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Christmas 2020 - Model Release

Hi all,

I've previously said that my website will not be reopening, and that's still the case.  However, it is the 2nd of December here in Australia as I post this, which means it is the Christmas season.  And to be honest, 2020 has not been the best year for most of us.  As such, I have decided to release most of my current 3D-faced models, as well as my rolling stock, as a single model pack.  You can download it here:…. Please read the Readme file included in it, as this contains installation instructions.

This includes my standard-gauge locomotives and rolling stock, the Skarloey and Mid-Sodor engines with their rolling stock, and the Arlesdale engines with their trucks and coaches.  Ten Cents, Drollan and Bertie are also included.

These models will only work with Trainz 2012 and above, due to the eye scripting used.  They are released on the condition that they are not modified in any way whatsoever.  Don't ask me for permission to do so, the answer will be no.  Should these models be modified, I will not hesitate to take this download down.  The exception to this is stuff like changing the dependencies, such as whistle and engine sounds - feel free to change those if you like.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and I hope you have a fantastic 2021.


PS: The download has been updated, due to issues being encountered when trying to install the original large CDP files.  The models have been split across several smaller files instead.
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Hey, 4 of the files say "archive is corrupt" whats up with that?

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I don't know, as I haven't had that problem. What version of Trainz are you using?

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Will you ever reupload the 2D face models? I like these ones but I'd like it if you could choose between the 2D and 3D faced models.

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No. I no longer have the 2D faced models.

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Aw that's a shame.

i want to download james only😀

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Amazing Trainz Content! Thanks! ;P

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i am nothing if not thourough

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Why where Erics faces changed so much? theres nothing wrong with the faces, I'm just wondering since i think the Jack faces fit very well

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Im having trouble downloading the dependencies, when i do so, the button is grayed out and wont allow me to press it. Also, is there another way to open this file? ir do i have to do winzip.

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You need to open the Zip file - this is now built into Windows. Then install the CDPs.

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Thank you! i ended up being able to open the zip file, but when i go to download the dependencies, the download button is still grayed out. is there any way to fix this?

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I don't know. Never come across that problem myself.

What version of Trainz are you using?

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Trainz a new era

Hey! These models are amazing but i have one problem when i go into driver there faces disappear (im using trainz 12)

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These models work in TANE and Trainz 2019. They haven't been tested in Trainz 2012 and are not supported in that version.

Hey some of the dependencies are appearing as unknow assets

How can i fix that

Hey. So I read the Readme file but I'm new to... Well, everything. I'm having trouble with dependencies, and I need a bit of guidance. Is "Trainz download station" a website or is it something else, also what dependencies do I download from there?

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The Download Station is a database of content that Content Manager connects to. Simplest way to get the dependencies for a particular model is to right-click on the model in Content Manager and click 'Download'. This will make Content Manager connect to the DLS and automatically search for & download the dependencies you don't already have.

Hey, sorry to bother you again but I'm having another problem. When I go to press download, the button is grayed out and I can't press it, what do I do then?

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im having the same issue, did u ever find a solution?

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what models are in the parts

Can you unprivate the old models again.

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