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Kizzy is making breakfast when she hears something drop through the letterbox. She goes to see what it is.
A small package is waiting for her.
Strange, I don’t remember ordering anything. She thinks. She picks it up and sits on the sofa to open it.

When the package bursts open, Kizzy almost drops it in surprise. Inside was a packet of balloons. Her heart starts racing. Where’d they come from? Who would send her balloons? She was terrified of them. But also had a strange attraction to them.

There was no note to say who they came from. She gingerly takes one out the packet. Would she be brave enough to blow it up?

She never bought balloons herself. She was too scared. She had always fantasised about buying some and blowing them as big as possible. Sometimes, she even imagined herself blowing until it exploded in her face.
Of course she would never actually be able to do it. She couldn’t even watch videos of someone doing it, without the sound being turned off first.

Kizzy puts the balloon to her lips and takes a deep breath. Come on, I can do this. She couldn’t though. She drops the balloon and goes back to her breakfast, heart still racing.

After getting dressed, she returns to the packet of balloons. She starts stretching one. Just a few breaths. It won’t pop. She tells herself. Kizzy blows. It’s harder than she expected, but quickly gets easier. After two breaths, she stops and looks at it. Then she notices the writing on it.

“Blow me until I burst.” It says.

Kizzy lets the air out. She couldn’t do that! She can’t even blow it up properly.

She puts the balloon down and gets out her phone. She finds a video of her favourite model blowing a balloon until it pops. It looks just like the one she had been blowing.

The girl didn’t seem nervous at all, and keeps blowing the balloon until it’s huge. The video wasn’t even halfway done yet. The other half is her struggling to pop it.

If she can do that, I can at least blow my balloon up properly. It won’t pop unless I really try to. I’ll just keep blowing until it looks full or gets hard to blow.

Kizzy grabs her balloon again. She slowly fills it with her breath. She’s never been so nervous. Actually that’s not quite true. She thinks, remembering the day before.

She had been at the arcades. Kizzy was playing on a slot machine when she heard something. Looking around, she saw a balloon being inflated inside of a machine. A girl was watching it grow bigger. The balloon was huge and about to burst. Kizzy immediately forgot about her game and started looking for an exit.
The balloon had stopped growing, but the girl was putting more money into the machine.

Kizzy would have to walk right past it to get out. She ran. The balloon was filling again. She glanced at it on the way past. It was bigger than any balloon she’d seen before.
She was at the door when it burst. Kizzy jumped and span around. The girl noticed her and laughed. Then she put more money in, and another balloon started filling.

Kizzy ran off before that one could pop too.

Her balloon was growing fast with every breath. Kizzy stops to take a break. When will I know to stop? The balloon was still soft, so she knew it wasn’t full yet. She keeps going.
Soon though, she grows too nervous to continue. Kizzy lets the air out again.

After recovering, she takes a different colour balloon from the pack. This one said.
“Blow until you hear a bang”
Did they all have messages like that? She wondered.
This time, she’s determined to blow it bigger. She closes her eyes so the size won’t frighten her, and starts to blow.
Kizzy counts each breath. Last time I blew five breaths, let’s go for seven this time.

Kizzy is putting in her last breath, when she feels the slightest bit of resistance. Opening her eyes, she realises she had blown it to full size. It even had a tear drop shape.
She stares at it in disbelief. I can’t believe I actually did it. She thinks. She begins to touch herself, excited at overcoming her fear.
Suddenly she feels really bold. How about I put another breath in? It won’t pop yet.

She puts the balloon against her lips and gingerly blows. The neck starts to expand a little. Kizzy suddenly panics and lets go, her heart racing. I overinflated it! It could’ve popped.
She closes her eyes, imagining herself continuing to put breath after breath into the overinflated balloon. Eventually it would go bang in her face. The thought makes her climax.
Kizzy lies panting on the sofa. Then she puts the balloons back in the packet, and runs upstairs to hide them in her room.

Tomorrow I’ll try sitting on one. Maybe I’ll put one more breath in too.

That evening, she can’t resist getting another balloon out the packet and blowing it up. She inflates it in the dark, feeling the latex expand with her hands. When it starts to grow taught, she lets the air out and starts blowing again. She keeps at it until she comes. Then she falls into a deep slumber.

Kizzy wakes and tries to sit up, but something is binding her arms. She’s no longer in her bed. Panicking, she tries to rip her arms from the rope tying her to the mattress. She’s in a white room. In front of her is a blank screen and a pile of balloons. Fortunately they’re all deflated, Kizzy would’ve had a heart attack if they were blown up. Where was she?
Suddenly the door opens. Someone steps in. They wear a latex suit that covers them from head to toe.
“It’s alright, don’t panic.” They say. Kizzy can tell it’s a woman, from her voice. But it could be anyone under that mask.

“Who are you? Where am I?” Kizzy demands.

“It doesn’t matter. You’ll be home soon. We’re just going to play a game first. You see these balloons over here? If you blow one until it bursts, we’ll take you home right away.”

“I can’t. Please don’t make me.” Kizzy begs.

“We’re not going to make you do anything. We didn’t expect you to be able to right away. You will eventually though, I’m sure of it. We’re going to start the game now. At any time, just pick up one of the balloons and keep blowing. When it pops, we’ll stop the game and you can go home. Otherwise we’ll continue playing until my boss has had enough.”

“Who’s your boss? What game are you talking about?” Kizzy didn’t like the sound of this.

“I can’t tell you that. Just know she’s watching. Give her a good show. I’ll see you again shorty.” The woman unties one of Kizzy’s hands, then leaves.

Suddenly the screen turns on. Kizzy can see another girl, a similar age to her. She’s tied up in a similar room.
There’s a voice through the speaker. It sounds like the woman wearing the latex.

“A balloon is about to slowly inflate in your chamber. Is only a small balloon, and won’t be too loud. It will continue to inflate until it bursts. At any time, you can push the button on your right to stop it. But if you do this, another larger balloon will inflate in your opponents chamber. It will continue to fill while you hold the button down. If you let go of the button, your balloon will start to fill again. When a balloon bursts, the game ends. You may talk to one another through the speaker. Have fun.”

A soft hiss comes from the wall in front of her. A balloon begins slowly filling from a valve. Kizzy immediately goes to push her button. Surely that girl isn’t as scared of balloons as her.

The girl sees her do it.

“No, wait! Please don’t. Let’s just let that small balloon pop. It won’t be as bad as the big one. I promise I won’t push the button.” Says the girl.

Kizzy remains silent. If she pushes the button now, the girl’s balloon will pop first and end the game. She presses it.

A larger balloon starts to inflate rapidly in the girl’s room.

“Stop it, please! I’m begging you.” The girl tries to break the ropes.

Kizzy lets go of the button. She couldn’t do this to her. Her own balloon starts to fill again slowly.

“Thank you. I know you’re scared too. I don’t blame you. How about we agree to never push the button?” The girl asks.

Kizzy doesn’t reply. Her balloon is getting uncomfortably big now. There’s a muffled bang from a room nearby. The girl’s balloon has just burst. She screams.

Kizzy’s balloon still grows. She puts her finger over her button.

“Don’t! It’s really not that bad. I’ve already had one pop. Don’t make the other pop too.”

It wasn’t fair. Kizzy didn’t want to be horrible, but she was so scared. “I’m sorry.” She says, pushing the button. The girl closes her eyes and plugs her ears as best she can with only one hand.

Kizzy watches the girl’s balloon get bigger and bigger. Kizzy lets go again. She can’t do it. The girl didn’t push her button. She still could, but she doesn’t.
It wouldn’t be fair to repay her kindness by being mean.

But as the neck grows on her balloon, Kizzy panics. She hits the button. The balloon bursts in the girl’s room, making her jump. Kizzy’s balloon stops growing.
There’s a long silence before the voice speaks again.

Daisy, Kizzy pressed her button so your balloon would pop. Would you like to retaliate and pop hers?”

Oh no! I shouldn’t have done it. Now she’s going to punish me. Kizzy thinks.

“No.” Says the girl. “It’s okay, I don’t blame her.”

“Well, we think she deserves it...” Says the mysterious voice.

“No, it’s honestly fine. She’s scared.” Says Daisy.

“She’d make you suffer another pop, wouldn’t you Kizzy?”

“No, I’m sorry. I just panicked. I won’t do it again.” Kizzy says.

“Really? Well, we’re going to fill that balloon until it bursts. You can either let it pop, like Daisy did, or push that button to pop another in Daisy’s chamber. You get a minute to decide. If you do push the button, just know it’s with an even bigger balloon, and you can’t stop it from popping.”

Kizzy feels her fear increasing again. If she pushed the button again, the girl would probably hate her for it. Next time she wouldn’t be so kind.

“It’s okay, Kizzy. That small balloon wasn’t that loud. You can do it.” Says Daisy.

“I can’t...” Kizzy replies.

“You have to. It’ll be over before you know it.”

“I’m sorry.” Kizzy was going to push the button.

“No! You can’t! Please, I didn’t make them pop it. I tried to stop them. I promise I’ll never press my button. Even if I’m really scared.”

“It’s not my fault. I didn’t agree to this. You’re not as scared as me.”

“I am. I’m terrified. You can’t do it. I’ve been really nice to you.”

“You should’ve pushed your button.” Kizzy wouldn’t feel so bad if the girl had done it too.”

“Times up.” Says the voice. “I give it about ten seconds before your balloon pops.”

Kizzy presses the button right away. She couldn’t risk her balloon popping.

The girl starts to cry when the balloon gets bigger. It’s at least double the size of the last one. Kizzy couldn’t watch.

The girl’s sobs were tearing her apart. “Stop it!” Kizzy shouts. “Pop mine instead.”

“Too late. I told you we wouldn’t stop.” Says the voice.

Kizzy watches as the balloon grows tight in Daisy’s chamber. She would have loved watching this at home. But Kizzy knows Daisy isn’t acting. She must be terrified. She’s curled in a ball, shaking.

Kizzy looks away. Eventually she hears the bang from the other room.

When she brings her eyes back to the screen, Daisy is watching her.
“We promised not to press the button.” She sobs. Please don’t do it again.”

“I won’t. I’m so sorry. I tried to stop them.” Says Kizzy.

“Don’t speak so soon.” Says the voice. “We’re going to pop that same balloon in your room unless you do something.”

“What?” Kizzy asks nervously, dreading the answer.

“Blow to pop a balloon in Daisy’s room.”

“No, you can’t make me. Please.”

“You have a choice. We’re not making you. It’ll be with a long tube. You’ll barely hear the pop.”

“Don’t do it. You’ve scared me enough. No more.” Says Daisy.

“They’re forcing me to.” Kizzy replies.

Daisy suddenly pushes her button. A balloon begins to fill in her room.

“No!” Kizzy cries.

“I must warn you.” Says the voice. “If you pop that, Kizzy still has to make that choice. You can punish her if you wish, but it won’t change anything.”

“It’s not fair. Kizzy, choose to have the balloon pop in your room. Then I won’t push the button again.”

A balloon was going to pop in her room. Kizzy suddenly realised. Either at her command, or by Daisy pushing her button. Daisy might just be bluffing though.

“I’ll blow to pop the balloon in Daisy’s room. I’m sorry Daisy, but I’m so scared. Please don’t push your button.”

“You haven’t had any pop in your room. Stop doing it to me.” Says Daisy. “If you do it, I’m pushing the button, I’m sorry.”

Suddenly a tube is fed through the wall.

“Keep blowing. Stop, and we’ll start filling one is your room.” Commands the voice.

Kizzy grabs one end of the tube. “I don’t want to do this Daisy. Don’t press the button. It won’t stop me, I have to keep going.”

“No you don’t. You can stop and have them pop a balloon in your room. It’ll just be one.” Says Daisy.

“I can’t. I have to do this. I’m begging you, don’t push it.” Kizzy blows into the tube. Daisy doesn’t push her button. It was just a bluff. Kizzy blows again. She can see on the screen that it was only a smallish balloon. It wouldn’t take long.

As it reaches rated size, a balloon suddenly starts filling in Kizzy’s room. It appears in the corner and fills fast.

“Stop it.” Kizzy cries. “Please. I’m so sorry.” It stops filling. Kizzy blows again, knowing she can’t stop.

“You stop it! Why shouldn’t I push my button if you’re going to keep blowing?” Daisy asks.

“Even if you push it, I still have to blow. There’s nothing I can do.”

“I know. I’m sorry. Make it quick.” Says Daisy. She looks as if she’s about to cry again.

Kizzy closes her eyes and blows as fast as she can. Soon it becomes harder to blow.

“Hurry up. Just pop it!” Daisy begs.

“I’m trying.” Kizzy forces another breath in. She glances at the screen. The balloon had grown a massive neck. Kizzy pushes another big breath in. This was almost making her horny. Daisy’s sobs were a bit of a turn off though. Suddenly there’s a bang. It’s not loud, but it makes Kizzy jump.

“Daisy? Are you alright?” She asks. Daisy has her face covered with one arm. Kizzy realises there’s tears streaming down her face.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t want to do it. Let her go.” Says Kizzy.

“If you like, you can blow to pop one of those balloons in front of you. Then you can let Daisy go in your place.” Says the voice.

Kizzy picks up one of the balloons. It was the same ones she got sent in the post yesterday.

Daisy looks up hopefully at her.

“I can’t...” Kizzy drops the balloon.

“Daisy, we’re going to pop another balloon in your chamber. You can press your button to stop it and pop one in Kizzy’s room. It’s up to you.” Says the voice.

“Daisy, I know I’m being selfish, but...” Kizzy begins.

“Shut up. I’m sorry but I have to.” Daisy pushes her button.

The balloon continues to grow in Kizzy’s room. It was almost near enough to touch.
“No, please don’t!” Kizzy begs, panicking.

“Shut up! Please don’t make this harder for me.” Daisy looks away.

“Just blow to pop one of your balloons. Then you can go home. Please Daisy.”

Daisy tries to cover her ears so she can’t hear her.

Kizzy suddenly bursts into tears. “Please...” She sobs. She tries to untie the ropes, but there’s not enough time before the balloon will pop. Kizzy pushes her button, getting desperate. Anything to stop it.

“Daisy!” She screams. The hiss suddenly stops.

Kizzy can hear Daisy crying. She obviously hates putting her through this. It wasn’t fair to abuse her kindness, but Kizzy couldn’t help it.

“If I blow to pop one of these, will you let Kizzy go?” Daisy asks, to Kizzy’s complete surprise. Kizzy wants to shout “no, get yourself out of here.” But the thought of going home stops her.

“No. You may go yourself, but Kizzy will remain.”

“What will you do to her?” Daisy asks.

“We’ll torture her by blowing balloons until they burst in her chamber. In fact, you can leave now if you want. You’ll have to watch Kizzy though. Maybe you can help us torment her.”

Kizzy wanted to scream. She would choose that option in her place. Daisy wouldn’t though. Somehow Kizzy knew that.

“No. No way. Let her go and do it to me if you must.”

“I was afraid you’d say that. Watching Kizzy suffer seems to upset you more than us torturing you. Maybe we’ll make you watch for a bit.” Says the voice.

“No. You can’t. I’ll do anything. Can’t you see how scared she is?”

“Of course. She’ll be more scared than this soon though. We have barely started with her. Let’s let the two of you meet first though. Then the fun will begin.”

A few minutes later, the door opens and Daisy is thrown in. She immediately rushes over to Kizzy and hugs her. Still tied to the bed, Kizzy is unable to return the hug.

“I’m so sorry.” Says Daisy after a few moments.

“It’s not your fault.” Kizzy replies.

“No, you don’t understand. They said I had to...” Daisy begins.

“Had to what?” Kizzy asks. Whatever it was, it couldn’t be good.

“I have to blow a balloon until it pops in here with you.”

“Please... they can’t make you. Just refuse them.” Kizzy pleads.

“I tried but... If I don’t do it, they’re going to keep popping balloons in here until I do.”

Kizzy goes quiet. One pop would be better than loads of pops. But even one was too scary.

Daisy reluctantly picks one of the balloons up off the bed.

“No, don’t!” Kizzy begs.

“I have to. Otherwise they’ll just keep popping them. They’re gonna make me watch. This is going to be hard for me too. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it.”

“Help me get out of here.”

“What can I do? I’m going to try to pop this. It’ll be over then. I’ll do it quickly.” Daisy puts a breath into the balloon.

“Daisy please.” Kizzy tries desperately to escape.

“Just close your eyes. Please don’t beg. You’re making me feel worse. I hate doing this.” Daisy keeps blowing. She’s doing it as fast as she can.

Kizzy tries to cover her ears with her shoulder. It’s difficult with her bindings. Daisy takes a few steps back. She stands as far from Kizzy as she can.

Suddenly the voice is back. “You have to do it on the bed. Otherwise it doesn’t count.”

Daisy walks back to the bed. “Sorry. I’ll turn around so you can’t see it.”

“No. You’ve got to face her.” Says the voice.

“Guess I’m not allowed to do that either.” Daisy blows again. The balloon is now the size that most people inflate balloons to. Even that made Kizzy nervous. Daisy wasn’t stopping though.

Kizzy tries to keep her breathing under control. She would get through this. One quick pop and it’ll all be over. She tries not to look at the balloon.

Daisy sounds like she’s struggling. Kizzy takes a quick glance at her. Her heart almost stops. The neck was completely distended. Kizzy had seen balloons get this big on video, but it was another thing it see it in person.

“Stop it.” Kizzy whimpers.

Daisy had already stopped blowing though. “I can’t do it. How about I just pop it with my nails?”

“You can do that.” Says the voice. “But then you’ll have to blow another. You’re not getting out of it.”

Daisy tries to blow again, but suddenly lets go of the balloon. “I can’t, I’m sorry.” They sit in silence for a while before the door opens again. The woman grabs Daisy and takes her out. Kizzy is left on her own.

The wait was killing her. What would happen now. Suddenly there’s a hissing sound from behind her. A balloon is expanding above her head. Kizzy is completely helpless. She screams for them to stop, but nothing happens.

As the balloon gets tighter, the hissing slows. By the time the neck is full, the air is only trickling in. This was far worse.

“Stop! Daisy! Daisy!” Kizzy screams. The hissing suddenly stops. Kizzy stares up at the overinflated balloon in terror. It was so full, that it could pop at any second.

What was happening? Why did it stop? The anticipation was far worse than the pop would be. Suddenly there’s a burst of air. Kizzy flinches, expecting it to pop. But as quick as it started, it stops again.

They were teasing her! Kizzy thinks. “Just pop it!” She cries. Just let it be over. A little more air is added. Then another antagonising wait, before a little more.

The door bursts open again. Daisy comes running in. “They’re going to pop it now.”
She jumps on the bed and lies on top of Kizzy, protecting her from the balloon. She covers Kizzy’s ears with her hands.

A couple of seconds later, the balloon explodes. It’s loud even with Daisy covering her ears. She flinches.

“Is it over?” Kizzy asks in a quiet voice.

“No. They only let me in here because I agreed to something.” Daisy replies.

“What?” Asks Kizzy nervously.

“I have to blow up loads of balloons and tie them off. That’s it. No popping. That’s not too bad, is it?”

I suppose not. Kizzy thinks. Inflated balloons scared her, but she’d rather that than popping them.

“That’s it? They’re not going to make us pop them?” Kizzy asks, unsure. Surely there was some sort of catch.

“I think so. Let’s start, shall we? I actually kinda enjoy blowing them up. It’s the popping I don’t like.” Daisy takes a red balloon from the pile and starts blowing.

Just her doing that, makes Kizzy’s heart beat faster. She’s soon got it filled up. “That’s enough.” Says Kizzy.

“They said I’ve got to fill them properly. Best to be on the safe size.” She puts another breath in, making the slightest neck appear. “That should do it.” She says tying it off.

“Not big enough.” Says the voice.

“But it was completely full.” Daisy replied.

“No it wasn’t. The neck wasn’t full. Now you’ve got a penalty. Each balloon has to be overinflated now. You’ll blow until the neck touches your lips, then blow again until it’s so tight it might burst.”

“I’m sorry. My fault, I should’ve blown it bigger. I’ll be careful not to pop them, don’t worry.” Daisy says, taking another balloon.

