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Yuaei - Highvalley Meister by Wildfire-Tama Yuaei - Highvalley Meister by Wildfire-Tama
Yuaei Medallion by Tazihound Yuaei Medallion by WynBird Yuaei Pup Medallion by Tazihound

:new: 7-MAY-2017:
I changed her eye color to be a bit lighter blue!

Updated to her juvenile ref! Special thanks to SilverPocky and Tazihound who helped me with her anatomy. Yuaei is open for anything and everything, please comment or note me! :D

Edited lines slightly again, and Yuaei is now in Highvalley with her family! :D YUAEI IS OPEN FOR ALL HIGHVALLEY RPS ((please rp with me ;v; ))
27-DEC-2016: Edited her lines slightly!
4-NOV-2016: Yuaei has officially be born (and I fixed up some of her markings and her eyes)! She is open for role plays so please comment or note me if you want to meet her! :D

DotW 2018 Superlatives
Star!Purest of Pure Most Beautiful Beauty of All 11/10 Would Beat Snow White (runner up to Gwyndolyn!): The mirror names Gwyn fairest in the land, followed closely by her proverbial Snow White, Yuaei!
Star!Best Coat: Yuaei’ s captivating appearance has stolen the hearts and minds of the Domain! 

Thank you all so much!! <33


Yuaei Stamp by Wildfire-Tama

{ Name // Yuaei ( "U-A-ee", "Yoo-ae", "(e)-yew-ae", something like that)
{ Nicknames // Sister Sun (by Mohawk), Sun Cousin (by Livia and Eros)
{ Age // Young Adult (born November 2016)
{ Sex // female
{ Height // 36”
{ Weight // 101 lbs
{ Build // thin and lanky frame, very tall, very long and thin legs. Long, wispy fur, thin and susceptible to the cold. Rather weak. Round, high cheeks that make an eternal upward curve on the bottom of her eyes, giving her face a particularly friendly vibe.
{ Pack // Highvalley
{ Rank // Gamma Meister (Highblood, Havirian Princess)
{ Steward // Calumina
{ Family // Saurugol (father, deceased), Tilika (mother), Mohawk (brother), Arthur (half-brother), Ira (adopted sister/aunt),  Faust (uncle)Artemas (half-uncle), Aphrodi (second cousin)
{ Voice //…


[ poised/distant ] ~ [ clever/prudent ] ~ [ playful/teasing ] ~ [unforgiving/ruthless ] ~ [ courageous/proactive ] ~ [ responsible/empathetic ] ~ [ dependent/devout ]

{ Overall Aura //
Yuaei comes off as charming and warm when you first meet her. She has an air of sophistication and intelligence, but in an approachable way. As you get to know her you may notice that there is more to her than meets the eye, and she may be a few shades darker than she lets on.

{ poised/distant //

Yuaei is a very composed wolf, she always has a warm smile on and will always be polite and pleasant at first to everyone she meets. She gives off an aura of calm and refined confidence and grace. She is regal and dignified and does not respond well to being belittled, even if she may outwardly laugh along. She does not make attachments easily, and although she will readily make any positive relationships she can, very few of these actually have her trust or her true affection. She can also seem distant to others if they try to have a meaningful conversation with her, particularly for those outside of her religion, because she is very proud of her heritage, being the daughter of a God and a she-wolf who she sees as perfection, and while not exactly arrogant she can still be quite smug.

{ clever/prudent //
Yuaei has a sharp mind and is very calculated. Her blue eyes don’t miss much and she is not easily fooled. She is good at making plans and is able to see the outcomes of certain actions and picking the one that benefits her the most. She does not hesitate to be manipulative, deceitful, or in some cases even cruel when it will serve her well. Going along with this, Yuaei is insightful and largely due to being a lone wolf for the beginning of her life, she is wise beyond her years. She takes lessons from everything and is eager to absorb information. Her wisdom controls her emotions to an unusual degree, and she is not easily overwhelmed. Rarely if ever does she cry and rage.

{ playful/teasing //
Yuaei enjoys playing and letting loose. She enjoys wrestling, running, laughing, and seeing great beauties the Gods have bestowed upon the world. She is willing to play with any wolf, even those she doesn't know well. She has a charming sense of humor and enjoys poking light fun at others. She is naturally social, even if her life has made her more distrustful than she naturally is, and although she will try her best not to let it show, she deeply craves companionship at all times.

{ unforgiving/ruthless //
Despite being wise for her age, a major flaw in Yuaei is her unforgiving nature. And while it is not impossible to regain her friendship, it is exceptionally difficult. An issue too is that you may not even know that your relationship with her is destroyed. She can be very two-faced. Whatever she may be feeling within, if she sees it as most beneficial to remain on agreeable terms with you then she will do it. While she wouldn’t look to kill anyone, if death happened upon someone who wronged her she would feel no remorse, nor would she help if given the opportunity. In society she believes in strict and potentially even brutal punishment against crimes. Everyone should get what they deserve.

