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Lord Saranno | Stag | Royal
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Published: September 19, 2018
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Open for everything! I'm not that happy with his art (please pretend his tail is poofier ;-; ).... or his rack BUT I worked way too long on this to just scap it completely and I just gotta get this kid in there, hopefully new app art will be soon where I can try to capture him better (why are curls so difficult T-T ). Thank you HayleyRPG for once again making all my fawnling dreams come true ;v; :hug:

Rano is OPEN for rps and plotting!

Basic Information

Name: Saranno
Gender: male
Age: 10 years (as of Spring 774)
Year of Birth: Early Spring 764 of the New Age
Predicted Height: 10.3Hh
Build: Medium
Phenotype: Red Dun Restricted Smoky Fawn
Genotype: ee/aa/Ff/nD/fwsfws/Rxrz
Eye Colour: brown
Design Sheet: Knox X Azima Fawn Design  

Sire: Lord Knox| Stag| Glenmore| Lord
Dam:  Lady Azima | Doe | Royal
Bloodline: 100% Glenmore
Magic Type: Earth

Skill Points

Speed: 2 [Basic Level]
Stamina: 4 [Basic Level]
Strength: 4 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 15 points max)

Magic: 50 [Born Adept](Age Cap: Advanced) 
Herbs: 0 [Basic Level] (Herbs are a Does job!)

Experience: 0


+2 speed - base bonus
+4 stamina - base bonus
+4 strength - base bonus
+50 magic - Bacon bonus

Herd Information

Herd: Glenmore
Herd Position: Lord
Current Location: his blueberry-thicket glade or out roaming the territory
Position in Glade: Lord, only fawnling in the glade
Current Possessions: none

Current Glade - his own glade which is just a den among blueberry shrubs (listed here will be Saranno's betrothed, ladies, staff):
Betrothed: None (Open for plotting!)
Permanent Harem: None (Open for plotting!)
Current Harem: None (Open for plotting!)
Royal Guard: None (wouldn't want one) 
Servants: None 
Hoofmaidens: None
Other: None

Saranno’s Family (for those related by blood):
Sire: Lord Knox - confused, dislikes
Dam:  Lady Azima - loves
Offspring: None
Other Kin: (I will add this someday...)

Saranno's Current Relations (list of all outside friends, allies, rivals, enemies, etc.)
  • WIP (will be adding Lord Orrick, Prince Zuko, Lord Adalric, Lord Tybalt, and Lord Deinomenes. Please comment here or message me if you'd like to discuss adding your char to the list!)
  • WIP

Previous Court (former harem, former court members, disowned children, etc.)


{In a Nutshell:  Lord Saranno is independent, diligent, confident, and lives life his own way. Due to his magical gifts he embraces the Glenmore religion but still holds a good amount of contempt for the society that raised him. He is often selfish, scornful, and impatient, but he is also adventurous, fun, and tries to be a good stag.
{Major Traits: Tentatively traditional but open-minded, Frustrated, Irritable, Snarky, Arrogant, Adventurous, Diligent, Scornful, Independent, Secretive, Dishonest, Religious, Fun and supportive friend, Well-meaning
{Details: In his youth Saranno was very invested in Glenmore’s traditions and society. He envied those who fit in and longed to be a part of it, working his very hardest to make that happen. After feeling unsuccessful in those attempts due to his pale coat, however, Saranno has finally (grudgingly) adopted the belief that trying to fit in is not worth the bother. Still, Glenmore is all he has ever known so he remains loyal to his herd and obedient to its culture and core for the most part. He is more accepting than most of untraditional coat colors and behaviors (though does still prefer traditional coloration), and while he retains the mindset of a Glenmore royal he is more open-minded than most about Glenmore culture being incorrect.

Even if Saranno has made the decision to try to find happiness in his own way, there is still an ever-present frustration with Glenmore society that he has yet to get over. Outrage and anger are well known to Saranno, and since he is not one naturally adept at handle contention, he tends to rely on muttering snark and sarcasm to express his bitterness or dismay, rather than honestly trying to speak his feelings. He can be quite irritable and impatient, and is easily upset and discouraged beneath that confident shell of his, and it doesn’t take much to reveal the deep spite he has for the inner workings of his world. He can also be a bit vengeful.  

