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Published: November 5, 2018
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Oh, I couldn't stop it
Tried to figure it out
But everything kept moving
And the noise got too loud
With everyone around me saying
"You should be so happy now"

If you leave the light on
Then I'll leave the light on



Just a thing of Alcatraz and Neka I made back during their first rp and just recently got to finishing. I love these two together. Alcatraz can be a rather distant father who doesn’t often offer compassion and assurances to his children, which doesn’t much help Neka as the young female feels increasingly detached from her adopted family, and increasingly doubtful about her own self-worth.

Alcatraz loves you, Neka!

I’ve drawn at least one picture (sometimes more) featuring Traz and each of his litters/kids, except Neka (no wonder she feels left out xDD). BUT now she has her own picture so <33

rps with them:
A Gentle Nature (Neka x Alcatraz)Neka
She had grown so fast, and she no longer considered herself a small young pup any longer. Though others would most definitely tell her otherwise. She was learning to keep herself busy, trying to keep her mind off of certain things.
Taking on the task of Courser was by far the best decision she had done so far, the training was what she felt she needed. The reward was the honor she felt by providing for her adoptive family. This training,everything she was working on,everything she was doing,she felt it was necessary...but then there was that one specific thought; one she tried to shove to the back of her mind constantly. Was it worth it?
The charcoal she-wolf was starting to find herself creeping away from her family for longer periods of time. It was during these times away from them that she would sit and think,trying to clear her mind of any doubts and troubles. This day would most certainly be no different.
Almost like clock work her eyes sprung open; it was early dawn.
   Doubts (Neka x Alcatraz)Alcatraz
It was a warm summer day when Alcatraz finally decided to seek out Neka, his adopted daughter, for some long overdue combat training. Tensions were rising again, and with Merrill returned to them the Lord of Aryn feared retaliation from her former captors. Everyone in Aryn needed to be ready. Including one particularly peaceful wolf. He saw her lavender-grey pelt in the main den site and made his way over. “Neka,” Alcatraz said, “Are you available this afternoon to train?” His voice was polite, though there was an edge to it. It wouldn’t be the first time Neka evaded a session, but this time Alcatraz would be adamant. Even if she did have an assignment with Lawson or Hani today, Alcatraz planned to pull her from it. This was more important right now.
Coming from the den entrance, the young she-wolf yawned before shaking the dirt from her fur. She had just woken up it seemed and was still somewhat half asleep, sleep

Thanks for developing this relationship with me, Hybrid, and being such a fun and active partner :hug: Can't wait for more of our father x daughter pair! :D

Neka (c) :iconhybrid-sneo:
Alcatraz (c) :iconwildfire-tama:

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Alkatraz is one of the best fathers there, I swear, even if he can be a grumpy bear sometimes. ;P Oh, and Neka is so pretty, her green eyes stand out so much against her grey fur. :aww:
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I knooow I love Neka's design, shes has such a timeless beauty imo. Alcatraz tries his best ;v; Thank you! <33
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Hybrid-Sneo's avatar
Absolutely stunning<333333333
Im honored that you drew Neka ;3; she's so beautiful in your style thank thank you thank you!
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Wildfire-Tama's avatar
Aw of course!! Im so glad you like it <33
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Gerundive|Professional Digital Artist
Beautifully done
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SpookyWonders|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love how soft this piece is Tama, it so lovely and beautiful to look at!! <3
Neka's expression is so well done and I just love the dynamic these two share! 
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Thanks so much Spooky! :)
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Love the dynamic between these two! 
The background and their expressions are
Neka's sad, contemplative expression is so lovely <3
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Wildfire-Tama's avatar
Thanks so much Arc! Ah thats what I was going for with Neka's expression, Im glad I was able to capture it!
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Jaeggy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is really pretty!!!
I love their dynamic as characters and how well you relay emotion with expressions ;A;
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Wildfire-Tama's avatar
Thank you Jae <3
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FaIIenShadowsEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
wistful sighing
I never tire of your work Tam hngg this is is soft and beautiful, and your expressions are just lovely <33
It's nice to see a piece featuring these two! They have such a unqiue dynamic <3
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Thanks so much! :D I love their relationship too
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