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Name: Dan
Age: 20
Build: Slim, athletic
Hair and eyes: Medium length dark brown hair with green eyes
Orientation: Straight
Personality: energetic, open-minded, lively
Likes: extreme sports, hiking, gaming
Favourite balloon: 11 inch
Fear levels: medium fear with larger balloons
Dan likes to pop smaller balloons (9-12 inch). He can blow them until they pop without too much fear. He also likes large balloons but usually gets scared of them popping. Holly has helped him overcome his fears but he still gets nervous when she dose blow to pops with anything larger than 16 inch. Despite this fear he loves it when Holly forces him to pop large balloons. His favourite being the time she pumped a 24 inch in a sleeping bag until it burst.
Name: Holly
Height: 5'5"
Build: very slim
Hair and eyes: Long, silky brunette hair, blue eyes
Orientation: Straight (bi with Sophie, or anyone with a balloon.)
Personality: Shy, fun, kind
Likes: Nature, computing, art
Favourite balloon: 14 inch
:iconwildheart107:wildheart107 2 8
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They finish off the rest the pack in silence. Jenny being very careful to stretch each one. When they're done, Sophie comes back over. "Right, that's looking better. I want to pop a few now. Want to watch, girls?" Sophie asks. She begins stripping off. Holly can't take her eyes off her. Jenny was right, Sophie was keeping eye contact with her the whole time. She grabs some balloons and walks over to the waterfall. Holly grabs a few herself and follows.
"Watch me first. We'll play later." Sophie says.
She puts a red sixteen inch to her mouth and runs a hand through her hair. She stands right under the waterfall and begins to blow.
When it's halfway full, Sophie steps into the stream. She then takes a step back so the water runs down her hair and body. Sophie's soon soaked. She doesn't stop blowing for a second and the balloon grows rapidly. Sophie runs a hand down her body suggestively. Holly is completely turned on and wants nothing more than to launch herself at her and start making out. She holds herself back though.
When the neck is full, Sophie crouches down so the water flows around her body. She gracefully slides into the water and lies on one of the moss covered rocks. Only her head and the balloon are above the water.
She inhales each breath with a sigh and slowly blows it into the balloon. She suddenly lowers the balloon. "Stop touching yourself, Jenny. There'll be time for that later." She says.
Jenny looks mortified that she was caught.
Holly didn't blame her. Sophie's performance was the hottest thing she's seen all year.
When the balloon finally bursts, Holly can't hold herself back anymore. She jumps into the stream and puts her arms around Sophie. She starts kissing her lustfully.
Sophie pushes her back. "Holly, we've got no spare clothes. You're soaked through now." Holly didn't even think to strip off first. "I don't care." She finds Sophie's lips again.
"Wait." Sophie manages to get out through Holly's passionate kissing. "We'll do it later." Sophie manages to get away. "Save it. Let's play some more first."
"Why can't we kiss first?" Holly asks.
"Because once we start, we won't be able to stop. You can kiss me all night if you want but first I have some other stuff planned."
"Okay but make it quick." Says Holly.
"There's no rush. We've got all day and night. I've got a game for us. Jenny can go first if she isn't too scared."
"What sort of game?" Holly asks.
"One of us is blindfolded and the others pick a random balloon. The person with the blindfold has to blow it until it pops without knowing what size the balloon is." Sophie explains.
"So you've just created Jenny's worst nightmare? Sounds fun. What do you think Jenny?"
"Why do I have to go first?" Jenny asks nervously.
"Cause it's more fun that way. Be too easy for us." Sophie replies.
"Can I at least have ear plugs?"
"Haven't got any. You'll have the blanket around your ears as well as your eyes so it won't be too bad. We'll pick easy balloons for you." Sophie goes through one of the bags and finds a blanket. She ties it across Jenny's eyes. "Oh yeah, we're gonna tie your hands too."
"What, why?" Asks Jenny.
"So you can't feel how big the balloon is. One of us will hold it against your lips so all you have to do is blow." Sophie grabs her hands and gives Holly some rope to tie them. Holly ties Jenny's hands behind her back and brings a packet of balloons over. "What should we pick Sophie?"
Sophie chooses a pink fourteen inch. "This will do." She puts it in Jenny's mouth and holds it there. "You can't stop. If you do, they'll be a forfeit of some sort. Now start blowing."
Holly is surprised at how fast Jenny blows. She obviously wants to get it over and done with. She doesn't hesitate at all. That is until the neck suddenly fills up and pushes against Sophie's fingers. Jenny must've felt it because she suddenly stops.
"Keep blowing Jenny, it hasn't popped yet." Sophie tells her. "Trust me, the forfeit will be worse. I'll make Holly blow to pop a huge balloon in your face or something. You won't be able to run either."
At that, Jenny puts in a big, shaky breath. Then another, and another before it explodes with a very loud bang. Jenny cries out in shock.
"Well done." Says Sophie. "One more I think." She rummages through the bag until she finds the airship shaped balloon. It was quite skinny but bigger than a modelling balloon.
Holly gives Sophie a look. It would be really hard to pop that. Sophie grins. "It's quite big so pace yourself this time Jenny." Sophie instructs.
Jenny blows as soon at it touches her lips. Holly gets closer to watch. She loves how it starts growing out from Jenny's lips. She goes slower this time and it takes a while before the whole thing is full. There's no neck this time to warn Jenny it's completely full.
After a few more breaths, she stops. Jenny tries to back away and Sophie has to pinch the valve shut. "Why'd you stop?"
"It was getting hard to blow." Jenny replies.
"It's not even full yet." Sophie lies.  "You can't feel a neck yet can you?" She presses it back against Jenny's lips.
She's struggling a bit now. A small neck begins to form and the end is bulging. She stops again. "I can't do it. It's too hard."
"Alright. You'll have a forfeit then. You can finish it later with the pump." Sophie ties it off and whispers to Holly. "Take a twelve inch and blow it up inside Jenny's tights."
"What, until it pops?" Holly asks.
"Obviously. Why wouldn't you? Make sure you don't stop, whatever she says."
Holly grabs a balloon and gets to work immediately. She pulls Jenny onto the floor and lies across her, putting the balloon inside the top of her tights.
"What're you doing?" Jenny asks.
"Have a guess." Says Holly and starts blowing. The balloon soon fills up the confined space. It keeps expanding, stretching her tights.
Jenny sighs as the balloon starts getting tight. After a few breaths she's trying to escape though.
"Sophie stop!" She begs.
"It's Holly doing the blowing, not me." Says Sophie. "She won't stop though. Damn, I wish I was you right now."
Holly blows quicker as the neck fills up. Jenny squirms. Whether in pleasure or fear, Holly can't tell. Suddenly it bursts and Jenny screams.
"Okay just pump to pop that balloon and we're done." Says Sophie. "You can untie her, Holly. I want Jenny to see how big it gets."

When the blindfold is off, Holly hands Jenny the balloon she had been blowing up.
"It's so big. Do you think I almost popped it?" Jenny asks.
"No." Replies Sophie. "They usually get a neck before popping."
"Really? Surely it would pop first. It's so tight."
"They're strong. I'll give you the pump so you can finish it."

When Jenny has the balloon attached to her hand pump, Sophie calls Holly over. "This will take her a while. You want to blow that double ended balloon with me?"
"Yeah okay. This should be interesting. I wonder if we'll get two necks." Says Holly.

Sophie finds the balloon and puts one end in her mouth. Holly sits in front of her and takes the other end. They start to blow together. The balloon grows quickly with them both blowing. Holly is completely turned on by the time it's full. The balloon has got thin enough to see through. Holly meets Sophie's gaze and blows faster. Her neck begins to fill before Sophie's. She has to blow faster to catch up. Soon both necks are filled. It's starting to get hard to hold. Especially with them both inflating it. It doesn't help that Holly's shacking with excitement. She can see Sophie's lips against the balloon. Holly can't wait until it pops so she can kiss them.
She gets her wish soon enough. Suddenly there's a bang and the balloon is gone. There's still a bit of neck in Sophie's mouth. She takes it out and is about to say something when Holly stops her with a kiss. She holds her down in case Sophie tries to stop her. This time she doesn't resist. Sophie wraps her arms around Holly's body and holds her tight.
Holly isn't sure how long they've been at it when there's a loud squeak. She lifts her head, still lying on Sophie. Jenny has stopped pumping her balloon and looks terrified. The balloon in front of her is longer than Holly and starting to bend a little. There's a neck on it and the end furthest from her is visibly bigger. Jenny is just staring at it, too scared to continue.
Holly looks down at Sophie. "Want to carry on, or help Jenny finish this balloon?"
"If by help, you mean hold her down and force her to do it, then yes." Sophie replies.
"Or we could just let her do her own thing and get back to it." Holly goes in for another kiss but Sophie pushes her off.
"Come on, we'll finish this in a bit." Sophie gets up and goes over to Jenny. "Come on. Keep going."
"I can't. It's so big, I'm scared. I haven't done one of these before. Do you think it'll be loud?" Jenny asks.
"Yeah, I think it might. Way louder than these other balloons. Keep going and we'll find out."
Holly walks over to take a closer look. She can't resist putting a hand on the balloon. It's tighter than any balloon Holly had felt before. She really wanted to see this pop.
"I can't, please, can we just tie it?" Jenny begs.
"Finish it for her Holly. In her face as punishment of course." Says Sophie.
Holly would usually feel bad but she's too horny and just wants to get back to kissing Sophie. She grabs the pump off Jenny and starts pumping as fast as she can.
Sophie grabs Jenny as she starts to back away. "No, Holly, use your mouth. It's hotter." She says.
Holly immediately pulls it off the pump and puts it to her lips. She struggles to blow. It's much harder than she expected. After getting a mouthful in, Jenny stops her. "Okay, okay, I'll do it. Please, not in my face." Holly looks at Sophie for permission.
"Fine. But if she stops for even one second, you know what to do." Says Sophie.
Holly puts it back onto the pump and gives it to Jenny. She starts inflating it immediately.
Holly moves closer to Sophie and watches. She takes Sophie's hand. Her skin is so soft and warm. Holly thinks. She brings it to her face and brushes it along her lips. Sophie runs her hand down Holly's cheek. Holly turns to face her as Sophie places both hands on Holly's face. She just stares into her eyes for a while and runs her fingers through Holly's hair.
Sophie gives her a light kiss then puts an arm around Holly's shoulders. They watch as Jenny struggles with the balloon. She has it as far away from her face as possible.
Sophie's scent is intoxicating. Holly buries her nose in Sophie's hair, inhaling deeply.
"What're you doing?" Sophie whispers with a soft smile.
"You smell so good. I wish Jenny would hurry up so we can go back to kissing."
"I'm sure it won't be long now. I want to talk about something first though."
Holly jumps as there's an incredibly loud bang. It sounded like a gunshot. Jenny has dropped the pump and is looking completely stunned.

"Is she alright?" Holly asks. "She's not in shock or anything is she."
Jenny gets up. "Wow. That was amazing. Don't make me do it again though."
"We won't." Sophie replies. "Do what you like, me and Holly are going to have some fun."
"I'll leave you to it then. Says Jenny. "I'll be outside. Call if you want me."
"Oh, make yourself useful, blow up the airbeds while you're at it. They're in the bag." Sophie tells her. Jenny finds them and makes her way out of the cave. She quickly grabs her beachball as well.

