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The Devil Is In The Details
I am from loneliness; I am from flashing lights and dim lamps,
shouts and he-man-protection-strength in front of a brown couch.
I am from snow castles built by mythical sober giants
and destroyed by real rain and poured beer cans;
from nightmares and contingents of stuffed animal sentries.
I am from sawdust. The scent of creation and reverberation.
I am from the solidity of a bookshelf that holds Sunday Comics;
I am from the memories of my father reading “Calvin and Hobbes”.
I am from fried chicken and picnics and grease and broken plates.
I am from having everything swept under the table and forgotten
until my father is thirsty again.
I am from escapism, I am from depression, I am from loneliness,
flashing lights, dim lamps and the tension in my arms from selfish love.
I am from growing up surrounded by trees and fields and imaginary friends.
I am from humming and laughing from nonsense lyrics. I am from
“Oh big buck pheasant from Kalamazoo” and catching c
:iconwildmonky:wildmonky 0 2
I can fly through your space-black hair,
exploring the universe of you, a Woman
of divine structure and holy form.
Curving around your lips, a kiss so perfect,
it stops me cold and I'm unable to breathe
until your eyes bring me back from Ecstasy.
Goddess, You are my faith in being complete.
:iconwildmonky:wildmonky 4 7
Inside her there's a galaxy
of endorphins and dopamine.
We glow, the sheen of us
so bright, it melts us together.
Next to her there's an ocean
of oxytocin and comfort.
so safe, we dream deep.
Away from her is a blizzard
of blinding snow and ice
so cold I forget how to breathe.
:iconwildmonky:wildmonky 6 7
Mature content
Trust :iconwildmonky:wildmonky 1 0
The Pillow
That son of a bitch, Smell
gets all the credit for memory.
Me, I just wish I could touch you.
:iconwildmonky:wildmonky 4 2
"Do anything special for the weekend?" I asked and he said
he watched prayers float up to him:
"Down through the atmosphere, they twinkle like stars."
I asked if there were any novas that caught his attention
and he said that everyone pretty much asks for the same stuff;
"it's how I made you all, you know."
:iconwildmonky:wildmonky 2 11
On Living After A Broken Heart
   One of the most human things you can do is to continue to function with a broken heart. This is harder than it seems. The paradox is that being human is not always in human nature. Mostly you're going to want to cry and wallow within yourself. You want to try to find comfort in things that are not her, but everything you try, you did with her. Dinner, your favorite tv show, her favorite tv show, reading, looking at clouds and seeing what shapes your brain makes out of coalesced water vapor.
   Everything you feel during this is part of being human. You don't realize it at the time, of course. Within yourself and your attempts at distraction you're the first person to ever get hurt. No one has ever felt as much pain as you have. No one will ever go through what you have gone through. With a broken heart, you're the first primate to discover fire.
   This fire becomes your world. You see by it, cook by it; it comforts you
:iconwildmonky:wildmonky 4 4
I can't escape my ghetto heart;
my Gestapo thoughts guard me
when I touch a new girl's face.
I can look out through the camp fence
and see a world without you,
but I'm too hungry to even move.
A kiss of another's lips is poison,
showering down, drowning me
because they taste different than your softness.
The ashen remains of my love
bury me, covering me over
and keeping me away from victory.
We will not end in a bombshell;
there is no Geneva Convention.
You are forever my conqueror.
:iconwildmonky:wildmonky 3 10
The Fall of Man
Love didn't have a name
until she came down
from the last trees
and walked on two legs.
:iconwildmonky:wildmonky 7 5
Nature Hates A Sucker
An empty heart can not stay that way forever.
Your head can keep a girl on constant repeat,
but eventually the idea of her decays, leaving
a vacuum that will be replaced by something real.
:iconwildmonky:wildmonky 3 13
I want to destroy everything
that reminds me of you,
but I can't reach the stars.
:iconwildmonky:wildmonky 10 8
A Slow Burn
My heart will be broken forever,
like a photon decaying into nothing.
:iconwildmonky:wildmonky 2 4
She was a Paradise.
I lived in her, surrounded.
Skin smooth to my fingers;
her hills and valleys.
But I ate from the Tree
of Complacency and Sloth.
:iconwildmonky:wildmonky 4 12
Your breath escapes from you, like hydrogen
condensing into stars, lighting my universe.
:iconwildmonky:wildmonky 2 19
Together their eyes were like a shower of shooting stars,
flickering back and forth, taking in the space of each other.
:iconwildmonky:wildmonky 0 14
He wrote pretty words to prettier girls,
because that was all he could offer.
Instead of a kiss, he gave them poems.
Short stories were weekend getaways,
and scraps of thoughts from his head
were flirty glances.
One day he hoped to find a girl
who would be more than a love story.
:iconwildmonky:wildmonky 10 12

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Thanks for the watch and the fave.
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I am utterly overwhelmed by the immense beauty and prowess of your poetry.
wildmonky Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016  Student Writer
thank you. i'm overwhelmed at your comments and enjoyment. i don't write much anymore. but i'm thankful for your appreciation.
Footnoting Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016
Regarding not writing much anymore, perhaps it is just a lull between two segments of your life.  The great American poet, Wallace Stevens, fell silent for nearly ten years between the publication of his first book and the next poem he published afterward.  Almost a decade, and he came out much better for it.  With your obvious talent, one can only hope for many poems in the future from you, so, again, I hope more poems will come to you in their good time. 
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I liked your stamp :thumb51408258:
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