“Wait. You’ve got to pop that first one. Each time you don’t blow enough, you have to pop it. Otherwise you’ll be taken away again.”

“How should I pop it, Kizzy? My nails? That’ll be quick.” Asks Daisy.

“But then you can’t cover my ears.” Says Kizzy.

“Okay, that means I’ll have to sit on it then. The bed will be too soft. Should I do it in your lap, or will that be too scary?”

“As long as it’s quick.” Kizzy braces herself for the pop. Daisy places the balloon in Kizzy’s lap and covers her ears. Then she starts bouncing, trying to pop it.
Kizzy is scared, but she also feels something else. Daisy’s movements begin to arouse her a little. The balloon squeaks and bulges in her lap as Daisy bounces harder.

Kizzy almost wants it to last longer. This is the best she’s felt all morning. But her fear keeps her from enjoying it to the full extent. Suddenly the balloon bursts with a bang. Daisy falls onto her. Kizzy gasps.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hurt you did I?” Daisy asks, getting up.

“No, I’m fine.” If only I wasn’t so scared. I’d get her to do it again.

Daisy takes another balloon. A light blue one this time. “I’m going to have to blow it really big. I’ll try my best not to pop it.” She starts to blow.

Kizzy feels the slightest bit of arousal again. She loved watching this online, but it was so scary in person. Kizzy tries to move away as the neck starts filling up.

“I have to keep going, or they’ll make me pop it.” Says Daisy. She keeps going, even after the neck is full.

“Stop!” Kizzy cries.

“Is this big enough?” Daisy asks. There’s no reply.
“I better add one more. Just in case.”

Kizzy cringes away, but it doesn’t pop. Daisy tries to tie it.

“It’s too big. I have to let some air out.” She says.

“No. We’ll get you some clips. Wait there.” Says the voice. A few moments later, the woman in latex comes in. She drops a bag of balloon clips, then leaves.

Daisy closes off the balloon with a clip and takes another. Kizzy stares fearfully at the tight balloon lying next to her. It could burst at any minute. It has the words “pop me” written on it. Hopefully we don’t have to do that. She thinks.

Daisy is almost finished with the next balloon. Then the voice sounds again.

“The boss doesn’t think you’re scaring her enough. From now on, you have to lie on top of her, and blow the balloon against her face.”

“She’s terrified. Don’t make me do that. What if one pops?” Says Daisy.

“Either that or I’ll do it to her. I won’t stop blowing. I’ll do it until she cries. Do you want that? You’ll be watching.”

“No, I’ll do it.” Daisy lays on Kizzy’s chest. “I’m so sorry. Is this making you uncomfortable?” She asks.

“No. Just don’t pop any.” The warmth and weight of Daisy’s body on top of her, is turning Kizzy on. At least I’m not a guy. I would surely have a boner right now. That would make it so awkward. Kizzy thinks.

“The balloon has to be touching her face.” Says the woman.

Kizzy instinctively tries to finch away as the tight latex brushes her cheek. But she can’t.

“It’s okay. It won’t pop. Just close your eyes.” Says Daisy.

Kizzy feels Daisy take a deep breath. If only she wasn’t blowing a balloon. If it was a beachball or Kizzy knew it wouldn’t pop, she could really enjoy this.

It’s such a relief when Daisy takes the balloon away and clips it shut. For a moment, Kizzy thought she was going to pop it. Daisy takes another balloon and starts blowing it right next to Kizzy’s face.

Daisy doesn’t look scared at all. In fact, she looked like she was enjoying this.

Daisy kept at it, until the bed was covered with tight balloons. She starts blowing up the last one.
Is it just me, or is she humping me a little? Kizzy thinks. Daisy was moving her hips rhythmically against Kizzy. Only slightly, but it must have been intentional.

Looks like I’m not the only one getting horny.
After Daisy had blown a lot of balloons with no accidents, Kizzy didn’t feel so scared that one would pop. Her nerves were still there, but the fear wasn’t overwhelming anymore.

Kizzy closes her eyes and concentrates on Daisy’s movements. She’s definitely humping me. It’s getting stronger now. Does she even realise she’s doing it. Should I say something? Better not, it’ll make it awkward.

Suddenly there’s an incredibly loud bang. Kizzy screams. It was so unexpected.

“Oh, sorry. I got carried away. I mean I didn’t realise how big it had got.” Daisy says, getting off of her. “It’s over now though. That was the last one.”

Kizzy was still shaking from the pop. Daisy said she got carried away. That means she must’ve been enjoying herself too much. Is she a looner too? Kizzy thinks. She hadn’t thought of that before. It would make sense.

“So what happens now?” Daisy asks. “Can we go now?”

“No.” Replies the voice. “Let’s see you sit pop a balloon on her lap.”

“But you said we wouldn’t have to pop any.” Daisy complains.

“I changed my mind. Do it now.”

Daisy picks up a tight balloon. “Sorry Kizzy.” She places it on Kizzy’s lap.

“No, wait! Cover my ears.” Kizzy begs.

“Who’s gonna cover mine?” Daisy replies.

“You’re not as scared.”

“Says who? Oh fine.” Daisy places her hands on Kizzy’s ears, but doesn’t completely cover them. She sits on the balloon, popping it immediately.

“Too fast. Do another.” Commands the voice.
Daisy grabs another balloon without hesitation. This time she supports herself with her hands, and lies on the balloon.

“No, please don’t, Daisy.”

Daisy pretends not to hear her. She humps the balloon slowly, in no rush to pop it.

“You’re not scared at all! You’re enjoying this!” Kizzy exclaims.

“Perhaps I am. Aren’t you?” Daisy replies.

Kizzy doesn’t have time to think of an answer. Daisy suddenly starts humping it hard. It squeaks a few times before popping. Kizzy whimpers. “No more, please.”

Daisy grabs another balloon.

“What’re you doing? They’re not making you pop it.” Kizzy feels betrayed. She thought Daisy was on her side.

“They’re obviously going to make us pop them all. Might as well get it over with.” Daisy starts humping the next balloon.

No matter how much Kizzy pleads, Daisy doesn’t stop. Kizzy’s crying by the time she’s finished.

“There. All gone. They’ve got nothing to threaten us with now.” Says Daisy. “Surely we can go now?” She asks.

“One more thing, then you’re free.” Says the voice.

“What is it?” Daisy asks.

“You’re both horny. Make each other come, then you can leave. Easy as that.”

“Oh, this should be fun. We finally get to enjoy ourselves. You first, Kizzy?” Asks Daisy.

“W-what?” What was going on? How did they know she was wet? She wasn’t that obvious was she?

“Come on, let’s get you undressed.” Daisy begins pulling off Kizzy’s nightwear.

“What’re you doing? Stop it, they can see us!” Kizzy feels completely exposed.

“And? Let’s give them a show.” Daisy’s head disappears between Kizzy’s legs.

Kizzy gasps and tries to move away as she feels something wet touch her. Daisy holds her still. She forces her tongue deep inside her. Kizzy squeals.

“Stop it!” This was making her uncomfortable. Some part of her was enjoying this though.

Soon she can’t stop herself sighing in pleasure. She knows she’s being watched, but she doesn’t care anymore. It felt too good. Suddenly Daisy stops.

“Why’d you stop? Do it again.” Kizzy begs.
Daisy just stares at her.

“Please! I was so close...”

Daisy slowly picks up an inflated balloon off the floor. Kizzy couldn’t see it before. She thought Daisy popped them all.

“Daisy?” Says Kizzy, fear in her voice.

Daisy slowly un-clips the balloon and brings it to her lips. She seems to wait for a reaction.

“What are you doing? Please don’t. Just do that thing again with your tongue.” Kizzy felt her fear rising again.

Daisy shuffles closer, leaning in until the balloon touches Kizzy’s cheek.

“No!” Kizzy screams. Daisy just waits, doing nothing. Then she slips a long slow breath into the balloon.

“Daisy! Please don’t...” Kizzy felt her throat tightening. Daisy puts in another slow breath. Kizzy feels tears welling up again.

“Stop...” Why was Daisy doing this to her?

Daisy hesitates, then blows again.

“Please stop, I’ll do anything.” Kizzy begs.

Daisy is about to blow again, but then lets some air out at the last moment.

Kizzy feels a wave of relief. She wasn’t going to pop it. But then Daisy lies on Kizzy’s chest, pushes the balloon roughly against Kizzy’s face, and blows hard.

“Please don’t pop it. I’ll let you blow them, just don’t let it pop.” Kizzy says.

Daisy keeps going until the neck kisses her lips.

“That’s enough!”

Daisy puts another breaths in, then lets the air out again.

“Thank you.” Says Kizzy in relief.

“I’m not stopping because you told me to. I’m just not ready yet. I’m definitely going to pop it though.” Daisy replies, filling the balloon with her breath again.

“Why?” Is all Kizzy can get out.

“Because it makes me horny. Are you going to cry again? I’m not stopping until you do.” Daisy blows hard.

Kizzy was so confused. Why was Daisy doing this? Then a horrible thought hit her. What if Daisy was one of them? Maybe she was just pretending to be scared. She obviously isn’t.

Kizzy was sure Daisy would pop it this time. She doesn’t though. Instead she reinflates it once more.

Kizzy couldn’t hold back her tears any longer. This was what Daisy was waiting for, apparently. This time she doesn’t stop blowing. Kizzy starts sobbing when it pops.
“Please stop.” She begs for the hundredth time that day.

Daisy kisses her on the lips. “Not done with you yet, sweetheart. It’s about to get even scarier. First let’s relieve you though.” Kizzy goes back between Kizzy’s legs and uses her tongue once more.

It took much longer than last time before Kizzy felt horny again. She was too worried about what would happen next. Eventually though, the pleasure overcame her fear. She was barely able to suppress a moan as she came.

“Right, what should we do to you next? What would scare you the most?” Daisy thought out loud.

“No more. I’ll get you off, then can I please go?” Kizzy pleads.

“I’ll get myself off, then we’ll continue. Don’t need your help.” Daisy replies. “I think I’ll use you as a toy.”

“You’ve got five minutes left.” Says the voice suddenly.

“What? Already? Extend the time, I’m not done yet. I’ll pay extra.” Says Daisy.

“Fine. It’ll be double the hourly rate.”

“Double? Whatever, you found me the perfect girl I suppose.” Says Daisy.

Kizzy suddenly realised what was going on. Daisy had payed to do this!

“Okay, you’re costing me a lot of money. You better be worth it.” Daisy suddenly starts humping Kizzy’s leg.
“This should do it. If I gave you a balloon, could you blow it until it pops for me?” Daisy asks.

“No, please don’t make me.” Kizzy felt completely used.

“If you do it, I’ll go easy on you.”

“I can’t...”

“You’ve made this a lot harder for yourself.” Daisy starts grinding herself against Kizzy’s leg as hard as she can.

“I’m going to make you cry so much! You’ll wish you just did that blow to pop.” Daisy gasped. “I’m going to force you to do it anyway. Just you wait. I’ll make you keep doing it until I come again.

Kizzy suddenly felt herself growing horny again. Daisy’s threats should’ve scared her, but instead they turned her on.

“Does it make you horny when you make me cry?” Kizzy asks.


“What are you going to do to me?” Kizzy asks.

“Just you wait. You’ll hate it.”

“Tell me. More blow to pops in my face? That make me cry again. Especially if you do it slowly.” Why was she saying this? Kizzy couldn’t believe what was coming out of her mouth.

“Worse than that. I’ll get bigger balloons as well.”

“Will it be loud?”

“Very loud. You’ll start crying.”

“Will you do it in my face?”

“Yes- Wait, is this turning you on? This isn’t supposed to make you horny. You’re supposed to be scared.”

Good. Kizzy thinks. I can ruin everything she had planned. She wasn’t expecting this.
“You’ve made me all wet. If you blow a balloon until it pops while humping me like you did earlier, I might come again.”

Daisy suddenly grabs Kizzy by the shoulders. “No you won’t! You’ll cry and beg me to stop.”

This was precisely the reaction Kizzy wanted. Perhaps she’ll get bored of me, and find easier prey. She hoped.

“I almost came last time you did all those blow to pops. I was only pretending to be scared to turn you on. I felt you humping me. I’ve got a fetish for balloons. I pop them all the time.” Kizzy lies. “I get off by blowing them until they pop.”

Daisy hesitates for a moment. “Then you’ll do a blow to pop for me now then? I’ll just sit here and watch you. You can do a whole pack of them.”

Kizzy’s eyes went wide in fear. What had she done?

“See? You are scared. You’re lying.”

“I am not. Yesterday I blew a twenty four inch balloon until it exploded in my face. I came so hard when it burst. Bet you couldn’t do that. Go find someone else who’s actually scared.”

Daisy grabs a balloon from the floor and rips the clip off. She shoves it into Kizzy’s mouth.

“Prove it then.”

Kizzy didn’t know what to do. If she failed to pop it, Daisy would know she was lying and punish her. She had to do it.

Kizzy braces herself and blows hard. She was terrified, but she couldn’t show it.

“Keep going.” Says Daisy.

Kizzy doesn’t think, she just does it.

“You’re actually going to do it? That’s so hot...”

Kizzy forces another breath in. Suddenly there’s a bang. Kizzy screams.

“Knew it! You’re terrified. Thought you could trick me? Fair play for doing it though. Bet you thought I’d leave you alone if you did it.” Says Daisy.

“I’m not scared. It just made me jump a little. I was expecting it to get bigger. They usually do when I blow them. I think I’m going to climax. Want to help?” Kizzy tries to hide how much she’s shaking. Don’t make me do it again.

“Let’s see you do it again then. A bigger balloon this time.”

“I’m too exhausted. You’ve tired me out.”

“You’re not fooling me. I would like to see you torture yourself by forcing yourself to do another, though. That would be hot. But, no. I’ve got stuff planned. Now, where was I?” Daisy goes back to humping Kizzy’s leg.

Kizzy felt like crying. She was so sure that would work. She even did a blow to pop!

Daisy had her arms wrapped around Kizzy’s leg. She looked like she was about to climax. Perhaps that’ll calm her down.

“You look like a dog.” Says Kizzy.

“Shut up!” Daisy gasps.

“You’re seriously going to get yourself off on my leg?”

“Yep.” Daisy was shaking with pleasure.

“You don’t have much dignity, do you?” Kizzy taunted.

Daisy suddenly cried out, latching on to Kizzy’s leg as hard as she can.

“Do you have any idea how stupid you look?”

Suddenly Daisy gets up and leans in close to Kizzy’s face. “In a couple of minutes, you’re going to be crying your eyes out.” Daisy says.  

Kizzy spits in her face. She wasn’t going to play nice anymore. Daisy grabs her jaw and forces it open. She spits right in Kizzy’s mouth, then kisses her hard.

“Enough messing around. You’re costing me money.” Says Daisy, getting up.” She reaches into her pocket and takes out a balloon. It was twice the size of the others. “Now this one is going to be loud.”

“I’m sorry, please don’t. It’s not fair. I never agreed to this.” Kizzy begs.

“Nothing you say is going to stop me. I’ve been wanting this for so long. A normal blow to pop is too easy. I’ve got a better idea. First we need to get you dressed. You can borrow my clothes.” Daisy begins undressing. Then she unties Kizzy so she can dress her.

Kizzy thinks about making a break for it. The door is probably locked though. She’d never be able to escape. She doesn’t even know where she is.

When she’s fully dressed, Daisy starts to tie her to the bed again.

“Please don’t tie me down. I won’t run, I promise.” Says Kizzy.

“You’ll wriggle and squirm though. It’ll be easier for me if you’re still. You might even enjoy what I’m about to do. If you did it to me, I’d definitely come.”

“Then let me do it.”

“Maybe I will afterwards. Might even force you too. That’ll be fun.”

“What are you going to do?” Kizzy asks nervously.

“Blow to pop a balloon in your shirt. Or in your jeans. Or both. You’ll do it to me later. I’ll make you.”

“No. You can’t make me. I won’t do it.”

“You will. You’ll probably be crying while you do it. That’ll just turn me on even more.” Daisy stretches her balloon.

“You’re so nasty. I thought you were nice, but you’re not.”

“I had you fooled, didn’t I? Had the whole thing planned. I actually intended to fake an escape with you. Then I would betray you. Unfortunately I got too carried away. I was meant to act nice until my time ran out, then pretend to escape with you. Oh well. This works just as well. Jeans or shirt?”


“Am I going to blow to pop this in your jeans or shirt first?”

“Neither. Please don’t do it. I’ll do it to you if you want.” Kizzy begs.

“You will later, but I’m doing it to you now. Now choose!”


“I’ll choose for you then.” Daisy shoves the balloon down the neck of Kizzy’s shirt, and starts blowing. Kizzy can’t do anything about it.

It’s not too bad at first. In fact, it feels pretty good. Kizzy can’t relax though. She’s too worried about the pop.

“Will it hurt me?” She asks nervously.”

“Might do.” Daisy replies, adding another long breath.

“Do you really have to pop it? Can’t you just let the air out when it gets tight?”

“I don’t have to pop it, no. I will though.”

“Why? Please don’t do it, I’m begging you.”

“How many times do I have to tell you? Shut up and let me do it. There’s nothing you can say or do that’ll stop me.” Daisy blows harder. The neck begins to show. It grows between their faces. It’s so tight, Kizzy can barely breath.

“Please, no more!” Kizzy says, tears streaming down her face.

Daisy ignores her.

“Stop her!” Kizzy screams at the camera watching her. She knows that woman is watching. “Please!” She begs.

There’s no answer. Daisy lets a little moan into the balloon. Kizzy notices that she’s touching herself. There’d be no stopping her now.

“Can you at least cover my ears?” Kizzy asks. “I’ll touch you if you want.”

Daisy stops and stares at her. “No. I want you to hear the bang. It’s going to be loud. Are you scared?”

“Yes. Please don’t do it.”

“Good. Could you cry some more? It turns me on.” Daisy asks before unloading another huge breath into the balloon.

Kizzy couldn’t believe her fear was turning Daisy on so much. How could she bare doing this to her?

Suddenly the balloon bursts. Kizzy flinches, then starts sobbing. Daisy hugs her tightly, planting a wet kiss on her lips.

“Shh, it’s over now. Don’t cry.” She comforts. She holds her for a while, until Kizzy calms down. Then she puts her mouth next to Kizzy’s ear.

“I’m going to blow another balloon until it pops in your jeans.” She whispers. “Then I’m going to make you do it.”

“No...” Kizzy begins to sob again. She thought for a moment that it was over. She was wrong.

“I’m only joking. I’m done now. I was just teasing you.” Daisy says, stroking Kizzy’s hair.

“Really?” Kizzy asks, wanting desperately to believe her.

“Really. I just wanted you to cry so I could comfort you. That’s what all of this was about. I’m sorry.” Daisy pulls her into a tight embrace.

Kizzy eventually stops crying. “Can I go now?” She asks after a while.

“Of course. Let’s untie you.” Daisy goes to undo the ropes. “Wait hold on.” She suddenly pulls a balloon out of the jeans Kizzy is wearing. “Sorry, I lied. I am going to pop this.” She shoves it into Kizzy’s jeans, and lies across her.

Kizzy tries to say something, but the words die in her throat. What could she say that would stop her? She feels the balloon begin to grow.

Kizzy tries to enjoy it this time. The pressure felt amazing, but her fear was too great. When the neck suddenly pops out of her jeans, Kizzy bursts into tears once more.

Daisy stops and starts licking the tight neck of the balloon. She seems in no rush no pop it. Every so often, she put a small breath in.

Kizzy couldn’t take it anymore. “Just pop it!” She screams.

“I was waiting for you to say that.” Daisy grabs the neck with both hands and starts forcing big breaths in. It explodes loudly.

Kizzy manages to refrain from screaming this time. She doesn’t want to give Daisy the satisfaction.

Daisy starts kissing her again. Not seeming to care about Kizzy’s lack of enthusiasm.

“Your turn.” Daisy says, breaking off. She takes another balloon from Kizzy’s pocket and holds it against Kizzy’s mouth.

“Blow!” She commands.
Kizzy refuses.
Daisy slaps her. “I said blow!”

Kizzy nervously puts a single breath in.

“Do you want me to hurt you? Blow until it pops or I will!”

