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:new: Added Jonquil's information! 

Lord Tuscan | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama
Lord Tuscan // Glenmore Lord // 5 years old // Tentatively closed for breeding (still pretty young)

OPEN FOR: Plotting, RPs, collabs, relationship-developing art trades!


Tuscan is now 5 years old and he will be trying to gain his very first harem! There are a few things I’d love to happen this rut:
  • FIGHTS with other stags over does! Preferably PC royal does! Gotta get him some experience. He can win or lose!
  • Does who’d like to be in his harem, or who he can try to impress! They can join either by their own choice or by him winning them or perhaps gifted. He’s also going to be strutting around being irritating to every pretty royal doe in Glenmore so feel free to volunteer your Lady to snub him as he tries to look cool for her!
  • I don’t expect Tuscan to have fawns this rut, he’s still so young, but I’m not toootally against it either so feel free to throw your ideas at me!

As Tuscan grows he will be looking into making a little Glade for himself, and that will need staff! I’d love to be able to plot/rp some of these relationships, and am particularly looking for:
  • Hoofmaiden(s)He can’t take care of his long mane alone!
  • Herbalist: Without a Princess, Tuscan will want someone who can help him when he gets hurt! (Could also be a hoofmaiden)
  • Also Butler and Gardener and other staff because he is spoiled hehe


And just random potential things I am looking for:

  • Untraditional stags around his age he can be a jerk to.
  • Traditional Lords his age to be friends with
  • Perhaps a “high-quality” Princess he can sorta “fall for” and attempt to irritate swoon?
  • Traditional younger Lords he can take under his wing
  • Respectable older Lords he can idolize also irritate

Aoife | Doe | Glenmore Commoner by Wildfire-Tama
Aoife // Glenmore Commoner // 10 Years old // CLOSED for breeding (part of Lord Jinxario’s harem, not having children)

OPEN FOR: Plotting, RPs, collabs, relationship-developing art trades!


Aoife is closed this rut but I’m always looking for a few sorts of interactions for her:

  • Friends or negative relationships in GM! I’m open to pre-existing relationships too!
  • Stat-building things! (Particularly magic, herbs, speed, endurance, but I'm up for anything!)

Lord Fehderer | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama
Lord Fehderer // Glenmore Lord // 21 years old // OPEN for breeding

OPEN FOR: Plotting, RPs, collabs, relationship-developing art trades!


Fehderer is going on 21 now but there's a lot going on in his life so there are a lot of plots to be had here!:

  • Ladies/High-standing commoners to take into his harem/fight for! I’m open to tension in the relationship, friendship, maaaybe even romance if the rps lead that way, I mostly just want to rp/plot and see what happens!
  • Fawns if anyone would like one out of him! We’d need to find a doe for him to breed with though! I am also open to discussing him being the father to your starter Lord!
  • Other stags he can fight!


Other ongoing stuff I’m always looking for:

Lady Dervla | Doe | Royal by Wildfire-Tama

Lady Dervla // Glenmore Lady // 2 year old // CLOSED for breeding (too young)

OPEN FOR: Plotting, RPs, collabs, relationship-developing art trades!


Dervla is only two so she is closed this rut! But she’s open to rps/relationship development! C:

  • Royal friends around her age to rp/collab with (open to things such as best friend, friend, frenemies, enemies, rivals, baby crushes)
  • Older royal fawnlings she can irritate hehe.

Princess Laodice| Filly | Royal by Wildfire-Tama

Princess Laodice // Glenmore Princess // 1 year old // CLOSED for breeding (too young)

OPEN FOR: Plotting, RPs, collabs, relationship-developing art trades!


Laodice is closed for breeding, she’s just a baby! But I have some fun stuff planned for her future and I’d love to start building relationships early:

  • Friends to rp/collab with! (open to best friends, friends, older fawnlings to annoy, bullies because she’s strange, baby crushes)
  • It's be cool for her betrothed to perhaps be a childhood friend? Though I could also picture her be given to someone quite a bit older too who is a stranger… I have no ideas really and am open to hearing the ideas of others! I’m not willing to commit to anyone until it gets closer, and until we’ve done some rps, but just throwing this out there early!