Holly shivers. It's starting to get a bit chilly.
"Let's get you into some warm clothes." Says Sophie. She pulls off Holly's shirt and had a look in her bag. She finds a fleece and some blankets. "This'll do." Sophie helps Holly get dressed and takes off her jeans. "You can just wrap the blankets around yourself, no one will see anyway."
Holly gets herself comfortable as Sophie brings a sixteen inch balloon over. She places it on the blanket wrapped around Holly's lap. Sophie mounts it and bounces softly. She gives Holly a quick kiss.
"Holly, I've been thinking about us lately. I think you'll agree we're more than friends. I wanted to take it further."
"How exactly?" Holly asks. "You mean you want us to be girlfriends or something?"
"Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking. We're pretty much girlfriends anyway, why not make it official?" Sophie says, still bouncing.
"Can we pop this balloon first? It's hard to talk when you're turning me on so much."
Sophie immediately starts humping it with all her weight. It doesn't last long at all. Holly feels the wet shards hit her face as it explodes.
"Now can we talk? What do you think?"
"But I've got a boyfriend. Dan hasn't been around a lot lately but I can't just leave him."
"And? Why can't you have both? In some parts of the world a man can have many wives. Why shouldn't you be able to have a boyfriend as well as a girlfriend?"
"I suppose. I don't know what Dan will think about it. And my friends as well."
"Who cares what they think? I know you want it deep down."
"Can I ask Dan what he thinks first? I don't think he'll say no but it's best to ask."
"Tell you what, let's get him in a video call. If we can make him cum watching us, he can't exactly say no, can he?"
"You think he'll like that?" Holly asks.
"What you do think? I bet he won't last long at all. We'll give him a performance then slip it in at the end that we're going out."
"Alright. I guess it'll mean we can show affection in front of friends. Always find it hard hiding it."
"Same here. What to do it now? Give Dan a call."
"Okay. What should we do? Something with balloons I'm guessing."
"Yes but then it'll just be the balloons turning him on. Let's start by kissing or something and see how he reacts. Hopefully he won't get too jealous."

Holly texts Dan and says she has something she wants to show him, and to video call her when he's ready.
Sophie sets the phone up by the waterfall. She places some balloons nearby for decoration.

Suddenly the phone goes. Holly immediately answers.
"Hey Holly, how you doing?" Asks Dan. He's in a hotel room by the look of it.
"Are you alone?" Holly asks.
"Yeah. Where are you? Is that a waterfall behind you."
"In a cave in the middle of nowhere." Holly replies.
"What're you doing there? Is that Sophie with you?"
Before Holly can answer, Sophie grabs her and starts kissing. Holly returns the kiss passionately. Dan was about to get a show of his life. Holly gets into Sophie's lap and wraps her legs around her back. After a few moments, she breaks off and glances at Dan. Yep, there's definitely a bulge in his pants. He was enjoying this. Suddenly Sophie pushes her on her back. She lies on her and resumes her kissing. Holly opens her mouth and accepts Sophie's tongue. She almost forgets about Dan. Sophie rips the blankets off Holly, kissing all the while.
Holly feels Sophie's fingers enter her. She gasps and notices Dan out the corner of her eye. He was touching himself now.
Holly lets Sophie finger her until she feels an orgasm coming. She quickly pushes her off and sits on her chest. Holly grabs the nearest balloon. It's a tight twelve inch. It was meant to be light blue but had got so transparent you could hardly tell. Holly unties it as fast as she can. She lets half the air out then starts blowing it up again. With her free hand, she begins to finger Sophie. The balloon gets tighter in her mouth. The neck already pushing against her lips. Sophie begins moaning so Holly gets rougher with her. She keeps forcing air into the balloon. The neck was completely distorted, one end was bigger than the other. Holly blows faster, knowing Sophie won't last much longer. It bursts in her face and Sophie cries out. Holly quickly takes her hand away from her and looks at Dan. "Should I finish her?" She asks.
"Yes!" Cries Dan, looking as horny as Sophie.
Holly gets back to work. She tries kissing her but Sophie is panting too much. It does the trick though. Sophie suddenly grabs Holly and starts humping her hand. She's moaning so loudly that Jenny would be able to hear outside. Holly's hand is dripping by the time she's done. Sophie lies on the floor, exhausted. Dan is about to climax by the look of it. Holly grabs the balloons tied to the rope and pulls them down from the ceiling. She begins to hump them while stroking herself. A few pop straight away. Sophie comes over to help. She bundles them up and thrusts them between Holly's legs. Holly sits of them. The creaks and the feel of tight latex drive her wild. More pop as she loses control and humps them against the rocks. One brushes her face and she bites it. It stings as it pops but Holly barely notices. She moans as she climaxes and Sophie puts her arms around her. As her orgasm dies down, she falls onto Sophie's lap. Sophie leans down and gives her a gentle kiss on the lips. Holly hears a grunt from Dan. He's made a mess by the look of it.
Holly grabs the phone and moves it closer so Dan can see them better. She kisses Sophie right next to the camera then turns to him.
"Enjoy that?" She asks.
"That was the hottest thing I've ever seen. I better go clean up. Thanks for the show. There wasn't anything else you wanted to say was there?"
"Nah, not really. Sophie asked me out but that's about it."
"Wait, what? Did you accept?"
"Not yet but I plan to. You'll be alright with that won't you. I'll still be with you of course."
"I didn't know you were interested in girls. So I'm guessing that wasn't just a show for me then."
"I'm not into girls. We'll I'm into Sophie but not every girl." Says Holly.
"Not entirely true." Replies Sophie. "You've banged Jenny and Aria, remember?"
"Yeah but that was different. Jenny was just a dare, really. Aria was just a bit of fun. You're the one that set it up anyway."
"So how long has this been going on for?" Asks Dan. "I know you got together for balloon play but I thought that was it."
"A long time I guess." Says Holly. "I didn't even realise I loved her till recently. Well I guess I knew for a while but wouldn't admit it to myself."
"I should've seen it coming to be honest. You did seem very close last time I saw you. I just told myself you were close friends with a few special benefits. Guess it'll be no different now you're together." Says Dan.
"Does that mean I can say yes?" Holly asks excitedly.
"I can't stop you anyway. Go on, as long as you don't forget about me."
"Yay. I'm gonna go tell Jenny. We'll talk more later Dan."
"Yeah, alright. See you later." When he ends the call, Holly hugs Sophie tightly. "I feel like I'm sixteen again. Should we go on a date or something now we're together?" Holly suggests.
"This is sort of like a date. We'll have something to eat in a minute. But yeah, we should have a girls night out or something and tell everyone."
"You go get some food ready, I'm starving. I'll go and see what Jenny's up to." Says Holly.

Jenny is outside the cave entrance. She has blown up both air beds and is currently overinflating the beachball. It looks very tight and Jenny is struggling to get more air in. When she sees Holly, she plugs the valve. "You two done?"
"Yeah. Sophie asked me out!" Says Holly excitedly.
"I'm guessing you said yes?"
"Of course. Sophie's getting some food ready. Let's bring in the beds to sit on."
Holly picks up the bigger air bed. It's properly inflated but not as firm as Holly likes it. She would have to fix that.

As soon as they have everything back in the cave, Holly undoes the valve on the air bed. Sophie had found some with thin shinny plastic rather than the fabric feel. These would stretch more and had a nicer feel. Holly begins blowing. There's already a bit of resistance. Jenny looks at her. "I don't think it needs more air. I blew them tight enough already. Don't forget you'll be lying on them." She says.

Sophie comes and has a look. "Keep going Holly, no way near hard enough yet. Jenny, blow the other one up some more."
"How much more? It can't take much more surely. I blew it way bigger than most people would." Jenny explains.
"Keep going until it bulges. You'll have to blow really hard. It can take it. I tested one before we came." Says Sophie.
Holly breaks off. "When you say tested..." She starts.
"I mean I blew it until it went bang. Well actually I had to finish it with a compressor because I didn't have a lot of time. The pillow got huge before it popped. Think it was louder than a balloon." Sophie replies.

Holly gets back to blowing. When Jenny had finished, Holly was still going. She was only able to get a mouthful in at a time now. She loved it when they got this tight. "Hey Jenny." She says. "You start blowing up that beachball again. I'll only stop when you pop it. If you can't, then I might just pop this." Holly immediately starts forcing air back in. Jenny grabs her beachball and unplugs the valve. She quickly bites it as the air rushes out. Even the first breath was a struggle. She had got it very hard. Could she pop it though?

Ten minutes later they were still struggling. Holly was sure the bed would pop soon. Jenny's face was red. Suddenly there's a bang. Jenny had done it. The seam had ripped right down the ball. Holly gets in one more breath then shuts the valve. "Didn't think you'd do it. Good thing you did though or I wouldn't have anywhere to sleep."
"Holly, that's too tight. It'll never take your weight." Says Jenny.
"What do you think Sophie?" Holly asks.
"Let's test it." Sophie replies. She gingerly sits on one side. "You get on too."
Holly lowers herself onto the other side. The pillow visibly bulges out.
Jenny puts her fingers in her ears. "Stop!"
"She's right. Says Sophie. That's gonna pop. We'll have to let some air out."
Holly goes over to the valve.
"Wait." Says Sophie. "Let's not waste your breath." She quickly grabs a balloon from a packet. "Here. Put it on the valve."
Holly takes it. It's a shiny black twelve inch. She opens the valve and pulls the neck over it. The balloon immediately inflates. When it's nearly full, Sophie jumps on the bed. The balloon grows rapidly, the neck shooting out. It explodes loudly into shreds, making Jenny scream. Holly plugs the valve.
"That was pretty cool. We should do more like that when we deflate the beds." Says Sophie. "Right, before we eat I want to see Jenny blow another ballon until it pops."
"Why Jenny and not your new girlfriend?" Holly asks.
"Cause you can do it whenever I want you too. Besides it's fun watching Jenny struggle." Sophie grabs another black twelve inch that was lying on the floor. It's overinflated already so Sophie lets a bit of air out before giving it to Jenny.
"I don't want to. I've done enough blow to pops today already." Says Jenny.
"You love it. Don't tell me you don't do it at home."
"Well, sometimes... It's really hard though. Usually I get a friend to do it." Jenny explains.
"That friend has done it for me too." Says Holly. "She's quite good. She got so horny watching my reaction that she fingered herself in my bathroom."
"What, really? I didn't know it turned her on. That explains why she always rushes off after each session. And once she spent ages in the bathroom. I did wonder why she was so sweaty after. Now I know."
"Don't tell her though." Says Holly. "She told me that she loves how clueless you are to the whole thing. Now start blowing. Think of Lucy getting herself off in your bathroom if it helps. Or in her car. That's where she usually does it after one of your sessions."
"That's actually pretty hot." Says Sophie. "I actually did that in the early days of our friendship, Holly. I'd make you blow to pop a balloon than get myself off when you were gone."
"Wasn't long before you started doing it in front of me, was it?" Says Holly.
"No. Remember that time after you blew a sixteen inch to pop and I climaxed in your face? You were tied down and couldn't move. I almost drowned you."
"Then you made me finish off a whole packet of balloons before you got me off. I think it was around then that the whole thing with balloons turned sexual."
"I remember the first time I got you off. You were still new to my fetish. I had tied you down and after a bit of balloon play, I started fingering you. You were so nervous. Was that your first time? I never actually asked."
"Umm, yeah it was. I didn't know what to think. It was completely unexpected."
"At first you tried to stop me. Not for long though. You were screaming for more at the end. Think I made you climax three times in a row."
"With a blow to pop in my face between each one. I was so scared of it back then."
"I was getting so wet watching and playing with you. You probably didn't even realise. You were so innocent then." Says Sophie.
Holly realises that Jenny had started to blow up the balloon. She almost forgot about her. Jenny obviously didn't want to hear anymore about their sex life.
When it's about to pop she hesitates.
"The bed was so wet after that night." Sophie continues. "When you went, I lay in the puddle you had made and got myself off."
Jenny had started blowing faster again, trying to take her attention off Sophie.
"Three times I climaxed. Just like I made you. With a blow to pop between each one. On the last one, I had my face buried in the mattress so I could smell you. I pretended I was making out with you."
Suddenly there's a bang. Jenny screams then backs away. She makes herself busy, fiddling with one of the air beds.
"That did the job." Says Sophie. "I knew  it was making her uncomfortable."
"What all that true?" Holly asks.
"Umm yeah... Maybe I said too much..." Says Sophie awkwardly. Holly throws her arms around her. "I always think about that night. Hopefully we'll have many more like that to come. Come on let's eat dinner."

