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Sniffles: Prompt 4

About time I did another one. I'm half way done making him mine <3
Prompt 4 for HTS Down the Rabbit Hole

Thumper was cold. He had played chase me with the humans for a long while in the rain yesterday. Zeema was concerned as her adopted son lay listless on the stall floor. Nudging his rump to try and get him up, he didn't move. Just tucked his muzzle further under his chest as his head started to spin. He sneezed. Zeema was pacing in her stall. Hearing human voices she neighed loudly as if to say "GET OVER HERE MY BABY IS SICK! NOW!". Leonardo soon appeared at the stall door and saw the colt on the ground. Leo quickly called for Phil and grabbed a blanket to put over the colt. Phil arrived and confirmed that Thumper had been out in the rain too long and had caught a flu. They would need to keep Thumper warm, dry and well fed with mashes for the next week or so.
Word count: 150

PP for Zeema [1 + 3 + 3] = 7

ref: Foal stock 01 - Becso-dimension
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Aww nuu the poor little guy! 
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he will be better soon :D
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Seems like the little horse now is in safe. :)
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Awwwww so cute <3 
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aaaaaww this is soooo cute! awesome work :D I love it :D
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