Kizzy hopes she’s bluffing. She doesn’t inflate the balloon any more.

Daisy drops the balloon and puts her hands around Kizzy’s throat. “You should’ve just done it.”

Kizzy tries to struggle, but she’s completely helpless. She starts to panic. Daisy wasn’t letting go. Suddenly the door bursts open. The woman wearing latex, pulls Daisy off.
“You know the rules. No physical pain, and especially no strangling. We’ve been through this.” She says angrily.

“You make her do it then. I want to see her do it, otherwise I’m not paying you.” Daisy spits back.

“That wasn’t part of the deal. You can’t force her to do anything.” Says the woman.

“Yes I can. Bring me more balloons. I’ll break her if it’s the last thing I do.”

The woman sighs. “Fine. No more pain though. In fact, I’m banning you from touching her.”

“That’s not fair. I want to kiss her after.”

“Too bad. You’ve got ten minutes left.” The woman opens a drawer and tosses Daisy a packet of balloons. Daisy grabs them, and rips the pack open. She grabs a handful of balloons and throws them at Kizzy’s face.

“If you don’t blow to pop that balloon, all those are going bang.” She threatens.

“But I can’t.” Kizzy replies.

Daisy grabs one of the balloons, blowing it as fast as she can. She doesn’t slow down until it bursts.
“Want me to do that again? Every time, I’ll blow slower and closer to your face. Eventually it’ll be right next to your ear. I’ll only add a breath every minute or so.”

“No. I’ll try, but I don’t think I can.” Says Kizzy.

“Go on then.” Daisy holds a balloon to Kizzy’s mouth. Kizzy begins to nervously blow.

“You better not stop. That’ll make me angry.”

Kizzy begins to slow when the balloon tightens. As the neck grows, she panics. She flinches away.

“Finish it!” Daisy commands.

“I can’t...” Kizzy whimpers. Daisy grabs it from her and begins blowing. When it’s close to popping, she shoves it against Kizzy’s face, ignoring her protests. Daisy keeps blowing hard. The balloon pops after three more breaths.

Kizzy is sobbing again. “Okay, I’ll do it. Please no more.”

Daisy grabs another balloon. But instead of letting Kizzy blow, she inflates it herself.

“I said I’ll do it. Stop!”

Daisy ties it off just before the neck fills. She balances it on Kizzy’s face, and begins sitting on it hard.

Kizzy screams in fear. The balloon bursts loudly, making Kizzy’s ears ring.

“Now you’ll do it. Otherwise I’ll do that again until you do. Next time I’ll blow it bigger.” Says Daisy, shoving a balloon into Kizzy’s lips.

Kizzy starts blowing. She has no choice. Daisy wasn’t going to stop otherwise. She might not even stop if I do it though...

Kizzy closes her eyes, and just keeps on blowing, trying not to think about the inevitable pop. Her eyes immediately open when she feels something touch her lips.

The neck was completely full already. The sight of it fills Kizzy with fear.

“Keep blowing! Stop again and I’m going to hurt you!” Daisy threatens.

Kizzy knows she wouldn’t be allowed to do it. Instead, Daisy would just keep popping balloons. That was almost worse anyway.

Kizzy forces a breath in, against her will. When she hesitates again, Daisy pinches her arm, out of sight of the camera.
Kizzy gasps and puts another breath in. The balloon is so tight now. Kizzy can’t do it. She tries to back away. Daisy just keeps pressing the balloon against her lips.

“Just do it!” Daisy grabs Kizzy’s arm and starts scratching it.

Kizzy lets out a cry of pain, and blows again. Daisy scratches harder.
Kizzy closes her eyes and starts blowing fast, wanting it over with. It was getting hard to blow. Kizzy had never been so scared. She takes a deep breath and forces it into the balloon. As she blows, she feels something warm spreading in her jeans. Before she realises what she had just done, the balloon suddenly bursts.

Kizzy screams and bursts into tears. Daisy jumps on her and kisses Kizzy hard on the lips. She forces her tongue into her mouth. Daisy doesn’t seem to notice that Kizzy had wet herself.

Kizzy offers no resistance. She’s too scared. Suddenly the door bursts open. The woman in latex, pulls Daisy off roughly and drags her out.

“It’s not fair. I’m not done yet!” Daisy complains.

“Oh yes you are.” The woman replies, taking her away.

Kizzy is left alone. Still tied to the bed. She’s still sobbing. What will happen now? She thinks, fearfully. Eventually the woman comes back. She unties Kizzy’s bindings, then hugs her.

“I’m sorry about all that. I didn’t know she’d go that far. She payed a lot of money to do all of that to you. We’re offering you the chance to get her back, free of charge. You’ll be able to do what you want to her. Within reason of course.” She says.

“I just want to go home.” Kizzy replies.

“Of course. We’ll give you a card. Call us anytime. One day, Daisy will wake to find herself tied up with you looking down at her. Think of all the things you want to do to her, then let us know. Now, let’s get you home.” The woman takes out a cloth, and covers Kizzy’s mouth with it.

Kizzy opens her eyes. She’s back in her room. Did I just dream that? She wonders. Then she feels the wetness in her jeans. They weren’t even her jeans! They were Daisy’s.

Kizzy quickly undresses. She notices a packet of balloons on her bedside cabinet. There’s a note and a usb stick beside them.

The note reads: watch this. Turns out Daisy isn’t so fearless after all.

Kizzy puts the usb stick in her laptop. There’s a single video on it. She opens it.

Daisy appears on the screen. She’s tied to the same bed as Kizzy had been. The woman in latex is standing over her. She grabs a balloon and starts blowing it in Daisy’s face.
Daisy starts to protest. The woman carries on blowing until it pops. Daisy flinches. The woman grabs another balloon.

Kizzy feels herself start to grow horny. It felt so good to watch Daisy be scared for once. The woman keeps popping balloons in Daisy’s face. Kizzy starts to touch herself. Now she was safe, seeing all those balloons popped, turned her on.

She lies on her bed, stroking herself as the woman continues to blow balloons in Daisy’s face. Kizzy soon finds herself climaxing. Daisy’s scream of terror finishes her off. She closes the laptop with a smile. Payback felt good.
The chamber (balloon fetish)
Kizzy finds herself in a strange room with balloons. What were they going to do to her?

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(Read part one first)

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. It’s time for an update. The video sold. We’re now considerably richer. The guy enjoyed the video. He’ll buy another if we do it again. We’ve got a location for the vampire group too. It’s in France. They were more than satisfied with the video. They’re eager to meet me. They think Misty is my thrall.
We plan on moving soon. The guy that organised our trip here, will get us a ship to France. For a fee of course. A large one.
We leave in two days. Time for one more kill before we go. Misty and I are going to do this one together.

We’ve got it planned out. I asked Misty how she would like to do it.

“I want to see you kill someone again.”

“Don’t you want to try it again yourself?” I asked her.

“I like watching you.”

“I’ll do it, but you have to get your hands dirty too. I want you completely covered in blood this time.” I said.

“Okay. Can we do it now? I can’t wait until tomorrow.” Misty said.

“We need to plan it first.”

“Can’t we just go into town right now. We’ll just grab someone and take them back here. Then you’ll bite them and I’ll watch.”

“It’s too risky.” I replied.

“I don’t care. I just want to watch you kill someone. Can you make it slow this time? Drag it out so I have time to climax. I want them to see me come as they die.”

“Jesus. That’s pretty dark even for my standards. We’ll make it quick. I can’t make them suffer.” I told her. I hope Misty was just saying that because she was horny. Where do it draw the line? I don’t want to start torturing people for Misty’s pleasure, do I? Killing was bad enough, but at least it’s quick.

“I want them to beg you to stop. You’ll keep biting them and kissing me until we’re both covered in their blood. Then you’ll rip out their throat and we’ll fuck each other on top of them as they die.” I realised Misty had started fingering herself while talking to me.

“Misty...” I began.

“Come on, let’s just do it. It’ll be so hot. I don’t care if we’re caught. We’ll just kill them too. You won’t let anyone stop us.”

“Don’t push it Misty. We have to be careful.”

“I’m going into town. I’m gonna hit someone so they’ll attack me. Then you’ll have to save me. I’m going to get myself off while you beat the shit out of them.”

Misty tried to leave through the front door. I grabbed her and pinned her to the wall. “Stop being stupid. We’ll do it tomorrow after we’ve planned everything. Now calm down.”

“But I’m horny now.”

“There’s an easy fix for that.” I picked her up and threw her onto the bed, ripping off her jeans. She offered no resistance. Then I...
I’ll let you use your imagination for what happened next. Let’s just say I got her off three times to make sure she calmed down. She fell asleep after. I got myself off while watching her sleep. A bit weird I know, but she wasn’t going to do it.

I must’ve made a sound because she woke up. We stared at each other for a while before she took my hand and pulled me onto her chest. I laid with her until she fell asleep again, then got up. I had planning to do.

One kill wasn’t enough was it? Misty had to have more. It was good though. We haven’t got time to bury the bodies. We’ve got to get on this boat. I’ll write all the details on the ship tomorrow. I’m exhausted. Christ, there’s blood everywhere. It got all up the walls and onto the ceiling.

Just wait till you hear about Misty’s kill. She used her teeth. I pretty much came on the spot when I saw it. The blood spurred all over her face. She was shocked at first, but then leaned in to bite again... If we’re quick, we can have one more orgasm before we leave. Let me just ask Misty.

Yep. She wants me again. She’s kissing me while I try to finish writing this. Oh, she’s started fingering me. Got to go.

We’re on the ship. Not much to do now, so I may as well tell you what we did yesterday.

We planned what we were going to do yesterday morning. I won’t tell you the plans now, or it’ll ruin the surprise. Then we went into the village to find another victim. That took a little longer this time. Misty didn’t care who we picked, she just wanted to see me kill. I wanted our last kill here to be perfect.

After an hour or so, I found this redhead that I really wanted to bite. She must’ve been in her early thirties. Hottest person I’ve seen in this entire country.
“I want her.” I told Misty.
“She’s almost too pretty to kill.” Misty replied.
“That’s why I want her. Can’t wait to taste her. Now, what’s the best way to get her to our cabin?”

I came up with an idea that might work. I approached the woman.
“Hi, I’m a journalist from the United Kingdom.” I said. “Would you mind if I asked you a few questions?”

“Sure, go ahead.” She replied.

“Are you busy? It would be easier if we did it somewhere quieter. You’ll be payed for your time.”

“How long will it take?” The woman asked.

“Not long. It’ll be well worth your time. I pay well.”

“Okay. Where are we going?”

“I’ve got a place not far from here. Come with me.”

And that was it. She followed us back to the cabin without question. I thought it would be harder than that.

Then it began. It didn’t go quite as planned. It was meant to last a little longer than it did. We had all these things we were supposed to do. Oh well, it was still good.

As soon as the door closed, I shoved her against the wall and started biting her shoulders. Misty went for one of her arms. The woman squealed as I drew blood. She tried to get away, but me and Misty were too strong for her.

I noticed Misty wasn’t biting that hard.
“Harder Misty. You’re meant to draw blood. Like this.” The woman let out a scream as I bit as hard as I could into her shoulder. Warm blood filled my mouth. I managed to break off to watch Misty.

When Misty bit again, the woman managed to wrench her arm away. There was fresh blood glistening on her arm this time. I pushed her to the floor and held her still.
“Try again.” I told Misty.

“No, stop it!” The woman cried.

“Shh, it’ll be over soon. Just a few more bites. Do it Misty.”

Misty took the woman’s arm and brought it to her lips.

“Please don’t.” She begged.

“Try to enjoy the pain.” I told her. “Some people love it. Myself included.”

Misty gingerly bit into her arm again, making the woman gasp.

“Bite like you mean it.” I told her.

“But it’s hurting her.” Said Misty.

“Of course it is. You wanted to do it. Yesterday you said you wanted to drag it out.”

“Make her stop screaming.”

I covered the woman’s mouth. Misty bit harder. When she tasted the blood, it excited her, and she kept going harder and harder.

I then kissed the woman full on the lips. I couldn’t help myself.

“Make her stop!” The woman cried out.

“That’s enough Misty.” I said. Misty let go. Her lips wet with blood.

“Can I go now?” The woman asked. “Please.”

“Of course. Off you go.” I replied.
Misty looked at me in surprise. “What? I thought we were going to...”

“Can’t you see she’s had enough?” I said. “Go on, go.” I told the woman.

She turned to leave. When she got to the front door, I quickly span her around and lunged for her throat. Within seconds her blood filled my mouth. She didn’t seem to realise what I had done until it was too late. I held her for a few seconds, her blood still spraying at my face. Misty watched, eyes wide. Then I let her fall to the floor.

I turned to Misty. She stared back in shock for a few moments, before she came at me, kissing lustfully. I was just pushing her toward the bed, when she stopped me.
“Wait. I want to do it.”

“Go on then.” I said. I thought she meant she want to do me. I climbed on the bed and started stripping off.

“No, I want to bite someone’s throat like you did. Can I? Please?” She begged.

“Are you sure you’re ready? You seemed hesitant just now. You weren’t biting hard enough.” I replied.

“That’s because she was screaming. If I bit their throat... it’ll be quick. I want to know how it feels.”

“Can it wait? Do we really need to kill another?”

“Yes! I want to do it now. Let’s find someone while I’m still horny.”

“I’m covered in blood. I’ll need to wash first.” I said.

“No, I’ll go. You wait here. I’ll bring them in. You just grab them so I can do it.”

It was a terrible idea. So much could go wrong. I let her do it though. Before she went, I licked the blood off her face and lips. Even doing that made me horny.

I sat on the bed, waiting for Misty to return. My gaze went to the body on the floor. No, I couldn’t. I told myself. I couldn’t help myself through. I lay in the puddle of blood, face down across the woman. She was still warm. I started touching myself.
I’m not proud to say this. I was horny though, and Misty wasn’t around. I started biting the woman’s neck and kissing her lips, covering myself in her blood.

I was still lying there when the front door opened. A young man stepped in. Misty following behind. I didn’t think they’d be back so fast. He stopped dead when he saw me. I have no idea what went through his mind then.

I quickly got to my feet and ran at him. He must’ve been in shock or something. I was able to grab him from behind and hold him still while Misty lunged at his throat.
Misty took a little longer than I did. She doesn’t have sharpened teeth. She managed it though. She looked like some wild animal, tearing meat of a bone. Suddenly a burst of blood hit her. Misty recoiled at first. She stared in shock at what she had done. Then she bit again and again. She’d got the taste for it now. I let go of the body and started getting myself off again. Now I know what Misty feels like when she watches me kill.

After a few minutes, Misty came over to finish me off. Her hands were dark red with blood, almost black in the dim light of the cabin.
“How’d it feel?” I asked after she was done.
“Amazing. It was so warm. Can’t wait until I can do it again.”

“Let’s have a break for a while. If we kill too often, we’ll turn into savage beasts. We’ve got to keep some control over our lust.”

“I know. I can’t believe what I’ve become. It’s kinda scary.” Said Misty.

“You can’t just kill once. Once you’ve got the taste, you can’t help yourself. That’s why I never bite you. I’m scared I’ll lose control.” I told her.

“Let’s kiss instead then. That’s enough to satisfy me for now.”

This is going to be a long journey. I hope I don’t grow bored of Misty’s company. Perhaps it’ll be a good idea to find some other people to fuck while I’m on this boat. There’re a few girls I’m eyeing up already. Perhaps I’ll even try a man or two. I’ve always had bad experiences with men. Maybe I’ll try again if I find someone that’s submissive. If they try to take control, bad things happen.

We’re making a stop back home before we set sail in another ship. Then apparently, we’ll finish the last bit of the journey in a little boat. Turns out the border security is a little tighter in France than in Iceland. We’ll sail in at night.

Barely slept these last few days, but we’re here. Well, not at this mansion we’re headed for, but at least we’re on dry ground. We’ll get there in a car that was left for us. A shitty thing, but it’ll do. We’re gonna sleep in the car before we go looking for this vampire lair in the morning.

Today was weird. We found the mansion. It looked like something from a horror movie. Really old with torches and coffins everywhere. When we arrived, everyone was asleep. I forgot vampires hated the sun. I didn’t realise they’d all sleep through the day. Guess they really act like vampires. Should have brought some garlic, see what would happen.

Someone found us when the sun started going down. They knew exactly who I was. I’m guessing they all saw the video. There were eight of them in total. All different ages. We got given the tour of the place, and told what was expected of us. Apparently, they don’t kill too often as it would bring too much attention to them. They have blood stores for feeding. They offered me some blood. I declined, saying I had already fed. I like it fresh and warm. Also, I wouldn’t want to drink a pint of it.

After the tour, we were told of tomorrow’s plan. They said it’s tradition for new blood to be tested. Someone would go with us tomorrow to witness me in action.
We’ll break into someone’s house, and feed on them while they sleep. Then we’ll bring the body back so everyone else can feed.

I’m already getting excited. So’s Misty. Not much else to do until tomorrow. What do vampires do all day? Or all night anyway.

Well that didn’t go as planned. I could never have predicted that. Here’s what happened.

A woman in her thirties, volunteered to go with us. We left at dusk. There was a girl that had recently moved in nearby. She lived alone in a house by itself. Perfect opportunity. No one would see us.

The vampire found a way in through an unlocked window. Me and Misty followed. We entered the girl’s room. The vampire lit a small candle so we could see what we were doing.
I was surprised by how young the girl was. I would’ve put her at twenty.

“Do it.” Said the woman. Misty waited expectedly.
I slowly crept closer, leaning in. She was so young and innocent. I wasn’t sure if I could do it.
My lips touched her neck. It was soft and warm. One bite and it would be over. The thought excited me. But something stopped me. In my hesitation the girl suddenly woke. She immediately sat up and shuffled back. She didn’t scream or anything, but I could see the fear in her eyes.

“Do it, quickly.” The vampire commanded. I crept closer. The girl backed into a corner. She said something in French. I didn’t understand, but the terror in her voice was clear.
“If you don’t kill her, I will. Last chance.” Said the woman.

“No, please.” Begged the girl, speaking English now. That only made it harder. I grabbed her arms and forced her against the wall so she couldn’t move. I placed my teeth against her throat. I could almost smell her fear. She offered no resistance.
Fight back. I was thinking. If she had struggled, I might have done it.
But she just sat there crying. “Please don’t kill me.” She sobbed. “I’ll do anything.”

“You’ve got to the count of three.” The vampire started counting down. I felt the girl’s tears run down her face. When the vampire got to one, she started moving forward. I let go of the girl.

As the vampire grabbed her off me, I snapped. I lunged at the woman, knocking her to the floor. Then I bit her throat. Warm blood entered my mouth. The vampire gave me one last look of anger before she died. I got up and turned to the girl.
She thought I was about to kill her too. She started crying hysterically.
I glanced at Misty.
“Are you going to do it?” She asked. She didn’t seem to care that I killed the vampire. She was more interested in whether I was going to kill the girl.”

“No.” I replied. I stepped forward to comfort the girl. She backed away, curling into a ball on her bed like it would protect her. I sat next to her and put my arms around her.
I had a strange feeling then. It was like I wanted to protect her from anyone who might harm her. Saving her life felt almost as good as taking another.

I kept my arms around her until she stopped crying. Misty had come to sit next to me. She looked like she didn’t know what to do.
Eventually the girl sat up and looked at me fearfully.
“I’m not going to hurt you.” I told her. “I was supposed to, but I won’t. That woman tried to kill you, but I stopped her.”
The girl started sobbing again when she saw the body.
“Shh, don’t look. She thought she was a vampire. I had to do it. Otherwise she would keep killing. You’re safe now. Misty, take the body away.”

Misty cleared up while I continued to comfort the girl. The body was placed in a bag that was meant for the girl.

I lay with the girl for a while until she was almost falling asleep. She kept waking herself up though. Obviously, she was scared I’d try to kill her again.
“We’re going now. Will you be okay?” I asked her. She gave me a small nod.
“We’re going to put a stop to those vampires. No one else will die to them. I’m sorry about all this.”

“Thank you.” She murmured. “For saving me.” She added.

“I couldn’t do it. I don’t know why. You don’t want to know how many people I’ve killed. Best pretend this never happened. I wish you the best.” I gave her another hug, then left with Misty.