After they've eaten, it's getting dark. Sophie lights an oil lantern. They sit around the light. Holly grabs a fourteen inch balloon that was lying nearby. Jenny watches as she undoes the string. Holly lets the air out, thinking of a game. She passes it to Jenny. "Blow it as big as you can without popping it." She instructs.
"Umm, okay." Jenny blows in a big breath.
Sophie watches eagerly. "Why stop at all? Lets see how big it'll get."
"Not yet." Holly replies. "We'll take turns blowing it as big as we can without popping it. It'll be huge when it finally goes."
"It won't be as loud though."
"Doesn't matter. It'll be more exciting not knowing how big it'll go." Says Holly. Jenny already has it full. "What now?" She asks.
"Blow it bigger than that. We want it stretched more each time. Blow until there's loads of resistance. Should be safe enough for now. We'll have to be more careful later." Holly encourages her every time she hesitates. The balloon was supposed to be a deep red colour but it was more pinkish now. "One more big breath and you can let the air out." Holly tells her. The neck was almost as long as the body. Jenny was struggling to hold onto it. After blowing another breath, she lets go. Holly grabs it and hands it to Sophie. "Can I trust you not to pop it?" Holly asks.
"No." Sophie replies, blowing it back up quickly.
"Can you at least try? Blow it the tiniest bit bigger than Jenny did."
Sophie pretends not to hear her and keeps blowing. The neck was at her lips but she wasn't slowing down. She was going to pop it. So much for this game. It was getting huge. Eventually Sophie stops and stares at the balloon. "Wow I thought it would've burst by now. I wonder how much longer it'll last."
Jenny was backing away.
"Stop it Sophie. It's my turn. Don't you want to see me blow?" Says Holly.
Sophie stops again. "But I wanted to finish it."
"You still might."
"Okay then but I don't reckon it'll get bigger than that." Sophie lets the air out and lets Holly take it.
The deflated balloon is huge and completely stretched. The inside is full of water from the girl's breath. Holly puts the wet valve in her mouth and begins to blow. Jenny comes a little closer, trusting Holly not to pop it. It was going to go soon though, it was so thin. The balloon stayed soft until the final moments. Holly struggled to push more air in. It wasn't easy with the neck forcing its way into Holly's mouth. She could see Sophie trying to resist the urge to touch herself. The balloon was almost transparent. Holly stops blowing and holds the valve closed. "It's going to be messy when it pops." She says. There was a pool of water in the bottom of the balloon. "We should probably empty this water." Holly says.
"No, keep it in there. Makes it hotter. You gonna keep blowing?" Sophie asks.
"No, it's Jenny's turn again." She lets out the air again. "Here you go Jenny. Bigger than last time."
"Will it get any bigger?" Jenny asks nervously.
"Probably not. Won't know until we try though." Holly replies.
Jenny starts blowing it up again.
"Sophie do you have any balloon valves?" Holly asks.
"Maybe. Why?"
"Got an idea." Holly knew that Sophie would pop it on her turn. If they used the valve they could each put one breath in until it popped.
"Okay I'll go and find one. Don't you dare pop that until I come back." She says to Jenny.
When Sophie returns, the neck is bulging once more.
"Okay, that'll do Jenny." Says Holly. She takes the valve off Sophie and puts it on the balloon. She tests it with a breath. "Okay Sophie, put one breath in and pass it to me. We'll pass it around until it pops." Holly carefully passes it to Sophie who immediately puts three breaths in.
"I said one breath." Holly takes it back and adds one breath herself before giving it to Jenny. Jenny nervously blows a little breath in. "It has to be a full breath. Do it again." She instructs.
Jenny blows again very slowly. She's shacking already. After blowing, she quickly passes it to Sophie. She immediately puts her fingers in her ears.
Sophie takes it. "Sit closer to us." Sophie tells her. "When it pops, I want the water to cover all of us." She blows for as long as she can but it doesn't pop. Holly takes it again, sure it would pop this time. It doesn't. Holly passes to Jenny.
"Full breath." Holly says. "Otherwise you'll have to do it twice."
Jenny blows long and hard, closing her eyes. Right at the end of her breath it suddenly explodes. They get showered in water and wet latex shards.
"Why's it always pop on Jenny?" Holly asks.
"I know, was hoping it'd be me. As Jenny won, she gets a reward. You came second, Holly so you can give it to her."
"What's the reward?" Holly asks.
"She gets a kiss from you." Sophie replies.
"That would be a good reward for you but not her."
"She'll love it, you're a good kisser."
"But I'm with you, I don't want to kiss other girls."
"I want to watch." Says Sophie.
"Wouldn't you prefer to be kissed yourself?" Holly asks.
"Of course. You'll do that after. Do it, make me jealous."
Holly sighs and moves closer to Jenny. She backs away a little. Holly grabs her arm gently and pulls her closer, giving her a quick kiss on the lips. "Happy now?" She asks.
"That's not good enough. Kiss her like you'd kiss me. After we'll go to bed and you can do what you like with me."
"Fine. You okay with this Jenny? You know what Sophie's like." Holly asks.
"Umm, okay." Jenny replies. Holly leans in and takes her lips. Jenny is hesitant at first but starts kissing back after a few moments. Holly would've been much more comfortable with Sophie but it wasn't so bad. Jenny was nice enough. Her scent didn't turn her on like Sophie's would but it did smell sweet.
"Harder!" Sophie instructs. "Put your arms around each other."
Holly does what she says, drawing Jenny closer. She could almost imagine it was Sophie she was kissing with her eyes closed. Without thinking, Holly gives Jenny her tongue. To her surprise, Jenny opens her mouth to accept it. After a few minutes, she's kissing her passionately. Jenny was gripping her hard. Holly gasps as Jenny suddenly pushes her to the floor and forces her tongue into Holly's mouth. She wasn't expecting that. Jenny begins humping her, her kissing getting more desperate. Holly was about to push her off but decides against it. Let her enjoy herself. There was no harm in it. She thinks.
Sophie comes over and pulls Jenny off. "She's mine!" She lunges at Holly and furiously snogs her.
Holly is too tired to kiss her back with the same vigour so she just lets Sophie lead. After a minute or so, she lets her up.
"I'm sorry." Says Jenny. "I didn't mean to, I forgot myself and got carried away. It's been so long since I've kissed a girl. The last time... Well you just reminded me of someone else."
"Wait for me here Holly. I'm going to deal with Jenny. I think she needs some relief." Says Sophie. She grabs Jenny's arm and takes her outside the cave.

Holly desperately needed some relief herself. The incident with Jenny had got her hotter than she'd like to admit. She looks through Sophie's bag while she waits. She pulls out one of the airship shaped balloons that Jenny popped earlier.

Holly puts it in her mouth and starts blowing. As it starts getting full, Holly hears Jenny let out a cry. After a few more breaths, there's a muffled bang from outside. What was Sophie doing with her? Holly wonders. All remains quiet until her balloon is getting really tight. Then there's another bang from outside and a scream. As the neck begins to show, Holly thinks she hears Jenny begging Sophie to stop. She's curious but is too focused on her own balloon. It was really hard to completely fill the neck. Holly blows as hard as she can but only gets in a small amount of air. She pinches shut the mouthpiece and places the balloon between her legs. Holly lowers her weight on it, making the end bulge. She's tempted to sit pop it but doesn't want to give up that easily. Instead she gently sits on it and bites the mouthpiece. Holly forces in a breath while rocking her hips back and forth on the balloon, making it squeak. She looks down and notices how wet the balloon has become from her juices. It almost sends her over the edge and it takes all her self control to keep blowing. Suddenly there's an incredibly loud bang from outside, followed by a scream.
Holly keeps going. She didn't think it would be this difficult.
Suddenly a hand on her shoulder makes her jump. It's Sophie. "Keep going Holly." She says. Sophie sits opposite her and leans into the balloon. She puts her arms around Holly as she blows more air in. It takes three more breaths until it explodes.
Holly cries out and plunges a hand inside herself. She's about to orgasm but Sophie grabs both her hands, stopping her. She brings them to her face and kisses them softly.
"Where's Jenny?" Asks Holly panting.
"Outside. She probably won't be coming in for a while."
"What did you do to her?"
"First I made her do a blow to pop. Wasn't too hard. Took a bit of persuading but she knew I wouldn't give up. Then I returned the favour. Right in her face like I made her do to me. Then I put 17 inch in her shirt and got her to blow it. She got it quite big but not nearly big enough. I forced her to keep going but after the neck was full, she completely gave up. I had to finish it off for her. I think she cried a bit. I felt bad and was going to stop but I noticed how wet she was getting. She was terrified when it burst. I think it made her really horny as well though. I gave her a little kiss after and left her with a packet of balloons."
"When you say a little kiss..."
"I mean that I snogged her hard and left her wanting more." Sophie replies.
"I thought so. You look like you've been kissing someone."
"You could tell?"
"You've got that hungry look in your eye." Says Holly. "You sure it was just a kiss?"
"Yeah. Well she tried to do tongues but..."
"You let her didn't you?"
"You know I can't help it. I just lost control. I stopped soon after though. Wasn't easy, Jenny was getting really passionate. I wanted you though." Sophie places Holly's hands on her body and kisses her softly. There's a bang from outside.
"Guess Jenny's playing with herself. We've finally got some time alone." Sophie whispers.
"Since when did you care about anyone watching?"
"I don't. But I wanted to wait for the right time. Sophie takes her to the air bed and undresses. There's a bang from outside.
"Jenny must be enjoying herself." Says Holly.
"Could of been an accident. We'll find out in a bit." Says Sophie. She gets inside the sleeping bag and pulls Holly in with her. There's another loud pop from outside followed by a soft moan.
Sophie giggles. "Guess it wasn't an accident then."
"What do you think she's doing?" Asks Holly.
"Touching herself while blowing those balloons to pop by the sound of it. Before we have our fun, there's one last thing to do." Sophie pulls two inflatable pillows out her bag. "You blow mine and I'll blow yours." She says, giving Holly the inflatable.

Holly starts blowing immediately and soon had it filled. Without thinking, she carries on blowing. She makes it harder and harder until it starts to bulge. Sophie had stopped long before her. Holly hands the pillow to Sophie and takes her own.
"How am I supposed to sleep on that?" Sophie asks. "It's hard as stone."
"Sorry, didn't think of that." She replies.
"I'll have to let some air out." Sophie says as there's yet another bang from outside.

After sorting her pillow out, she takes Holly's face in her hands and starts kissing her softly.
Holly likes how soft and delicate she is but is much too horny to go at this pace. She gets rougher and soon they're kissing as if their lives depended on it. They touch each other, growing more desperate with every second.
Holly doesn't last as long as Sophie. After she's done, she works on getting Sophie off. Suddenly she notices Jenny watching them.
"Sorry, I run out of balloons and came to get some more. Didn't mean to disturb you." Jenny explains quickly. Holly throws her a bag of fourteen inch balloons and goes back to pleasuring Sophie.
"Wait, Jenny." Says Sophie. "Blow up one of those balloons until it's tight. I want to finish one as I climax."
"I can do that." Says Holly.
"No, I want you to use your mouth on me." Says Sophie. "Get on with it, both of you."
Holly leans in to kiss her.
"No, I meant between my legs." Sophie explains.
Jenny had already started blowing. Holly turns herself around and enters the sleeping bag head first. She soon finds Sophie's wetness.
Holly goes slowly while Jenny fills the balloon. When she hears Sophie tell Jenny to give it to her, Holly probes deeper with her tongue. She feels Sophie start to blow and knows it won't be much longer.
Suddenly she arches her back and blows hard, popping the balloon. Sophie moans loudly then rolls on her back exhausted. When Holly reemerges from the sleeping bag, Jenny is gone. A bang tells her what's she's doing.
Holly lies across Sophie's chest and gives her a light kiss on the lips.