Lord Saranno | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama

Lord Saranno // Glenmore Lord // 8 years old // Tentatively closed for breeding?

OPEN FOR: Plotting, RPs, collabs, relationship-developing art trades!


My first rut with Saranno! :D I can’t picture him doing much in terms of rut this year, but I am open to a few things:

  • I don’t see him as the type to actively collect a harem (he’s not very handsome by GM standards :C ), but he’d happily take in some of his female friends/any crushes if anyone would be interested!
  • I don’t picture him participating in rut battles unless he is fighting for a does he really likes (platonic or romantic). He will also fight if another stag pisses him off as he has a bit of a temper xD
  • I can’t picture him fathering children yet, but I am not totally opposed either depending on the situation.

I have some ongoing things I am searching for with him!:

  • Childhood friends/foes/whatever of either gender. Or those he can meet currently. I just want him to meet more people! 
  • Royal or commoner friends, either gender, past or present
  • Royals who are/were unkind to him in youth, or just rivals/foes in general
  • While he’s old enough to be betrothed I’m not in a rush and I’d want to make a fun plot out of it. I’d imagine a wayward or restless Princess might be happy with him (though maybe not his coat at first) since he likes to be off on his own and will take her all over the place! Though a homebody Princess might make for fun plots when she doesn’t want to be way on the outskirts of society and she’s either forced to live away from everything or Rano is forced to live close to society again, so I’m open to any possibility. 

Princess Jonquil| Filly | Royal by Wildfire-Tama

Princess Jonquil // Glenmore Princess // 4 years old // CLOSED for breeding (too young)

OPEN FOR: Plotting, RPs, collabs, relationship-developing art trades!


Jonquil is closed this rut, as she’s too young and a Princess! But I am looking for some things:

  • Interactions with fawnlings in general! It’s hard for me to know right now how she will react to certain characters so I’d love a variety of others for her to meet! (Particularly if you don’t mind a potential negative relationship)
  • Pre-existing relationships (former friends, former foes, current friends maybe)
  • Staff such as a guard and/or a hoofmaiden. I'd looove to explore relationships like this for her!
  • She doesn’t have a betrothed either, I picture her betrothal happening later in her life than most so I’m taking it slow as I’d rather figure out her personality first, but I am open to discussing anything! She’ll be an interested one for your Lord that's for sure! 

Thanks for reading! Comment or note me if you are interested!


Lir's Herd Journal - CV

Sun Jul 22, 2018, 9:30 AM

Herd Type:
Traditional Herd
RP/Plotting Status: OPEN 
Transfer Status:  OPEN (if you see a horse you like, I may be open to transfers via fight plots, runaway plots, gifts or trades (my stallion gifts yours a daughter/mare or they trade to establish or solidify an alliance), whatever else, etc. etc!



Protects the herd, defends against other stallions, sires offspring, and gathers new members

Lir (#103)

Lir(#103) by CV-Admin

Status: Healthy
Genotype: ee/aa/DD/ff (flaxen red dun)
Appearance: Large with long, strong muscles. Coat often messy.
Brief Personality: Quiet and cold, but pragmatic and able to work with others for his own benefit. Independent and goal-oriented. Protective of what is his, and ambitious (will develop over time).
Offspring: None
Other: Not the kindest, but he provides. Semi-absent father to his foals, ignores foals who aren’t his own. Generally disinterested in his mare’s lives.
RP Status: Open


The true leader of the herd, steadily caring for everything whether it be day-to-day life, danger and hard times, or stallion transitions

None  yet


The core of the herd, who bear and raise children

Clodagh (#317)

Clodagh(#317) by CV-Admin
Status: Healthy
Genotype: ee/AA/Oo/Gg/nSpl  (Grey Splash Overo on Chestnut)
Appearance: Average size, well formed, long mane and tail kept neat
Brief Personality: Brave, compassionate, stubborn, idealistic, self-sacrificing
Offspring: None
Other: Lir's first mare. Trying hard to see the good in him.

