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OSI - Swimsuit Round FIN

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This is the 4th entry to the OtakuSenshiIdols, with the theme being Swimsuit.

WRITE UP - Short Scene

The ocean water was freezing, despite the warm sunlight beaming down from above. It was the first time to the ocean, the first time she'd ever been in and she didn't think she would like it. After all, there was little light to be noted in the undercurrents, what could a blind person actually encounter in something so vast and daunting?

Cecilia had Pan guide her to the ocean and walked a few steps with her before speaking. "I don't know how to swim... your parents are watching.. are you SURE you want to go in?"

Cecilia's hands were shaking. She had put on goggles, hoping that she would be able to see something in the water. She fiddled with the goggles before answering. "Yes. They drove all this way here. Well, to visit family but they wanted me to experience the ocean. I mean, it's like a step in life, that's what Mom said. Grandma took her and she wanted to take me. Doesn't matter that I can't see, she'd said there was something more and I trust her."

Cecilia gulped loudly. "It's the ocean that I don't trust. Well.." She took a small step forward. "One small step for mankind... one giant leap for experience."

She moved forward until the water was at her hips. She remembered her mother's words, echoing on her head. 'Go only as far as the water above your head. Don't want the tide to take you out.' She dove, the icy shock dulling almost instantly as she came to a stop, holding her breath. She had gone a little farther in than she expected and found herself floating with ease. Her feet occasionally flitted on the sand below as she opened her eyes.

As expected, she didn't see anything. At least, nothing real. Without her sunglasses that dulled her sixth sense, she was given a sight that she had never thought to see. She saw the energy of the water moving just as waves would do, fluctuating and swirling softly. The bubbles her movements made reminded her of something that seemed familiar, of itty bitty creatures that fluttered in her dreams of the past.

The young teenager smiled suddenly, realizing that her mother was right. 'There is something more.. in something so vast, so frightening... is something that is peaceful and pure. Wish I could show Pan what I see... it's so pretty...'

The young girl then turned a full one eighty degree and swum up to the surface with a staggering gasp. She heard Pan shouting and followed his voice until his head butted on her knee, having delved into the water to reach her. "So, how was it?"

"It was fantastic. I want to go again!"

"Oh, no, you don't! I had enough of a heart attack! You get to your parents and we can stay away from this bucket!"

"Pan, you're such a wet rag."

"No, I'm a wet dog! Now move it! And you need to tell me why it was so fantastic."

"Umm... nope. You wanna be an ass, then I won't tell you a thing."

"Come on, that's not fair!"

WRITE UP - What Would Cecelia Do in this Situation

Cecilia usually never travels far from home unless it's a family trip or it's for something important. A long time ago, her mother was introduced to the ocean by her mother, in hopes of teaching the young child about how much bigger the world was, how much more there was to the life that she was so used to. And it was a lesson that Cecilia's mother wanted to teach her daughter and even knowing her limitations and her insecurities about having her blind daughter go into the water that could turn endless, she thought that Cecilia should have an experience that they could share in.

Cecilia is naturally afraid of the ocean. There are no barriers or walls to hang onto, the water tastes horrible, and it was very different from anything she could experience on land. Cecilia tends to like things that were familiar to her and doing something new is much harder when you're blind and you don't know if you can do it, least of all, do it right. However, given this situation, that her mother has faith in her daughter to be all right, that her parents would be watching like hawks over their baby bird, so to speak, gives Cecilia the courage to go farther than the familiar, to make an experience count for something.

As long as Cecilia feels safe, feels confident, she is very more willing to do things that she wouldn't think to do. And is almost always glad to do so, especially when the outcome gives her a memory that will last for a lifetime.


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Tutorials used:
painting underwater bubbles on paint tool SAI by Electrical-SocketUnderwater Tutorial - SAI by Juliana1121
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The-Rainbow-FaerieHobbyist General Artist
I think this one of my favorite pieces of yours, ever! It looks so stunning, you did such a wonderful job! :hug:
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Thank you so much! I was really inspired by this theme and it went great (art-wise)!
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The-Rainbow-FaerieHobbyist General Artist
It certainly did! :clap:
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FragmentsofMagicHobbyist Digital Artist
You're always so ahead with your entries~! *3* This one looks great to me~! :'D
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I was really inspired by the theme. I knew I wanted her underwater :D and it turned out so great!
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FragmentsofMagicHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh man i was really excited about the theme too <3 <3 I wanted to do something big but life is happening and i might be moving so i had to scrap that idea for now but at least i still have time to work on a different version of that entry :'D
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I saw your preview :3. Shame that it had to get scrapped but now you have a feel for it so the next try would be better :D.
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FragmentsofMagicHobbyist Digital Artist
mm totally :'D
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SailorDreamHobbyist Digital Artist
amazing! The shading, highlights, and coloring is just stunning!!
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Thanks so much! It's been really fun working on these entries :3. It's fun to see myself improve :D.
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WanderingKotkaProfessional Digital Artist
The posing and expression on this are just fantastic!  You can really feel both her uncertainty and fascination.
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Thanks so much! This came out so wonderfully, makes me really happy that you got that impression also :heart:.
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Oh that is so cute!
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Thank you! :3
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You're welcome
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Squid-BrickHobbyist Traditional Artist
I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I wanna just hug it forever and keep the drawing in my head all the time!
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Thanks so much! I was really inspired by this piece :D.
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