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Princess Laodice| Filly | Royal by Wildfire-Tama Princess Laodice| Filly | Royal by Wildfire-Tama
She is open to rps and plotting, feel free to comment here or shoot me a note! :D

Basic Information

Name: Laodice
Gender: female
Age: 1 years (as of Summer 772)
Year of Birth: Late summer, Y771 of the New Age
Predicted Height: 10.3 hh
Build: Light
Phenotype: palomino classic fawn
Genotype: eem/Ata/nCr/nZ/Ff/fwfws
Eye Colour: brown
Design Sheet: Princess Laodice

Sire: Lord Clarent
Dam: Princess Artoria
Bloodline: 100% Glenmore
Magic Type: Light

Skill Points

Speed: 7 [No Level] 
Stamina: 3 [No Level]
Strength: 0 [No Level] (5 points max)

Magic: 5 [No Level]
Herbs: 0 [No Level]
Crafting: 0 [No Level]

Experience: 0


+7 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+5 magic - hereditary bonus
+0 herbs - hereditary bonus

Herd Information

Herd: Glenmore
Herd Position: Princess
Current Possessions: none

Current Glade - Lord Clarent's Glade
Current Lord/Mate:  Lord Clarent (her father, and her Lord until her betrothal)
Royal Guard: None (OPEN!)
Servants: None (OPEN!)
Hoofmaidens: None (OPEN!)
Other: None

Laodice’s Family (for those related by blood):
Sire:  Lord Clarent
Dam: Princess Artoria
Siblings: Princess Ursula (twin sister), Princess Eleonore (older sister) 
Offspring: None
Other Family: Lady Albofleda, Lady Tuyet, Lady LettaLady Enyo

Other Relations (list of all outside friends, allies, rivals, enemies, etc.)
  • None yet
  • None yet

Previous Court (former Lords, staff, disowned children, etc.)


{In a Nutshell: (as a fawn) A very happy little girl. Sweet and shy, generous and playful and very goofy. Very chatty and is constantly talking and asking questions. Bad memory right from the start, not the sharpest tool in the shed. Rather helpless on her own, quite self-conscious and hard on herself. Loves everything.
{Major Traits: Bullet; Red Self-conscious, easily distracted and forgetful, gullible, indecisive and dependent, dislikes change, somewhat dimwitted and easily discouraged Bullet; Yellow Chatty, routine-oriented, childish and generally odd Bullet; Green Reflective, happy and interested in everything, playful, trusting, loving and compassionate
{Details: With her demure but kind and happy aura Laodice likely seems to be very quiet and sweet at first glance. However she is more self-conscious than shy, as she is not the most normal fawnling and is always anxious for how others will feel about her. She knows her appearance is perfectly adequate, so only when she speaks can she ruin the opinions others have of her. With that on her mind, Laodice really tries to keep her mouth shut and just smile and look pretty like a good little Princess. (This is a trait that develops more as she ages)

For all her efforts, it takes very little to crack through this facade. Show any amount of interest in her, give her the hope that you may actually want to befriend her, and within moments you have a totally new fawnling on your hands, one who talks quite a bit. Though beyond being rather chatty, Laodice’s talk is often strange and directionless. She doesn’t have a filter, and once a conversation begins, she is half afraid of an awkward silence and half just bad at deciding what people care about hearing or what is relevant, so rambling often ensues. This can lead to unintentional offense or general confusion as the listener tries to follow her words that are sometimes tactless, pointless, or just all over the place. Along with this she will often lose her train of thought or get distracted, even mid sentence.

Perhaps the cause of many shortcomings, Laodice doesn’t have a good memory. At all. Long and short term both. It hinders many aspects of her life. She is very bad at remembering her lessons or the best way to get somewhere, or what someone told her the other day (or ten minutes ago). She often seems unintelligent, and in general lacks judgement. Unless spelled out to her, there are times she may be oblivious to the seriousness of a situation or she may fret relentlessly over a random thing that isn’t a big deal. She also isn’t a good judge of characters, and is very gullible.

Laodice also has trouble thinking for herself, and rarely is she able to think outside the box. In fact, Laodice is brutally indecisive, often getting stressed out when put on the spot to make a decision, and when she manages to make a decision she sometimes regrets not picking the other choice and gets upset, even if it really doesn’t matter. She is very dependent on others to guide her through her life. 

Laodice dislikes change, it frustrates and discourages her when she feels like she is finally making progress with something and then a whole new mountain is put before her that she then has to grapple with. It’s scary and exhausting for the little golden Princess, who always feels as if she is five steps behind everyone else

If there is one thing Laodice is good at, though, it is established routines. Laodice is able to follow logical steps or very clear, non-ambiguous orders. This makes her quite decent at lessons and learning in a classroom-like setting or learning very specific paths through the forest. As she grows up she will likely have the literal skills to be successful such as magic or crafting or herbs, but she may struggle to apply it to the real world. She really needs clear cut “if the situation is exactly THIS, then you do exactly THIS” directions or someone giving her direct orders if she is to be of much use. She may have a crappy memory, but after repeated use she has the ability to learn steps and follow them faithfully.