Transfer/Plotting Status: Tentatively Open (it would need to be a good plot or trade)

RP Status: Open


Offspring of the herd mares, or foals found abandoned



May provide assistance to the herd




Summer 2018
+525 for joining group and member recommendations
+40 - Lir arrives in Cottonwood: Arrival - CV1 by Wildfire-Tama
+ 115 - Lir meets Savitr and they form a Bachelor Herd:  Red Stallions - CV2 by Wildfire-Tama
+26 - Lir and Savitr travel on, Lir recalls his past, Savitr gets sick:  Memories - CV3It had been some time since Lir had met the red stallion Savitr, and the other was proving quite useful after all. He had been in Cottonwood Valley for a large portion of his life and knew the best areas to go for food, shelter, and everything else. He once even lead them to a human’s watermelon patch for the most refreshing meal of Lir’s life! Savitr didn’t have any mares currently, something Lir had judged him for (after all, if you had been here all this time why are you still alone?) but it’s not like he himself had any mares either, so he couldn’t be too critical of the other stallion. And given the past that Savitr’s had told him about, and the fact he seemed rather peaceful, it wasn’t that surprising. I’m not peaceful. I take what I want. I’ll be different, Lir vowed.
In return Lir had shared his own past, or select parts of it; he avoided whatever might allude to his ambitious nature. Instead he tried to portray himse

+ 131 - Lir and Savitr meet a bachelor Sinner , who is spooked by a human object in a cave, and they investigate before Lir and Savitr move on:  Curiosity in the Cave - CV4 by Wildfire-Tama

+113 - Lir and Savitr meet a mare, and Lir drives Savitr away. The mare flees and Lir goes after her:  The Mare in the Cave - CV5 by Wildfire-Tama
+108 - Lir finds the mare trying to free a fox as a hunter approaches. She promises to be in his herd if he helps her:  The Deal - CV6 by Wildfire-Tama




Total Feathers: 1048
Other Items: None


Those Lir has met on his travels


Bachelor 17 Littlewerevamp 11/4/18 by CV-Admin

Circumstances of Meeting: Traveled together for a time in the summer, until Lir attacked him for possession of a mare
Current Relationship: Likely hostile
Relevant Links: Red Stallions - CV2Memories - CV3, Curiosity in the Cave - CV4The Mare in the Cave - CV5
Other: n/a

Sinner (now known as Windsong)

Windsong by CV-Admin
Circumstances of Meeting: Met Lir and Savitr briefly one summer day in a cave where evidence of humans was found, then parted ways
Current Relationship: neutral
Relevant Links: Curiosity in the Cave - CV4
Other: n/a

A fox

Circumstances of Meeting: Clodagh found it in a human trap, and Lir distracted the approaching human as Clodagh set it free. It fled immediately
Current Relationship: unknown
Relevant Links: The Deal - CV6
Other: n/a


dispersed offspring, displaced stallions, former mares, the deceased, etc.



Hey everyone

I'll be away until July 9th with probably very little time to be online, and I likely have a busy week that week I get back too so just letting everyone know it might be a few weeks yet before I get to replying to you/working on some things.

I’ve really did try to get caught up with stuff before I had to go but it didn’t work out due to some unexpected things that came up irl plus my general inability to properly manage time, so I apologize for all who will be waiting even longer than usual for me and thank you all so much for your patience!

I recently adopted this guy! He has lived a long and successful life so far, though still lacks a Princess, so I’d like to try and find him one if the right girl is out there somewhere!
Lord Fehderer | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama
A few notes:

  • I imagine her being on the older side just so they can be a bit closer in age (maybe she is divorced or lost her previous Lord or for some reason her betrothal was delayed) But I am open to discussing anything at any age (especially if theres a good plot for that)!
  • She’d be treated like a queen and showered with attention (Lord Fehderer is very traditional and not the warmest but he has always wanted a Princess and doesn’t think he’ll get one at this point in his life, so he’ll be so grateful for her whoever she is even if not "ideal". Though that doesn't mean they still can't clash a bit!).
  • I really want someone who is interested in developing the relationship, after all this is a unique situation given how late it is happening and I want to have fun with it! I'm not in a rush and I’ll want to role play some and get to know her/you before I decide if someone is the right fit. (Though if we'd like to do a "blind betrothal" sort of plot I am certainly open to that too! But I would prefer to have at least a few rps with you with other characters beforehand (or at least see that you are an active rper in the group) just so I can know that you'll be in this for the long term!)
  • I’m also open to hearing any sort of plot or drama when it comes to this so don’t be shy about throwing ideas at me, however wild!

