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Starverse - Pamper Paws by Wildnature03 Starverse - Pamper Paws :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 4 0 ACEO Commission 01 by Wildnature03 ACEO Commission 01 :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 6 1 Halloween Exchange 2018 by Wildnature03 Halloween Exchange 2018 :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 6 2 Starverse - Solemn Twilight by Wildnature03 Starverse - Solemn Twilight :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 8 0 Starverse WIP 75 - Smooze Kid by Wildnature03 Starverse WIP 75 - Smooze Kid :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 5 0 The Young Witch Sketch by Wildnature03 The Young Witch Sketch :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 4 0 Starverse WIP 74 - Twilight Clone by Wildnature03 Starverse WIP 74 - Twilight Clone :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 2 0 Sketchtember Day 30 - Muddy Glade by Wildnature03 Sketchtember Day 30 - Muddy Glade :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 3 0 Sketchtember Day 29 - Pedagogue by Wildnature03 Sketchtember Day 29 - Pedagogue :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 3 0 Sketchtember Day 28 - Stitchwork by Wildnature03 Sketchtember Day 28 - Stitchwork :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 3 0 Sketchtember Day 27 - Tour De Force by Wildnature03 Sketchtember Day 27 - Tour De Force :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 4 0 Sketchtember Day 26 - Regalia by Wildnature03 Sketchtember Day 26 - Regalia :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 3 0 Sketchtember Day 25 - Silvertail by Wildnature03 Sketchtember Day 25 - Silvertail :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 2 0 Sketchtember Day 24 - Shaman by Wildnature03 Sketchtember Day 24 - Shaman :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 3 0 Sketchtember Day 23 - Show Stopper by Wildnature03 Sketchtember Day 23 - Show Stopper :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 4 0 Sketchtember Day 22 - Candied Apple by Wildnature03 Sketchtember Day 22 - Candied Apple :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 3 0



Starverse Q+A, now open! by Wildnature03
Starverse InformationStarverse
About this Universe
I decided that I'm pretty much scrapping all previous next generations. Some I still like and may finish, others I keep redoing and yet I'm not happy. I went with the shippings I liked the most as of recently but hope that it's a bit different (though I doubt it).
The universe is nicknamed Starverse, after the character, Starstreak. See below for more information on that character.
Known Relationships
:star: Twilight Sparkle x Starswirl the Bearded (No longer together)
Twilight was blinded by her information and bias against Starswirl, seeing him in a rather bright light despite his rather rude behavior. This fascination lead to a short romance that left them with a child, Starstreak. They stopped seeing each shortly after his birth and due to old age, Starswirl died several years later.
:star: Twilight Sparkle x Derpy (Married)
Twilight Sparkle, after being with Starswirl, was in no hurry to find anyo
Starverse Fun Facts - 6.13.18The Fun Facts of the Characters of Starverse
To the place where I'll go into some personal details of the various characters found the in the Starverse. For two reasons~, you to learn more about each character and for me to actually continue developing said characters.
:star: Starstreak
:bulletblack: As a child, he had a serious fascination with his father, whom he never really met or have any memories of. While young, no one really wanted to divulge that his father wasn't the best stallion so the adults in his life continued to make his father seem better than he actually was. Because of this, this lead to Starstreak's fascination with magic and his eventual talent.
:bulletblack: There are a few things that Starstreak can do - one of them is to sew. While growing up, his half-sister, Civil Twilight was a bit rough with some of her stuffed animals and he was always called upon to stitch them up. He learned to work with most types of fabrics, whic
Starverse Main Six SagasStarverse Main Six Sagas

This is going to be a guide (of sorts) for each individual character that consists of the main six (so Twilight, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejcack, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie). I may include the children of the main six in this but for now, I'm focusing on working on the main story guide and delving into character relationships, settings, etc..
I may add to this but this is what I have planned SO FAR. Hope you enjoy~.
Twilight Sparkle Saga

Part One
:star: Your Biggest Fan
:bulletblack: Starswirl returns to Twilight Sparkle and offers to teach her a few spells that he taught the two Princesses.
:star: The Accidental Night
:bulletblack: An aging spell goes awry and leads to a surprising quick romance.
:star: The Aftermath
Twilight Sparkle finds out that she's pregnant.
:star: What To Do?
Starswirl agrees to whatever Twilight decides but also decides he won't play a part in the coming life.




Depression... what the fuck else is new

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 30, 2018, 8:06 PM
Been sparse.... been depressed and trapped in it.

It's hard work. I'm just going through life, pretending it's all good for the rest of the world. I'm going to therapy, talking about how I can't even know what I feel because to me, I feel NOTHING. I'm not sure if I'm happy - I say it, I tell myself SURE, I'm happy. I'm usually at work or in class, living, doing something.

But it's like wearing a coat. It's not quite on, It's not attached right. Nothing is RIGHT. IT"S WRONG DAMNIT. I'm just... empty. I'm just anxious all the time, apparently but even that I shove down and away and ignore. Cause that's what I do, I ignore all of my feelings. They're not there, I tell myself. If I don't acknowledge them, they're not there.

I mean, I can't show them to people. Not like anyone cares, right? I should care but I don't. I NEED to care, I understand this. I've known this since I was an older teen but when you're a young kid taught that you're just not important and nothing you do matters and you're just plain worthless and you just should disappear...

Yea. I don't want to bother people. I hide my emotions. No one wants to see them. No one cares, anyways. I need to.. I really need to. It's destroying me more and more and I can't take it anymore. I hate my job. I hate my life. I hate my existence.

Going to try meditation, to find mindfulness. To find myself in the here and now. To help myself to not be anxious so much. It just seems that's all that I am. Or angry. or sad. The only three actual emotions I actually can identify feeling. I need to face myself, to accept myself.

But that's something that like a mountain I can't face. I can't even look in the mirror to see my reflection. I'm not even ugly, I'm just plain... yet I'm hideous to myself.

Keep trying. Keep trying. But sometimes it just seems like I'm lost and afraid. I can't take some days and I can't take all this pretending. Why is it that I'm sensitive enough to sense other people when they're low and upset but I'm left alone until it's too late? Why is it that I can't see myself falling off the deep end but everyone else can and they just LET ME? NO ONE REACHES OUT? THEY COMPLAIN BUT THEY DON'T HELP?

… life fucking sucks. I hate it. I hate it all so much.

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