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Indigo Acres: Halter Class - Adult

Indigo-Acres First Show - WITHDRAWN - Reentered to Remuda Livery RNG Invitational - 1st place

Horse: 116 HTS Zeema
Handler: Jose Santiago

Jose was happy to get away from the tedious training of the foals at HTS for a few days. Just before they planned to leave for the show, Saturn had stumbled and hurt her knee when she banged it on a fence post. Siranni didn't feel like wasting the entry so she had sent a message asking for a switch from Saturn to Zeema. This was the perfect opportunity for the buckskin mare to show off her moves in the ring. Jose was sitting in a lawn chair near the horses stalls. Revolution was staring calmly around, snorting every now and again when he caught scent of a unknown mare. Allergo was having a private conversation with Zeema, Skyfall was dozing off and Sapphire was calling out for attention, unused to being away from the other foals. And Siranni? She was off talking to Serene and watching Saoirse train :P

When the time came for the adult horses halter class, Zeema and Skyfall were both lead out by their handlers, shiny and pretty.

Lines: AniaJag


Jose, Zeema, Skyfall, Sapphire, Revolution, Allergo and Siranni belong to me.

Serene and Saoirse belong to :iconslayingallhumans:
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Zeema took home 1st place!
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YAAAAAY -hugs you like a mad person-
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Hi!  Do you mind updating this as a Remuda show entry?  Thanks!
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Aww cool im included in your story!! Whoop! and what a lovely mare Zeema is!!
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Hehehe :) Thank you :)
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your very welcome!
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<3333 I just hate not having the time to draw my own lines lol. I drew a beautiful line for my hunsker but I have no way of uploading anything during summer >.>
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Aww :(
How come you cant upload?
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My dad is like anti-art and my scanner is at my apartment which I don't live in in the summer XD
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