Thanks for reading!

I’d like to hit the ground running with my new character Lord Fehderer, as he’s not getting any younger!

Lord Fehderer | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama

Lord Fehderer is a 19 years old Lord of Glenmore! 

What I'm looking for:

Stags to Fight, Spar with, or Befriend: He’s a fighter, so I’d love to explore that with any stag who would like to get into last-minute fights for rut! I’m also open to sparring with other stags, and friends in general!

Children, Other Kin, Past Relationships: I’d like to find him some kin and past relationships! He has lots of children and family and has been around a while so anyone who would like a father, sibling, friend, or former mate for their current or future characters let me know and I’d love to plot or even just put your character in his relationship log after a discussion!

Does to Fight For or Befriend: Any ladies or traditional commoners interested in being in his harem or even just interested in getting to know him, or interested in having him fight to try and win your hand (win or lose), he’s all about that so please let me know!

I’m also going to be looking to see if there is a princess (preferably older age) around that might suit him. I plan to make a separate journal about that but feel free to comment here if you are interested! 

He’s open to anything else too, don't be shy!

Hello all,

Ill be away for the next week with no internet, just letting you all know! For people waiting on me for replies/collabs, I know you’ve already been waiting in some cases probably two weeks by now so your patience is very appreciated and Im sorry I wasn't able to get to them before I left. I really tried to and some I was able to but unfortunately I did not plan the last few days well and this really snuck up on me so I couldnt get to everything. ;-;

BUT you will be FIRST priority when I return next weekend!

Thanks again for your patience with me!
I am looking for past and present GM relationships for my new commoner, Aoife! I'd love to flesh out her past a bit more, and get her more established in general C:
Aoife | Doe | Glenmore Commoner by Wildfire-Tama
She's an 8 year old dark furred Glenmore commoner. She is very polite, kind, but timid and insecure. She lives in the harem of a Lord and once trained as an undermaiden so she could have run into any rank (though she doesn't approach royals on her own!) Potential ideas:
  • Fellow commoner doe/stag friends of similar age (old or new friends)
  • Past bullies (either gender) or current ones even
  • Kind royals she can basically "worship" (for does) or low-key crush on (for stags) for being nice to her. She will also certainly crush on kind guards!
  • If someone has a Lord who employed her parents and once her (they'd have to have been a Lord for at least 10 years!)
  • Whatever else!
These are just general ideas, I hope together we can come up with more specific plots tailored to our individual characters C:

As always my Lord Tuscan ( is open to meeting/rps as well! He's 3 years old now!

Thanks for reading! C:

Hey guys,

So over the past month or two I've been dealing with a real life situation that's been difficult and draining for me, which will continue into the future, so I figure it's about time I make a journal to say that I'll be slower than usual. My current pace in role play replies is between 1-2 weeks average once we get started, I try not to be longer but sometimes it happens.

Plot/time sensitive rps I try to be quicker with. I'm going to put in a particular effort in the near future toward getting a handle on current collabs (if you are doing a collab with me please check the bottom of my front page to make sure I have your collab written there! If its not there please remind me!). Commissions I shouldn't have a problem getting done in time. Starting rps unfortunately I am notorious for putting off, but I have a list and I hope to get to at least some of them tomorrow. 

Coming on here to draw and rp is my favorite hobby, so I don't want to cut down on anything at this point, and I still want to start new rps too where I can because I'm an addict. I'm just posting this so you know that there may be delays on my end, and they are not because I'm not into our rp/plot.

Thanks for your understanding. And to each of you who role plays and plots with me, you guys make this such a fun place, whatever's going on in the world I know I can come here and get lost in our epic stories, so thank you for that too. :hug:

It's time for a new core membership, so I’m opening point commissions to hopefully help me save up!