They fall into a light sleep but it's not long before Holly is awoken by Sophie's wet lips against hers. Their kissing must have woken Jenny. Holly hears her zip her sleeping bag over her head.
After a while they fall back asleep again.

When Holly awakes, it's still dark. The sky is beginning to turn a lighter colour through the crack in the cave roof. Sophie is sleeping next to her. She's warm and Holly can't help but snuggle up closer to her. She puts her arms around Sophie and kisses her gently. It's enough to wake her and soon they're kissing passionately again. The bed squeaks with their movements and wakes Jenny. She gets up and has a walk outside.

After a while, Holly falls back into a doze. It's fully light when she wakes. Sophie is stirring too. Jenny was already eating breakfast.
They would have to pack soon and head back home. That could wait though. Holly falls back onto Sophie and starts kissing once more. After a few minutes, they're interrupted by balloons popping. Jenny is taking down the decorations.
They get out of bed and help Jenny clear the balloons.

Once everything is packed, Sophie takes one last look around. "We'll be back before long. Perhaps we'll come alone next time Holly. Then we won't be disturbing Jenny all night." She takes Holly's hand and they climb together out of the cave.

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"So you gonna tell us where we're going yet?" Asks Holly.
Sophie had told Holly and Jenny to meet her at a local shopping centre and that she had a trip planned for them.
"No, it's a surprise. We'll need food, water and some other bits. Did you bring a spare pair of clothes like I told you?" Asks Sophie.
"I've got some in my car." Holly replies.
"You never told me I needed spare clothes." Says Jenny.
"Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you." Says Holly. "I don't even know what it is we're doing.
"You'll have to borrow something off Holly then. Sophie says. "We'll be gone for the night."
"You could of told me." Complains Holly. "I don't have any nightwear. I thought a spare pair of clothes meant a shirt and some trousers."
"I'm sure you'll be fine. It's only one night. Now come on we're wasting daylight."

Sophie leads them to a few shops where she buys some packets of ready to eat food. They obviously weren't going anywhere with an oven.
She also buys batteries and lantern fuel. Were they going camping? Holly wonders.

"Okay, I've already packed everything else." Says Sophie. "Let's get a bite to eat then we'll be on our way."

Holly and Jenny wait on a bench outside McDonald's while Sophie goes in to order them food.
"Any ideas where she's taking us?" Jenny asks.
"No idea. Holly replies. "If we were going to the cabin, she would have told us. Camping perhaps?"
"Do you think she'll bring balloons?" Jenny whispers to Holly.
"Oh, for sure. This is Sophie we're talking about. I wouldn't be surprised if her pockets are stuffed with balloons. You're fine with popping now, right?"
"Sort of. It still scares me if I'm honest. I usually struggle to pop them on my own. Especially if I haven't done it in a while." Jenny replies.
"We'll there's definitely going to be a lot of popping, wherever we're going. Just tell me if it's too much. I'll try to make an excuse to get you out of it or something."
"Thanks. I think I'll be okay but it's good to know."
Sophie suddenly returns holding the food and a tight red balloon on a stick. To Holly's surprise, she leaves it on the table and begins to eat.
In fact Sophie barely looks at it the whole time.
Usually she would be blowing it bigger. Does she have something planned?

When they finish, Sophie picks up the balloon and carries it with them while they head back to the car pack.

When they get to a busier street, Sophie stops suddenly and puts down her bag. She leans against a street post and starts fiddling with the knot of the balloon.
Here we go. Holly thinks. Sophie brings the balloon up to her mouth and puts in a big breath. Then she takes a deep breath and slowly blows in another.

"You alright?" Holly whispers to Jenny.
She gives a small nod in reply.
Sophie causally blows it bigger and bigger. A few people glance at her as they walk by.
As the neck gets bigger, Holly notices a few people watching nearby. Sophie doesn't seem to notice the small crowd gathering. The balloon is huge when a girl stands next to Holly.
"Is she going to pop it?" She asks a little nervously.
"Yeah probably." Holly replies. The girl looked a few years older than her. She gives a nervous smile, then puts her fingers in her ears. Jenny was doing the same.
Sophie had noticed the crowd now. Was she intentionally slowing down? Holly wonders.
She knew Sophie could finish it with another couple of big breaths if she wanted.
A few people had backed away a little while others watched eagerly.
"You can do it!" One cheered.
"It's gonna pop!" Said another.
Sophie was obviously enjoying the attention and was making it last as long as possible. Eventually though she couldn't delay it any longer. A final breath makes it explode, the sound echoing off the nearby shops.
There were a few screams then everyone was cheering and clapping.
Sophie gives a little bow then joins them again, giggling. "We'll that was fun." She says.
"You're quite the performer." Holly replies.
"I wasn't expecting an audience. I have to do that again sometime, what a rush! Imagine the reaction when I blow to pop a 24 inch!"
"I'd love to see the crowd that brings in."
"Same, but that's for another day. We haven't got time now unfortunately. Anything else you want to get before we go?" Sophie asks.
"Can we go in there?" Jenny asks, pointing at a nearby party shop.
"Of course. I've always got balloons in the car but we can always do with more. Lead the way."

Jenny takes them into the shop and immediately goes to the balloon isle. She picks up some cheap party balloons.
Sophie quickly stops her. "No, those are no good." She picks up another packet. "These are much stronger. Louder too. Much louder."
Holly finds a multi-bag of mixed 14 inch balloons. "Jenny can you blow to pop these?" She asks.
"Umm maybe."
"You'll manage it. How about these?" Holly shows her a bag of 16 inch.
"I've done it once before but it was really scary."
"We'll get them as well then. Sophie will do it if you can't."
Sophie comes back with a bag of airship shaped balloons. "Every tried blowing one of these to pop Jenny?"
"I got my friend Lucy to try once. She wasn't strong enough though. I managed to get another breath in after but it was so tight that I got too scared to carry on." Jenny replies.
"What about you Holly?" Asks Sophie.
"I don't think I've had those ones before. I pumped a modelling balloon until it popped before." Says Holly.
"Why didn't you do it by mouth?"
"It was at a party. A friend gave me one on a hand pump, of course I just kept going pretending to be distracted. It was loud as well. Would've done it again but it would of looked too suspicious. Hard to do by accident a second time. An complete idiot would've known to stop. It was completely full and tight but I had to pump for ages before it popped."
"We'll these are bigger than modelling balloons but just as hard to pop. Do you reckon Jenny can do it by mouth or should I get her a pump?"
"Can't you just do it if Jenny can't?" Holly asks.
"I want to see her try one. I suppose I better get a pump them. It won't be as hot as watching her do it by mouth but better than nothing at all." Sophie picks up a small balloon pump. "I suggest you try by mouth, Jenny. It'll take you forever with this."

As they're buying the balloons, Sophie notices something new; a balloon with two necks, one at each end. There was a picture nearby demonstrating how two people could blow at once.
"We're definitely trying these. Just wish there was one with three openings so we could all do it."

After, they return to the car. "Right, let's try to get everything in one bag." Says Sophie. "We want as little luggage as possible."
They chuck all the balloons into the bag with the rest of the shopping. Sophie gets into the drivers seat. It was Jenny's turn to ride shotgun so Holly got into the back.
"Holly can you pass me that empty bag?"
Holly does as she asks. Sophie takes it off her and puts her hand around the neck of the bag. She brings it to her lips and starts to blow.
Jenny looks at her, perplexed. "Is she going to blow that until it pops?"
"We'll she won't stop will she?"
"But it looks really strong. I've done it with one of those really thin bags but this one looks hard."
"I'm sure Sophie will manage it. Says Holly. Sophie was currently blowing out the wrinkles. Jenny was right, this one looked difficult.
"Will it be loud? Jenny asks.
"They aren't usually but this is a strong one." It was getting really tight now. Holly couldn't help but stretch forward and feel it. The bag felt as hard as a beachball. One that Sophie had blown. She was struggling a bit now but determined now to give up.
Jenny watched, pretending she wasn't scared at all but as soon as the bag started bulging, Jenny was covering her ears. Each breath made it creek and the stretch marks grew a little wider.
The sound of Sophie's breath and the creaking from the bag was turning her on. I wish balloons would creak like that when they were about to pop.
On one side of the bag, the plastic was stretched thin. It kept getting bigger and bigger until it finally went bang.
It wasn't particularly loud but Jenny jumped all the same.
"Like that Jenny?" Sophie asked.
"Yeah, that was impressive. Was it hard?" Jenny asks.
"No harder than a beachball. Surely you've tried one of them?"
"Not until it popped."
"Really? You've got to try it. I might have one in the boot. You can try later. There's so much you haven't done."
"I've done it with a compressor." Says Jenny.
"I was watching, remember? It's better doing it by mouth. You can feel the resistance. It's not easy but so satisfying when it pops. Right, let's go before I get too horny."

Sophie had been driving for about twenty minutes when Holly spots a sign saying airport.
"Umm Sophie, where you taking us?" She asks.
"How many times? It's a surprise. We're almost here."

Sophie parks at the airport. She wasn't taking them on holiday was she? They didn't have passports or enough clothes.
It was only a small airport though, Holly realises.
Sophie unloads the car. She finds a deflated beachball and chucks it in the bag. She gives Jenny a few sleeping bags while she holds the food.

They check in and ten minutes later, Sophie is walking them to a small plane with their luggage.
"There we go. Like it?" Sophie asks, looking proud.
"Wait, is that yours?" Holly asks.
"Yep, been saving up for a while. Cessna 172. It's a bit old but in almost perfect condition."
"Since when did you become a pilot? How come you never told me?"
"I've had my license for a while now. Been renting planes. Was going to tell you but I wanted to wait until I had my own."
"We'll you're good at keeping secrets, I'll give you that. Where are you taking us?" Holly asks.
"That's the surprise. The plane is cool and all but there's something I found the other day that I want to show you. It's gonna blow your mind."
"I've never been in a plane like this before." Says Holly. It only had four seats and a single propeller.
"You and Jenny can sit inside. I've got to do a few pre-flight checks." Sophie opens the cabin door and loads up the plane with their luggage. Then she walks around the plane, inspecting for wear and tear.
"Front or back?" Holly asks Jenny.
"I think I'll sit in the back." Jenny replies.
They get in and wait for Jenny. Holly looks at all the dials and switches. I hope Sophie knows what she's doing. Holly thinks.

After a few minutes, Sophie returns. "Right, you'll be my copilot, Holly." Sophie says.
"I don't know what I'm doing."
"Don't worry I'll tell you. Nothing important, you can just read out the speed and stuff. Unless you want to have a go at flying?"
"No thanks."

It seems to take forever before they are at the start of the runway. Sophie had to do a bunch of checks first and contact air traffic control.
Finally Sophie says; "Cleared for takeoff, runway 26. Right, Holly, when the airspeed indicator gets to 55 knots, call out 'rotate' okay?"
"Erm, okay."
Sophie taxis the plane into the runway and gives full thrust. Holly watches the speed increase. When it gets to 55 she says "rotate?" and Sophie pulls back on the yoke. The nose lifts and they start ascending.
Holly looks out the window, watching the airport grow smaller and smaller as they gain altitude.
"We're heading to that mountain in the distance." Says Sophie through the headset. The engine is so loud she wouldn't have been heard without it.
"Are we camping up there?" Holly asks.
"Sort of. You'll see."
"Where will we land?"
"There's a small grass strip. Might be a bit bumpy but I've done it before."