“What happened in there?” Misty asked as we left.

“I don’t know. I just couldn’t kill her. It didn’t feel right.”

“I thought it was kinda cute how you saved her life. Maybe you’re turning into a good person.”

“I wouldn’t go that far. It did feel good though. I hope that girl will be okay.” I said.

“I’ve never seen you so concerned for someone. What will we do now?” Misty asked.

“We go back to the vampires. We tell them the girl attacked us and killed that woman. Then we wait until day, when they’re all asleep.”

“And do what?”

“Systematically kill every single one. You up for that?”

“So, we spend all that money to come here, then we just kill them all and go?”

“I don’t like killing people without a reason. If they don’t fight back, I can’t do it. Apart from at that cabin, I’ve had a reason to kill every single person.”

“I think you’re going soft. That’s not a bad thing though. I quite like the new you. Maybe you can go around saving people from now on. We’ll only kill people who deserve it.”

“Sounds good. Now let’s go kill us some vampires.” I said.

When we returned, they actually believed us. I made up this story about how the girl kept a knife under her bed. We made a sound and she woke, stabbing that woman and almost killing me. I bit her throat, avenging the vampire.

They’re going to send someone to clean up the house tomorrow night. Or at least they would, if they weren’t all going to die. We’re waiting to everyone to sleep before we begin.

That was a lot easier than expected. I found the leader of their little cult asleep in a coffin. I simply placed a hand over their mouth, and bit their throat. Misty watched eagerly of course. After it was done, I kissed her, and moved onto the next vampire.
I could tell Misty was growing friskier with every kill. On the forth vampire, Misty bit as well. I let her do the last one herself.
She had her teeth at its throat, when it woke. It was too late by then though. Misty gasped after biting hard, covering herself in blood. After the last vampire was dead, I took Misty to the main hall and did her on the large throne.
We slept in the car. It was more comfortable than sleeping in a coffin.

I’m not sure what we’re going to do now. Lie low for a while I suppose. We’re about to drive away from this place. Hopefully we can find a hotel or something to stay at for a while.

We had to drive past the house where I was meant to kill that girl. I noticed the curtains were still drawn. It was early afternoon, so something must have been up. I stopped the car.
“I’m going to check on that girl.” I told Misty.
“I’m coming too.” She replied.

I knocked on the door. No answer. There was no sign of her, so I entered the same way as we did last night. I went upstairs. I found the girl sitting in the corner of her room. She looked as if she’d been there a while.

“Are you okay?” I asked. “I noticed your curtains were drawn. I wanted to check you were alright.” The girl looked at me warily but didn’t reply. I sat down next to her. She seemed to tense up.

“Do you fear me?” I asked gently. The girl gave a little nod. I took her hand.
“Misty, go find us a warm drink.” I said.

Me and the girl sat in silence for a while.

“I’m so sorry about yesterday.” I said finally. The girl remained quiet.

“I promise I won’t hurt you. Do you believe me?” I asked. The girl still refused to look at me.

“What’s your name?” I said, trying to get her talking.

“Florence.” She replied after a few moments.

“Look at me, Florence.” After a brief hesitation, she slowly turned her gaze to me.

“You’re gonna be okay now. Me and Misty aren’t going to hurt you.” Just then, Misty arrived with drinks.

“Hot chocolate good?” She asked, passing us some mugs.

“Sounds good. Drink some of this, Florence. It’ll make you feel better.”
Florence eyed the drink warily.

“Don’t worry, we didn’t spike it with anything. You can have mine if you’re worried.” I swapped the mugs and took a sip.

“So why are you all the way out here alone?” I asked.

“Why do you care? What are you even doing here?” Florence mumbled.

“I wanted to make sure you were okay. I felt really bad about last night. I shouldn’t have killed the vampire in front of you. She was going to kill you though. I had to do something.” I explained.

“Vampire? What are you talking about? They aren’t real, are they?”

“No. These are just people who think they’re vampires. They don’t have any powers or anything, but they’re still dangerous.”

“What was you doing with them, then?”

“I was going to join them. I like biting people and thought it would be fun to give it a go. They meant for me to kill you last night. I decided not to though.” I said.

“But you killed that woman like it was nothing. How do you know she would’ve killed me? She might’ve just been acting. It could’ve been some sick game or something.” Florence looked like she was going to start crying. I put an arm around her.

“Because they’ve all killed. To join them, you have to prove you can kill someone. You don’t have to worry about them anymore though. I dealt with them.”

Florence suddenly noticed the blood on my clothes.

“You killed them!”

“Yes. I had to. They were going to come back for you. It’s over now. Drink your hot chocolate and get dressed. Me and Misty are going to clean ourselves up, then we’ll leave.”

After me and Misty had freshened up, we sat on the sofa together, to wait for Florence. Misty gave me this flirty look, and we ended up kissing. Florence walked in on us. She looked a little embarrassed.

“Would you like us to go?” I asked.

“No, it’s okay. What are you going to do now?” Florence asked.

“I don’t know to be honest. We’re not from around here. We can’t go home. We got in a bit of trouble there.” I said.

“You can stay a bit if you want. It’s so lonely here. I’m scared of you, but you did save my life, if what you said was true.”

“I don’t blame you for being scared. I’m a little scared of myself to be honest. Misty is okay. She has a feral side, but she’s always been friendly with me. I’m sure she’ll behave. Come sit with us and tell us how you ended up here.”

Florence explained how her father died and left a lot of money for her. She never knew her mother and has no other family.

She began to trust us after we got talking. I haven’t mentioned anything about our dark side.

Me and Misty are lying in her bed with Florence in between us. She’s fast asleep. I guess I’ll have to refrain from fucking Misty tonight. Perhaps we’ll stay a few days.

We’re still at Florence’s. Misty’s really taken to her. Florence is a different person to the fearful shy girl I saved a few nights back. She seems to enjoy having us around. We’ve got nowhere else to go, so we might as well stay here for the time being.

She’s seen my diary. I found it open on the sofa one morning after me and Misty had gone shopping. At first, I couldn’t find Florence. I thought she had run off. Misty found her locked in her room. She wouldn’t let us in. Nothing I said made her open the door.
Misty’s in there at the moment. Florence had eventually let her in. Not me though. I guess my diary scared her. No surprise really. Imagine learning the person sharing your home is a serial killer.

Hopefully she’ll let me talk to her soon.

Misty came down an hour later.
“Any luck?” I asked.

“She’s scared, but I think it’ll be okay. I’m going to stay with her tonight. You’ll have to sleep down here. Hopefully you’ll be able to talk tomorrow.”

So now I’m lying alone on the sofa. I guess I’ll have to plan what I’m going to say to her tomorrow.

We’re friends again! We’ll, maybe not friends exactly. She’s still scared of me. I was able to talk to her though. It was a long chat, I won’t bore you with the details. It was mostly explaining why I did everything I did. I told her how addicting it became. I couldn’t help myself. I told her that I had changed and wouldn’t kill anyone else. I don’t know if she believed me.

“You can trust me. Maybe I’m not a good person, but I won’t hurt you. I’ve never hurt Misty, have I? I’ve never tortured anyone. Sometimes I got carried away, but it’ll never happen again. Give me this one chance.” I finished. I hugged her after. She didn’t try to stop me, but she didn’t return the hug either.

“She’s not a psychopath.” Said Misty. “Maybe she’s done some bad things, but she has empathy as well. She didn’t kill you, did she? Before she met me, she only killed people who were going to die anyway. She thought she was doing them a favour. After she met me, we did go a bit far. We brought out the worst in each other. I let her turn me feral. I was really to die until I met her. When I was with her, I actually felt alive. I was enjoying myself and wanted to live. I didn’t care at what cost.” Said Misty.

I never thought about how she felt about everything. I feel like I know her much better now.

“Myra didn’t have the best life. She wasn’t good at making friends and the friends she did keep, had a bad influence on her. I also had a bad life. I was just about ready to give me on everything. You’ve lost everyone too, Florence. You know how it feels. We can start a new life together now. Let’s forget our past. It’s behind us.” When Misty had finished her little speech, I had tears in my eyes. I quickly threw my arms around her, before she noticed.

I’m allowed in the bed again tonight. Yay.

Florence approached me today and apologised for reading my diary.

“I shouldn’t have read it. There was a reason you didn’t tell me about your past. I’m sorry.” She had said.

“You would’ve found out sooner or later. Better we got it out the way early. I’m glad you didn’t kick us out or turn us in. I promise we’ll change. We’ve all got something to live for now.”

I think I’m going to put an end to this diary. It’s no longer who I am. Something changed that night with Florence. I no longer lust for blood. Now I’m content with having Florence and Misty as my friends. I don’t know how Florence feels about me and Misty being together. She doesn’t seem to mind us kissing. Don’t know if she’d like us going at it in bed though. We’ll have to talk about that one.

I’m going to go ask Misty out. Never felt the need before. But seeing as we’re starting a new life, I might as well. I’m going to lock this diary away. I should destroy it really, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I’ve grown too attached to it.
So, this is it. My final entry. Gonna miss writing in here every day. Perhaps I’ll start another.

She said yes! I had to add that. Couldn’t leave it on a cliff-hanger, could I? I’ve got a girlfriend! This is so exciting. I feel like a teenage girl again. Not that I’d know how teenage girls are supposed to feel. My teenage years were kinda fucked up. Most my life was until now. Not anymore though. I’m gonna go tell Florence!

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Read book 1 if you haven’t already…

I didn’t die. I truly thought that was the end for me. I must’ve blacked out. When I awoke, I sensed someone nearby. It was too dark to see who it was though. I don’t remember anything else until I woke with bandages around me.
I was alone in the murder cabin. Someone had brought me food and water. I even had a pillow and a blanket. I tried to get up, but the pain was too much. My wound opened again and soon the bandages were soaked in blood.

I laid back down and heard someone approach. She stood over me.

“Good, you’re awake. Oh no, you’ve opened your wound again.” It took a moment for me to recognise her. Then it hit me. It was the girl who stabbed me. What is she doing here? I thought. After she ran off, I assumed she either ran home, or called the police. I was going to kill her after all.

She started changing my bandages.

“Why?” I moaned, it was the only word I could get out.

“Shh, don’t talk.” After changing the bandages, she gave me some water.

“Why save me?” I asked again.

“I couldn’t leave you. I panicked and ran. I didn’t know what to do. I felt really bad about leaving you to die. I didn’t mean to stab you. I was just scared.” She explained.

“You should’ve left me. I tried to kill you.”

“I agreed to it. But at the last moment, I realised I didn’t want to die. I’m so sorry. I couldn’t call an ambulance because I’d have to explain what happened. You’d get in trouble for an attempted murder. Or assisted suicide anyway. You were only trying to help me.”

“It was more than that. I’m not a good person. I wanted to kill you. Thanks for saving me, but you should go. It’s not safe for you here.” I didn’t trust myself.

“I’m not going anywhere. And you’re in no fit state to try to kill me again. I’m safe enough for now.” She planted a kiss on my head and left. “Get some rest, I’ll be back soon.”

She visited me every day since then. She even brought me some antibiotics to stop any infection. Apparently, her brother runs some illegal black market that sells prescription drugs. She was able to steal some medication from him.

She’s read my diary. She hasn’t mentioned it, but I can tell. She knows what I am, but isn’t afraid.
I’m feeling stronger today, I can almost walk. I think I can fend for myself now. It’s probably best if I leave. I’ll write a note for my saviour, then go tomorrow morning before she arrives.

Well that didn’t go as planned. I’m writing this by candle light. My new friend is snoring next to me. She said her name is Misty. She seemed to hesitate when I asked her, I’m guessing it’s not her real name. A new name for a new life I suppose.

She arrived this evening with a large suitcase packed with the essentials. It was almost as if she knew I was about to leave.
“I’m going with you.” She told me. “I know you’re not going to stay here forever.”

“You can’t. I’m not great with people. I do things alone. It would never work out. Just go back home” I told her.

“I can’t go home. I’ve got nothing left at home. Most my family is gone and I’ve got no friends. Why do you think I wanted to die? You’re the only reason I’ve got to live.”

“You don’t know who I am. What I am.” I replied.

“Yes, I do, Myra Hart. I know what you would’ve done if I didn’t kill you. You would’ve bitten me to death, touching yourself while I choked on my own blood. Would you have cried for me when I died?” She took a step forward, her lips almost touching mine. “I’m going with you, whether you like it or not.”

I tried to kiss her then. I launched at her before I remembered my wound. She grabbed me before I fell. “You’re not fit enough for that yet.” She held me close and whispered in my ear. “Promise you’ll take me with you, and maybe I’ll let you taste me.”

“Okay, you can come.” Is it really that easy to persuade me? I hope I don’t regret this. Then I tried to bite her. She did say I could have a taste. She gently pushed me away.

“Not that. Not on me, I don’t trust you. You can kiss me, but no biting. Okay?”

It was really hard to contain myself. She was turning me on so much. She kept referencing events from my diary.
“Pretend I’m your friend before she died. Show me how you kissed her when she was dying.”
I grabbed her throat and licked it before kissing her hard on her lips.

“Now show me what you did after she died.” Misty laid down, pretending to be dead. I sat on her chest and starting touching myself. My wound was hurting, but I barely noticed it.

“I bet you were covered in her blood. Was it still warm when you came?” Misty asked.

Was she testing me to see if I’d lose control? I almost did then.

“Now pretend I’m Cait. The first time you intentionally killed someone. Was she crying when you kissed her?”

“Yes!” I cried, still touching myself. Misty took my hands and softly kissed me.

“Do you want me to be Cait or Meg? Meg wasn’t a very good kisser though, was she? But you touched her...”

Was that supposed to be a hint? Perhaps she wanted me to touch her. Instead I replied. “I want you to be Misty. Show me what she’s like.”

She seemed a bit hesitant at first. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Just do it before I bite you.” I laid down on my back and waited.

“Tell me if you’re hurting.” She said as she climbed onto me. I tried not to wince in pain. She began to gingerly grind herself into me.
“Are you sure this doesn’t hurt?” She asked.

“Not as all. Get on with it.” In truth I was in agony, but wanted release. She was actually pretty good. I’ve never had a girl do me like this.
With my best friend, it was mostly biting and trying to hurt each other. With the other girls, it was very one sided.

I was quite vocal near the end. At first, she thought she’d hurt me and was about to get off. I had to pull her back and hold her against me as I came.

“Was I any good?” Misty asked.

“Of course. First time a girl’s done that to me.” I replied.

“My first time as well. Come on, we can talk about it tomorrow. You need to get some rest.”

Recounting this evening’s fun, has gotten me a little hot again. It’s quite tempting to roll her over and do her again right now. Perhaps I will. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

I left it until the morning before I made her fuck me again. I would’ve mounted her myself if my wound permitted it. Instead I kissed and fingered her until she was on top of me once more.
I made her do it again after. Then once more. I was bleeding again when we were done.

As she tried to change my bandages, I kept kissing her. I tried getting her to mount me again, but she wasn’t having it. Said I had to rest. We were supposed to leave today but it never happened. Instead, we spent most the day kissing and fucking.

Each time she would refuse me, but after a bit of caressing, she would soon be on me again. We’re never going to get anything done like this. I can’t help myself though. I’ve never had a playmate like her.
I usually end up killing them. I do hope I don’t kill her. She’s strong though, and quick. She can defend herself.

She keeps asking for more details about how I killed the others.

“Did you actually bite off Meg’s tongue? How much blood was there?” She would say. Or “How did it feel when you got yourself off with Cait’s body on you? I bet you were completely covered in her blood.”

“It was so warm and wet.” I replied. “I wonder if she survived long enough to see what I was going. I really hope so.”

“I want to know how it feels. Can you lie on me and pretend to be dead?” Misty had said.

“Umm, sure.” I laid on top on her, completely rigid. “It’s much better with the blood pouring out.” I said. I felt her begin to finger herself.
“You’re actually going to do it?” I asked.

“Yes, shut up, you’re supposed to be dead.”

I lay there unmoving, as she got herself off. She kept letting out these little moans. I was so horny when she was finally done. I got her to finish me with her tongue.

“Enjoy that?” I asked when we were both done.

“Yeah. It felt so wrong though. I can’t imagine what I’d be like for real.”

“Perhaps you’ll try it someday. The blood makes all the difference, trust me.”

Perhaps we’ll make a killer out of her. It’s getting late now. We should be leaving early tomorrow if we don’t get distracted. Now I think I’ll have her once more before bed...

Misty was already awake when I woke. Our stuff had been packed.

“Tell me about this plan.” She asked.

“I’ve got a getaway card. You know those services in movies, where you ring someone and pay a large sum of money to disappear? Turns out they’re real. You can actually buy a new life. You get to pick where you go as well, and they’ll set you up with a new I.D and job. I’ve got a prepaid one already, and have enough bitcoin to buy another.”

“Are you sure it works?”

“Pretty sure. I did my research. I’ll let the guy know, and he’ll be ready to make us disappear.”

“Where are we going?”

“Iceland. Somewhere really remote. We’ll get more details once we commit to it.” I told her.

“Isn’t it really cold there?”

“Not as much as you’d expect. This time of year, it’ll probably feel like spring here. The winter will be a little colder, but we might be gone by then.”

“So, we just ring this guy and go?” Misty asked.

“Yep. He’ll give us more details on where to go when I ring him. He’s used to dealing with people on the run. Let’s not waste this opportunity. We’re not really wanted yet. Let’s do something big before we go.”

“Like what?”

“What do you think? You’ve read my diary. I’m not talking about a massive killing spree, that’s too risky. We’d be caught before we get a chance to escape. But we could find a victim, tail them, and break into their house. Then the games will begin. We’ll either do it somewhere remote, or be really sneaky.”

“Do you think I’m ready for something like this? I can’t fight like you.” Misty said.

“I’ll have your back. It’ll be easy. You can either be stealthy and kill them before they know you’re there, or lure them into a trap. It’s up to you. We’ll plan something out.”

“Okay. I suppose we’ve got nothing to lose.”

“Good. I’ll call the guy now.”

The guy is super secretive. When you ring, you have to say a bunch of secret stuff and give him a code. Each person has a different code, depending on what package they bought. This is how the call went.

“Hi, I need help fixing my computer. It’s giving me the error code 6942.” That’s the first secret line you’ve got to say. I had it all written down.

“What have you done to try to fix it.” He asked.

“I replaced the ram and tried a reboot.” That’s the second line. The guy actually runs a computer repair company on the side. To anyone listening, it just sounds like a normal customer.

“What’s your activation key?”

I gave him my special code I got when I bought the package.

“Hold on, I’ll just check that. Okay, how hot is the computer running?”

That’s how he knows how bad your situation is. Hot means you’ve got police after you.

“Not too hot at the moment. It might get pretty hot tonight though.” I said.

“Do you need an urgent repair now or can it wait until tonight?”

“It can wait. Just tell me where and when to drop it off.”

“Let’s see... I’ll text you the address. I’m available for pick up at ten tonight. If you’re late, I can’t help you.”

“I’ll be there. I’ve actually got two problems. Will that be an issue? I can pay extra.”

“You’ll have to pay full price for the second problem.”

“That’s fine.”

“Thank you for your business.”

Misty was quite confused when I put the phone down.

“What the hell what that all about?” She asked. I had to explain it all. Luckily, I had the money saved up to pay for her as well.

We burnt everything in my car before we left, and buried the stuff that wouldn’t burn. I didn’t want to leave unnecessary evidence in my car if I didn’t need to. The address I was given was at some docks. We drove nearby and planned what we were going to do.

We decided to have a walk into town and look for any victims. Ideally, we wanted either someone who was going to die anyway, or someone who deserved it. We eventually found the latter.

Misty and I were walking through the town, chatting, when we overheard a conversation.

“You fucking slut! I hope you get cancer. I’m telling everyone what you’ve done, no one will talk to you again after this.”
We crept closer, and was just in time to see a young woman slap this poor girl in the face. When she tried to defend herself, she got slammed into the pavement.

“If I ever see you again, I’ll kill you myself!” The woman shouts. She gives the downed girl and extra kick for good measure, and walks off.

“Follow her. Keep your distance. I’ll catch you up.” I said to Misty. Then I went to help the girl up.