What I am Offering

Single Pixel - 800 :points: Animals I am used to drawing like canines or felines will probably come out best, but I am open to trying any animal. All will be made 50 x 50 unless you specify otherwise (like the rhino one is 100 x 50 and I'd do that too, but that is the biggest I'd go at this price). Sorry, no animation!
Vaiyalhi Pixel by Wildfire-Tama  Athcatrazna Pixel by Wildfire-Tama  Samwell Relationship Tracker by Wildfire-Tama  Sameko Pixel Icon by Wildfire-Tama Rhino Animation 1 by Wildfire-Tama

Single Chibi - 800 :points: Again, animals I’m used to drawing like canines or felines will come out best, but I’m open to experimenting!

I can do sets of either the chibis or pixels as well, but the individual characters will have to be bought separately (so the example below would be 1600 :points: total). I can also do a more interactive scene than just side by side, particularly for chibis, just specify if that’s what you want and we'll talk it out!

SeverusPixel by Wildfire-Tama
Colored Sketch - 600 :points: per character. Sketchy lines and color, no shade or bg. I'm willing to do any animal but ones I'm used to drawing will come out better!

Rules and What to Expect

You agree to all of the following when you ask for a commission from me

  • First come first serve, but do not send any points until I give you the okay, and from that point you have 24 hours to get the full payment to me. If after 24 hours I have not received the points I will reopen the spot for someone else.
  • Once paid there are no refunds unless I contact you about a longer wait than expected, then I will offer a refund if you would rather not have to wait.
  • Characters must have a clearly draw reference.
  • You can use the finished drawing however you want, just don’t claim to have made it.
  • I will note you with a sketch to make sure you are okay with the direction I am going before finishing.
  • Please don’t criticize my price, it might be a bit high, but I base it on how much time it takes me to make each one, and I can be a bit slow when I'm trying to get things just right.
  • I have the right to decline your request.
  • By commissioning me you are giving me permission to draw your character and upload to my gallery. You can upload to your dA gallery as long as you credit me and link back to my profile! Also be sure to save the image to your own computer. While I won’t plan to remove it from my gallery, if for some reason something happens, I am not responsible for lost images.
IMPORTANT: Getting commissions done in a timely manner is important to me, but given trades/collabs/plot things in groups I am currently behind on, these may not be what I work on right away. Expect to have your commission complete within two months and if I’m nervous it might take longer for whatever reason I will contact you about it as soon as I know. At that point I will give you a revised time estimation and offer a refund! 

How to Order

Comment here or note me with the form

Pixel, Chibi, or Colored Sketch?:
Reference to character(s):
Preference on pose: (maybe say a thing about a preferred pose, or what the character's personality is, if you want a set then what the relationship between the characters is like, if nothing else just things to give me an idea of what to do.)
Anything else?:


Thanks for reading :)

DotW Event: Secret Gift Exchange

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 14, 2017, 3:29 PM

11/22/2017: You should all have now received a note from me with the name of your person! If you signed up and have not received a note from me (or if there are any other issues) please let me know ASAP so we can sort it out! Have fun everyone, and make sure to review the rules before you begin your picture!

Hello, everyone!

It’s time for the third annual Domain of the Wolf Secret Gift Exchange! A Secret Gift Exchange is when you draw a picture for a random member assigned to you, and in return another random member draws a picture for you! It is a great way to spread the holiday spirit and make people happy with beautiful fanart!

!! There are new rules this year so be sure to read everything fully !!

What You Need To Do:

Very simple. You tell me here that you want to sign up. I add you to the list. After signups I note you the person you will draw a picture for. You draw a picture (full or near full body with background) for that person featuring your choice of one of their DotW characters.

Timeline of Events
Bullet; Blue Tuesday, November 21, 2017: Signups for the Secret Gift Exchange end! (Must enter name by 11:59 pm on the 21st)

Bullet; Blue Friday, November 24, 2017: By the end of the day you should have the name of your person!

Bullet; Blue Thursday, December 28, 2017:  I will begin sending out reminder notes to those who have not completed their gift.

Bullet; Blue Saturday, January 6, 2018: After 11:59 pm on this day the event is over. This gives you around a month and a half to get these pictures done.