{ courageous/proactive //
Yuaei is a brave wolf, but her courage is in her willingness to do whatever it takes to make things better for her or a loved one. Internally she will always be dominant, but outwardly she has no qualms with acting either submissive or bold at will depending on the situation. Her strength is in her mind, but she will face even a physical challenge if she sees it as for the best. She is determined to succeed and do good by her loved ones, and is resolute when she wants something. She is good at seeing the bigger picture and is quick to take preventative action if she sees impending problems. She does not like being caught off guard, in fact that is her least favorite thing, so she works to try and ensure that rarely happens. It's not uncommon for her to seem almost paranoid.

{ responsible/somewhat empathetic //
Yuaei likes to be in control, and she works best when she is in charge, and despite her naturally selfish nature to outsiders she is devoted to those who she feels responsible for, and will serve them the best she can. Even when not in power she will work for her loved ones and is motivated to do a good job taking care of those she feels she has a responsibility to. Despite her flaws Yuaei can be quite empathetic, particularly if someone has done nothing to indicate that they are deserving of misfortune. She will help random others altruistically if she can do so fairly safely (unless it is too great a risk to her, because she will not risk her life for someone she doesn’t know). But that is where her empathy ends. If something will benefit one of her loved ones, at the expense of another individual, she will always chose her loved one. She may feel sad inflicting pain upon someone else, but in her mind no one is more important than her family or loved ones. She also feels an inherent loyalty to others who follow the Havirian religion, and she is quite a bit more selfless when it comes to their welfare as opposed to a Betrayer (aka those outside of her faith).

{ devout/dependent //
Yuaei gravitated toward the Havirian religion immediately and believes in it very strongly. She believes her father is a God guiding the paws of her family, and has complete confident in his ability to guide her on the right path. She draws a lot of her inner strength and confidence from the Gods, as well as acceptance for even the harshest realities of the world, and believes that she can make it through anything as long as she keeps her faith. And even if she doesn’t make it, well then she would get to finally meet her parents and live an eternity of peace in Paradise. This gives her peace of mind and serenity even if deadly situations. This is especially true as she grows older and her strengthening mind overpowers her instinctive fear of death. Yuaei may seem independent, but she isn’t. She needs companionship, and she needs someone to take care of and give her purpose in the world. She is very close with her brother Mohawk, and if something is in Mo’s best interest, she would do anything to see it done. She is similarly loyal to all of her Havirian brethren.


{ Pre-Group //
It was several weeks after the destruction of Havir when Yuaei was born. She was born to former Havirian and widowed wife of the Ade, Tilika. She was first born in her litter, and was always the more outgoing of the two. While she seemed the happy and confident social butterfly, her brother Mohawk tended to be quieter. Yuaei loves her brother and enjoyed his company over the company of anyone else. She would choose staying with him even if the opportunity came for something more exciting. Yuaei loves and idolizes her mother Tilika, and strives to someday be just like her. She is not sad that her father died before she was born, because she knows he is a God now who is always there watching over them all, even if she can’t see him.

{ Group History // {-summary: link to RP //link to pictures//}
+3 Born to Tilika and Saurugol: //My Sun and Moon//
+0 Yuaei takes a walk in the forest: //Yuaei//
+1 Bonds with Tilika and Mohawk: //Super Mom//
+0 Plays with Mohawk: //Celestial Siblings - DotW//
+0 Bonds with Tilika and Mohawk: //The Call//
+1 Meets Cody: DoTW - Babysitting
+0 Plays with Mohawk under Tilika's watchful eye: //Youth//
-2 Winter as a loner
+1 Meets Roran and he teaches her to dance and sing: Siren Singalong
+0 Meets Angus and he travels with them
+2 Holiday Gift from admins
+2 Meets Eros and they become friends: A Celestial Bond (Yuaei and Eros) //Unbroken//
+1 Meets Angus and he travels with her and her mother and brother: DotW RP: Resurrection
+2,-1 Moves to Highvalley with her mother, brother, and Angus: Welcome to Highvalley //Opportunity//
+0 Gives Mohawk a mohawk: //Mohawk//
+1 Meets Sveta: Chilly Meeting (Sveta and Yuaei)
+1 Yuaei dreams of her father: //Letters From the Sky//
+1 Meets Vera and learns to ice dance: DotW: Ice to Meet you!
+1 Quilo takes Yuaei to a warm spring within a cave: //DOTW: Babysitting//
+1 Learns about herbs from her cousin Livia: An Aspiring Meister (Livia and Yuaei) //The Collection//
+1 Decides to train as a Meister under Sveta when she comes of age, and tells Sveta about her faith: Paradise (Sveta and Yuaei)
+0 Narrowly escapes death by ferocious strangers, saved by her mother who was killed: //No Time, Final Breath//
+0 Grieves for Tilika: //
Mohawk's Introduction Meme//
+2 Comforted by Sveta: Grief (Sveta and Yuaei) //No One Is Alone//
-3 Rank up to Delta Meister
+1 Follows Gwyn and Sveta: Bridges and Walls (Sveta, Gwyndolyn, Yuaei)
+1 Catches up with Livia: Catching Up [ Yuaei x Livia ]
+0 Grows close to Sveta: //DoTW - The river sings//
+1 Bonds with her cousin Livia: //A Cousin's Comfort//
+1 Bonds with her cousin Eros: //Havir's Legacy (Eros and Yuaei)//
+0 Enjoys a walk in the high mountain forests: //Snow dimming//
+1 Meets Alyan and treats his wounds: Meeting the New Meister (Alyan x Yuaei)
+0 Shares her faith with Sveta: //DoTW - Faith//
+0 Wonders to Mohawk what their life could have been like if their parents survived: //What If...//
+0 Bonds with Livia: //The Sun and The Moon//
+1 Helps Creon through a seizure and promises to keep it a secret: DotW - Creon and Yuaei - Loosing Control
+0 Bonds with Mohawk: //The bear and the maiden fair//
+1 Meets Vaiyalhi: Sunshine and Stormcloud (Vaiyalhi x Yuaei)