“She looks like a nasty piece of work.” I said, pulling her to her feet.

“She’s going to tell everyone. I didn’t even do anything.” The girl sobs.

“I won’t let her do that. I don’t care what you did or didn’t do. You didn’t deserve that.”

“She’s always been jealous. I hate her so much. She’s going to ruin my life. Everyone will believe the stupid stories she makes about me.”

“No, she won’t. I’m going to stop her. You get yourself home. She’ll never bother you again.” I said.

“What do you mean? What will you do? She’s dangerous, don’t get involved. If you try to stop her... she’ll... She’s crazy. I don’t want you getting hurt because of me.” The girl was still crying.

“Don’t worry about me. I can handle myself. Now go home.”

“You can’t! She’s a psychopath, she’ll kill you. I’ll be okay, just pretend this didn’t happen.”

“You don’t know what I am.” I lifted my shirt to show her my bloody bandages. “Got that after I tried to kill someone. The girl who gave me that, is going to help me punish that woman who hit you.” The girl’s eyes widened at that.

“Are you going to...”

“Kill her?” I finished. “Perhaps. Best pretend you never saw me. Get as far away from here as you can. Get yourself a good alibi. Wouldn’t want anyone suspecting you in anything that might happen, would we?”

“She deserves it but...”

“The blood isn’t on your hands. I would’ve done this anyway. Just thought you’d like to know what happened when you see it on the news tomorrow. Now seriously, go.”

The girl gave me another look, then ran.

Shortly after, I got a call from Misty. She had followed the woman to her house. From what she could tell, she was alone. I met her near the house and we discussed plans.

“How do you want to do this?” I asked. “We can do it quick and clean, or get our hands dirty. You’ll be doing the hard part. I’m not fit enough to do the stabby stabby bit.”

“I don’t know. You’re the expert at this. I’m not sure how much help I’ll be. What if I can’t do it?”

“Then I’ll have to take over.”

“Can I just watch you? I can cause a distraction or something.” Misty asks.

“Okay but I want you to get at least some blood on your hands. I need to know that you won’t freak out.”

“I won’t. I think I’m ready. What do I do?”

“Knock on the front door. Try to push your way past her when she opens it. Start an argument or something. Say you’re a friend of that girl she hit or something. I’ll sneak in through the back door and do my thing.”

It was the perfect location. The house was on its own with trees blocking its view. No one would see or hear what’s going on inside. The back door was left open and the woman was napping on the sofa.

I went to the back door and waited. Misty knocked on the door. I could hear them arguing. The woman wasn’t happy about being woken up. I peeked around in time to see Misty barge past and slam the front door.

“Get out my house!” Screamed the woman. She grabbed Misty and pushed her against a wall. “Who are you? How dare you come here?”

I quickly made my way in. The woman started slamming Misty against the wall. I walked right up behind her without her hearing. I slit her throat with my knife. The blood sprayed all over Misty.

I held her up until she went limp. Misty just stood there, wide eyed. I let the woman fall on top of Misty. Misty grabbed her, staring in horror.

“Help me carry her upstairs. We don’t want the body in sight of the window.” I said.

I was expecting Misty to freak out, but she didn’t. She just helped me carry the body upstairs.

“Go look at yourself in the mirror.” I said. Misty was completely covered in blood. It was all over her face and hair. I found it pretty hot actually. I took some photos of her in various positions.

“Want to do each other on that woman’s bed?” I asked.

“Yes. Let me wash this blood off first though.” Misty replied.

“No. I like you like that.” I ripped her clothes off and we started kissing.

We were just getting into it when the front door opened. I heard a man shouting from downstairs.

“Molly? What have you done? If you actually killed that whore in our house... get down here now, you stupid bitch! I can hear you up there. You’re going to pay for this. I told you not to do anything stupid.”

“What should we do?” Misty whispered.

“Kill him obviously. Back me up if I’m in danger.” I went downstairs with my knife. The man was bald and tattooed, wearing a white tank top. Definitely a drug dealer.

“Who the fuck are you?” He asked before I throw my knife at him. It stuck into his shoulder. I went to run at him, but a spike of pain from my wound stopped me. The man threw me to the floor. I looked up in time to see Misty pick up a plant pot and smash the man over the head. Then she pulled out the knife and started wildly stabbing him with it.

I just watched the whole thing. By the time she was done, I was completely turned on. I did her on the sofa.

After we had exhausted ourselves, we cleaned off the blood in the shower, and found new clothes. It was almost time we met the magician. You know, the guy that makes you disappear.

We tried to make it look like the man and woman had killed each other. It didn’t really matter, as we were leaving the country anyway. It could buy us a bit of time if it was discovered too soon though.

We were told to wait at the docks for further instruction. At ten o’clock precisely, we got a text saying to walk to a nearby ally and put a pillow case over our heads. We did what it said. A few moments after we were blindfolded, we were grabbed and shoved into a van.

A short journey later, the blindfold was removed. We were in what looked like a warehouse. I was asked to pay for Misty. Once the money was sent, a man took our photos and sent us into a room to wait.

Two hours later, we had to put the blindfold back on.

“You’re going on a cargo ship to Iceland. You’re going to be smuggled off in a container. You’ll get a bag with some money and your new identification. The captain will show you to your new home. If you need to make further contact, there’s a card in the bag. It’ll cost you though.” The man explained.

We were put back in the van. I think we were driven back to the docks. We both got stuffed into crates and loaded onto a ship. That was the most uncomfortable night I’ve ever had. Once we were out of sight of land, the captain let us out and showed us to our cabin.
We both fell asleep almost immediately.

I’m writing this the next morning. Misty’s still asleep. I guess we’ve got a long voyage ahead of us now.

Gonna be a short entry today. Not a whole lot to do on this ship, apart from each other anyway. We’ve only been at sea a day and we’ve already got in trouble. The first time, me and Misty were going at it in our cabin. Someone banged on the wall to shut us up. We tried to quieten down, but it obviously wasn’t enough. The captain burst in and told us if we didn’t stop making so much racket, he’d throw us overboard. Apparently, some of the crew sleep in the day ready for the night shift.

The next time, we decided to find somewhere quieter. We found a room below the ship that had no one in it. It could’ve been the engine room or something like that. It was noisy and had pipes and shit. We had each other in a nice corner.

It went well to start with. Especially with the rough seas. We kept rolling all over the place.
Then someone found us mid-action. A young engineer. He seemed quite embarrassed. He cleared his throat to get our attention.

“Umm, you’re not really supposed to be in here. I’ve got to... You’re in my way.” He said.

“Can we finish up here? It won’t take long.” I replied. Then I went back to fingering Misty. The engineer looked away and pretended to be busy with something.
When Misty started to moan, he couldn’t bare it any longer, and left.

We met him again shortly after, on our way out. I smiled at him, making him blush. To be perfectly honest, I would have preferred to kill him and kept going.

It was hard to find anywhere else to go. Wherever we went, someone would hear us. So instead we just settled with kissing each other. A lot of the sea men gave us lingering glances while we kissed. No surprise really. There weren’t that many women on board and they certainly didn’t snog each other in plain sight.

We’re definitely going to be in the minds of those men when they sleep tonight. I don’t care really. Never have cared what people think. They better not try anything with me though. They’d regret that.

I’m told we’ll be there tomorrow evening.

I’m going to see if I can get Misty to fuck me up on the deck. It’s dark up there now. Not many people around either.

This’ll probably be the last entry until we arrive. We’ll be there in a few hours. Then we’ll be stuffed in crates again. Looking forward to it.

In case you were interested, (of course you are) me and Misty did fuck on deck. It wasn’t exactly pleasant. It was dark, windy and cold. No one stopped us though. I’m sure we were heard. Misty is so loud when she comes. Sometimes she actually screams. You’d think she’s being burned alive by the sound of it. Everyone on the ship must be aware of us by now. We’re not actually discreet.

But you wanted details, didn’t you? This diary isn’t exactly PG is it? If you’ve read this far, I might as well reward you. Besides, I’ve got nothing else to do until we get packed in the crates.

I grabbed Misty by the hand while in the cabin and pulled her close.
“Want to fuck me on the deck?” I asked.

“On the deck? But someone will see us.”

“And? We’ll never meet anyone here again. Who cares if they see us? Anyway, we’ve got a bit more to hide than this. We’ve both killed people after all.”

“Fair point. Okay then. Just a quick one.” Misty says, pretending she’s not completely horny at the thought of another session with me. I was wet just thinking about it.

“Undress here. Our clothes will just get blown away up there.”

“We can’t walk naked across the whole ship. Let’s just do it clothed.”

“Undress now, or I’ll rip your clothes off and drag you out.” I commanded. She seems to like it when I command her to do stuff.

“It’s so cold up there though.” She replied. I think she wanted me to drag her out.

“You’ll have me for warmth. Come on.” I undressed her before making her do the same to me. Then I took her hand and led her up onto deck. There were a few people around, but they didn’t notice us. I don’t think they did anyway.

Then I just grabbed her and started kissing hard. A few minutes later I wanted to make her come. So, I practically picked her up, and placed her on her back, spreading her legs.

“You’re doing it here? It’s too open, we’ll be seen!” Misty complained.

“Better give them a show then.” I then proceeded to get her off three times in a row, in pretty much every way you can do a girl. (Grinding, fingering and using my tongue) She tried to stop me after the second time. She said it was my turn. I wasn’t having it though. I quite enjoy forcing her to climax again and again. She had no choice in the matter.

After the third time, I sat on her chest and fingered myself until I came. She tried to stop me, saying she wanted to do it.

“You said I could fuck you.” Misty practically begged.

“I lied.” I said, fingering harder. Sure, it would’ve been better if Misty had done it, but I was playing a game with her. I’m not gonna let her touch me until we get to our new place. It’s driving her crazy.

After finishing myself, I simply walked back to our cabin, ignoring anything that Misty said. She hasn’t been able to touch me all of today. I push her off every time she goes to kiss me. I can’t wait until I let her do me. It’s going to be such a relief for both of us.

Recounting last night’s fun has made me horny, just like it always does. I’m going to finger myself in front of Misty again. I won’t even get her off this time. I’m kinda hoping she’ll attack me. That’ll be so hot.

Quick update. She almost attacked me. She got really aggressive with lust and tried to kiss me. I fought her off, still fingering myself. I came before she could do anything. She stormed off. I hope she’ll forgive me.

We have arrived. Our new home is this little shack in the middle of nowhere. There’s a small town not too far away. We got unloaded off the ship in the crates, and carried to the edge of the village.
The captain told us to keep following a dirt track until we reached our new house.

Inside we found plenty of food and water to keep us going for a while. We were told we could find jobs in the little fishing village nearby. We’ve only got a small bed though. It’s made for one person, but we just about fit together. I let Misty have her way with me, pretty much as soon as we got here. She seems happier now.

I’m not sure where we go from here. Gonna be hard to have a quiet life after what we’ve been through. We’ve got internet access though. There’s a place in town. Kinda like an Internet café, but more primitive. I’ve got a laptop I can connect. Should be able to see the news back home. I wonder if they’ve discovered the bodies yet.

It’s getting dull now. There’s nothing to do. I can’t fuck Misty all day and night. I have found something interesting online though. I was browsing the darkest parts of the internet, when I stumbled upon a secret group. There’re these people who think they’re actually vampires. They drink blood and only go out at night. I found my way into their little community. They’re super secretive, so it took a while to gain their trust. I told them about my first “feast”. We might be able to join them. First, we have to go through a test. Feed on someone, and send them the video footage to prove we’re up to it.

Could be interesting. If we joined them, we’d get a hideout to stay in, and we’d get to bite people on a daily basis. They even have thralls and shit. We’ve just got to pretend we’re vampires.

Misty seems up to it. She wants to watch me “feed” on someone. Maybe I’ll pretend she’s my thrall. Then she only has to watch. Just need to find someone to sacrifice for the video now.

Did it. You’ll get all the details, don’t worry. Misty actually came when she saw me do it. I wonder if they heard her moan when I sent the video. Let’s start from the beginning.

We went into the village together, looking for anyone to sacrifice. Ideally, we were searching for someone who lives alone. We didn’t want anyone to come looking after they disappeared.

We found the perfect candidate. A wild looking woman, who had just been caught stealing something. She was being chased by a middle-aged man. Me and Misty decided to follow. The thief soon outran her pursuer, and disappeared behind a nearby hill.

It didn’t take long for us to catch up to her. Me and Misty soon had her trapped. She shouted something at us in Icelandic.

“Come with us. We’ve got somewhere you can lie low for a while.” I told her, hoping she could understand me.

“Why do you help me? This must be a trap. I’m not going anywhere.” She replied.

“We need a favour from you. Let us help you, and maybe you can help us.” It wasn’t a lie as such. We just didn’t tell her what that favour would be.

“What do you want?”

“Come back with us, and we’ll tell you everything. Don’t worry, we’re not turning you in. We’re not exactly honest people ourselves. We got in trouble back home, that’s why we moved here.”

She glanced at us both and realised she wasn’t going to escape us. “Fine, but try anything, and you’ll wish you didn’t.” She spoke surprising good English.

“Good girl. It’s not far from here, come.” I started growing excited at the thought of biting her. It had been so long...

When we arrived at the cabin, the fun began. I grabbed the girl and forced her into a chair while Misty tied her to it. She fought me, but the two of us overcame her. Then I stepped back and stared at her. “Sorry about that. It’s part of a little game we have planned. It won’t take long.”

“What are you doing? Let me go!” She struggled to break free.

“It’ll be easier if you don’t struggle. Try to relax.” I wasn’t going to tell her what was in store for her. It was best if she never found out.

I took Misty by the hand and bought her over to where the girl was tied to the chair. I sat her down on the girl’s lap, and climbed in hers. Then I started kissing Misty, right in front of the girl.

“What are you doing? Why have you tied me to this chair? There’s money in it if you let me go.”
We ignored her and kept kissing harder. When we started doing tongues, the girl began to struggle again.

“Stop it! This doesn’t make any sense, why are you doing this?”

I broke off for a second. “Did you want to join in?” I asked. Please say yes. I was thinking.

“What? No, just untie me.”

I went back to passionately snogging Misty. Having someone watching, definitely made it more exciting. Especially when we were sitting on their lap.

“Okay, I’ll do it if you’ll let me go afterwards.” She finally said.

“Oh, I’m not freeing you if you kiss me. I just wondered if you were feeling left out.”

“Then what do you want from me?”

“Just to watch, for now at least.” I slipped a finger into Misty’s jeans and went back to my kissing.

“Untie me, I can join in then. I’ll do whatever you want me to.” Said the girl. She was obviously lying. If I untied her, she’d be gone.

“You can join in while tied up. You’ve still got your mouth. Who do you want to kiss first?”

“If you untie my hands, I can, I can touch you. You want that?” It did sound tempting. Too bad I didn’t believe her.

“We both know that won’t happen. Either kiss us, or watch me and Misty do each other. It’s up to you.”

“I’ll watch then. Get on with it.” The girl seemed to relax then. Did she think she could escape while we were fucking or something?

“Fine by me. You don’t mind if we do it on your lap, do you? Take your clothes off Misty.”

“But there’s not enough room. It would be more comfortable for you on the bed. I’ll watch you do it. I’m not going anywhere am I?”

“No, you’re not. We’re doing it here.”

Once Misty was undressed, she sat on the girl’s lap while I fingered her. The girl started muttering something in Icelandic as Misty began to sigh.

“Sorry, she’s a screamer. She tends to get quite wet too. But you don’t mind, do you? I bet you’re enjoying it.” I pushed Misty harder against the girl. She was looking quite uncomfortable by then.

By the time Misty climaxed, the girl’s face was red. Misty got up, leaving a wet patch on the girl’s lap.

“Can I go now?” The girl asked.”

“No, we’re not finished yet. We can keep doing this for hours. Want a go? I can do the same to you if you like.”

“I’d rather you not.”

“You sure? I’ve been told I’m pretty good. Bet you’ve never had a girl do that to you.”

“That’s none of your business. Let me go, this is humiliating.”

“Where’d you learn that word? Your English is pretty good. Perhaps you’ll learn a few new words by the time we’re done. Would you rather Misty touch you? She’s a bit gentler, but I’ve got the feeling you like it rough.” I said.

“So that’s why you brought me here. You want to play with me like you play with that friend of yours. Did you tie her up too?”

“No, I tried to kill her. Then she stabbed me. After that we were best friends.”

The girl couldn’t tell if I was serious or not. “If you’re going to do it, just get on with it. It’s not like I can stop you.”

“Really? I didn’t plan to do it. I was just going to make you watch me fuck Misty. You’ll enjoy it though. The first time is always the best.”

The girl didn’t try to resist as I pulled her trousers off. Maybe she actually wanted this. I thought. I found out a few seconds later.

She was wet. Not soaked like Misty would’ve been, but enough to tell me she had secretly enjoyed having Misty orgasm on her lap.

“Look, Misty, you’ve made her all wet. I knew you were enjoying it.” I said.

“I was not. She was just...” The girl started.

“No need to say anymore. Misty has that effect on me too. Would you like her to do it?”

“I don’t care. Just do it. Quickly.”

“You all horny now, aren’t you? You pretend that you hate it, but really, you’re enjoying this. Still, I think it’s best you remain tied up. Don’t want you to run before I get a chance to make you come.”

I slowly slid a finger inside her. The girl shivered, then let out a little sigh.

“Misty, turn the camera on.” I wanted to watch this again later.

I started kissing the girl. She was still pretending she wasn’t interested, and didn’t kiss me back.

“Just get on with it! There’s no point pretending to be all gentle. It’ll take all night like this.” The girl complained.

“That wouldn’t be a bad thing. Could you last all night?” I teased.

“I thought you said you were rough. Maybe your friend will be better.” That made me go harder. Perhaps a little too hard. The girl began to gasp.

It wasn’t long before she was screaming like Misty had been. I glanced at Misty, to see what she was doing. She was fingering herself. Of course, she was. She had the camera in one hand, but it was shaking so much, the footage would be ruined.

The girl suddenly cried out and almost broke her bindings as she ached her back.

“Told you, you would enjoy it.” I said.

“Mind letting me go now?” She asked.

“Um, about that... Misty, set the camera up over there. It’ll be too shaky if you’re holding it. We need good footage for this.”

Misty put the camera down on a table so it was facing us. I walked behind the girl. “Look at Misty for me.” I said.

“Why, what’re you doing?” Said the girl. She seemed to realise something was up. Misty knew too. She started touching herself in anticipation.

“I’m sorry, it’ll be over soon.” Then I bit her neck. I think I forgot to mention this before, ever wondered how I can draw blood so easily? I filed my teeth to sharp points back in school. I did it to scare the other kids. Everyone thought I was mad. They were right.

The girl gasped and tried to get away. I bit her again. She tried to speak, but all she managed was a wet splutter. Misty gasped, herself. She was loving this. I bit the girl again, harder this time. My face was soon covered in blood. The girl soon went limp.

I caught a glance at myself in the mirror. Blood was running off my lips and down my throat. I thought I looked pretty hot. Misty thought so too. She ran at me and jumped into my arms. Then she started kissing me hard.

“Bite her again!” She cried.

I did as she asked. When my lips were covered in deep red blood, she kissed me again.

“Again! I want a photo of you covered in blood.” Said Misty.

She took the hottest photo of me on her phone. Then set it as her background. My pale blue eyes, filed teeth and the dripping blood made me look beautiful but terrifying.

“Why don’t you bite her? Have a taste for yourself?” I told Misty.

“I don’t know... I might be sick.”

“Just cover yourself in her blood then. I want a photo of you too.”

Misty hesitantly crouched in front of the dead girl, and pressed her lips to the girl’s throat.

“Bite her, then roll in the puddle of blood. I want it all over your face and body.”

She did as she was told. Even covered in blood, she still looked cute and innocent. Now I’m going to get turned on every time I unlock my phone.

I did her on the floor after that. I forgot to turn off the camera, so captured the whole thing. It’s going to make for a hot video. Bet I could make a pretty penny selling it to the right person.

I’ll have to edit it out before I send the clip to that vampire group.

We buried the body late into the night, then cleaned ourselves. I’m going to have a look at the footage now. Wonder if I can make it to the end without climaxing.