Holly talks with Sophie for a while. Jenny doesn't has a headset so she has difficulty hearing them. In the end she decides to entertain herself and takes the beachball out the bag, beginning to blow it up.
Holly takes an interest when it starts getting full.
How tight would she blow it? She hated it when people under inflated them. Once she had found a soft beachball at a friends house. When her friend was in the bathroom, Holly couldn't help but blow it up properly. Of course she had made it a little too big. Almost popped it in fact. She just left it in the corner, wondering if anyone would notice.

Jenny didn't disappoint and kept blowing when an ordinary person would stop. She looked like she was about to stop, when she caught Holly watching her. Jenny takes a big breath and starts blowing as hard as she can. Was she going to pop it? Holly wonders.
Jenny was starting to struggle but she was determined to impress Holly. Her face was starting to go red with the effort.
I should stop her. Holly thinks. But I really want to see her do it.
Holly watches for a bit longer but decides it would be best if Sophie was watching as well. "Pop it later Jenny. Sophie would want to watch too." She says.
Jenny looks relieved. She closes the valve and places it in her lap.
After watching Jenny, Holly wants to blow something too. She leans over and reaches for the bag. She opens the packet of 16 inches and chooses a light blue one.
Holly relaxes in her seat and starts blowing softly. Sophie gives her a quick glance.
Holly looks out the window, trying not to get too horny. Before long, the balloon is blocking her view.
Holly carries on blowing as the neck fills without thinking. It's become instinct now. Nine out of ten balloons she blows explode in her face. She has to be very careful if she's asked to blow up balloons for parties. Sometimes she forgets and keeps blowing until someone gets nervous and asks her to stop. If they don't, the first balloon nearly always bursts.

The neck is pressing against her lips when Sophie says; "That's enough, Holly. I'm trying to fly a plane here."
"That's a first. Usually you're begging me to pop it." Says Holly.
"I've got to land in a bit. I don't want to be all worked up." Sophie replies.
Holly drags her fingers across the balloon making it squeak. Then she takes a long breath and blows sensually.
"Seriously, stop it."
"Am I making you horny?" Holly asks, running a finger down Sophie's cheek. She then takes Sophie's hand and kisses it.
"Why do you always get flirty at the most inconvenient times?" Asks Sophie, trying to pull her hand away.
"It's usually you not me." Holly puts one of Sophie's fingers in her mouth.
"Save it for later. I've got to descend in a minute." Sophie says.
"Okay then." Holly leans over and gives Sophie a brief kiss. "What shall I do with the balloon?"
"Let the air out, we'll finish it later."
Holly does what she's told but does it in Sophie's face. The air blows her hair around.
Sophie only has a certain amount of self control. She quickly flicks a few switches then leaps onto Holly's seat.
Holly is caught off guard and falls back as Sophie begins kissing her heavily. She wasn't expecting that.
Holly manages to break off. "What about the plane?"
Sophie murmurs something about the autopilot and resumes kissing.
Eventually Jenny breaks them up by coughing. Holly completely forgot she was there.
Sophie returns to her own seat and resumes flying like nothing had happened.
Holly quickly puts the balloon in her pocket. Jenny doesn't say a word.

Sophie lands the plane on a small grass strip in the middle of nowhere.
"It's a bit of a walk to where we're going but it'll be worth it." Says Sophie. We'll have to carry the stuff between us. You're gonna have to deflate that beachball, Jenny. Unless you want to carry that as well."
Jenny opens the valve and begins squeezing it.
"No, sit on it. It'll take forever that way." Says Sophie.
Jenny gently sits on it, letting the air hiss out.
Sophie sighs. "No like this." She suddenly vaults over her seat and sits hard on Jenny's lap, making her squeal. She doesn't get off until the beachball is completely flat.
They unload the plane and start walking off into the mountains. Sophie takes Holly's hand.
Holly is a little surprised. "Umm Sophie..." She feels a little uncomfortable with Jenny watching them.
Sophie suddenly kisses her hand and throws an arm over Holly's shoulder, she pulls her close.
She's not usually this affectionate. Holly thinks. There's usually two sides with her. One where she's just outgoing and friendly, and the other when she's turned on and willing to kiss anyone no matter who's watching. Holly was used to that but this was different.
She notices that Jenny is awkwardly walking behind them. Sophie notices too and puts her other arm around Jenny so they can walk together. She seems to be in a particularly good mood today.
Holly wouldn't normally mind the intimacy but she can see Jenny is a bit uncomfortable. Holly comes up with an idea. She pulls out the balloon she was blowing up earlier and puts it against her lips. Jenny gives her a glance but they keep walking. Holly slowly blows it up.

After a few minutes, it's starting to get big. Sophie slows down to watch. Jenny has slipped from Sophie's arm and is lagging behind a bit. Holly blows while walking, letting Jenny keep her distance. As the neck starts bulging, Sophie stops in front of her and watches. She has her hands on the side of the balloon.
The balloon keeps getting tighter and has stretched even bigger than before. Sophie takes a step forward, covering Holly's hands with her own.
Holly can feel herself growing horny again but tries to ignore it. Sophie doesn't make it easy. She couldn't get much closer. Holly starts blowing faster to get it over with.
There's a loud bang. The sound echoes off the mountains nearby. Sophie giggles and gives her a quick kiss before taking Holly's hand again.

After a few minutes Holly realises she's still feeling horny. It must be from Sophie's touch. Usually when Sophie touches her, it soon escalates into something more. She has to stop herself from launching at her and kissing hard.
Sophie notices somethings up. "You alright Holly? You're shacking a bit."
"I'm fine." She says quickly. Then she decides to tell the truth. She whispers so Jenny won't hear. "Sophie I think you're making me a little horny."
Sophie stops. "We'll have to fix that then, won't we. Was it the balloon or me holding your hand that did it?"
"You I think."
"I had no idea I had such an effect on you. That's so cute. Look, I actually want to become more than just friends. We'll talk about that later though. For now let's just get you some relief. We've still got quite far to go." Sophie drops her bag of stuff. "Jenny you go on ahead. We'll catch you up in a bit."
Jenny gives them a slightly embarrassed look, guessing what they're about to do and walks on without a word.
Sophie pulls Holly into some bushes and begins to snog her. They haven't done this in years. Usually it's just balloon play with Sophie, with the odd kiss here and there.
In fact Holly can't remember them doing this since she met Dan.
Sophie already has her jeans off and is furiously fingering her, kissing all the while.
Holly is pretty sure this is the first time Sophie has got her off without a balloon in sight. It was so unexpected as well. Holly soon begins crying out. Sophie is attached to her lips like a leech.
Holly's orgasm was intense. Sophie is still kissing when it subsides. Holly pushes her off. "You can stop now, I'm done."
"I know, I'm just enjoying your taste." Sophie goes straight back to it.
After a while, she stops. "I could do that all day but I guess we better get going. We're gonna get no sleep tonight. You know that, don't you?"
"But Jenny will be staying with us."
"And? We can just kiss and snuggle. It won't keep her awake. Come on, Jenny's waiting." Sophie helps her pull her jeans up and takes her hand again.

Jenny doesn't ask what they've been doing. She knows better by now.

They continue their hike until finally Sophie stops. "We're here." She says.
Holly looks around. They don't seem to be anywhere special. There's a few trees and rocks around and she hears a stream but that's it. "Umm, is this it?" Holly asks.
"Over here." Says Sophie. She walks over to some rocks. As Holly gets closer, she realises there's a hole in the floor.
"Down we go." Says Sophie, climbing down.
Holly glances at Jenny then lowers herself over the opening. There's a small drop then she finds herself in a large cave.
Holly looks around, her eyes beginning to adjust to the darkness. On the far side of the cave is a waterfall. It flows into a stream that cuts its way through the rock and disappears into a small tunnel.
The cavern looks to be around 30 metres wide. Holly notices a few openings in the ceiling that let light in. The roof of the cave is high enough that if she stood on Sophie's shoulders, she still wouldn't reach the top. The floor is mostly stone, there's patches of moss along the stream and even a few vines growing up the walls near the waterfall.
"You like it?" Sophie asks when Jenny has jumped down.
"It's beautiful." Holly replies. "How did you find it?"
"It was an accident. I was a bit lost and needed a wee. I found a place near those rocks and almost fell down. I don't know if anyone else has found it. There's no litter or anything so it can't be that well known. Couldn't find anything online either. It could be our special place."
"It's not easy to get to, but I suppose that's a good thing. Means we'll have it to our selves."
"Then lets decorate the place. Imagine how much prettier it'll be with balloons everywhere." Sophie suggests.
"Good idea. Don't know how we'll attach them to the walls though." Says Holly.
"Didn't think of that. I've brought some rope. Maybe we could have some tied to it and run it across the cave. The rest we'll leave on the floor. We're gonna end up popping most of them anyway."
"Okay. Let's get started then. What sizes should we start with?" Holly asks.
"Twelve inch for the ceiling and sixteen on the floor. All of them overinflated of course. Jenny if I don't see a full neck, I'm going to pop it in your face. Oh yeah, when I say overinflated I mean I want them to start popping randomly when we least expect it. I expect a few accidents. If you don't have a least one pop on you while your blowing, you're not blowing them up enough. Understood?" Sophie asks.
Jenny gives a small nod, looking nervous.
"Jenny you go first." Says Sophie. She opens a bag of 12 inch and passes one to Jenny. Jenny takes it and starts to blow.
Holly goes to grab her own but Sophie stops her. "Watch Jenny first."
Jenny soon has it filled. She carries on though, knowing Sophie would want it tight.
She's much braver than before. Holly thinks.
As the neck touches her lips, Jenny stops and is about to tie it.
"No no no, bigger than that." Sophie tells her. Jenny immediately puts it back to her lips and blows hard twice.
"More." Says Sophie.
"But it's gonna pop!" Jenny replies.
"Not yet it won't. Will it Holly?"
Holly thought it was dangerously tight already but says; "One more should be okay."
Jenny reluctantly blows again. For the second time she goes to tie it.
"Did I tell you to stop? Bigger!" Sophie commands.
Holly would've have stopped by now if it was her. Was Sophie going to make her pop it?"
Jenny blows again. This time she looks nervously at Sophie before lowering it.
Holly was surprised it hasn't popped already. Jenny blows again, trusting Sophie that it'll get bigger.
"One more." Sophie tells her.
As Jenny starts to blow again, it suddenly explodes. Jenny screams and Holly jumps a bit herself. The cave had made it louder than usual.
"Right. Next time do that again but stop one breath before." Says Sophie. She grabs her own balloon and passes another to Holly.
Sophie did that on purpose so Jenny would know how big to blow them. Holly thinks, starting her own balloon.
When it's nearly full, Sophie has a competitive look in her eye, pretty much daring Holly to blow hers bigger. They keep going, trying to make theirs bigger than the other. Suddenly there's a bang to Holly's right. Jenny's sitting there looking stunned with the mouthpiece still in her mouth.
"That's it Jenny!" Says Sophie, smiling at her. "Although that might have been a little big."
Holly's temped to keep blowing her own but knows it would likely pop. If they kept at it like this, they're won't be many balloons left for decoration.
Of course Sophie has to one up her and blows another big breath into hers. Holly isn't surprised when it pops as Sophie tries to tie it.
"I think we're making them too big." Says Holly.
"Nah, we're just learning the boundaries." Sophie replies. "You should blow one until it pops next. Then you'll know exactly when to stop next time."
"Can't say no to that." Holly grabs another balloon.
She chooses a clear one so she can see the girls through it. Jenny already looks nervous. She's still shaking from her own accidental blow to pop.
Holly blows it fast. Jenny puts her fingers in her ears as the neck comes out.
"Slow down." Says Sophie.
Holly puts her next breath in as slowly as she can. She waits a few seconds before blowing again and again.
The neck is so big that Holly can barley hold on to it. Jenny had started to fidget.
Holly decides to tease her and starts shuffling forward. Jenny suddenly stands up and backs away. Holly is tempted to chase her but remembers her promise. Instead she gets closer to Sophie. Sophie immediately places her hands on the balloon and leans closer. Holly starts blowing fast again. It almost immediately pops.
Jenny quickly sits back with them, pretending she hadn't been scared.
"Okay, let's finish with the decorations before we get overexcited." Says Sophie. She divides the packet into three piles of balloons. "Let's see who can finish first." She says.

