimpeth
Zomba Mountain Wildflowers : 7 by shrimpeth
Aerial Flower by Althytrion


Butterfly Orchid by juddpatterson
Ghost by juddpatterson
Angraecum striatum by Fuukiran
Orchids of Australia and Oceania
Nodding Greenhood Orchard by nelnel88
RABBIT EARS ORCHID by simoneyvette
SPIDER ORCHID by simoneyvette
Orchids of Europe and West Asia etc.
wild orchid in Latvia by Deprem1
059 by Mantis17
Dactylorhiza by PowerShot77
Wild Orchid by Petra50
Orchids of Eastern Asia and the Indian Ocean
Candles in the Dark by Althytrion
WILD ORCHID by Luckyjinx15
Wild orchids by loveyunki
Orchid and the waterfall by Fuukiran
Orchids of North America etc.
Southern Twayblade (Neottia Bifolia) by Think-Like-the-Wolf
Ghost by juddpatterson
Butterfly Orchid by juddpatterson
Wild Orchids by th-pion
Orchids of South America and Mexico etc.
Orchids by GolfinaArab
Purple Orchid by katiebug08
Sprig by kamikengen
Wild2 by heArtwist
Orchid Drawings
Encyclia Tampensis Orchid by Christine-Hutson
Red Disa by WillemSvdMerwe
Odd orchid in watercolor. by MasdevalliaJR
Goodyera Tesselata by faewynn
Yes, in the northern Hemisphere the orchids are coming.
If you are south of the equator or in the tropics we'd love to see your work too.
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Information about Wild Orchids WorldWide!

Hello members and visitors, and welcome to Wild Orchids WorldWide!

We are a group striving to encoure the interest in wild orchids, and to highlight the attention they and their environments need.

Because of that, we only display wild orchids and won't accept pictures of cultivated ones.

Our folders are ordered by distribution over the continents, to try to show as best as we can each zone's and continent's variety in orchids, both in genera and in features/adaptations directly linked to its habitat.

If you have other wildflower pictures, be sure to check out our sister group, Flora Terra - . We'll help with identification as much as we can!

To help you identify the genera and species you find (and to just learn more about this most fascinating plant family with as much as 25 000 species), we're going to link some websites where you can find pictures and/or information about orchids:

Don't be too afraid of using Wikipedia, it has some great basic information on the Orchid Family! :)

Orchid Wiki is a data base where one can search for information about different orchid genera and species.

On OrchidPhotos one can find pictures of cultivated and sought Orchid genera. This can help greatly in your quest to identify an orchid!

Wildflowers of the United States is a website with a "search by state" system, where you can get a brief list of species present in each state, and also find links to locally active groups and websites. A great start for identification in the US!

This Western Australian Flora Base enables you to find good information about all the vascular plant families of Western Australia, including wild orchids.

This site has a narrow selection of Southern Europes orchid species, but it might help to do a rough identification, and to know type feautures of present genera.
EuropeanOrchids is another website for identifying and finding information on Europe's wild orchids.

oh well, I'll maybe put up more links later on.

Best regards, Pontus.









our affiliates. ^^



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