You are free to submit your gift at any time between the day you get your name and January 6th! When you submit your gift you may cash it in for two bones for your choice of any of your characters, and these two bones do not count toward the 6 bone monthly limit (which means you can gain 8 bones total for a character with this!), AS LONG AS it is before January 6th 2018! (If you submit after the deadline you will get no bones… and also it will be upsetting)


Bullet; Blue Only sign up if you are SURE that you will be able to get the gift done before January 6th! That is plenty of time, but it’s just really sad when someone puts so much effort into their gift to someone, but then don’t get any gift in return. Please don’t do that to someone!! D: If you are worried about it then just get it done early, you have over 6 weeks to do one picture, so running out of time should not be an issue. If something does come up and you fear you won’t be able to complete the picture, let me know ASAP, by no later than a week before the deadline (Saturday, December 30th). This is really not ideal, though, so please make sure you are committed before you sign up!

If you don’t complete your gift, and don’t let me know by a week before the deadline, then you won’t be able to participate in this event in the future.
 Bullet; Blue This picture must feature a character that belongs to your person but other characters can be included if you’d like! Just make sure that the character of your person is the focus of the drawing!

Bullet; Blue This picture should be a FULL BODY or near full body picture with a complete background. Remember, this is about giving a really nice gift to one of your friends here online and spreading the holiday spirit, so it is expected that you put a lot of effort into this! Here are some examples of "near full body" so there is no confusion:
Alar in the first picture and Alcatraz (lower left) in the second picture are examples of the bare minimum amount that must be shown. In the second picture, Seven (left) is another example of around the minimum accepted, BUT Loki (right) is NOT acceptable because you can only really see a little more than half of him.
I know this is arbitrary and I apologize but I wanted to make some sort of standard this year just to avoid confusion! Rule of thumb: if you are worried just include more!

Bullet; Blue Do not tell anyone who you have! Part of the excitement is that it is a SECRET gift exchange! It is not as fun if you know who has you!
Bullet; BlueNew If you are removed from the group you are still expected to complete your gift! 

Member and admins, everyone in the group can participate!

This event is being run by me, Wildfire-Tama, so please bring all questions and concerns to me!

That’s all for now! Please use this journal to sign up!


((beautiful skin from here))

Anyone want to come with Alcatraz to Heyl?

This is a zero commitment thing, I just need wolves who I can say traveled with him! This takes place in the early/mid fall (so like a month or two ago)

That said I am willing to do more with it if you guys want. Like a group collab of the journey might be fun! An rp will be harder because group rps can be slow and this journey is already a month or two behind current, but I’m up for anything.

For those who come, also a good excuse to rp with loners or Heylians!

If you are interested just comment below, let me know if you'd want to do anything like a collab! Also maybe let me know if you DO plan on using this as an opportunity to meet any Heyl members or lonerssince I would give those individuals preference since they may not get the opportunity often. I’ll probably only pick two or three or maybe four wolves depending on interest.

I am also looking for rps/collabs and stuff for Alcatraz in general so let me know if you are interested in rp or collab or art trade or something! (If you comment here I WILL be asking if you want to rp/collab with Alcatraz so be warned!) Here is his app:

Alcatraz - Lord of Aryn by Wildfire-Tama

All my other wolves are open for rp too, I plan to make a separate journal for that sometime but until then feel free to poke me for any reason C:

:new: (10/23/2017) just to let everyone know, got my computer back so hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon!

Hey guys,

So my computer is in for repairs for a few days to a week (with the possibility of being unrepairable and all data on it lost, but we aren't going to talk about that).

Anyway while I dont have a computer I won't be able to work on collabs or draw, or comment on things (since my phone does that thing where when I comment it replies to another persons comment), and rp replies will be slower because I'll have to reply on my phone which takes longer.

Hopefully it'll be a quick thing and this journal will have been totally unnecessary but I just wanted to let everyone know just in case!
Anyone want to meet Rebekah? :) She's open for role plays, art role plays, collabs, and/or art trades with anyone in the Bounty Hunters!

Rebekah - Bounty Hunter Tribune by Wildfire-Tama

Let me know if you are interested!

Little Lord Tuscan is looking for interactions of any kind!