While being judged as inadequate has done quite a bit to Saranno’s mental health internally, at the same time he knows that he is talented. In fact, he believes that there isn’t much that he can’t do (even to an unrealistic degree). This arrogance will often come off to others upon meeting him, as he carries himself with an unabashed confidence to make up for the fact that he assumes they already see him as inferior. It frustrates him that others may not understand the extent of his abilities and dismiss him for things he can’t control, so even if he might insist he doesn’t care what other fawnlings think, he is extremely eager to prove himself and will do literally stupid things and jump into very bad situations. He is also just adventurous and fearless in general, and has found true solace in the more wild side of the world.

Saranno has always been a hard worker, and he believes that if he puts his mind to something no matter what it is he will get it done. He is very dutiful and tries to impress others with his work ethic, even at his own expense (such as when he trained hard to become a fighter even if all he wanted was a more peaceful life). He has a certain amount of scorn for those stags with dark pelts who are higher up in society without putting in nearly the work that he has. He often looks down on them but at the same time wishes he were them.

Believing himself an outcast and taught to look out for himself first by his mother, Lord Saranno has his own goals and happiness in mind and doesn’t give much thought to others, which makes most of his decisions and actions selfish even if he doesn’t specifically try to be this way. He has learned that he must take care of himself, since no one else will do it for him. Due to this he is more independent than most and quite a secret individual  (a reason why he makes his home further out from the New Oak than most Lords do). He is not open with others right away, and he is prone to lying to make himself look better or to keep himself out of situations he doesn't want to be in. This lying and twisting of stories was something that he learned from his mother early on and he finds it a useful tool, and in fact he has so little qualms about lying that it is not uncommon for him to tell pointless white lies for no real reason. If someone caught him in a lie he’d probably just hotly reply that it wasn’t their business anyway.

Likely due to the force of magic that has always been very strong within him, Saranno believes strongly in the Glenmore religion. He believes in their powers and influences and also that they do not care about coat color (or else they would not have blessed him). He believes himself blessed since he was born adept, and sometimes feels as though there is more for him in the world than there is for the average fawnling. He prays to the Gods faithfully and thinks on them often. As a strange sort of offshoot of this belief, Rano sees those with blue and green eyes as rare and beautiful, and believes them blessed in their own way (even if he tries to be cool about it).

Friends were not a plentiful commodity for Saranno, so those that have stuck with him through the years are important to him and he tends to be supportive and loves spending time with them and having a good time. True friends give him the only thing he really wants, friends who see past his coat and like him for who he is.

Lord Saranno has a good heart despite his often arrogant or irritable impression. He can sense right and wrong and he tries to do the right thing. He finds it easier to do this now that he has taken a step back from society and no longer preoccupied himself with trying to fit in. This way he has resolved to follow his own moral compass instead of the Herds. And slowly, for the first time, he is learning how to be himself.

  • Saranno still thinks of himself as ugly and is self conscious about his appearance, especially around pretty royal does.

  • When he’s upset, Rano goes off by himself to find a quiet place to grow flowers and berries to try and make himself feel better. This continues to be his coping mechanism even to this day.

  • Although he no longer works tirelessly to prove himself worthy of his Lordly title, he is still a bit of a show off and tries to impress others with displays of magic or guided tours through dangerous or unusual place.

  • Autumn is his favorite season due to the bright orange, yellow, and red colors of the leaves

  • Saranno loves blueberries and will make charms with blueberries hanging off the end. His glade has many blueberry bushes and blueberry shrubs

  • Saranno finds blue and green eyes very beautiful to the point of seeing it has divine.

  • Deeply dislikes Drustan and all relatives due to his mother

Big with a lot of floof and curls. His pelt is very undesirable and considered ugly, but otherwise it tends to be very soft and well-groomed and pleasant to touch. His horns resemble a ram, long and curving.

