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Songo - Hunter by Wildfire-Tama Songo - Hunter by Wildfire-Tama
Name: Songo

Age: Adult

Gender: male

Rank: Hunter

Personality: Songo is soft spoken, gentle, calm, and intelligent. Though quiet when in debate situations, he speaks when he knows it necessary, always in a respectful way, and most often with a personable smile and seemingly endless patience. He is a great negotiator, but is also obedient and passive which is sometimes unfortunate. In casual settings he is confident, warm and easy to talk to. He is a very large wolf and can be intimidating to those who don't know him, so his sense of humor often comes as a surprise. He is a wolf that his Alpha Boston takes seriously, and he is a great balance to Boston's more aggressive nature.

    - Loves pups and young people
    - Enjoys joking and laughing, tends to make light of serious situations in an attempt to help out.
    - Often works as the pack psychiatrist, offering empathetic advice with no judgement.
    - He is quick to assume he is at fault for something, and gets very uncomfortable having to discipline other wolves

History: WIP

  • Boston - My Alpha, and my closest friend too. She is pretty rough around the edges, especially when she was younger, but she just needed someone to put up a mirror. She's a good kid.
  • Cynthia - Boston's little sister.... means well. She can be a bit apathetic, though.
  • Dandelion - He's a troubled kid, reminds me of Boston sometimes. Though even Boston wasn't quite so difficult. Still, he's young... I think we just have to find a way to speak to him. I'm glad he has Rhoenys at least to keep his spirits up.
  • Rhoenys - Rhoenys is great! She's so full of spirit and affection. She is wonderful company.
  • McKinley - WIP
  • Rowen - Rowen is a wolf I respect greatly. Such loyalty and strength are not often found. WIP
  • Akelo - Akelo is a good friend, I'm always in a good mood with him around, we get along well!  WIP
  • Spade -  The poor guy... I am glad we were able to get him out of that monster's clutches WIP
  • Rahla - My little sister. I'm so happy I got to her in time and was able to bring her to Sebago. I can't express how happy I am that she is with me now. I'm going to do whatever it takes to give her a good life here. Whatever it takes. WIP
  • Tamaska - The poor boy was probably driven mad with grief after the death of his father... I wish things could have ended differently but, well, that's how it goes.
  • Murwen - She was a sweet girl. I'm not surprised she followed her brother. 

Featured Artwork:

Pose Reference:…
Headshot Reference:…
Real wolf Design:…
Original Design: Annowre

Songo (c) :iconwildfire-tama:
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