Lord Tuscan | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama

Long term or short term plots both are great! The following are of particular interest right now:
  • Fellow young Lords or maybe traditional male commoners to be his friends or enemies (both personally and/or politically in the future)
  • Traditional young Ladies and Princesses or maybe traditional commoners he can try to woo (may end up friends or enemies or something in between)
  • Anything else. Sometimes awesome plots can come where I least expect it please comment with any GM of any age, rank or coloring!

I am also open to current or future discussion/potential plotting of the following:

  • Future position holders in his glade (guard, hoofmaidens, butler, gardener, etc.) - Tuscan is second born so he will need to establish his own glade once he is old enough and it will need staff! Maybe some of the staff positions are childhood friends.
  • His Princess - I really want a special little girl for Tuscan! Tuscan will be one of my only fawnlings and he's very special to me! (more on this at the bottom of the Potential Plots and Relationship link below if you are interested!)

I would love for him to meet anyone as long as they are in Glenmore. He reacts quite differently to different Fawnlings, linked below is his plot page which covers his general reactions to most kinds of individuals. A some plot ideas are also listed on the page!

Potential Plots and Relationships for Lord TuscanHi everyone! So I am looking for characters who will be part of my young Lord Tuscan's development! He is only open for Glenmore relationships right now, since he's so young!
Please comment or note me if you are interested in meeting Tuscan! We can discuss plots from scratch, or we can use one of the potentials I have listed below! :D
I am open for using role plays, art role plays, collabs, art trades, and any combination of said options to develop the relationship!
Also this is his all based on his childhood personality. Hopefully he will mature a bit through rps and development and become less of a brat!

EVERYDAY PLOTS: Tuscan’s personality lets even meet-and-greets turn interesting. The following is a list of possibilities depending on who you are, which all have potential to develop into short or long term plots that and can lead to friendships, rivalries, enemies, and anything in between!
Non traditional or shunned Glenmore Fawnlings

Even if nothing jumps out at you there, feel free to still comment here or note me and we will come up with something fun! :D

I am willing to literature RP, art RP (basically drawing pictures/sketches back and forth in place of RP posts), collab, or art trade in order to develop the relationship, so whichever method you prefer I am up for! (Though for the collab and art trade options, I DO require at least a semi-thorough discussion about the relationship before we start, since we won’t have the same natural development that a full RP would give us!)

Quick Look at Tuscan
Age: 2 years (as of spring 769, future or past rps welcome!)
Rank: Lord
Brief Personality: Very Traditional, Determined, Conceited, Craves Acceptance, Judgemental (and mean about it), Cowardly, Responsible, Closed-off, Secretly Artsy and Romantic

Thanks for reading!

Now that I am back in EBC with Ambriel, I want to jump right in! She is open to any role plays, collabs, art trades (that develop the relationship), or relationship discussions with anyone in Shadow Empire! She is also open to border interactions of any kind with neighboring Empires (Lightning or Fire Empire) and then possibly (most likely negative) interactions with Bounty Hunters.

Shadow cats, I am totally down for Eclipse Event related things as well!

Just let me know if you are interested and we can come up with something awesome! :D

Ambriel - Shadow Empire Gladiator by Wildfire-Tama

((Also, it may take me a little bit to get back to your comments, but I promise I will get back to each one! (with priority on Eclipse events because of the deadline) My life is starting to calm down after being quite busy all summer so I still have a backlog to get through, but I wanted to get this posted so I can get started with developing Ambriel as soon as I am able!))
Hey guys

Just letting you know that tomorrow is the last time I'll be on before I am away for another week (from Friday, August 4th until Sunday, August 13th). Unfortunately I have quite a few rp replies in my inbox that I will most likely not get to before I leave (though I hope to get a few done tomorrow).

I don't expect to do any rp replying while I'm away, and even when I get back next Sunday it may take a few days to catch up, so I apologize for the wait and thank you all for your patience!

Edit 8/13: I am back! It will probably take me a few days to catch up, thank you all again for your patience!
Hey guys

Just letting everyone know that I'm away starting this Friday (the 14th of July) until the following Sunday (23nd of July). I don't expect to respond to rps or work on anything after tomorrow, and even when I get back on the 23nd I might take a few days to catch up with life in general. I'll have my phone though so I might still be sorta in touch!

Thanks for the patience!
I have found a home for my Tuscan! Thank you everyone who has offered, I really appreciate it!

