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Welcome to my Page!

Main Characters


Lord Tuscan || Aoife
Lord Tuscan | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama Aoife | Doe | Glenmore Commoner by Wildfire-Tama
Lady Dervla || Lord Fehderer
Lady Dervla | Doe | Royal by Wildfire-Tama Lord Fehderer | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama
Princess Laodice || Lord Saranno
Princess Laodice| Filly | Royal by Wildfire-Tama Lord Saranno | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama
Princess Jonquil || Laverne
Princess Jonquil| Filly | Royal by Wildfire-Tama Laverne | Doe | Commoner Hoofmaiden by Wildfire-Tama
Tuscan and Celeste by HayleyRPG

Domain of the Wolf
Alcatraz - Lord of Aryn by Wildfire-Tama
Shenandoah || Yuaei
Shenandoah - Loner by Wildfire-Tama Yuaei - Highvalley Meister by Wildfire-Tama

Shenandoah by lightningspam

The Forgotten Song

Sebago Valley

Other Characters

Those Who Went Missing

Cottonwood Valley

Lir(#103) by CV-Admin

Empires Before Clans

Ambriel || Rebekah
Ambriel - Shadow Empire Gladiator by Wildfire-Tama Rebekah - Bounty Hunter Apprentice by Wildfire-Tama
Domitius - Ice Empire - Gladiator by Wildfire-Tama

Other Characters
Rhinaldo [$] by Jaeggy
Kuroda || Fawnflower
Kuroda (Kuro) - Mais by Wildfire-Tama Fawnflower - WindClan Warrior by Wildfire-Tama
Diomi || Quon
Character Sheet - Diomi. by TheOutli3R Quon - Underworld Dragon by Wildfire-Tama
Rusudan || Radjedef
Rusudan 14923 by TotemSpirit Radjedef 13396 by TotemSpirit
Cerethe || Lorien
Cerithe 14119 by TotemSpirit Lorien 16665 by TotemSpirit
Wheatly || Honey Bell
Wheatly by Wildfire-Tama Neighberry: Honey Bell by Wildfire-Tama

To-Do List

Please let me know if I've missed something!

:bulletpurple: Alcatraz and Co. (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Blizzard x Kuroda (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Shen x Jeri (their turn)
:bulletpurple: Lazarus x Tzuri (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Aoife x Ambriel (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Dervla x Leia (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Tuscan x Khyrian x Tristan (their turn)
:bulletpurple: Fehderer x Penelope (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Tuscan x Hanford (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Traz x Lawson (their turn)
:bulletpurple: Bleddyn x Fehderer Collan (my turn)
:bulletpurple: Connelly x Laodice (their turn)
:bulletpurple: Mithras x Tuscan (their turn)
:bulletpurple: Tuscan x Briar collab (My turn)


:bulletpurple: Whisper and Zarax Picture (Art Trade, awaiting contact) AhoyItsDusk
:bulletpurple: Art Trade with NeoShadowWolf (My half finished, awaiting their half)

I have many resolutions for 2019, and the dA-related ones I will post here so they can be officially down somewhere! 

1) Restrain myself with role plays and step back from some groups: I am just constantly behind these days. It takes me forever to get to stuff sometimes and I really need to change that because I prefer a faster pace. I will be giving some characters an RP limit (like only accepting 3 or 5 at a time), I will be retiring others. But don't worry, I will let people know of things that impact them!

At the end of the day though this is my leisure time, so even if I'm too busy at the moment I don't want to stop doing the things that I have a lot of excitement and muse for, or restrain myself from groups I want to join. Sooo some groups, particularly Fawnlings, I don't really plan to step back from at all. I just hope better time management will help me enjoy it more!

2) Do more with my OC wolf pack: I have a lot in mind for my Sebago wolf pack and I'm really looking forward to exploring their characters. But I've been saying this to myself for a while xD I'm going to try and actually make some progress this year. 

3) Actually post things from a world-building exercise I've been working on: This has been something I've been playing with for years just for fun and I really love it! I've just never done anything finished or polished so I've never posted anything. But maybe this is the year to finally solidify some stuff I've been casually mulling over forever!

4) Rhino Animation 1 by Wildfire-TamaDraw more rhinos: I love rhinos, I want more rhino characters and I want to be able to draw rhinos!  RhinoAnimation2 by Wildfire-Tama

Hopefully we will all be seeing more of this guyyy <33Rhinaldo [$] by Jaeggy 
(shot in the dark but if anyone has unused rhino designs throw them at me and I may be interested in purchasing/trading! I want a crash of them TvT )

ALRIGHT that's all I have for goals in the next year! Hopefully I can better manage my groups in the future so I can cruise along here, both with group projects and my own projects, and continue my happy online life for a long time yet!

(and to those many individuals out there currently waiting on replies/starters I apologize and now that the holidays are over I plan to try and catch up)

Happy New Years everyone!! :D

Role Play Tracker

Favorite Things <3

Tiligol sprites and Wren by Tazihound, Yuaei by kr00bs



Avatar by Tazihound
Night Skin by WithoutCommonSense ( )
Floral Custom Box by Fantasy33 ( )
Blue Boxes Code by CypherVisor ( )
Scolling Blue Box Code by LabLayers ( )
Cream Box Code by CypherVisor ( )
Saurugol Background by Naviira ( )


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AntiDarkHeart Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I'm glad you still love it :XD: I think I do have that ol' picture from years ago. Do you have a Skype? I could probably send it to you C: 

I'm doing great actually C: 
Wildfire-Tama Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013
Of course I do! I always love gifts from friends, especially one I like thinking about. :) We had a lot of really fun times... I still remember Tree Haven and Wyvren. That was one of my favorite ongoing rps ever. :) No I don't have a skype, sorry :( But I would love to see it if you still have it! And I'm very happy to hear that you are doing great! :)
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beatrizearthbender Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the watch! :icondragonglomp:
Wildfire-Tama Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
No problem. :) I really like your art.
SheltieWolf Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday! :party: :cake:
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