Sophie finished at roughly the same time as Holly. By the time they were done, Sophie had had three accidents while Holly only had the one pop. Two of Sophie's pops happened while she was blowing and the other popped unexpectedly after she had tied it. Jenny didn't have any pop on her. She took a bit longer finishing as she kept nervously glancing at Sophie.

"Okay, I'll tie these to the rope and attach it to the ceiling while you two blow up the sixteen inches. They don't have to be quite as big but I want full necks of course." Says Sophie.

Holly gets to work right away. She blows one of the sixteen inches until it gets tight then hesitates. "Jenny do you mind if I blow it until it pops? Want to get an idea of how big they go." Holly asks.
"Okay but make it quick." Jenny puts her own balloon down before getting a chance to put any air in. She backs away a bit as Holly starts forcing more air in. The balloon had got really hard before the neck had come out. Holly wasn't sure how much bigger it would go.
Sophie had only just realised what she was doing. She stops to watch, holding a balloon that looked like it would pop any moment.
The balloon wasn't giving in easily. It just kept getting gradually bigger. Jenny looks like she's regretting her decision. She has her fingers firmly in her ears and is visibly shacking.
Holly was getting a little nervous herself. That just made it more exciting though. She deliberately slows down to draw out the anticipation. Holly loves trying new balloons as you never know how big they'll get.
Sophie puts down her balloon and walks closer. "That's way bigger than I thought they would get. That's it. Go slowly. It'll get even bigger then."
"Hurry up, pop it." Says Jenny.
"No, slower." Says Sophie. "I want a photo of this." She gets her phone out.
Holly waits, barely blowing at all. It would surely pop on its own in a minute.
Holly manages to draw it out for another five minutes. Poor Jenny is terrified. She  is standing as far away as she can get.

Finally Holly can't make it last any longer. The balloon shatters into tiny shards as Holly is taking a breath. Sophie starts clapping. "That was the best blow to pop I've seen in ages. Okay new plan. I want them all blown that big. Okay, maybe every other balloon. I want some harder to pop than others. Try not to pop anymore now though, I'll never get this done with all these distractions." Says Sophie, going back to her decorations.
Holly grabs another balloon and starts stretching it. "Sorry Jenny but that balloon was too good to rush. Come help me with the others."
Jenny slowly comes back over and takes a few balloons for herself. "That was pretty hot. I wish I wasn't so scared. I'm better than I was though. Before I could never have watched that."
"I was nervous too. I just don't show it. Plus the anticipation is kinda a turn on. Especially when Sophie's watching." Holly replies, blowing into her balloon.
"You two are so cute together. Did you see the way she looked at you when you were blowing? I think she really likes you." Jenny says, starting her own balloon.
"I know that. She doesn't exactly hide it."
"I think she likes you more than you realise. I've been noticing it more recently. She keeps glancing at you when you're not looking."
"Really?" Holly's balloon is almost full now.
"Yeah. I think she really loves you."
"I didn't realise. I thought she just liked flirting with me like she does with everyone. We're good friends, yeah. Closer than most but I didn't think about it being more than that." Holly stops blowing and ties the balloon, thinking about what Jenny had said.
"Maybe you two should have a talk later. I'll try to find an excuse to leave you alone." Jenny blows again. The neck was growing and looking very tight.
"Okay, I'll do that." Holly grabs another balloon.
"Do you have feelings for her at all?" Jenny asks.
Holly was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable talking about her relationship with Sophie. "Umm, I guess." Jenny's balloon was getting dangerously tight now but she doesn't seem to notice.
"You're perfect together. I really think it would work." Says Jenny between breaths.
Suddenly there's a bang as Jenny's balloon explodes. Holly's grateful for the distraction. Jenny not so much. She screams. "Why'd it pop? It wasn't even that big."
"It was pretty big. No way near as big as mine got though. Make sure the stretch the neck properly next time.
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Jenny woke. Amber was in the shower by the sound of it and Winter still sleeping on the floor.
Jenny remembers the events of last night, she glances at Winter, remembering how she had kissed her while blowing that balloon.

Jenny could get up now and get dressed and they would both go home. Or she could wake Winter with a kiss and give her a balloon to see what she would do. Who knows what would happen then. Perhaps she would do nothing. After all, they were quite drunk last night. But what if she continues what they started last night.
Jenny suddenly spots a balloon on the floor near where Winter was sleeping. It must have fallen out her pocket. Jenny picks it up and wonders what to do.
She could simply ask Winter to pop it but Jenny wasn't sure she had the courage. In fact she didn't really want Winter to pop it at all, just tease her with it maybe. Jenny wasn't really sure what she wanted herself.
Let's just see what Winter would do on her own. Jenny places the balloon on top of Winter's phone.
Now she has to notice it. Jenny thinks. Now how to wake her up?
With a sudden rush of courage, Jenny crouches down and rolls Winter onto her back. She kisses her full on the lips, then backs away quickly.
Winter slowly comes to her senses. She sits up. "Morning Jenny. Umm, did you just kiss me or am I imagining things?"
"Must of imagined it." Jenny lies.
"Hmm, it felt so real as well. Oh well." She goes to grab her phone and notices the balloon. She slowly picks it up and begins to stretch it. "I'm pretty sure this was the balloon I meant for you to pop." Says Winter. "Would you like it or should I save it for later?"
I want to watch you blow it until it pops. Jenny wants to say, but she's much too scared.
"You can blow it up if you want." Says Jenny, a little nervously.
"Okay." Winter starts to blow immediately. Jenny can't take her eyes off her. Why's this turning me on so much? She wonders. She's just a girl blowing up a balloon, there's nothing sexual about it.
She was pretty though, and her breasts were rising with every intake of breath, her cheeks filling with every blow, making the balloon bigger and bigger. Most girls would of stopped by now but Winter kept putting more and more air in.
The neck fills and the balloon creaks. Jenny loses her nerve and quickly puts her fingers in her ears. Winter glances at her then blows the biggest breath possible. Jenny backs away, wishing she'd just taken the balloon herself. Winter suddenly stops though.
"Don't worry, I wasn't going to pop it. Sorry about last night, you know what I'm like after a few drinks." Says Winter, holding the balloon in the light from the window. "I think I'm going to blow every balloon this big from now on. They definitely look better this way. More fun too. It's kinda scary actually. I'm not even sure if I could keep going now I'm sober. There's something about the way you never know when it's going to pop that makes me anxious." Winter starts to tie the balloon.
Amber comes through the door and barely gives the overinflated balloon a glance. "You almost ready, Winter? Got to leave soon." Amber turns to Jenny. "I'm taking Winter to an appointment, should take an hour or so. You can either stay here and chill for a bit or go home, up to you."
Winter puts the balloon on the bed. "Okay, I'll be with you in a minute."

Before long, Jenny finds herself alone. She immediately goes to the overinflated balloon and gently touches it. She picks it up as carefully as she can, already shaking from excitement or fear. She wants to find out what it is that makes her feel so weird around balloons. She definitely feels nervous about it popping but there's something else deep down... She gently rubs her face along it, terrified of the thought of it bursting so close to her. The tight latex feels really nice against her skin. Jenny remembers riding one yesterday and how it had turned her on. She wants to try it again now she's alone but there's no way she'd put any weight on this one and she doesn't want to risk untying it incase she accidentally pops it.
instead, she leaves it on the bed and goes into the living room to look for the packet that was there yesterday.

It's not on the table where it was left. Jenny starts hunting around. She opens a few drawers and before long finds what she's looking for. There's the packet of normal sized balloons with a few of the sixteen inch on top. At the back of the drawer is a hand-pump and something else... Jenny pulls it out and realises it's a huge balloon. It must be at least twice the size of the biggest ones they used yesterday. It's made of thick rubber and a very large opening.
There's only one so Amber would notice if I took it. Jenny thinks. Reluctantly she puts it back in the drawer. I wonder how big it would've got. She takes a red balloon out of the pack and begins to stretch it. She feels a little nervous but no way near as much as last night. She would be in control now.
Jenny starts to blow. As it gets bigger, she runs a hand down her silk dress that Amber had given her to sleep in. Her hand lingers between her legs.
No I can't. Not here, what if Amber comes home early or notices her dress was wet? It would be too embarrassing, last night was bad enough. Jenny brings her hand up to the balloon and focuses on that. It didn't help though, she was getting more turned on by the second.
Soon it was full. Jenny instinctively goes to tie it but stops herself. I know now how big they can go before popping. It could take way more air. She blows again. Even after the neck is full they can get bigger. I'll keep going until it gets hard to blow. The neck gets longer and longer and soon Jenny is touching herself again.
Suddenly it squeaks loudly and Jenny almost lets go. She loses courage and lets some air out before tying it off. Without thinking, she sits on it and is soon grinding herself against it. Jenny notices that she's wet already.
It's too late to go back now, might as well enjoy myself.
The neck is shooting out with every thrust and Jenny is scared it's going to pop. But she can't stop herself.
Eventually she manages to force herself to stop before the balloon pops. Any longer and it would've been too late.
Jenny tries to take her mind off it by grabbing a handful of balloons from the drawer. I'll just blow a load up and if I'm still horny after I'll have to finish myself in the bathroom, after taking Amber's dress off. There's a small wet patch on it already but it could've been a lot worse.

Her plan didn't go too well though. After blowing a few of each balloon up she was wetter than ever. It took all her self control not to touch herself. The balloons were definitely making her horny. So it can't have just been Winter turning me on yesterday. She thinks. Or maybe these balloons are just reminding me of her.
Jenny can't help herself, and takes the biggest balloon from the drawer. She was so curious. I'm sure Amber won't mind. If I put it away after, she probably won't even notice.
Jenny blows it fast, wanting to get it done before the girls get back.
It just kept getting bigger. Jenny didn't know when to stop. She was scared that she'd blown it too big but it hadn't got a neck yet. Did all balloons get necks before they popped?
It was bigger than her when it started going hard. A neck was starting to form as well. The size of it scared her but she had to know how big it got.
She stops after a few more big breaths though. The neck was barely half full but it was tight. She ties it and sits back, out of breath.
There's only one balloon left in the packet. Might as well use them all. She thinks. Jenny uses the hand pump this time, too exhausted to blow herself.
She pumps it a few times then has an idea.
She was so horny that she couldn't stop touching herself. If there was a balloon in the way, I couldn't do it. And it would stop me ruining the dress. But deep down Jenny knew the real reason. She wanted to know what it would feel like against her skin.
She pushes it in the leg hole of her dress and positions it just right. Then she starts pumping. Jenny goes slow as first but soon loses control and pumps like mad. It gets firm and bulges outward. Jenny keeps at it, sighing every so often. She stops when it's hard and runs a hand across the bulge in the dress. The silk is smooth but firm. Any bigger and it could ruin Amber's dress. She continues pumping though. It feels so good. The neck starts poking out, inflating down Jenny's leg. She almost pumps until it burst but is scared of it popping so close to her.
She takes it off the pump and ties it. She leaves it in her dress and grabs one of the sixteen inches. She struggles to stuff it in her dress. In the end she deflates it before blowing it back up while it's inside. She keeps going until it pushes against her breasts. Then Jenny mounts the huge balloon. She grinds against it hard and starts blowing the balloon in her dress again. It's about to pop but all Jenny's senses are overwhelmed. She isn't scared at all. She starts crying out loudly.

"Is it weird that this is turning me on?"

