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Samwell Relationship Tracker by Wildfire-Tama Samwell Relationship Tracker by Wildfire-Tama
Bullet; Yellow  = Alive 
Bullet; Black - missing/deceased/retired
New: new

{ Mother // Saba (missing)
{ Father // Finnegan (missing) 
{ Siblings // Alexis (littermate/older sister, missing), Sophie (littermate/younger sister, missing)
{ Other Relations // Gaila (aunt, missing), Sloan (half-brother, missing) 
{ Mate // none
{ Pups // none

{ Loved ones //

Bullet; Black  Saba - [mother, Kausen, missing] - /loves/trusts/best friend/feels comfortable with/ I LOVE mom. I respect her to much... I tell her everything and she is always there to comfort me and encourage me to keep trying my best.
//loves/misses a lot/ - I miss you every day.

Bullet; Black  Finnegan - [father, Kausen, missing] - /loves/trusts/respects/intimidated by/ - I love my father... he is my idol. I really hope I can make him proud! I can't help but be nervous, though... I am a lot less talented than my sisters. I am going to work hard so I don't disappointed him.
//loves/respects/sad about/misses/ - I dunno what you’d think of me now… every since I joined Highvalley I’ve been getting better and better than I was, though. I hope that you’d be proud of me… I wish I could see you again.

Bullet; Black  Alexis - [littermate/older sister, loner, missing] - /loves/trusts/respects/ - I respect my older sister so much and love her. I hope to be as talented as she is someday...
//loves/misses/ - I’m so happy I found her again! It felt almost as if we were pups… I’m glad she understood when I had to leave for Highvalley, though. I’ll miss her, but I'll find her again soon.

Bullet; Black  Sophie - [littermate/younger sister, Aryn, missing] - /loves/protective/ - I love my sister and will do anything for her. I think she is so cute and endearing and I want to do everything I can to protect her. I wish she was nicer to mom, though.
//loves/misses/ - I know you went to Aryn, but last time I checked you weren't there. I hope, wherever you are, you're okay. I miss you.

{ Trusted Friends //

Bullet; Black  Alvaro [former packmate, former best friend, Fellfang, missing] - /friend/respects/curious/ - I really like Alvaro! He is super interesting and kind to me. I'm really happy he is my packmate now!
//best friend/respect/love/ - Alvaro is the nicest! He is so patient and kind to me and always looks happy to see me and will always help me out! He helped me catch a turkey! It was awesome! He's my best friend. Like a brother I have never had.
//best friend/respect/love/miss/ - I was stupid not to go with you... I feel like I have no one left in Kausen ever since my family left. So I am going to try to find you. 
//misses/ -  I heard you were in Fellfang, but you left. I wish I could have found you, but wherever you are I hope you’re happy.

Bullet; Black Amoux - [former packmate and formal idol, Vale, missing] - /close friend/trust/respect/ - Amoux is a superhero, rivaled only in awesome-ness by my father Finn. I love spending time with Amoux and look up to him a LOT.
//close friend/trust/respect/miss/ - I don't know where you went... but I hope I see you again someday... I really miss you.
//close friend/trust/respect/ - I can't believe I found him! I could not be happier. I am so glad that he has found a home and is happy. I know I have to keep going, but I hope to visit him again someday.

Bullet; Black Inanna - [loner, missing] - /unsure/like/grateful/ - I appreciate her help, and would like to see her again.
//trust/like/grateful/ - I really like and appreciate Inanna. She is so warm and kind but always happy! She literally saved my life... I hope to see her again... she's one of my closest friends.
 //respects/thankful for/misses/ - I haven’t seen Inanna in a long time, and I miss her. I know she’d be a lot of help for me right about now...

Bullet; Yellow Keeva - [loner, former travel partner] - /close friend/trust/respect/affection/attraction/ - Keeva helped me a lot when learning how to become a loner. It was so sad to see her upset after finding out about her sister... I know what it is like to lose siblings too. I hope she will be okay.
/respects/likes/trusts/attraction/grateful for/guilt/misses/ - I saw Keeva again by the border and it felt… different. I don’t think she likes that I joined Highvalley… I think about her a lot lately and it makes me miss her, and wonder if I’m doing the right thing...

{ Friends //

Bullet; Yellow Nadia - [Chandor Alpha] - /friend/attraction/ - Nadia is... really great. I am so happy I was able to help her. She was so friendly and confident in yet still really nice to meet. And I think she wants to see me again! I want to see her too...
//friend/attraction/misses/ - She’s an alpha now! Wow… it fits her. I know she’ll be great. I miss her sometimes.

Bullet; Black Echo - [Aryn, missing] - /friend/affection/protective of/attraction/ - Echo is... amazing. We escaped a fire into a river, but then the river flooded! And then she risked her life to save a fox pup! She was so brave... I was so happy we got out of there okay and managed to find shelter. I hope I see her again, I've never met a girl as compassionate and courageous as she is.
//friend/affection/protective of/attraction/ - I saw her again near Aryn and we caught up. The fox she raised to adulthood, which was great to hear. It really cheered me up when I saw her, she always knows just what to say. I miss her. Sometimes I wonder if I should have ever left.

Bullet; Yellow Livia - [Highvalley] - /likes/trusts/comfort/attraction/ - Livia has been one of my closest friends in Highvalley since I joined. She’s so kind and gentle. I feel most comfortable and at home here in Highvalley when I'm with her.