Try editing some really hot footage in a public place without anyone noticing. It was a risk. Misty kept an eye out while I edited the clip to be sent off. I hope there’s not any hidden cameras that caught us. I doubt it, it’s not exactly the most high-tech place in the world.
I sent off the video to the vampire group, and am awaiting a reply. I made sure to only include the necessary bits.

Maybe I should try to find somewhere I can sell the rest. We’ll need money if we are to travel to wherever these vampires hide. I have some saved, but spent more than intended on getting Misty here. I’ll need to make some more contacts on the dark web. I’m sure someone will pay good money for that video. I’ve just got to find them.

I think I’ve found a buyer. They’re obviously very secretive, but it seems like they’re some rich businessman with dark secrets. They’ve been known to buy videos of murders. Usually the videos are done by someone anonymous. They’re few and far between. Our video contains a murder, as well as sexual content, plus we haven’t covered our faces. That means he’ll pay a hell of a lot of money for it.
We’re talking at least half a million. I’ve agreed to send some photos of the video in exchange for £5000. If he likes what he sees, he’ll pay for the whole thing.

It’s quite risky sending it. If someone discovers it, our faces will be known. They’ve probably already got our fingerprints on record from our last few kills before we left. We’ll be wanted worldwide if that video gets discovered.
It’s better to risk it, than to stay here forever. It’s a small village, people will notice if many more people go missing. We can’t have a quiet life anymore.

Misty is already growing restless. She wants to watch me kill again. She even wants to try it again herself. She’s got the taste of blood now too.
The blood diaries book 2
Book 2 of the blood diaries. Myra thought she was going to die. She was saved though. By the girl she had tried to kill.

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(Quick warning: This isn’t my usual work. This story contains blood and death and is pretty dark. If you’re looking for my usual innocent fun, turn back now before it’s too late)


I’ve decided to start a diary. Don’t want to die and not have my story known. If anyone should find this, it would be the end of me. If you are indeed reading this, I’m most likely dead. If I’m not, you better drop this now and run because I’m coming for you.

Now that we’ve got that warning out the way, I can tell you about my first kill. That’s right, I’m a killer. This diary isn’t for the faint of heart. In fact it’s probably covered in blood by the time anyone finds it.

Before we get into the fun stuff, a little about myself. My name is Myra Hart. I’m a young short girl with long brown hair and blue eyes for anyone that’s interested. I’ve been told I’m pretty too. Doesn’t really matter now though. If I’m dead you can imagine me however you like. I’m twenty three at the time of writing, but again feel free to imagine different. Maybe you like young girls or older woman. I won’t judge. I’m dead after all. Or at least I will be if this gets discovered.

I wasn’t always crazy, but I sure am now. Can’t go back after everything that’s happened. I was always selfish though. Only really cared for myself. Couldn’t keep any friends for long. Not that I needed them. I fend for myself and trust no one. Has always been that way.

At school the guys always wanted me for their own. Not after that fight though. One day I snapped and punched one in the face. His friend tried to pull me away so I hit him too. Broke his nose. The third, a big boy and a bully, tried to tackle me. I beat the shit out of him and was expelled for it. They started it. Should’ve left me alone.

I was sent to a boarding school not long after. No one messed with me there. A few tried at first, but I soon taught them. Almost strangled one to death in my first week. He robbed me, then decided he wanted to have a kiss too. He didn’t tell anyone it was me because he wouldn’t admit a girl beat him. People knew though. Everyone knew. Only reason I didn’t get kicked out was because he insisted it never happened. The head master kept trying to get it out of him. He must of known it was me, but had no proof.

I was never a bad person though. Not if you left me alone. Even now, I don’t kill more than necessary. Most the people I choose, either deserve it, or had attempted to take their own life. Better if I kill them. At least someone gets some pleasure out of it that way. They might even enjoy it. I do love it when they die with a smile on their face.

Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling on. You want to hear about the first time, don’t you? It was so sweet... I never meant to kill her. We were just playing. I better start from the beginning.

We had been friends for a while. A while for me anyway. It must have been a month or so since we first met. She wasn’t innocent, that’s for sure. We were perfect for each other. We robbed and scammed people together, and got into fights. We would always end up getting kicked from the bar. Then we would find a man and seduce him, before robbing him of everything he had. They never reported it. Too ashamed to admit it happened.
Then we would go home drunk and make out in her bed.

It wasn’t too bad at first. But we kept pushing it further and further. It wouldn’t be too long before we did something serious. Another few weeks and we would’ve been arrested or killed. Perhaps it was best that it ended before that happened.

We went far from our hometown. This time we were to really push the boundaries. It started off as usual in the bar. I was sitting next to her. We were drinking and deciding what we would do. I went to the toilet, and when I returned, a guy was sitting next to her. I grabbed him and threw him to the floor, telling him to get away from my girl. He didn’t like that. He was stronger than I expected and pinned me against the bar. My friend smashed a bottle over his head and I hit him hard.

I took his wallet as his friends tried to stop us. They gave chase as we ran down the street. We ended up in the woods.
Me and my friend hid and waited for them to get close. Then we attacked them. They weren’t prepared and after a few punches they were in no state to fight back.
We left them both unconscious in the mud, our hands bloody. We kept walking, not really knowing where we were going. Eventually we came across an abandoned building in the woods.
Inside were two junkies. They were stoned out their minds. We tried to take their cash. That’s when they pulled knives on us. My friend attacked them anyway. I’ve never seen anything like it. She wasn’t afraid at all. She disarmed one and stabbed him. The other tried to run but was caught in the back by the knife that my friend had thrown.

She then grabbed me and threw me onto the ground. This was normal in case you were wondering. We were often rough with each other. It was part of the fun.

She started ferociously kissing me, ripping of my clothes. I did the same to her. Seeing her kill like that, had awoken something within me. Then we started biting one another. We had started that a few nights before and I was covered in bruises that I tried to hide from my family.

We were both a lot rougher than before. I was the first to draw blood. After that she bit me until I bled. We went at it like savage dogs. Then I was on her throat. She was gasping as I bit her harder and harder. Her nails were ripping into my back.
Then she put her fingers inside me. I’d never felt anything like this before. I got too carried away.
Suddenly I felt something warm and wet running into my mouth. She was bleeding heavily. I had ripped open her throat in my lust.
At first I didn’t know what to do. She was choking on her own blood. But then she pulled me closer. It was like she didn’t notice or care that she was bleeding out.
I put my mouth to her throat and was soon covered in warm, wet, sticky blood. I kissed her once more before she died, my lips covered with her blood. She had a taste herself and managed to feebly return my kiss before the life went out of her.

I had to finish myself off after. That’s what she would’ve wanted. Otherwise it would’ve been for nothing. It was pretty messy. I had covered myself in her blood by the time I was done.
I would’ve gone again, sitting over her dead body, but I was scared of being caught. Instead, I moved the man she had killed earlier. I made it look like they had killed each other.
When someone found the scene, it would’ve looked like she came to buy drugs and it went wrong. I was careful not to leave any hand prints or anything else that could lead the police to my door.
I washed myself off in a nearby stream and drove home.

It was a good thing our nights out were in secret. As far as anyone knew, she was a complete stranger to me. Her finger prints must’ve been all over my car, but there was no reason for anyone to suspect me. It was far from our homes too.

It was all over the news the following day. I was worrying everyday for the next week that I would be caught. I never was though. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this.
So that was the first time I killed someone. An accident that started it all off. I’ve taken three more lives since then. By the the time anyone finds this, that number is probably higher. I’m going to log every kill from now on. I don’t know how long this’ll last. I’ll be caught eventually, no matter how careful I am. I plan on making the most of my short life though. Perhaps when I feel like my time is up, I’ll go on a killing spree. Maybe I’ll live stream it or something. That aught to get people’s attention. If I’m lucky, I’ll go down in history with a nickname like “Jack the Ripper” or “the Boston Strangler”. Or perhaps just Myra the Mad. That sounds about right. I’m growing tired of writing for today. I’ll tell the tale of my first intentional killing tomorrow.

So. The first time I intentionally killed someone. It was about a month after the accident with my only true friend. I was roaming the streets one evening, not really knowing what to do. After losing my mate, starting fights and robbing people wasn’t as fun as it used to be.
I was crossing a bridge in the dark when I saw a girl sitting on the edge on a bridge. It looked like she was going to jump. She never saw me approach.
And no, I know what you’re thinking, I didn’t push her. That would of been pointless. No ones getting any fun out of that are they?

She leant forward, about to jump, when I grabbed her. She started struggling and screamed at me to let go. She was desperate to jump off. I carried her away from the edge.
“Do you really want to die?” I asked her.
“Yes, just let me go. Please.” She replied.
“Okay then. But let me do it.” I said. She looked quite confused at that.
“What do you mean?” She asked.
“Let me kill you, if that’s what you want. You might not even die if you jump off that. It’ll be quick, I promise.” I would be doing her a favour.
“No.” She said. “This is something I have to do. I don’t want to involve you in it. Just walk away.”
“But I want to. Let me help you. Come with me and we’ll find somewhere quiet. You don’t want to die alone do you?” I started getting a little excited at the thought of killing her. She was about my age and fairly pretty. I don’t know what happened to make her want to take her life. Not my business. I just wanted to help her seal her fate.

“I’ve always been alone. You’re not talking me out of it. You’re just going to take me away to be locked up in some mental home.” She didn’t trust me to kill her. Of course she didn’t. Why would she?

“Oh, I’m going to do it. I’ll take pleasure in killing you. I killed my best friend not long ago. An accident, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I don’t even know you, and you were going to die anyway. I won’t feel bad at all. I’d be giving you what you want.” Her eyes went wide when I mentioned killing my friend.

“How did you kill her?” She asked.

“Bit her throat. We were just playing, but I was too rough. Would you like me to do that to you?”

“Will it hurt?” She seemed a little nervous then.

“Only a little. I can make you feel really good first though. If I do it when you’re having an orgasm, you’ll barely notice it.”

“Just do it quickly. Before I change my mind.”

“Not here. Come with me. I’ll get it done before long, don’t worry.” I grabbed her hand and led her to my car. I drove to a nearby forest and took her with me. We walked to a remote spot near a swamp. Not the sort of place where her body would be discovered too soon. The longer it’s been since I killed her, the less likely I’ll be caught. I think that’s true anyway. I haven’t been caught so far.

I stopped and pinned her to a tree. “Are you sure you want this? You can’t stop me if you change your mind.” I had to give her the choice. Otherwise I might’ve felt guilty.

“Just get it done.” She looked frightened. I couldn’t kill her like that.

“Would it be best if I did it when you’re not expecting it?”

“Maybe. Can you do it quickly though? How will you do it?”

“I was going to bite you like I did with my friend.”

“That’ll hurt though, won’t it? I don’t want it to hurt.” She looked like she was going to cry. I couldn’t have that. I pulled out a knife.

“I’ll use this then. Quick and clean.”
She started breathing hard when she saw the knife. Was she having second thoughts about this? I took her hand and asked for her name.

“Cait.” She had said. I suppose it could’ve been spelt Kate, I didn’t ask though.
“Don’t be scared Cait. I’ll be with you till the end. You aren’t alone anymore.”
I’m not sure why I comforted her. It’s something I always do. Guess I’m not completely evil. I wanted her to be happy when she died. Maybe I’m not as selfish as I think. If things were different, I could’ve been a good person. It’s too late to change now though.

Cait put her arms around me then and started sobbing. I almost couldn’t do it. I was so close to dropping the knife and taking her home. I asked again if she was sure she wanted this.
“Just do it. I want it to be over.” She said.
I kissed her then. She didn’t really kiss back much, I think she liked it though. She didn’t pull away or anything. I was definitely getting more enjoyment though. I was really turned on at the end. She just sort of stood there and let me do it. When she stopped crying, I slashed her throat. She didn’t see it coming. I was still kissing her. I looked her in the eye and she stared back at me. She barely seemed to have noticed what I had done.
Then I put my mouth against her throat and tasted her.
“Don’t be scared.” I whispered. I held her as she collapsed into my arms.
I lay on the ground with her body on top of me and started touching myself. Her warm, sticky blood, soaking me. I’m not sure, but I think she might’ve been alive long enough to see what I was doing. I hope so.

After I was done, I placed the knife in her hands. I noticed something in her pocket. A piece of paper. It was a suicide note. Perfect. No one would suspect murder.
Well, it wasn’t really murder. More like assisted suicide. She would’ve died anyway without me.

I washed the worst of the blood off my clothes in the swamp. When I got to my car, I changed clothes and bagged up the old stuff. I burned it a week later.

When I got home, I realised that I would’ve left fingerprints on the knife. There was nothing I could do now though.

It was almost a week before the body was found. That was far longer than I’d have expected. It had partly sunk in the mud. It was put down as suicide and not investigated too much. Apparently she had tried to take her life before. She was supposed to be in rehab but escaped the night I found her.

I knew I had to be careful next time. If there had been a full investigation, I could’ve been found out.

I’ll go over the next two kills briefly.

This time I bought plastic sheeting to make clean up easier. I buried the bodies as well.
My second kill was another suicide attempt. They tried taking loads of pills. My way was a lot quicker. They even thanked me before I killed them. The last one was a revenge kill. It was a girl that I knew from my boarding school. She was a bully. I never liked her. Once she had seen two girls kissing. She was homophobic, racist, and hated pretty much anyone that was slightly different. She had pinned one girl against the wall and hit her until she cried. The other had tried to stop her. I wished she hadn’t. The bully had punched her so hard, that she broke the poor girl’s tooth.

I was about to get involved, when a teacher broke it up. I would’ve beaten the shit out of her if I had a chance.
After that, she wouldn’t stop picking on the girl she had hit. She kept spreading rumours about her, and soon the girl had no friends left. I would’ve befriended her myself, but I didn’t do friends. Besides, she was probably scared of me.

Anyway, I met this girl one night, she recognised me.
“I remember you. You’re that weird one from school. Still defend the gays? I saw that lesbian from school the other day. The one who broke their tooth on my fist. She never looked pretty after that.”

That got me ready for a fight.

“Leave, or I’ll kill you. You leave that girl alone too, or you’ll regret it.” I meant that threat too.

She laughed. “I’d like to see you try. What’s that girl to you? Do you love her or something? You should of been there for her the other day. She needed you then.”

“What did you do to her?” Give me a reason to do it. I was thinking.

“Made sure no one would kiss her again. She cried when I broke her nose.”
I hit her then. Hard. Then I choked her until she passed out. After that, it was a trip to the murder cabin.

I waited for her to wake before opening her up with my knife. She screamed. That had felt good in a different way. She deserved that. Looking back on it, I wish I had made her death slower. Should’ve made her cry before she died. Oh well. That kill was for the poor girl at school.

See? I’m not that selfish at all am I? I’m like an insane, twisted, completely fucked up hero.

Last night was interesting. I’ve also discovered a new way of disposing the bodies. Fire. Burn them, then bag up the bones. I’ll need to find a way of disposing them too though. They’re in a bag in my car at the moment. I’ll probably try crushing them or something. Anyway, let me tell you all about last night’s events. I’m sure you’re dying to know. No pun intended.
The girl had broken out of an insane asylum when I found her. Typical crazy girl, wild eyed and messy hair. She was more a danger to herself than anyone else. I told her I won’t let them take her away again. She didn’t want to go back. Now she never will.

I took her to my abandoned shack. I should stop doing it in the same place, but I’m a creature of habit. I’m actually writing this in the very spot she died. When we arrived, I started laying out the plastic sheeting. She wasn’t too interested in what I was doing, she was too busy chewing her fingers.
She actually drew blood. When I was done, her hands were red and sticky.
“What are you doing? I asked her.”

“They put me in a jacket that doesn’t let me bite myself. It’s not fair. Why do they get to decide what I can and can’t do?” Then she carried on with her chewing.
I suddenly grabbed her hand then, and brought it to my mouth. I started sucking at the chewed flesh, tasting her blood.
It made her giggle. “That tickles.” She said. “Do it with my other hand.” She held out her other hand for me to take. I snatched it and bit her hard.
I immediately felt really bad. It was way too hard. I didn’t want to hurt her, I just lost control.
Does that sound strange? That I kill without remorse, but hate seeing people get hurt. Maybe that’s why I didn’t torture that girl I hated. As much as I hated her, I couldn’t see her in pain.

Anyway, the girl just looked at me wide eyed. I let go of her hand and backed away a little. She obviously wasn’t completely there. It wasn’t fair to do this to her, she was completely defenceless.
But her next words surprised me. “Do it again. Harder!”

“What?” I said, “Didn’t that hurt?”

“I liked it. They don’t let me hurt myself. Can you hurt me? Please?”

If that was what she wanted... Who am I to say what she can and can’t enjoy? I bit her again then. Even harder. I heard something crunch in her hand. She gasped, but made no attempt to stop me. I kept gnawing at her like a dog, until blood filled my mouth. Then, when my lips were painted in red, I kissed her. I don’t think anyone’s done that to her before. She started giggling as I snogged her. I think she enjoyed it in her own way.

I tried doing tongues with her after. She asked what I was doing.
“Does that feel good?” I asked.

“It feels funny. Do it again.” She replied. I continued. I got some pleasure out of it, but it didn’t feel quite right. She tried to copy me, but she was a complete mess. She kept giggling as well, which was a bit off putting.

“Bite me again!” She asked suddenly. She sounded excited. I was only too happy to oblige. I already knew how this night would end. I would keep biting, harder and harder, and eventually she would bleed out. She wouldn’t even know she was going to die.
I bit her shoulders next. Bit until she cried out. I was about to move onto her breasts, when she suddenly said. “Can I bite you too?”
I wasn’t sure at first. She wouldn’t know when to stop. Would she accidentally kill me like I killed my friend?

“Okay, but gently.” I said. She wasn’t gentle. I’ve got a scar on my arm where she bit me. I let her do it until the pain was unbearable. Then I shoved her off and bit her back. She thought it was a game and tried to bite me again.

“That’s enough now. Bite yourself if you like.” I told her. And that’s what she did.

I joined in with her. She was bleeding heavily when we were done. Both our faces were bloody. Her arm was a mess. I had to bandage it up. I didn’t want her to pass out yet. I wanted to make it last all night.

When I was done, I looked up at her. She looked completely feral, like a wild beast. I can only imagine what I looked like at that point. I began touching myself, wondering what she would do next.

“Oh, I like doing that too!” She exclaimed. “It’s hard with that stupid jacket on though, so I rub myself on the bed. Do you get all wet when you do it?” She asks.

“Yes, have a feel.” I grabbed her hand (the one covered in blood) and shoved it into my jeans.
She giggled again. “It’s very wet. Do you want me to rub it for you?”

“Yes!” I couldn’t believe she was actually doing this. She probably didn’t really understand what she was doing, but it felt pretty good.
I wanted see what else she could do.

“Kiss me.” I said.

“On your mouth?” She asked.

“Yes.” She planted a wet messy kiss on my lips, then giggled again.

“No, keep doing it. Don’t stop.” This might be the last time someone will ever kiss me. I didn’t care if she felt anything or not.

She was absolutely terrible at kissing, but it was better than nothing.

“Do it like this.” I said, showing her how a proper kiss is done. She tried to imitate me but it was only a slight improvement. Maybe she would’ve been better if she didn’t keep laughing.

I got her to use her tongue in the end. I was about to bite it, but decided to save that for later.

“Actually put your fingers inside. Rub harder.” I told her. I grabbed her hand and guided her until I came.

I sort of felt wrong afterwards. I was using her like a slave. She had no idea what she was doing. She did seem to be having fun though. Although she was older than me, her mental age was far lower.
I felt it was only fair if I got her off as well before she inevitably died.

It took longer than I expected. I had to be really rough as well. I’m pretty sure she loved it though. I could see it in her eyes. She couldn’t stop smiling afterwards.

“That was so fun. Can you do it again?”

“Later. Can I bite you again?” I asked. I probably would of done it even if she said no, but I feel better if they agree to it.

“Yes! That’s fun as well. You can bite hard if you want. I like it more that way.”

“Why do you like pain so much?” I had to ask. Did she even feel pain? Something was definitely wrong with her.

“I like the way it feels. Don’t you like it? I wasn’t allowed to play with knifes before they took me away. But I made my own. I found a nail under my carpet. I used to write my name with it.”