(This trait is likely more developed as she grows) Laodice seems clueless, and while she often is, she is at the same time self-reflective, and reflective in general. This makes her painfully aware of her shortcomings, and it really upsets and frustrates her that she can’t seem to catch up to everyone else, and she even feels trapped in a mind that can’t do what she needs it to. She will often leave a conversation or gathering cursing herself for how stupid she must have seemed to the others. She tends to assume the worst when it comes to the opinions others might have of her. She gets really upset wondering why she can’t just keep her mouth shut or be more normal or remember things. No one else seems to have these issues, after all, but for some reason it’s hard for her. She tends to be discouraged and have low self-esteem as a result. 

She may be unhappy with herself at times and harbor a lot of discouragement in her heart, but in general Laodice is still a happy fawnling. This is because it doesn’t take much to lift her from the darkest mood. A nice sunset, pretty birdsong, sweet grass, someone smiling at her as they pass, her sister walking into the clearing, a good many things like that are usually all it takes and she is smiling again. One of Laodice’s best traits is her deep appreciation for everything and everyone. Often her pointless ramblings are on the subject of how quickly she saw a squirrel run up a tree, or how grand a cloud was, or when someone who is a mere acquaintance greeted her by her name (which she has more appreciation of than one would think, her being so bad at names). Almost everything interests her and even the smallest thing can make her happy.

Laodice is a child at heart, and she will probably always be. She loves to play and laugh and goof around, and she is very trusting and easy to befriend. While she cares about how she might look to others when she acts goofy (since at time she forgets that company may be watching), she often just doesn’t think of it until she is either scolded or it is pointed out, and then she may get flustered and embarrassed and probably rather subdued for the rest of the day. Along with being a goof Laodice also lacks a good sense of social norms, and though she is constantly trying to fit in she makes choices sometimes that make her stand out (such as wearing a strange accessory or doing something in a weird way). She sometimes just doesn't think anything of something that is actually unusual. In general, she is not often self-aware when in the moment, and usually it is only in hindsight that she sees why something she did was strange (and of course by then it is often crystal clear… until she is in the moment and forgets again).

Those who stick with Laodice she truly loves and appreciates. She has a lot of love for everyone even, and possesses all the fabled Princess compassion. She is a caring friend and tries to be attentive (though you are going to have to forgive her for forgetting your birthday, and most other things about your life). She always wants to help everyone how she can, in fact she is basically dying to help people (especially since she feels as though she almost never can). Laodice is less obnoxiously chatty once she is comfortable with someone. She will still extensively bring up the mouse she saw holding a seed in its cute little paws, but it will not be quite as much an aimless rambling story. She can even be a fun and pleasant companion, particularly to those who don’t mind someone who is a little off.

Other Notes

  • Laodice often feels that Áillite’s blessing, and such special light magic, is wasted on someone like her
  • Laodice is a very social creature naturally, but will probably will try (often unsuccessfully) to keep to herself, since social situations often end up upsetting her in hindsight
  • Laodice doesn’t get sarcasm at all
  • Laodice's twin sister Ursula is her guiding light, and she loves her to the extent of being dependent on her 
  • When the sisters grow and learn that Laodice has normal light magic while Ursula is squiffy, Laodice will likely always feel internally terrible about it, knowing that her more competent sister deserves the normal healing light magic so much more since she'd actually be good at using it.

Laodice has all the appearances of a perfect Princess. She is pale gold with long creamy white hair. She is willowy in form, with long legs, and she is quite tall. Laodice has a long, limp mane and tail and deep brown eyes. She will get quite good at walking gracefully, though despite her efforts will probably be prone to tripping over things (or nothing) well into her adolescence and beyond.
Laodice was born the first of two twin daughters to Lord Clarent and Princess Artoria. Laodice doesn't remember those few moments she was alone in the world, but she was quite terrified. Until she felt the familiar pelt she had grown beside join her in the fresh air, and then she knew all was well. Sisters of silver and gold, Laodice and Ursula have been inseparable since the beginning. Although Laodice was first born, Ursula has always been the the leader of the pair to the point of Laodice being dependent on her and she cries when they are separated. Artoria is also a constant in Laodice's life and Laodice has learned to love and respect her mother right away. She is the protector, and the gentle guide through life. Her father as well quickly became a figure of respect. She sometimes feels inferior to Artoria and Ursula and at times, even in early youth, has needed gentle validation that she's not inferior. No matter what though, Laodice loves her family and her glade and she is most often a happy and carefree little filly, eager to run and play!

Group History: 
(season) brief description: link to literature //link to artwork//

Y 771 (Current)
  • (Summer) Born!
Y 772 (Current)

Other Art:

Relationship Tracker:

Lord Clarent - [Glenmore Lord, father] - /love/respect/ - (WIP) Laodice may gravitate to her father Lord Clarent due to his gentle and more young-minded personality, finding him more relatable.
Princess Artoria - [Glenmore Princess, mother] - /adores/respects/anxious around/ - (WIP) Laodice loves her mother, and sees her as THE perfect fawnling, who she should aspire to replicate. Laodice sometimes feels anxious about disappointing Artoria, and wishes she could have the same regal serenity. 
Princess Ursula - [Glenmore Princess, twin sister] - /love/respect/dependent on/ - Laodice adores her sister, to the point of needing her. She is always looking around to see where Ursula is and always expects to see her nearby (and gets alarmed if she doesn't). Although Laodice may have spurts of time in her own, largely she wants to be around her sister.


Laodice (c) :iconwildfire-tama:

Link to blank ref sheet ---> Glenmore Herd | Free to use Reference Background

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