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MK 11 Pose Pack 2 Intro,Stance,Outro (Bonus Poses)

By WildGold
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The Bonus Poses can be found here: sta.sh/01ky0tttqynx

The preview was created by combining images so don't worry if some models look bigger then others, its just an optical illusion.
Just like last time I did my best job in replicating the mk11 poses into XnaLara as closely as humanly possible.
Since I haven't used any Sticklove models in this, you don't have to worry about gear pieces glitching the poses, however I've found out that the Shao Kahn model cant save or load poses on his right index and middle finger 01, there is nothing I can do about it, the model got ported that way, it will take you 1-3 min to fix that however so its not that big of a deal. I have personally tested all of the poses before releasing so everything should work perfectly. Also huge Thanks to judgmentfist and MclarenH for providing the game files,
All the models are listed down below. Enjoy the pose pack :)

Main Models

Scorpion                                        www.deviantart.com/lonelygoer/…
                   Both by lonelygoer   
Sonya Blade                                   www.deviantart.com/lonelygoer/…

Kotal Kahn                                     www.deviantart.com/mylladinx/a…
                  Both by MyllaDinX  
Panther                                        sta.sh/04wll4mw72v    

Shao Kahn by GiantBeltway          www.deviantart.com/giantbeltwa…

Shang Tsung by judgmentfist         www.deviantart.com/judgmentfis…
Nightwolf                                       www.deviantart.com/silverado11…
                 Both by Silverado117  

Nightwolf's accessories                    www.deviantart.com/silverado11…

Side Models

Scorpion Spear by Sticklove          www.deviantart.com/sticklove/a…

Kotal's Mancuahuitl by OGLoc069  www.deviantart.com/ogloc069/ar…

Shao Kahn's Hammer by romero1718    www.deviantart.com/romero1718/…

Shang Tsung Steam by dasliebesverbot  www.deviantart.com/dasliebesve…
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Are these animations or just a single pose?
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Poses for XnaLara
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good stuff! you did a great job on this. the poses look really fluid and dynamic

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I replicated them as closely as I could, thanks!
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Nicely done my friend :D
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Thank you man! I've been working on it for quite some time and I'm really happy to finally release it at last.
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Awesome work! I’ll be giving these a download when I get home for sure! :D
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Thanks a lot man! You did an amazing job on the Nightwolf model, posing him was a pleasure. 
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