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Prompt 2: Meeting Mom

Generally these are supposed to be uploaded in order..... BUT WHAT THE HELL. I'm having issues with the first one lmao and finding him an official name ;3;

After Thumper arrived at HTS he was wary. This place was very large and had lots of strange animals. The two rabbits that had stayed with Thumper had been allowed to stay in his stall with him. He pricked his ears as he heard a soft neigh in the stall beside him. Zeema could smell the foal in the stall beside her and even though he wasn't her own she still wanted to care for him. Siranni returned shortly and took Zeema to a large box stall with an opening to the pasture behind. Thumper was soon led into the stall as well. The two rabbits followed. As soon as he saw the strange mare Thumper nickered in confusion. He didn't understand who she was. Zeema nuzzled the foal and sniffed him all over. Thumper figured the mare had a nice smell and wondered if she would let him drink. Zeema had been given a hormone to stimulate milk for the foal. Happily, Thumper found her teat and drank greedily. He would still require bottled feeding to make up for the milk Zeema couldn't produce. Once he was done Thumper smelled the flowers outside and started racing around the paddock. Zeema kicked up her heels and joined her new adopted son. She hadn't had a foal beside her for years and was thoroughly enjoying the company of this little one. Once they had finished their frolic the two returned to the stall and snuggled down beside each other. The rabbits cuddled close beside their little foal friend. Thumper sighed content before he dozed off. 

+8 for Zeema

116 HTS Zeema and EAR Orphan Foal 32 (Thumper)

ref: Mare anf Foal 2 - Mustang4-Stock
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awwww omg sooo cute :3 looks really great^^ I love foals xD
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thank you :D me toooo :P
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no problem :D ^^