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Name: Eclipsa Butterfly II
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Race: Mermaid-Mewnian

Occupation: Queen
Goal: Was to keep her daughter safe
Home: Adventure sea, Mewni

Relatives: Moon Butterfly, Eclipsa Butterfly.
Pets: Fishy
Allies: Shawn, Moon, Eclipsa
Enemies: Toffee and monsters

Likes: Roses, Teal, Shawn
Dislikes: Toffee, Monsters, Fisherman.

Powers and abilities: Water blasts and Turn into a Mermaid.
Weapons: Wand and Narwals.

Quote: " Don't ask dumb questions you don't want answers to."
Name: Carter Gazer
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Race: Mewnian
Occupation: None
Goal: Win the hand of Chelsea.
Home: Mewni

Relatives: Elena Gazer, Dawn Gazer, Mathew Aimas
Pets: None
Allies: Tom, Chelsea, Star, Moon, Marco?
Enemies: None

Likes: Chelsea, Candy, Trouble.
Dislikes: Marco, Mud, Buff-frog.

Powers and abilities: Charming Smile 
Weapons: Fists

Quote:  "Just looking at you makes my day."
Name: Chelsea Butterfly
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Race: Mewnian, Human-demon

Occupation: Fights along with Star and Marco.
Goal: Help Star fight Ludo and Toffee
Home: Mewni and Adventure bay

Relatives: Star Butterfly, Moon Butterfly, Eclipsa Butterfly II, Shawn Alabaster III
Pets: Angel
Allies: Marco, Jackie, Janna, Star, and Carter
Enemies: Ludo and Toffee

Likes: Cookies, Angel, Teal, Roses
Dislikes: Monsters, Tom Lucitor, Toffee.

Powers and abilities: Fire blasts, Death touch, Really hard bite.
Weapons: Wand.

Quote:  " If were going to fight, were going to fight like monsters."