:new: I am now searching for either a royal pair or a Glenmore Lady willing to pair with this handsome Lord! Duncan | Stag | Lord


I am looking for help with getting my first Fawnling!
The personality I have been developing would be perfect as a young Glenmore Lord, if there is a royal Glenmore couple out there willing to have him!


I am an active rper/artist who loves getting involved with groups and plotting, and this Fawnling would be my only one (at least for a long while), so he will be very loved and a very active relationship for both his parents and the community as a whole! If I can find a willing pair I am willing to draw the pairing picture if you'd like, or just anything to make it easier for anyone willing to help me.

I am looking for a little Lord, so his parents have to be at least a Lord and Lady in Glenmore. I am happy to give him dark fur, and he will be very traditional and eager to make his parents proud! Here is a rough draft of his personality (still WIP) if anyone would like to know more about him:

disclaimer: This is his child personality, and even the mentioned development as he grows is mostly a guess and is all subject to change as he develops!
Tuscan is a deeply traditional individual who fervently adopts the culture in which he was raised, and strives to excel in that culture. This conformism along with a fear of becoming an outcast leads him to being vocally judgemental, entitled, and proud. However he is also dutiful and eager to do his part in the community.
Tuscan seems to think that all should bow to his whim. He has the outer confidence of a king and does not do well when things don’t go his way. He is demanding, especially of those lower than him, and feels no remorse asking unreasonable or unpleasant tasks of them. He seems to have two things in mind when he acts; what he wants, and the status quo. He tries to follow the proper Lordly manners taught to him by his parents, so much so that he ofte

This personality is just a starting point that he can grow from, and even some of the base traits are subject to change based on his parents! I hope that his personality will allow for lots of interesting plots, but if there is anything about his personality that bothers you then please let me know and we can discuss! His name is also subject to change. I am very open to input of any kind!


Thank you so much taking the time to read this and considering letting me into your Fawnling family!


Lorien 16665

Sun Jan 15, 2017, 9:25 AM

General Information


Lorien 16665 by TotemSpirit
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 4 years (4 starting, 1-JUL-2016)
  • Genotype: ee/aa/Tt/MM/CC/AA/nG/nL
  • Phenotype: marked collared greying lilac tundra with accents
  • Inbred: No
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 800 lb
  • Personality: Lorien is a sweet tokota. She is shy, quiet, and avoids confrontation however she can. She is caring and compassionate, and has great empathy for others. But under her quiet front Lorien knows what she wants and has her own modest sort of drive, a drive for a life where she can help others and feel useful. She easily makes good relationships with others, but rarely are they close. She can be quickly overwhelmed by busy, loud, or crowded places, and unless she has a job to focus her mind on she will shrink into herself and search for an escape. This along with her shy nature makes her independent, and she is perfectly comfortable with being alone and wandering by herself, especially when she wants time to herself to gather her thoughts.
  • Health: Perfect Condition
  • Proof of Ownership:…



Sun Jan 1, 2017, 7:30 PM

:new:After the time I spend away I realized how much more relaxed I felt online with so much less on my plate, so I have decided to leave EBC indefinitely. Below are all the final plans for my characters.

Hey EBC. So the title says is all. I am going on hiatus for a short time (in case I end up regretting this decision in the near future) and then the ultimate plan is to leave EBC. I have loved my time here, thanks to all of you, and this is surely one of my favorite groups of all time. The concept is just... genius. But I just don't have the time anymore, not at the moment...

On to the fate of my characters:

DOMITIUS will be an NPC Gladiator in Ice Empire. Feel free to use him however you'd like so long as it is in his character! If I ever return to EBC, it will be with him.

APENNINE will be removed from the group. Her family is moving to another city and Apennine will go with them, and she will continue her Bounty Hunter training in the new city.

AMBRIEL has been given to Saffaye. I was so blessed to have her at all, she is the daughter of the couple that brought me to EBC, and I love her to death. Thank you everyone who showed interest in adopting her, it was a hard decision. But I am so happy that her story will continue on, so thank you so much Saff, I know you will take good care of her <3

Alright, that is all I think!

Thanks again everyone. It's been so great <3