Jenny spins around in a panic. The balloon in her dress deflates rapidly as she lets go of it. Amber and Winter are standing by the door.
"You obviously didn't hear us come in."
Says Winter.
"We've been watching since you started pumping that balloon in your dress. Amber wanted to leave you to it but I was too curious. We'll talk about this later, first we need to finish something. Amber I'd go wait upstairs if I were you."
"Winter, what are you doing? Can't you just leave her?" Asks Amber.
"I can't just leave her all worked up like that. Watch if you want but I'd rather do this in private." Says Winter.
"Fine, I'll leave you to it. Be quick and don't scare her like yesterday."
As soon as Amber leaves, Winter is on her.
She grabs Jenny and gives her a wet kiss.
"There'll be questions later but right now I can see how horny you are. Lets get it over with, then we'll talk." Winter pretty much picks her up and throws her on the sofa. The balloon in Jenny's dress squeaks as it rubs against her. The neck is still tight against her leg. Winter climbs onto her and presses against the balloon.
Jenny is nervous and embarrassed but also completely turned on.
Winter thrusts against the balloon getting faster and faster. "Like that Jenny?"
Jenny just lets out a little moan.
"I think it's gonna pop." Says Winter.
Jenny's fear comes back at the word pop. She didn't even think about that.
"No, don't pop it." Says Jenny but it barely comes out as a whisper.
"I think you want me to, really." Pants Winter.
"No, please."
"Shut up and enjoy it." Winter gets rougher and the balloon explodes.
Jenny half gasps, half screams.
Winter kisses her hard and slides a hand into Jenny's dress.
This was the second time in her life that a girl was getting her off. Jenny gasps and squirms in pleasure. This was even better than last night. Amber had gone gentle, and only really did it because Jenny was upset.
Winter on the other hand was much rougher, almost aggressive, she looked horny herself. Suddenly Winter releases her. There's a fire in her eyes as she grabs a balloon and unties it roughly. She pushes Jenny into the sofa and starts blowing hard. Winter has started fingering herself now. She doesn't take her eyes off Jenny.
"Don't pop it please." Jenny is completely afraid again.
"Beg me to stop." Says Winter.
"Please, no." Jenny begs.
Instead of stopping, Winter fingers herself harder and keep blowing. She's loving this.
"Winter, stop." Jenny cries
The balloon is shoved in her face and Winter starts to gasp into the balloon.
Jenny struggles to escape. Winter seems to enjoy this even more though. She holds her down and starts moaning.
"Please, Winter." Jenny feels tears in her eyes.
Suddenly the balloon bursts in her face with an incredibly loud bang. Winter gasps then falls onto Jenny. She kisses her again, much messier than before and Jenny feels Winters fingers inside her again.
A few moments later Jenny is crying out.
After her orgasm has subsided, Winter gets off her. "We'll have to do this again sometime. I haven't fucked a girl since Iceland. Makes a change." Winter suddenly grabs a balloon and pops it in Jenny's face. She falls backward and Winter's on her again. She bites her neck gently then helps her up. "Sorry, I know how scared it makes you. That's what does it for me; seeing the fear in your eyes. There's probably something wrong with me but you did seem to be enjoying it. Most of it anyway. I'm gonna go get Amber. You okay though, didn't hurt you did it?"
Jenny shakes her head.
"Good. Means I can be rougher next time." Winter laughs at Jenny's terrified look. "I'm only joking. Well half joking anyway, you were loving it. Come back to mine tonight and we can go again. Could buy some more balloons as well. Unless you have any other fears you'd like to tell me about." Winter leaves to get Amber.

Jenny lies on the sofa exhausted. How was she going to explain what they'd just witnessed? She didn't know where it came from herself.
Winter returns with Amber. They're giggling, she probably just told Amber what they'd been doing. In Winter's hand is the overinflated balloon she'd blown earlier. She sits on the sofa next to Jenny and places the balloon in her lap. Amber sits beside her.
"So Jenny, how come you've never told us about this thing with balloons before?" Asks Winter.
"What do you mean?" Jenny asks, stalling her while she thinks what to say.
"Well, do you always get yourself off humping balloons or was this a one off thing?"
"I've never done it before. I didn't mean to this morning, it just sort of happened."
"What did it feel like?" Winter asks. Amber gives her a look.
"What? I'm just curious." She picks up the balloon from her lap. "I guess it could feel pretty good against your skin. A lot of people are into latex suits and the like so it's not too weird. Might even give it a go myself." Says Winter.
"Really? I'll leave it to you two. I'm not getting involved." Says Amber.
"Oh come on, it'll be fun if nothing else. Here, sit on this." Winter spreads her legs a little and places the balloon between them.
"I'm not getting on your lap."
"Okay, fine." Amber gets up, straddles the balloon, then sits on it hard. The balloon bursts without any resistance. Jenny flinches but no one notices. Amber immediately gets up and takes a step back.
"Oh come on, do it properly." Winter takes one of the balloons that Jenny had blown up and puts it on her lap.
"Now come on slowly, like you're doing a lap dance." Winter instructs.
Amber reluctantly climbs on and starts bouncing. "Like this?"
"Don't bounce so hard. In fact it'll be more sensual if you slowly grind it into me." Says Winter.
"Okay but you're buying the drinks if we go out later." Amber starts humping the balloon, making the neck shoot out.
Jenny puts her fingers in her ears. She's nervous but beginning to grow horny again. She watches as Amber starts to go harder.
"Actually feels quite good, doesn't it? How about a kiss as well?" Asks Winter.
"Winter, I'm not kissing you. This is bad enough. Can't believe I'm doing this." Says Amber.
"Alright, go harder though. You'll never pop it like that."
Amber starts to sigh a little. Winter notices. "You're starting to get into this, aren't you? Come on let's pop it." Winter starts thrusting upward and with their combined strength the balloon eventually explodes. Amber falls onto Winter with a squeal. She gets up giggling. "Okay, that was quite fun."
"Let's swap around." Winter shoves Amber onto the sofa and puts a balloon in her lap. Amber giggles again as Winter throws herself against the balloon.
Jenny has to resist touching herself. She hated the fear but there was something really hot about watching them. She stays quiet, not wanting them to stop.

Winter starts slowly humping the balloon. She tries to make it as sensual as possible and even lets out a few exaggerated moans.

Jenny knows it's just a display, but she soon finds her hand in her dress again. Winter is such a good actor that it looks almost genuine. After drawing it out as much as possible, Winter finally tries popping the balloon. She bounces hard on Amber's lap, making the neck bulge.
Jenny quickly takes her hand out from between her legs so she can put her fingers in her ears. Just in time too because the balloon suddenly explodes.
Jenny thought she would've gotten used to the pops by now. It had frightened her so much that she almost fell off the sofa.
The others weren't paying attention. Winter was trying to get a kiss off Amber.
"Come on, just one kiss. Surely you've kissed a girl before?"
"I tend to kiss boys." Amber replies.
"It's not that different. Besides, you'll probably find that I taste sweeter. Come on, no ones going to know. I'm sure Jenny won't tell anyone. If she does, I'll tell them her thing for balloons." Says Winter.
"Fine, one kiss then we're done."
"Better make it count then." Winter jumps on her and attaches herself to Amber's lips.
After a moment, Amber tries to pull away. Unsurprisingly, Winter doesn't let her go.
Eventually Amber stops struggling. That is until Winter slides her tongue into her mouth. Amber manages to pull back for a moment before Winter's on her again.

Jenny is touching herself through her dress. She doesn't want them to notice her but it's so hot to watch.
Amber had stopped resisting and almost looked like she was enjoying it. Her hands were firmly gripping Winters shoulders and she was practically in Winter's lap.
They must have been at it for ten minutes before Amber finally climbs off her panting.
"See?" Says Winter. "I'm just as good as any guy. You were loving that."
"Fair enough. I haven't kissed like that in ages. Most boys are in my pants before we get to that stage. We should stop now before it gets too far though." Amber says.
"Why not take it all the way? Don't tell me that didn't make you at least a little bit horny."
"A bit perhaps but no. Kissing you is one thing but if we take it further, you won't leave me alone after. I know you, you'll be at my door everyday wanting to do it again."
"Not necessarily. I can find other people to satisfy my appetite."
"I said no. Let's do something else. I see Jenny found my 24 inch balloon. I was going to turn it into a massive water bomb for a video I had planned with some friends. I guess I'll have to get another one now. It looks bigger than 24 inches though. Jenny blow it big!" Says Amber.
"Aren't you curious as to how much bigger it can get? I know I am. Let's find out." Says Winter.
"Okay, not much else to do with it now, might as well finish it off." Amber turns to Jenny. "You can go if you want. It's probably going to be loud."
Jenny was grateful for the opportunity to leave but she wanted to see what the girls would do next.
"I want to watch." She says nervously.
"Really? Why? Aren't you scared?" Amber asks.
"I just want to see how big it'll get."
"Okay, fair enough. You can watch from the doorway if you want. That way you can still go if you want to." Says Amber. "Come on then Winter, start blowing."
"You can do it if you like." Says Winter.
"You're joking right? I couldn't do that, it's huge!"
"Oh go on. Please?" Winter begs.
"You do it. Be brave." Amber replies. "Of course we don't have too. It was your idea."
"I want to see how big it goes. Can't I just watch with Jenny?"
"If you manage it, I'll let you kiss me again."
That made her do it. Winter walks up to the balloon and starts to untie it. "It better be a good long kiss."
"Oh, it will be." Amber assures her as Winter starts to blow.
"It's tight!" Winter complains.
"Just think of my warm, wet lips." Says Amber. Winter blows hard.
"...and my sweet scent..." Amber continues. She walks around to the other side of the balloon and holds it. Winter is still blowing.
"...your lips against mine..."
Winter blows faster.
"...maybe a little bit of tongues..."
Winter is blowing so fast, Jenny wonders if she'll pass out. She's already fingering herself once more. It feels awkward standing. Surely Amber would notice her.
"Maybe I'll even let you slip a finger or two inside me." Says Amber. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Winter pushes the balloon into Amber.
"If you're really brave, I'll let you play with me until I'm wet." Amber is laying on the floor with her legs apart. The balloon is between them.
"Perhaps until I come..." Says Amber in barely a whisper.
She was obviously enjoying this. Either that or she doesn't think Winter could do it. Amber begins to sigh as Winter pushes the balloon firmly against her.
Jenny can feel an orgasm coming. She knows she should stop but doesn't care.
She's so wet she's practically dripping.
Winter has her back to her and Amber can't see anything with the balloon pushed against her.
Jenny knows it'll pop soon but can't put her fingers in her ears while touching herself.
I'll just finish myself off then I can leave. She thinks.

Winter is struggling now. She has to take a few deep breaths every time she blows. She won't stop though. Jenny knows she'll do anything to get at Amber.

Jenny tries to keep quiet but lets out an audible gasp as a wave of pleasure goes through her body.
The girls either didn't hear or are too busy to take any notice.

Jenny takes her hand out the dress. It's wet so she has to wipe it before plugging her ears. She's too late though. The balloon explodes into shards with a deafening bang.
Everybody's stunned silent for a moment after. Amber breaks the silence with a giggle.
Winter wastes no time and covers Amber's mouth with her own.
Jenny watches awkwardly from the doorway.
Winter begins ripping off her clothes.
Jenny decides to leave them to it for a while and goes to the bathroom to clean herself up.