“What is your name?” I asked.
She took her jeans off and pointed to one of her legs. There was a large scar down one. It spelt Megan.
“I got in trouble for doing that. Do you like it?”

“Very pretty.” I said. “Would you like me to bite you now Megan?”

“You’re my friend so you can call me Meg if you want.” She replied.

I thought about keeping her then. She was cute in a way. She would be good company. But it would be dangerous for both of us. She would eventually get caught again, and I would get found out. Besides, she would almost certainly die from infection. We’ve both been biting her.

“Okay Meg.” I leaned closer.

“What’s your name?” She asked.


“I like that name. Oh! Yes, harder!” She cries as I bite her shoulder. I already drew blood. I completely ravaged her entire arm. She kept wanting more.

I tried kissing her again. When she gave me her tongue, like I taught her, I bit it hard. That made her scream.

“I’m so sorry, I thought you wanted it.” Maybe that was too much.

“Do it again.” She was completely nuts.

“Are you sure? I’m going to bite it off if I do it any harder.”

“I bit the end off it once.” Said Meg.

I decided to just go for it. She would die shortly anyway.

She kept squirming as I chewed on her tongue. My mouth was full of blood within seconds. I spat it in her face. I’m sure you can guess what she did then.
That’s right, she started giggling.

“There’s so much blood.” She said, barely about to get the words out.

I got her to touch me again as I kissed her. When I felt a powerful climax coming, I bit her throat hard.
I put my arms around her as she died. Then to my surprise, I started sobbing.

I don’t know why. I guess it’s because I killed my second friend, just like with my first.

She tried to comfort me even though she was bleeding heavily. That just made me cry harder. I was probably her only friend in the world. I wished then that I just ran away with her. We were both insane. It would’ve been an interesting relationship.

But I know now that it would never have worked. She was better off dead, than in that mad house she came from.

Maybe I should stop all this killing. Becoming a serial killer has made me realise that I’m not as bad a person as I thought I was. Strange as that sounds.

Perhaps I’ll become some sort of overkill vigilante and deal justice to those who deserve it. Someone kicks a cat, and I’ll rip their throat out. That sort of thing. I’ll sleep on it.

It’s all gone wrong. I’m currently writing this in a pool of blood. I don’t know how long I can hold out so will have to keep this short. I found another girl who I thought was going to take their life. I persuaded them to come to the cabin, and did what I always do.
Soon after I started kissing her, she pushed me off and said she’s not sure if she wants to die anymore.
The cabin was set up for another killing. She knew who I was and where I do my business. If I let her go, she could report me to the police.

As she tried to leave, I panicked and took out my knife. She fought me and I got stabbed in the process. She looked horrified at what she had done, and fled.

I guess this is it. End of the line. Either I bleed out, or I’ll be arrested. I’d rather die than spend life in prison. There is a third option, but it’s risky.
I could report her to the police and say she attacked me. But if they do an investigation, what will they find? There’s too much evidence against me.

I guess this is what I deserve. I need to rest now. If you find this diary next to my body, you’ll know what happened. If I’m not there... If I survive, I’m getting out of here. I’ve got a backup plan. I’m not going to explain it here. I’m not stupid. If I lose this, I don’t want people knowing where I’ve gone. I’ve already written too much. If I survive, I’m probably going to destroy this diary and start a new life.

If you’re reading this. I’m either dead or my plan failed.

Myra Hart.
The Blood Diaries
After accidentally killing her friend, Myra has a lust for blood. Although she’s a killer, she doesn’t see herself as a bad person. This is her diary. 

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

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Holly wakes. She rolls over sleepily to put her arms around Sophie. She’s not there though. She must have got up early. Holly thinks. She stretches and gets out of bed.
Holly quickly dresses and goes to open the bedroom door. To her surprise, it’s locked.

“Sophie, are you there?” She calls. No answer. She goes to get her phone, when she realises there’s a balloon on the table. Her phone is gone.
Holly picks up the balloon. It’s glued to a valve and looks like there’s a note inside. Looks like Sophie left her a message. There would only be one way to access it...

Holly takes a deep breath and blows deeply into the balloon. She loves how creative Sophie can be. What better way to leave a note?
Holly soon starts becoming a little horny. Sophie left this balloon out, knowing exactly what Holly would do. But where had she gone?

Holly keeps blowing it bigger. When it begins to grow tight, Holly slows down a little. There was no need to rush it. Sophie obviously intended her to enjoy herself.
The neck grows slowly closer. Holly has to resist touching herself. She crosses her legs and blows harder. The neck reaches the end of the valve. Holly keeps going, making the balloon incredibly hard. Sophie had chosen a strong balloon. This would be loud.

It suddenly explodes into tiny shards, making Holly jump. That certainly woke her up. She grabs the note and unfolds it.
It reads:
“Under the bed”

Holly lifts the duvet and peers under the bed. Another balloon. This one was black and Holly couldn’t see what was inside. It was something heavy though.

She immediately puts the valve in her mouth and starts blowing. She was enjoying this. What else had Sophie prepared for her?

This time she blows faster, not slowing when it gets tight. It pops a lot quicker but just as loud. A key falls out. Holly picks it up and unlocks the door.
That was fun. She thinks. Doesn’t explain where Sophie went though.

Holly looks around the house but doesn’t find her anywhere. She decides to make herself breakfast.

In the kitchen, she steps in something wet. Looking down, she notices a small puddle. Where’d that come from? Holly wonders. She opens a cupboard to get some kitchen roll. As soon as she opens it, a balloon falls out. It has a note in it, like the first one.

That was clever. Good job I noticed the wet floor. Holly thinks. She clears the puddle and inspects the balloon. It would have to be popped to get the note. Holly places it on the floor and sits on it. The neck shoots out but doesn’t pop. She bounces harder, making it burst with a loud bang.
She reads the note.

“Follow the trail of destruction.” It says

What trail? Holly wonders, looking around. Then she sees some broken pieces of latex on the wall. She has a closer look and notices more nearby. She follows them around the house. They eventually lead to the spare room. Inside is a large beachball with some writing on it. It reads:
“Pop this however you please. I recommend blowing it so big it bursts in your face. Oh, that “water” you cleared up wasn’t water. I got a bit excited on the kitchen floor, if you know what I mean...”

Of course it wasn’t water. Sophie wouldn’t have used something as boring as that. Holly tries to imagine what Sophie had done to make herself squirt like that. Sophie always takes thinks too far. How many more clues will there be?

Holly grabs the beachball. It was much tighter than she expected. It looks like Sophie had almost popped it. Good. This shan’t take long then.

When she opens the valve, air immediately bursts out. Holly quickly plugs it with her tongue and blows. It was difficult. Sophie had really pushed it to its limits. Holly intends to take it further.

She keeps forcing in breath after breath. The plastic strains and begins to bulge. Holly loves popping beachballs. It was so much harder than with balloons. Sure, they don’t stretch as much, but you really knew when you had blown it too much. Each breath was a challenge. Air keeps trying to push its way past Holly’s lips.

She’s soon sweating. Holly wouldn’t give up though. Even if it took her all day. She pushes in another breath and the beachball suddenly rips in half with a bang.
Inside is piece of paper.
Holly reads it eagerly.

“Good work so far. Now comes the real fun. Go to the marked address. When you get there, they’ll be someone waiting for you. Get them off, and you can proceed.”

Holly reads it a few times. She doesn’t recognise the address, but when she looks it up, she finds that it’s nearby. Who would be waiting there though?

Holly has breakfast while she thinks what to do. Sophie had taken her phone, so she couldn’t call her. There wasn’t really much choice. She would have to go to this address and find out who lived there.
Hopefully Sophie will be waiting there for me. Holly thinks. She gets in the car and puts the address in the sat nav.

When she gets to the road, Holly drives slowly, looking for the right house. She sees one with a single tight red balloon tied to the door. That was the one.
Holly nervously approaches. Hopefully whoever lived here was expecting her. They must be. Why else would they have a balloon on the door? It was a little too big to be a normal party balloon, and blown so much that a touch could pop it.

Holly reaches for the door knocker. The balloon had been tied to it. When she knocks, it suddenly explodes, making her jump. Whoever put that there, probably intended that to happen.

There’s no answer, but the door is open slightly. Holly slowly pushes it open and steps in. The living room floor has a few loose balloons lying around. Most are normal sized but there’s a few big ones.
On the sofa is a huge airship shaped balloon. Holly slowly walks toward it. Did Sophie blow that up? Some of the loose balloons were pretty tight but others were a little under-inflated. Surely Sophie would’ve made them bigger than that.

Holly notices a few broken shards where there’d been an accident, but not nearly enough. If Sophie had done this, there would be a lot more. Perhaps it was Jenny. It wasn’t her house though.

Suddenly someone grabs Holly’s hand. She spins around. It’s Sophie’s friend Aria.
Aria doesn’t say a word. She just brings Holly’s hand to her lips and kisses it softly.

“Erm, hi. Have you seen Sophie? She left a note saying to come here.” Holly explains.

“Perhaps... What did this note say, exactly?” Aria replies.

“Umm...” The note said to get her off. Holly suddenly feels shy. “She just said to come here. I don’t know why.” She lies. Did Aria know?

“Well she’s not here now.”

“Oh, I best get going then. Tell her I’m looking for her, if she turns up.” Holly says. There’s something about Aria that makes Holly a little nervous.

“You might as well stay for a bit now you’re here. I haven’t seen you in ages. I’ve had a little party here. You like balloons, right? I’m never sure how big you’re supposed to blow them. Perhaps you could show me?” Says Aria. She still has a firm grip on Holly’s hand.

“Thanks, but I really should be going. Sorry to bother you.” Holly didn’t like the look in Aria’s eyes. She tries to pull her hand away but Aria tightens her grip.

“No. I think you’re going to stay and entertain me for a bit.” Aria kicks the door closed. She drags Holly to the sofa. “Sit.”

Holly doesn’t have much of a choice. Did Sophie intend this to happen? She sits down, wondering what Aria will do with her.

Aria takes a balloon out of her pocket and throws it into Holly’s lap. “Show me how big they’re supposed to be blown. I don’t think I’ve blown some of mine big enough. When I tried to make them bigger, they popped in my face.” Aria sits next to her and watches.

Holly nervously takes the balloon. She stretches it and puts it to her mouth.

“What you waiting for?” Aria asks.

Holly starts blowing, aware of Aria’s eyes on her. She fills it quickly. It can’t have been bigger than eleven inches. As it begins to form a teardrop shape, Holly pauses.

“Why’d you stop, is it done?” Aria asks.

“Well, this is how big you’re supposed to make them...” Holly begins.

“But you’re not tying it off.”

“I usually make them bigger.” Says Holly.

“Go on then. Show me how big it can get.

Holly blows another breath in. The balloon was getting tight. She starts getting a little horny. Did Aria know that would happen? Holly keeps going until the neck pushes into her lips. Holly hesitates again.
“We should really stop now.” She says, knowing it’ll pop soon.

“You’re not going to though, are you?” Aria asks.

Holly shakes her head and blows hard. Aria puts her fingers in her ears, making Holly stop again.

“No, go on.” Says Aria.

Holly forces yet another breath in. It bursts into a cloud of shards. Aria screams.
“So that’s how big you’re supposed to make them. I’ll do that in future. Want to watch me try?” She asks.

Holly nods her head. She didn’t want to miss this. Perhaps Sophie planned this all along.

Aria takes another balloon out her pocket. “After I do this, you should follow the instructions Sophie left you. Otherwise I can’t give you the next clue.”

So Sophie’s game didn’t end here. This was only a small part of it by the sound of it.

Aria starts blowing into her balloon. Holly knows she’s doing it to make her horny. It works.
Aria moves a little closer so that they’re touching.
Holly can’t take her eyes off her. She knew how this was going to end.
She crosses her legs and tries not to show Aria how hot she’s becoming.

She knows though. Aria gives her a grin and keeps blowing hard. She doesn’t seem scared at all. In fact, she isn’t paying any attention to the balloon. She only has eyes for Holly. When it pops, she doesn’t flinch. Instead she just climbs onto Holly’s lap. She stares at her, waiting.

“Go on then. I know what you want. Just do it.” Says Holly.

“I can’t. Sophie says I’m not allowed to do anything to you.” Aria replies.

“She won’t know. Just get on with it so you can tell me this next clue, or whatever she has planned.”

“She’ll know. She was very strict with what I can and can’t do. Please, just kiss me or something.” Aria explains.

“So I can do anything to you, but you’re not allowed to do the same?” Holly asks.

“Yeah. I have to let you do it. I don’t even know if I was supposed to tell you that. Sophie just said I’m allowed to flirt and pop balloons but I can’t initiate anything. It’s killing me.”

“How would she know? I won’t tell her.”

“She just will, okay? Please, You’re making me horny but I can’t do anything about it.”

“What would Sophie do if she found out you cheated?” Holly asks.

“It’s not what she’d do, it’s what she wouldn’t do. I can’t tell you though.”

“So I’m in complete control then?” Holly liked the idea of that.

“Yes. Be a good girl and get me off. We’ll be here all day otherwise. Not that it would be a bad thing, but Sophie’s probably waiting for you.”

“What would happen if I were to tease you?” Holly slowly leans forward and gently kisses Aria on the lips. Then she leans back slightly. Aria goes to kiss her back, but stops herself. She glances at something across the room.
Holly follows her gaze, but doesn’t see anything.

“Please, Holly, just kiss me. It’s not fair.” Aria begs.

Holly goes to kiss her again but breaks off with a grin. “You really can’t do anything, can you?”

“No, I told you. If you keep doing that though, I might break my promise and have my way with you. I’ll probably end up hurting you.”

Holly kisses her properly this time. But just as Aria starts getting into it, Holly pushes her off. “Maybe I want you to hurt me.” Holly teases, wondering how far she could push her.

“You’re not so shy now you’re in control, are you?” Aria asks. “You’ve got one more chance.”

Holly leans in again. She stops when she’s barely touching Aria’s mouth, and blows softly on her lips. That did it. Aria picks her up and slams her against the wall.
“Sophie never said I couldn’t do this.” Aria holds her there while Holly struggles. “Kiss me. Now!”

Holly knows she went too far. Aria likes to be the one in control. She hated not being able to do anything.

“I can’t. I’ve got a girlfriend.” Holly replies.

“I don’t care.”

“Sophie’s a better kisser than you. I’d rather have her.” Holly wanted to know what would happen if she pushed it even further.

“You know what, I think I’d rather have you than Sophie. Sophie promised I would have a reward if I did what she said, but you’d be reward enough.” Aria is suddenly on her.
Holly starts kissing her back, hoping Aria would go easy on her. She didn’t though. Aria starts biting her.

“Stop it. That hurts.” Holly complains.

“Good. I told you I’d hurt you.” Aria grabs Holly’s throat. “I’ll give you one more chance to do what you’re supposed to. Otherwise you’ll regret it.” Aria suddenly sits back and waits. “Come on then. Hopefully Sophie will still reward me. You have to be rough though. No more playing around.”

Holly jumps at the chance of being in control again. She lunges at Aria, kissing her hard. Sophie doesn’t have to know how much she’s enjoying this.
After a while she begins to feel guilty though. She sits up. “Let’s get this over with so I can go back to Sophie.”

“Is she that much better than me?” Aria asks

“It’s not that. I like you but not nearly as much as I love Sophie. How do you want to do it?”

“Let’s use one of these balloons. Sophie said you’d enjoy that. I’ll lie on one and you just touch me or something. I can see you’d rather be with Sophie. Maybe this whole thing was a test to see if you’re loyal to her or not.” Says Aria.

“I don’t think so. She probably just thought I’d enjoy it. Get on the balloon and I’ll do you.”

“Okay. Make it quick before I lose control again. There’s so many things I’d like to do to you right now.” Aria sits on one end of the airship balloon, and lays back.

“Like what?” Holly climbs onto the other end. The balloon speaks loudly.

“You don’t want to know, trust me.” Says Aria.

“Oh come on, tell me.”

“I’d rather keep my fantasies to myself. Some are pretty dark.”

“Okay then. Do you want me to take my clothes off?” Holly asks.

“More than anything. You better not though. Just do your job.”

“I’d be more than happy to. Sophie wouldn’t mind.”

“Don’t. I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself.”

Holly shuffles closer and starts to bounce on the balloon. She could tell how much Aria wanted her. Perhaps it was best to get it done quickly.
“Let me sit behind you. You can lay on me if you like.” Says Holly. Sits right behind Aria and slips a hand into her jeans. Aria gasps. “Do it quickly.”

Holly bounces while she fingers Aria, trying not to get too turned on. She tries to think what the next clue could be. Aria begins to moan and Holly realises she’s becoming quite wet herself.

Aria gets up as soon as Holly’s finished with her. “I can give you this clue now.”

“Don’t you want to do me now?” Holly asks. She couldn’t leave like this. She needed a release.

“I’m not allowed. Also I would go too far. You wouldn’t be able to leave.”

“Let’s at least pop these balloons.” Says Holly.

“I can’t disagree with that. This should be fun.” Aria grabs the nearest balloon and digs her nails in. It immediately bursts and she grabs another.
Holly takes her own balloon and sits on it. She grinds herself against it, making it squeak.

“Who knew that popping a balloon could be so sensual?” Says Aria.

“You try it.” Holly replies, still sitting on her balloon.

“Okay.” Aria grabs another and sits on it with all her weight. It bursts loudly.

“No. Do it slowly. Like this.” Holly bounces some more. She starts slow and gentle, getting rougher and rougher until the balloon finally goes bang.

Aria copies her, with one of the smaller balloons. Holly grabs the second biggest balloon in the room. It was sixteen inches by the look of it. Holly mounts it and slowly humps it.

“Stop it. You’ll make me horny again.” Says Aria.

Holly ignores her and begins to sigh.

“Seriously, stop. I’ll pop it.” Aria threatens.

“Go on then. Do it with your mouth though.”

“Bite it, you mean?”

“No. Blow it bigger until it can’t take anymore air.” Holly replies.

“While you’re lying on it?”

“Of course.”

“Okay then.” Aria comes over to her and undoes the knot. Holly starts bouncing as Aria tries to get the balloon to her lips.
“Stop moving.” She finally gets a good grip, and begins to blow.

Holly feels the balloon getting tighter underneath her. The neck is filling up quickly.
“Faster. You’re making me horny.” Holly says.

“Same here. Can’t you stay? I’ll tell Sophie that she can wait.”

“I am getting pretty wet.” Holly teases.

“So am I. Let’s do it again. Sophie won’t mind.”

“Finish this balloon and we’ll see.” Holly begins to moan softly. She had no intention of staying, but wanted to make Aria all horny before she left.

Before long, the balloon explodes under her. Aria screams and Holly lets out a long moan. Aria grabs her. “Kiss me!” She demands.
Holly obliges. She keeps it gentle though. As Aria begins kissing harder, Holly pushes her off and gets up.

“What’re you doing?” Aria asks.

“Going to find Sophie. What’s this clue you’re supposed to give me?”

“You can’t. That’s not fair. You’ve turned me on, now you have to finish the job.”

“I already did. Give me the clue.”

“Perhaps I’ll just take you to my room. What will you do then?” Aria asks.

“I’ll tell Sophie. Then you won’t get your reward.”

“I want you more anyway.” Aria replies.

“Give us the clue and I’ll get Sophie to come round tomorrow with me. You can have the both of us.” Holly offers.

“Fine. We’ll do whatever I want though.”

“Of course.”

“I’m supposed to give you this.” Aria opens a drawer and gives Holly a gps. “What I’m I supposed to do now?” She asks.

“Entertain yourself. You could use that big balloon.” Holly suggests.

“What will I do with it?”

“Just experiment. You’ll figure something out. Did Sophie say anything else?”

“No. She just left that for you.”

Holly takes a look at the gps. There’s a single waypoint saved. “Guess I’ll follow this then. Good seeing you.” Holly leaves Aria to it.

The gps takes her to a forest. Holly has to go off the main trail. Soon she’s completely lost.
Holly keeps following the waypoint until it says she’s arrived. She’s in a small clearing. Holly looks around until she finds a small metal case under a tree.

