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Prompt 3: Halter Training

Siranni and Jose pondered awhile on how they should start Thumper's training. The little colt was more or less already used to the halter. He just didn't like to be led. Thumper was nuzzling his foster mom as she licked his mane into place. Zeema loved taking care of her foster child. In fact the two had become very close. Siranni watched as Thumper followed Zeema around. "I have an idea! Why don't we find a very long lead rope and run it through the rings on both halters. This way Thumper will follow Zeema and yet still be on the lead rope", Siranni said excitedly. Jose looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "We might make a horse trainer out of you yet. Good thinking me amor", Jose winked and gave Siranni a small kiss on the cheek. Siranni blushed and went to go get Zeema and Thumper while Jose went to get the lead rope and a small halter for Thumper. Siranni held Thumper while Jose put the halter on and clipped on the lead rope. Running the rope through Zeema's halter, Siranni led Zeema around the pasture while Thumper bounced along behind. The colt actually seemed to be enjoying himself!

word count: 203

ref: Mare and Foal 2 .:Stock:. - Photopolis

PP for Zeema = 7PP (flat fullbody/bg/200 words/training halter only)
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aww so cute :D
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