+0 Looks thoughtful in the golden sunset: //Yuaei//
+1 Gives Hemlock advice about Alyan: The Meister's Tale (Hemlock x Yuaei)
+0 Happily looks on at Livia and Khione's reunion: //Sister Reunion//
-7 Yuaei is promoted to Gamma Meister
+1 Sveta congratulates her for her promotion: DoTW - Commendation
+1 Helps Avalon: A Dab of Honey (Avalon x Yuaei)
+1 Meets with Roran again and the two enjoy each other's company and the two then meet periodically: //See You Soon! - Collab//
+1 Spends time with Sveta, Gwyndolyn, and Amalthea: DoTW - Pleasantries
+1 Yuaei gains a Steward in Calumina: Leap of Faith (Yuaei x Calumina)
+1 Yuaei discusses Highvalley with Eros: Current Musings (Eros x Yuaei)
+1 Speaks with Alyan: The Storyteller (Alyan x Yuaei)
+2 Dresses Calumina up for the Social: Dressing Up (Calumina x Yuaei) //Dressing Up//
+2 Yuaei eats with Gwyn and Sveta at the Highvalley Winter Full Moon Social: //DoTW - The Feast//
+1 Talks with Avalon at the Full Moon Social: //Party Accompaniment//
+2 Yuaei sings with Maerac at the Highvalley Winter Full Moon Social: //DoTW|MSE|Children of Kings|Dec 17//
+1 Shares her faith with Calumina: They Guided Me To You (Calumina x Yuaei)
+0 Bonds with Mohawk: //Her Smile//
+1 Hunts with Alyan and Vysariel: On Winter Winds
+1 Tries to convince Mohawk not to seek revenge on Tilika's killer: DotW RP: Oathkeeper (Mohawk + Yuaei) //DotW: She Will Always Be Dead//
+0 Bonds with Mohawk: //[DoTW Gift] Without You//
+0 Yuaei surveys the night: //{ DotW Gift : The Light Queen//
+0 Yuaei enjoys a beautiful twilight: //Happy Birthday Tama!//
+1 Yuaei looks at the sky from a mountaintop: //For Tama//
+2 Gossips with Eros: Girls Talk...-Yuaei and Eros , Girl Talk Pt 2 (Eros x Yuaei)
+2 Calumina sacrifices herself to save Yuaei from the Highvalley Flood: Swept Away (Calumina x Yuaei) //The Sacrifice//
+0 Calumina survives: //{DotW} The Price of Sacrifice//
+0 Mohawk is trapped after the Highvalley floods and reflects on himself and Yuaei: //Sun's Death//
+1 Yuaei, Avalon, Eros, and Aragon search for Calumina: //Searching//
+1 Calumina and Yuaei reunite and Yuaei meets Neith: Reunited (Calumina x Neith x Yuaei)
+1 Yuaei realizes Mohawk is missing, and goes to search for him:
+1 Yuaei finds Mohawk injured in the bottom of a chasm: DotW RP: Void (Yuaei + Mohawk)
+0 Livia, Eros, and Yuaei work together to help Mohawk recover from his ordeal: //Aiding Our Moon...-Mohawk, Yuaei, Livia and Eros//
+1 Yuaei meets loner Sarin and they search for flood survivors together: DotW: Common Interest
+1 Yuaei finds an injured Roran and he convinces her to help Tollek: Desperation (Roran x Yuaei) //Innocence Lost//
+1 Yuaei does her best to treat Tollek: Light in the Dark
+0 Bonds with Livia: //Stories of Havir//
-12 Yuaei is promoted to Captain Meister
+0 Yuaei dreams in the stars: //Yuaei//
+1 King Rodwen falls ill and Prince Vladimir steps up in his place, though to Yuaei's dismay Roran argues when the Prince calls off the search for flood victims: Changes on the Wind - Highvalley RP

{ Total Bones // 33

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Click here for Relationships--->>> Yuaei Relationship Tracker by Wildfire-Tama<<<

{ Roleplay Availability // notes preferable
{ Roleplay Ratings // any
{ Updated // 20-JAN-2019

Yuaei (c) :iconwildfire-tama:

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