Inside is a key with a balloon for a key ring. It’s the key to their cabin. There’s also a large balloon with a disposable phone in it. It’s attached to a valve. Underneath is a note that says. “Good luck”

Holly knows what to do. She puts a breath in. It was a clear balloon with a wide neck. They were made for stuffing with teddy bears or other balloons. They were strong and Holly had never actually popped one herself. She had seen Sophie do it before though. She had been filling it with smaller balloons, blowing each one until it burst. Eventually the main balloon was so full that another blow to pop finished it off.

Holly keeps nervously glancing over her shoulder. It was be awkward if anyone saw her. She could just nail pop the balloon and be done with it, but that’s not what Sophie intended.

When the balloon starts growing tight, Holly takes a break. She’s still wet from Aria. This wasn’t helping. She was going to need a change of clothes. She slips a hand into her jeans to feel herself. There’s a large wet patch. Holly can’t help herself from slipping a finger inside.
I mustn’t get myself off here. She thinks. Just another few seconds and I’ll stop.
She can’t though. Holly starts blowing again. Suddenly she hears a stick breaking behind her. Holly quickly pulls her hand out. What was she going to do?
A girl steps out the bushes. She’s about Holly’s age and has short brown hair and deep green eyes.
“Oh, Hi. You made me jump. Wow that balloon is huge. Where’d you get it?” The girl asks.

Holly can’t make anything up in time and decides to tell her the truth. Some of it anyway. “My friend thought it would be funny to hide my phone in the woods. She’s put it in this balloon so I can’t get to it.”

“Haha, are you going to pop it? Mind if I watch? I bet it’ll be loud. I was mushroom picking. Didn’t think I’d find anyone out here.”

“Yeah. My friend hid it well. Sure, you can watch if you want.” In truth, Holly would rather do it alone. She hoped the girl didn’t realise how horny she’d become. Holly blows into the balloon again.

“You’re going to blow it up until it bursts? Couldn’t you just pop it with a stick? The girl asks.

“Okay, that would be easier.” Better to get it over with, rather than explain why she wants to burst it by mouth.

“No, keep going. You’re really brave. I wonder how big it’ll get.” The girl seems genuinely curious. Not many people see balloons this big. Especially not someone blowing one until it pops.

Holly starts blowing again. The girl’s intense stare, is a little off putting. She steps forward and touches it.
“It’s so tight. Aren’t you scared at all?” The girl asks.

“A little.” Holly lies.

“If you can’t do it, I’ll sit on it, if you want. Bet it would feel like I was floating.”

“I’ll do it. I don’t give up easily.” Holly replies. The girl suddenly starts stroking Holly’s hair.
“You’re very pretty.” She says.

Why do I always find myself with the touchy-feely ones? Holly wonders. Perhaps Sophie set this up. It wouldn’t surprise her.

Holly is about to say something but notices that the girl isn’t paying attention. She’s staring off into the distance.

Soon the balloon is at Holly’s lips. The girl suddenly notices how big it’s got. “Wow. It’s huge. Why hasn’t it popped yet? Maybe it’s a magic balloon. It’ll just keep getting bigger. Your friend probably put a curse on it so it can’t be popped.

“Oh, it’ll pop before long.” Says Holly.

“Can I do it?”

“You can try.” Holly is about to pass the girl the balloon, but she’s not looking. She’s playing with Holly’s hair again. Holly carries on blowing. She tries to ignore her.
The girl puts her arms around Holly’s chest and pushes her nose into her hair.
Holly realises she’s probably intoxicated.
The balloon bursts in her face and the phone drops. The girl gives a little squeak.
“That made me jump. You have your phone again now. Want to come with me?”

“Erm, I really should get going. I’ve got to find my friend.”

“I could help you find her. I’m good at finding stuff.” The girl says, staring into Holly’s eyes.

“Thanks, but I really need to do it alone.”

“I get it. Some quests you need to do alone. Maybe I can come along on the next one? Let me know if you find your friend. You can call me on your phone.” The girl walks off, disappearing into the bushes.

Holly picks up the phone. Would the girl’s number be on there? Perhaps Sophie meant for Holly to go with her to find the next clue. There is a single contact on the phone. Holly dials it.

“Hello Holly.” Says a voice she doesn’t recognise. It sounds almost robotic. “Your next clue is at the cabin. Jenny will be waiting there. She knows my location. You may have some difficulty getting it from her though. I’ve told her not to tell you. You’ll have to persuade her to betray me. Scare her enough, and she might tell you what you want. There’s plenty of balloons, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Good luck.”

That was a clever idea. Poor Jenny. She won’t know what to do. Betray Sophie, or have me scare her. Hopefully it won’t come to that. Holly thinks. She begins walking back to her car.

When she gets to the cabin, Holly lets herself in. No one seems to be there, but the floor is covered in balloons. Holly is about to call out, but hears something coming from the bedroom. She quietly moves toward the bedroom door and pushes it open. Jenny is lying face-down on the bed with her hand inside her jeans. She has an overinflated balloon in her mouth.
Jenny obviously hasn’t heard her, she begins gasping and puts another breath into the balloon. Then she lets some air out before blowing it up again. Jenny begins humping her hand while blowing hard.

Holly didn’t want Jenny to know she was watching. She leaves the room and goes back to the front door. She could knock now and pretend she had only just arrived. But then Jenny begins moaning. Better leave her for a bit. Holly thinks. She goes back to her car and waits.

Best to pretend she didn’t see that. It would make Jenny so embarrassed. Maybe she’s not expecting me. After a minute or so, there’s a muffled bang. Holly hears a faint cry from the cabin. Jenny must be having a good time.
That’s the best thing about the cabin. No one is around to hear, so you can be as loud as you want.

Holly waits another minute, then walks back to the front door. She’s about to knock, when she hears Jenny blowing into another balloon. Holly takes a step back and walks around the cabin to the bedroom window. She couldn’t help herself. She just had to know what Jenny was doing.

Holly peeks through the gap in the curtains. Jenny was sitting on the bed blowing up another balloon, her hand still in her pants. Was she going again? This could take all day. Holly thought. She waits to see if Jenny would pop the balloon. She blows it big, but to Holly’s disappointment, she lets the air out before it pops. Jenny blows it back up straight after.
Was the pop just now an accident, or did she get braver just before she climaxed? Holly wonders. She didn’t want to wait any longer though.
Holly opens the front door and calls for Jenny. Jenny suddenly goes quiet. Holly opens the bedroom door. Jenny immediately takes her hand out of her pants and ties off the balloon.

“Holly! I wasn’t expecting you.” Says Jenny, looking embarrassed.

“I can see that.” Says Holly. The front of Jenny’s jeans had a distinctive wet patch. How long had she been doing this for?

Jenny looks down and her face starts turning red. “I um. Sophie told me to decorate the cabin. I’ve been blowing the balloons up.”

“So what are you doing in the bedroom?” Holly asks.

“We need some balloons in here too, I just started.”

“So why’s there shards everywhere. Have a few accidents?” There’s fresh pieces of latex stuck to the walls.

“One or two popped yeah.” Jenny replies.

“You didn’t pop any in the living room. Those balloons weren’t even that big. Also you’re all wet. I know what you’ve been doing. There’s no point trying to hide it.”

“I... Sophie said she wasn’t coming until tonight. I had time to kill.”

“How many times?”


“How many times did you get yourself off?” Holly asks. She was enjoying this. Holly had never seen Jenny so embarrassed.

“Th-three times.” Jenny says quietly, not making eye contact.

“I wonder how many more times you would have done it if I hadn’t come. Do you always blow them to pop when getting yourself off?”

“Please, lets just go and finish decorating.”

“Answer the question.”

“Sometimes. I can’t always do it.” Jenny replies.

“Want we to pop some for you?” Holly asks.

“I forgot my headphones. I can’t do it without them.”

“But you already have. Quite a few times by the look of it.”

“Only three. And that was when I was...”

“Touching yourself? You should’ve taken your jeans off. They’re soaked. You obviously had a good time. Do you know where Sophie is?”


“Liar. Tell me and I’ll leave you to play with yourself some more.” Says Holly.

“I can’t. Sophie made me promise.”

“You will, otherwise I’ll keep popping balloons until you tell me. Best to tell me now. Just think, if you tell me where she is, you can go back to what you were doing. Sophie isn’t coming tonight. You’d have all the time in the world. You can experiment as much as you like with no interruptions.”

“I’m sorry Holly. I wish I could tell you, but I can’t. Sophie will punish me.”

“I won’t let her. Just tell me.” Holly demands.

“It’s meant to be a surprise. You’re not supposed to know.”

“Are we going to have to do this the hard way?” Holly grabs the balloon Jenny had been blowing earlier. She unties the knot.

“What’re you doing?” Jenny asks nervously.

“Finishing what you started.” Holly puts the balloon to her mouth and blows.

Jenny puts her fingers in her ears. Holly grabs her hands and pulls them away. “Just tell me where Sophie is. I don’t want to do this.”

“Don’t. Just wait, Sophie will be here soon.” Jenny tries to wriggle away but Holly lays on her chest. She blows faster, the neck already at her lips.

“Holly, please.” Jenny begs. The balloon bursts loudly, making Jenny flinch.

“No more. I can’t tell you so just stop it.”

“I admire your loyalty, but I’m not stopping until I get what I want. Let’s try a fresh balloon. Should be louder.” Holly grabs one from a nearby packet and puts it in her mouth.

“I didn’t expect this from you. You’re usually the nice one.” Says Jenny.

“I’m not enjoying it. You’re making me do this.” Holly starts blowing fast, hoping to scare her. She pushes the balloon into Jenny’s face.

When the neck suddenly shoots out, Jenny panics. “Okay, I’ll tell you! Stop blowing.”

Holly didn’t want to stop. She was getting horny now. Besides, Jenny might not even tell her.” She continues blowing hard.

“I said I’ll tell you. Get off me and I’ll give you the address.” Jenny pleads.

She had to finish it now. She just had to. She should probably get off Jenny though. Holly thinks. She doesn’t though. This position feels too good. Jenny wriggling underneath her makes it even better. Suddenly the balloon explodes loudly.
Holly gasps. She realises she’s touching herself. Jenny stares fearfully up at her.
Without thinking, Holly kisses her hard.
Soon she’s gasping. Jenny tries to get away but Holly just kisses harder. She’s humping Jenny roughly while moaning into her mouth. She can’t stop herself.

Suddenly she climaxes. Jenny had stopped resisting and was staring at her with wide eyes.
Holly quickly gets up. “I’m sorry. I don’t know why I did that. I got a bit carried away.” Why had she done that? Holly feels her face going red.

“That was... I didn’t expect that.” Says Jenny.

“Just give me this address and I’ll go.” Says Holly.

“I really shouldn’t...”

Holly grabs another balloon.

“Okay okay, I’ll give it to you. Sophie won’t like it though.” Says Jenny.

“She will. It was all part of her game. Please don’t tell her about that last bit.”

“I won’t don’t worry. Let’s pretend it didn’t happen.”

The address Jenny gave her, leads to an apartment. The tight balloons tied to the door, make it obvious that it’s the right place. Holly goes to knock, but realises the door is already open.
Inside, Sophie is waiting for her. She sits on a sofa with a sixteen inch balloon in her lap.

“There you are! Thought I’d never find you.” Says Holly.

“I knew you would. Enjoy my little game?”

“A bit elaborate if you ask me. How long have you been planning this?” Holly asks.

“Over the last week or so. Come sit down. You can talk me through what you did.”

Holly walks over and sits on the balloon in Sophie’s lap. “Where would you like me to start?” Holly asks, beginning to bounce softly.

“From the moment you got up.”

“I found the balloon you left me. I think you know what I did to it.” Says Holly.

“Tell me anyway. I want to hear.”

“I blew it up until it popped of course.”

“Fast or slow? Was you horny?” Sophie asks.

“I went slowly at the end. Obviously I was a little horny.”

“Were you touching yourself while blowing it?”

“No but it was tempting. I wanted to find out where you went.”

“I’m guessing you found the puddle in the kitchen? Want to know where that came from?” Sophie asks.

“I think I already know.”

“I did it before you woke up. I had to be really quiet. That’s the second time in my life I got myself off on the kitchen floor.”

“When was the first time?”

“Long story. I’ll tell you another time. How’d you pop the beachball?”

“Take a guess.”

“How much bigger did it get? I blew it pretty big myself, didn’t I? Think I almost popped it.” Says Sophie.

“It took quite a bit more air. Next time you should blow more.”

“I would’ve, but didn’t want to risk it. If you heard, it would of ruined my game. So what happened at Aria’s?”

“I did what you instructed.” Holly replies.

“I want more details than that.”

“I kissed her a bit, then got her off.”

“Did that turn you on?” Sophie asks.

“A little.”

“Liar. I bet you wanted her to do the same. You were probably soaked afterward. She wasn’t allowed though, was she?”

“No. After that, I went to that forest.”

“Tell me all about it.”

“I started blowing that balloon when a girl appeared. I’m guessing you sent her.”

“I didn’t send anyone. What happened?” Sophie asks curiously.

“She wanted to watch. Then she started touching me and stroking my hair. I was sure she was a part of your game. She wanted to come with me to find you.”

“What? That’s hilarious. What did she do when the balloon popped?”

“She wanted to finish it herself, but got distracted. I think she was intoxicated with something. She was definitely not all there. I almost followed her afterwards. Thought she would lead me to the next clue.”

Sophie bursts out laughing. “Wish I was there to see that. That would of been so funny. I wonder where she would have taken you. What did she look like?”

“Nice enough. A little crazy perhaps. Her hair was all tangled and she had these really wild eyes.”

“Would you kiss her?”

“No, why would I kiss some random girl I just met?”

“You’d let most girls kiss you. Don’t deny it. If she had tried to kiss you, what would you have done?

“I don’t know. I wouldn’t of been too surprised actually. The way she kept touching me...”

“Did it turn you on?”

“No, of course not.”

“But you’d been blowing that balloon. Bet you were pretty horny when she appeared.”

“I um, actually I was touching myself. I didn’t think anyone was around.”

“You naughty girl. Do you think she saw?” Sophie asks.

“I don’t think so.”

“Be honest, if she had started fingering you, would you have stopped her?”

“Do we have to talk about this?” Holly was feeling a little uncomfortable.

“Yes. It’s a simple question.”

“Probably not. I would have thought you sent her.”

“You would have enjoyed it as well. Tell me what happened with Jenny.”

“She wouldn’t tell me where you were. Until I started blowing some balloons till they popped. Then she told me.”

“Anything else happen?” Sophie asks.

“I kissed her. I’m sorry Sophie, I didn’t mean to, it just sort of happened.”

“Just a kiss was it?” Sophie had a knowing look in her eye. She knew.

“Jenny told you? She promised not to.”

“No. I saw it. The whole thing.”

“What? How? Where you there? That’s impossible.” How could she have seen. There was no where to hide. Unless she was in that wardrobe... Holly thinks.

“I was watching you on a camera. I saw what you did with Aria too. I couldn’t have missed out, I had to know how you were progressing.”

“You saw it all?” Holly couldn’t believe this.

“Everything. First I watched Jenny play with herself while I waited for you to arrive. I felt kinda bad because she didn’t know I was watching. It was too hot to stop though. She would only pop the balloon when she was about to climax. She was really going for it. She started off blowing balloons in the living room, like I instructed. She kept crossing her legs, I knew she was getting turned on. Suddenly she grabbed a bag of balloons and ran to the bedroom. Luckily I had a camera in there too. After she came, she went back to the living room to blow more balloons for me. Ten minutes later, she was back in the bedroom. Then you turned up. That was pretty hot. And then at the end... look what you made me do.” Sophie grabs Holly’s hand and guides it into her jeans.
It’s all wet inside.

“When you started humping Jenny, I couldn’t hold myself back. That was the hottest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Jenny didn’t know what to do.” Says Sophie.

“I don’t know what happened. I just lost control.”

“I like how you just got yourself off while laying on her. Poor Jenny was so helpless. You used her like a pillow.”

“Don’t tell Jenny you saw it. She’s gone through enough today.”

“She loved it. As soon as you left, she got herself off. Didn’t even use a balloon. Bet she was imagining it was you. You had the same effect on Aria. Want to watch what she did when you left?”

“It wouldn’t feel right. How’d you even get the camera in her house? That’s probably illegal.”

“She knew it was there. She agreed to it. After you left, she put on quite a show. I think she forgot it was there.” Says Sophie.

“That explains why she kept glancing at something. And why she had to restrain herself.”

“Exactly. If I wasn’t watching, she’d have taken you to her room and tied you down. Especially after you teased her.”

“I shouldn’t have done that. It was fun though.”

“I’ll show you the footage. First pop this balloons though. You’re making me so horny. I’m sure you’re doing it on purpose.”

“Of course I am.” Holly starts grinding the balloon into Sophie’s lap, making it squeak.

“Just pop it already.”

Holly starts kissing her. She had waited all day for this.

Sophie pushes her back. “Not yet. I want you to see this first.”

“Later.” Holly leans in for another kiss. Suddenly the balloon bursts underneath her. Sophie must have popped it.

“Fine. I want you to do what you did to Jenny though. Pretend I’m her.”

“I can’t remember what I did. It just happened.”

“I’ll show you.” Sophie gets a video up on her laptop.
Holly sees herself blowing a balloon on top of Jenny. Jenny’s begging her to stop but she doesn’t. When it pops, she begins to kiss Jenny hard. Then she sees herself start humping her hand while laying across Jenny’s lap. Sophie was right, it looked like she was humping a pillow. Jenny eventually stopped struggling and lies limp, her body moving as Holly grinds into her.
It finishes when Holly is done.

“Do that to me.” Says Sophie. She drags Holly to her bedroom before she can resist.
Sophie lies on the bed and places a balloon in Holly’s mouth. Holly knows what to do. She lies on top on Sophie and starts blowing. She slips a her into the front of her jeans and slowly humps Sophie.

“Jenny wriggled more. She was scared, remember?” Says Holly.

“No. Holly, please stop, I’m scared.” Says Sophie.

Holly knows she’s acting, but it turns her on even so. The balloon gets bigger and bigger.

“Holly, I’ll do anything. Stop it, please.” Sophie begs.

Holly blows hard and begins fingering herself harder.

“You’re scaring me.” Sophie whimpers. She begins to struggle.

She’s surprisingly good at acting. It almost feels real. Holly gets rougher with her.

“You’re hurting me. No more, please.”

The neck is against Holly’s lips. She can’t last much longer.

“Just stop. I’m gonna cry.” Sophie almost sounds close to tears.

The balloon explodes and Sophie screams. Holly immediately kisses her.

Sophie manages to pull away. “What are you doing? Stop it!”

Holly is on her again, kissing harder and harder until she begins gasping.

Her climax is strong. She feels herself squirt. Her jeans are soon soaked. “That was incredible.” Holly pants. “I never knew you were that good at acting.”

“I just pretended to be Jenny. Now I know how she felt. I’m gonna do the same thing to you.” Sophie pushes her down and grabs a balloon.
It did feel pretty good having Sophie lie on her. Especially when she starts humping.
Holly hardly hears the balloon pop. All she cares about is Sophie’s weight on her body. She feels warm and wet. Holly gasps as Sophie begins to kiss her. Was this how Jenny felt? She hadn’t been expecting it either.

When Sophie is done, Holly rolls over. “I’m so tired now. It’s been an exhausting day. Can I have a nap before we watch Aria?”

“Of course. Jenny is sleeping too. I wonder what she’ll do after she wakes up.”

“Pop those balloons probably. Now she knows we’re not coming.” Holly replies.

“We could always meet her there tomorrow. I’ll text her later. I need a nap now as well. Let’s get these clothes off you.”

Holly has almost fallen asleep by the time Sophie and undressed her. She feels Sophie cover her with a blanket and kiss her on the lips before sleep takes her.
The Great Loon Hunt
Holly wakes to find Sophie gone. The door is locked and only a note in a balloon remains...
We've got some good stuff coming up, including:
Part 2 of Jenny's story. (Just need to finish the ending)

A looner text adventure where you choose the outcome through choices that you'll make.

Art for my characters. (Working on all the characters from the character sheet that I did plus two more from Jenny's story)

May also do cover art for my stories on here, we'll see how it goes.


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