Bullet; Yellow Maerac - [Highvalley, Grand Keeper] - /respects/grateful for/fears/ - He’s terrifying, but he’s the best teacher a wolf could have. I was lost before but now I have a direction and a plan and I’m getting better than I thought possible. All thanks to him.

Bullet; Yellow Kestrel - [Heyl] - /likes/respects/grateful for/ - I’ve run into Kestrel a few times. I’m so happy that the plague in her pack has ended, and it sounds like things are settling down there. Kestrel is a good wolf.

Bullet; Yellow Rue - [loner] - /likes/respects/trusts/attraction/ - Rue and I traveled together for a time, she’s a good friend. I really appreciated her companionship and miss her.

Bullet; Black Derevenski - [Chandor, missing] - /acquaintance/unsure/ - He's a little confusing... but I like him okay, and I want to see him someday and show him how big I will get!
//friend/ - I met him again and it looks like he is doing well! He invited me to stay in Chandor, but I can't stay. Still, I will miss him.

{ Positive Acquaintances //

Bullet; Yellow  Akela - [Highvalley] - /likes/respects/ - Akela is great, it’s good to have another friend.

Bullet; Black  Poppy - [Highvalley, missing] - /likes/ - So Poppy is from Heyl, and I told Kestrel that she was here. I was really worried that she would be mad, but I think it was okay… I really like her, though. Even if she’s a highblood I think I can even call her a friend. I wonder if she went to see her family... I hope she's doing okay, wherever it was.

Bullet; Yellow  Joseline - [Highvalley] - /likes/ - Joseline is a nice wolf, I’m glad to have met her

Bullet; Black  Aria - [Highvalley, missing] - /confused by/likes/ - Aria is… really strange. She’s nice and all but she was collecting rocks...

Bullet; Yellow  Shirubafurea - [Vektren] - /likes/unsure/ - Vektren makes me nervous sometimes but Shiru seemed kind.

Bullet; Yellow  Shoshana - [Aryn, formerly Dawnguard] - /likes/grateful for/ - Shoshana gave me food when I was starving. I really appreciate her for that.

Bullet; Black  Adelphia - [Heyl, missing] - /likes/ - Adelphia is really sweet, I’m glad I met her.

Bullet; Black  Keme - [Fellfang, former packmate, missing] - /likes/comfort/ - We were in Kausen together and met up later when she was traveling to Fellfang. She said Alvaro was there too. He was gone by the time we got there but it was good to see Keme again.

Bullet; Black  Lykos - [Heyl, formerly Vektren, missing] - /likes/respects/grateful for/ - I was in real trouble and he saved me. I’ll always be grateful for that.

Bullet; Yellow  Lawson - [Aryn] - /likes/respects/ - I was really hungry and chanced taking a kill from within a territory. He caught me but was really nice and let me eat.

Bullet; Yellow  Rodwen - [Highvalley, High King] - /respects greatly/ - He gave me a chance. I will do everything I can not to let him down.

Bullet; Yellow  Calumina - [Highvalley] - /likes/ - Calumina is really sweet, I’m glad she came to Highvalley. I could use another friend.

Bullet; Yellow  Aragon - [Highvalley] - /likes/respects/ - Aragon is a highblood, but he treats me almost like an equal. It was really nice working with him.

{ Neutral Acquaintances //

Bullet; Yellow  Sveta - [Highvalley Princess] - /respects/uneasy/- Sveta was the wolf who first brought me to King Rodwen. I’m really glad she saw potential enough to bring me to him.

Bullet; Yellow  Ronelle - [loner] - /respects/ - She helped Gwyn and I by giving information about Robin, and about a war with Aryn. Apparently, according to Kestrel, she had lost a lot when she was in Heyl...

Bullet; Black Alpine - [Highvalley, missing] - /neutral/ - I saw a wolf in Fellfang who looked just like him. It turned out to be his twin sister. She didn’t look distressed, but... I hope that he can bring her home safely.

Bullet; Yellow Ragnor - [Damasca, formerly Highvalley, formerly missing] - /neutral/ - He is a strong and loyal wolf, between him and Alpine I know they’ll be alright out there.

Bullet; Black Aspen - [Fellfang, missing] - /neutral/ - I met her briefly at the Fellfang border. She was nice. I hope her brother finds her.

Bullet; Yellow  Teva - [loner, formerly Aryn] - /neutral/intimidated by/ - She was… sorta mean… I’m glad I caught her something though.

Bullet; Black Clove - [Fellfang, missing] - /acquaintance/feels uncomfortable around/ She's really nice and friendly... I'm sorry I couldn't cheer up for her, though. She just had so much energy and I was so down at the time...

{ Negative Acquaintances //

Bullet; Yellow Vladimir - [Highvalley Crown Prince] - /fears/respects/ - The Prince is not the nicest wolf… but that’s not all bad, I am always trying my very best when facing him or when I know he’s watching.

{ Foes //

Sam lacks such capacity

{ Confused/Other //

Bullet; Yellow  Gwyndolyn - [Highvalley] - /utterly smitten/respects/admires/fears/unsure/ - Gwyndolyn saved my life. She’s sorta impatient and… snappy… but… I can see her for who she is. She’s brave, and selfless, and beautiful, and good. I always want to be around her. I’ve never felt this way around any wolf ever in my life. I want nothing more than to prove myself to her.

UPDATED: 17-JUN-2018

Samwell (c) :iconwildfire-tama:

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