As she's getting dressed, she hears a cry from the living room. Jenny begins creeping closer to find out what's going on.
She hears Amber's voice. "Okay Winter I think that's..." She breaks off, moaning deeply.
Jenny peaks her head around the door. Winter has her head between Amber's legs.
Amber has her back pressed against the sofa. Her eyes were closed so see didn't see Jenny.
Jenny backs away, not wanting to be caught watching. She waits in the hall as the moans grow louder.
Before long, they subside. Winter comes into the hall looking for her.
"There you are. What've you been doing?" Then she notices the dress Jenny forgot to pick up. It's quite obvious what Jenny had been doing. "Was you watching us?" Winter asks. "Looks like we made you quite wet as well. Guess I'll have to finish you off again, come on."
"Jenny didn't want to tell her she'd came already, so follows her to the living room.
Winter wastes no time in getting Jenny undressed again. Then she grabs a balloon, untying it. "Amber, I want you to blow this until it pops. Make sure it's right in Jenny's face. Go slowly as well."
"I couldn't do that." Says Amber.
"You can and you will. Jenny loves it, trust me."
Before Jenny can do anything, Winter has her pinned to the sofa.
"I'd blow the balloon myself but then I couldn't pleasure you properly, could I?"
Amber starts to blow into the balloon.
Winter slides a few fingers inside of her while Amber continues blowing.
"See? She's wet already. Told you she likes it. Bet she just pretends to be scared as well. Otherwise why would she get those balloons out?" Says Winter.
Jenny enjoys it at first, but as the balloon in Amber's mouth grows bigger, she gets more and more nervous.

Of course Winter wouldn't let her put her fingers in her ears. When she tries, Winter stops touching her and holds her arms down. Jenny soon gives up. At least the stimulation from Winter touching her took her mind off the balloon a little.

As the neck begins to fill with Amber's breath, Winter stops using her fingers and starts using her tongue instead. With her head between Jenny's legs, she wouldn't be able to see anything.
Jenny covers her ears without Winter noticing.
Amber keeps glancing at her between breaths. She looks like she wants to stop. As the balloon grows tighter, Amber moves it away from Jenny's face.
Winter seems to notice and sits up. "No, it has to be closer than that. Do it like this." She grabs the balloon off Amber, and thrusts it in Jenny's face. She puts in a big breath, making Jenny cringe away, then gives it back to Amber.
"Blow really slow now so she won't know when it'll pop." Says Winter. She pulls Jenny's hands away from her ears again and kisses her hard. Jenny can taste herself on Winter's lips.
Amber holds the balloon right next to their faces and is blowing slowly like Winter told her.
The balloon suddenly squeaks as Amber adjusts her grip. Jenny feels Winter hesitate for a brief moment in her kissing.
She can't still be scared. She just blew a huge balloon till it burst.
She must of been though because Winter suddenly backs away from her.
"You can finish her off Amber. I, umm, I need the loo." Winter hurries out the door.
When she's gone, Amber lowers the balloon, letting some air out. "We can just pretend we've done it if you want. I don't know what's the matter with Winter. She's the one who wanted to do this. I reckon it still scares her."
"But she's popped loads." Says Jenny, relaxing now the immediate threat is gone.
"True. I think the last one shook her up a bit though. Also this one isn't in her control, she hates not being in control." Says Amber.
"Yeah but she didn't make any excuses to leave last time."
"I know, that is weird. I thought she would stay just to see you suffer. Otherwise why suggest it in the first place."
"And she forces me to stay even though I'm more scared than her." Jenny continues.
"Yeah, that's not fair. Hey, you want to get her back? We could wait till she comes back, then we could do the same thing to her. One of us would hold her down so she can't escape. Mean, but it's only fair. What do you think?" Asks Amber.
On one hand, Jenny wanted to be done with balloons. But on the other, she really wanted to get Winter back for everything she'd done to her. "Yeah, let's do it."
"Okay. We'll pop one in a bit so Winter thinks it's over. Then we'll surprise her. Who's going to blow? Would you like to do it? I'd cover your ears for you as well if you'd like."
Jenny would love to be the one to do it but there was no way she could blow another balloon until it popped. "I don't think I can. Can you do it?"
"Sure. You might have to help hold her down though. I can try but I might not be strong enough. Right, let's pop this balloon, otherwise Winter won't believe we did it. How should I do it?" Amber asks.
"Can you just use a pin or something?" Jenny asks. At least then she would know when it'll pop.
"I could but it might not be as loud. I want to make sure Winter hears it. I could just keep blowing. It'll only take a few breaths." Amber brings the balloon up to her lips but stops when she sees the fear on Jenny's face. "Okay, maybe not. I'll just squeeze it or something. Put your fingers in your ears if you want." Amber puts a huge breath into the balloon, making it tight then ties it off.
Jenny quickly covers her ears as Amber hugs it hard, squeezing it against her breasts. The balloon bulges but doesn't pop.
"I thought it'd be easier than that. Guess I'll have to try something else." Amber puts the balloon on the floor and stamps on it. It escapes from under her foot with a loud squeak. "Damn, this is a tough one." She says before digging her nails forcefully into it. That does the job. It bursts into a few large pieces.
"Okay, sit over there and look scared. I'll find a balloon and get ready. When I say 'go', well grab her and force her into the corner over there. I'll do all the blowing, you just make sure she can't escape. You'll be in charge. If you want me to stop, just say. Winter will be at your mercy." Explains Amber.

Jenny sits on the sofa and Amber covers her in some latex shards from the floor.
"You sure you want to do this?" Amber asks.
Jenny nods her head.

Winter enters the room. "Did you do it?"
"Yep." Says Amber.
"Was she scared?"
"She was terrified."
"Did she beg you to stop?"
"Many times."
"You didn't let her back away or cover her ears did you?" Winter asks.
"No, the balloon popped right in her face. Didn't you hear her scream?"
"Yes I did." Says Winter, obviously lying.
"Don't you feel bad, making Jenny scared?"
"Not at all. She loves it. Lets do it again. We'll continue until she comes or cries. She was close yesterday. One more blow to pop and she would've burst into tears. Then we would've gotten ourselves off. Me first of course while she watches. You ruined it then so lets try again now." Says Winter, looking excited at the thought of torturing Jenny again.
"I don't think so. Or perhaps we will, but the other way round this time. Says Amber.
"What do you mean?" Says Winter looking confused.
"Now!" Shouts Amber. She grabs Winter and wrestles her to the floor. Jenny helps drag her into the corner.
"What're you doing?" Says Winter struggling to escape.
Amber pulls out a balloon. "Let's start with blowing this in your face until it bursts." Amber starts blowing as fast as she can.
"No, stop! Jenny make her stop." Winter begs.
"It's not even big yet. Says Amber.
Jenny has to hold Winter to the floor to stop her from running.
Amber doesn't slow down and soon the balloon is full. Winter tries covering her ears but this time Jenny stops her.
It's so much better being in control. I can almost see why Winter does it.
Amber shuffles closer, making Winter back into the wall. Jenny backs away. She's scared of the balloon now as well. Amber sits on Winter and keeps forcing more air into the overinflated balloon. Jenny stands up, fingers firmly in her ears.
"I'm sorry!" Winter begs. "I won't do it again, Jenny make her stop. Please."
Jenny ignores her. She realises it's turning her on. I'm as bad as her. She thinks.
A loud bang makes her jump. The balloon had shredded in Winters face. Jenny could see she was shacking.
Amber looks round at her. "What do you think Jenny, enough?"
Jenny almost felt bad but she says. "No, do another. Blow slowly so she doesn't know when it'll pop." She says. Copying Winters words.
"Okay, bring me another then." Says Amber. "Sorry Winter. Jenny's the boss."
Jenny chooses a crystal red balloon and throws it to Amber, who immediately begins blowing it up.
Jenny watches as Winter grows more and more fearful. She is completely turned on now.
When the balloon starts getting tight Winter begs again. "Please, stop..." She looks close to tears. Just like Jenny was yesterday.
Amber turns to Jenny. "I think we should stop now."
"No, bigger!" Jenny commands, her heart racing.
Amber turns back to Winter, putting in another breath.
"No, please..." Winter continues to beg.
"Bigger!" Shouts Jenny. She wanted to see how big it would go now as well as see Winter's fear.
Amber hesitates again.
Amber blows but stops after one breath. "Jenny, she looks like she's going to cry. I think we've gone far enough now."
"Keep going!" It wouldn't pop yet anyway. Lets see how big Amber can get it. I'll just scare her a little bit more then we'll call it a day. Of course Winter won't know that.

Jenny keeps asking Amber to make the balloon bigger until it's absolutely huge. Winter looks terrified.
Amber finally stops. "Jenny, I can't... Look, she's crying."
"One more." Says Jenny.
"I don't think it'll take one more." Says Amber.
"Do it."
Amber does as she's told. Winter is curled up on the floor, shacking.
Amber gets up, still holding the balloon. Jenny takes it off her. She gingerly holds the balloon, scared it'll pop and sits in front of Winter.
She places it next to Winter's head. One lass thing them I'm done.
Jenny very carefully puts the balloon against her lips.
Don't pop, don't pop. She thinks, terrified herself.
"Jenny please, I'll do anything." Winter is in tears now.
Jenny takes a deep breath and carefully blows. She's carful to only let a little air in but Winter thinks she's going to pop it. She shuts her eyes and let's out a terrified moan. Jenny stops blowing. She couldn't do this any longer. It was going to pop in a second anyway. The thought turned her on but the fear was too much. She lets some air out and gives the balloon back to Amber.

Winter still has her eyes closed, thinking Jenny still had the balloon.
Jenny leans in and kisses her softly. Winter flinches away before realising it's only Jenny's lips.
Jenny keeps kissing, harder and harder until Winter sits up. She backs away.
"Sorry. I shouldn't have done that. It was Amber's idea. You alright now?" Asks Jenny.
"Yeah, I think so. I'm sorry as well. I deserved it. I wouldn't have blamed you for popping that other balloon as well. I certainly would have done if it was me."
"You wanna go for a drink and forget all about this?"
"Yeah, definitely."
"First we've got to finish that balloon. Shall we make Amber do it?"
"Umm, do we have to?" Asks Winter a little nervously.
Jenny just had to see how much bigger the balloon would've got.
"We'll watch from here. Go on Amber, finish it." Says Jenny.
"This scares me too, you know?" Says Amber. "Okay maybe not as much as you two but it still hurts my ears. Whatever, I'll do it if it makes you happy." Amber puts the balloon back to her lips and continues where she left off.
Winter and Jenny both watch with their fingers in their ears. Amber only manages three breaths before it explodes. She screams. "Okay, I'm done. Don't make me do anymore. Now how about this drink?"

Winter gets up. "Don't you dare tell anyone I cried over a balloon." Says Winter. "I didn't even know I was scared of them. I'm going to blow one till it pops everyday from now till it doesn't scare me anymore. I thought after yesterday I was fine but you've proved that wrong. Guess being in control makes all the difference. Sorry again Jenny. Won't happen again."
"Make sure it doesn't. Otherwise you'll know what'll happen." Says Jenny.

That night they have a laugh together and forget about all that happened. But Jenny can't help thinking about how the whole thing turned her on.
I wonder if there's others like me? Jenny thinks while lying in bed.

It didn't take long for Winter to get over her fear. At her birthday party, she suggested a blow to pop contest and didn't seem scared at all. She intentionally left Jenny out. She was thankful but later that day she wished she had stayed.

Jenny often found herself hoping that Winter would pop balloons for her but was too nervous to ask. Winter never mentioned it since. A few years later she came across Sophie online and it was like a dream come true. She made it even more exciting than Winter did. Especially because Sophie liked balloons as much as her.
Jenny found it too embarrassing to tell Amber or Winter so was careful to keep it a secret.
We've got some good stuff coming up, including:
Part 2 of Jenny's story. (Just need to finish the ending)

A looner text adventure where you choose the outcome through choices that you'll make.

Art for my characters. (Working on all the characters from the character sheet that I did plus two more from Jenny's story)

May also do cover art for my stories on here, we'll see how it goes.
We've got some good stuff coming up, including:
Part 2 of Jenny's story. (Just need to finish the ending)

A looner text adventure where you choose the outcome through choices that you'll make.

Art for my characters. (Working on all the characters from the character sheet that I did plus two more from Jenny's story)

May also do cover art for my stories on here, we'll see how it goes.


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