Lord Saranno was born to Lord Knox and Lady Azima with a great gift overshadowed by a great curse. His unusually pale coat was the first thing noticed by his family, and by Glenmore as a whole. And even when it was discovered that he was born adept, still the disdain did not end. In his youth he once thought he looked nice, a copy of his father only paler! He was proud of it, in fact, until he realized that the staunchly traditional Lord Knox disapproved of him due to being pale. Saranno could see it in his eyes, even when he tried to impress him with his unusual magic abilities or his hard work. His mother was also very traditional, and he felt that she disapproved of him as well, despite her being a caring mother to her last fawn. He did whatever he could to try and prove that he was a worthy royal stag.  He would even use mud to cover his pale body to try and hide how ugly he was. His mother was his first true friend, and the one who tried to convince him that he was special, and that his magic was special, despite what his father thought. He also learned about traditional values from her, the undesirable families in Glenmore (Drustan’s line and associates according to Azima), and he learned how to twist a story in his favor. The affection of his mother contrasted by the disapproval of his father confused him deeply, giving him confidence and insecurity at the same time.

The young Saranno never liked fighting, but when Lord Knox tried to steer him in the direction of giving up his royal title and joining the guard to make up for his pale coat, Saranno took it seriously. The more he trained, however, the more he realized that it was not a life he wanted. Still he was desperate to please his father so he did plan to join the guard but he dragged his hooves with the actual joining due to his deep reluctance to do it… he didn’t want to fight all the time.

This insistence that he must work harder than other Lordlings, and the pressure to be someone he’s not, soured Lord Saranno’s personality. He knew that he was gifted with magic. He knew that he was working harder than most and quite frankly was better than most! His mother said so and he could see it! He grew to have a temper, so frustrated with the injustice he felt, and he became bitter toward both his father and the herd from the lack of recognition. He was doing everything he could, and excelling further than most, but all anyone could see was his coat.

It was not all bad, however. Many may have scorned him, but his mother was a vital support, and he made a few friends in his youth who stuck with him through his difficult past, friends who saw him for more than his coat. With their help, Rano finally had a revelation. He was a gifted stag, a hardworking stag, a good stag. Whether or not the rest of the herd saw it, he deserved the life that HE wanted. He once and for all decided against joining the royal guard. But he grew distant from the herd, besides his mother and the few friends who have stuck with him through everything. He would no longer live a thankless life trying to please those who would never be pleased. As soon as he was old enough he made his glade in the furthest parts of the Royal Glades and lives there by himself. He spends most of his time palling around with his friends or exploring the distant reaches of Glenmore territory, practicing his magic and experiencing a world unknown to many preoccupied with the politics of the inner royal circles.

Lord Knox’s attitude toward Saranno changed when Rano’s brother Ffael died. Rano was nearly five when it happened, and he was hurting too. He didn’t want anything to do with Knox at that point, and so he rejected his father’s attempts to reconnect with him at the time, and disregarded when he apologized for the unfair pressure he put on him in his youth. Rano is not ready to forgive Knox yet, and refuses to try and sympathize with the grieving father. This is largely due to his own hurt and unhappiness, however, and the convenience of taking it out on his father. Some part of him feels like a failure that he could not find his place in society, and had to give up on it all together in order to find his place. For years Saranno held stubbornly to this contempt he felt for Lord Knox.

Until Autumn of 771, when Saranno’s beloved mother Azima died… (to be continued!)

Group History: 
(season) brief description: link to literature //link to artwork//

Y 764
  • (Spring) Born in early Spring
  • (Summer) Insulted by Orrick - Teh, How Rude!
Y 766
  • (Summer) - begins training for the royal guard
Y 768
  • (Early Autumn) - Realizes once and for all that he will not be forced to join the royal guard
  • (Winter) - Ffael’s death, Knox attempts to reconnect but Rano rejects him
Y 769
  • (Spring) - moves out of his father’s glade, making a small home by a blueberry patch in the furthest parts of the Royal Glades

  • (Autumn) - Saranno’s mother, Azima, passes away

Other Art:

Relationship Tracker:

New Name/Link - [title/relationship] - /words/ - thoughts. WIP


Saranno (c) :iconwildfire-tama:
Original character (c) :iconlilfawns:
Link to original application: { Lord Saranno || Fawn || Curly-Cue Lord }
Link here to template: Glenmore Herd | Free to use Reference Background

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Oh, Saranno has such an interesting design! When I first saw him I thought he has some Oakfern heritage that ram-like horns are more common in that herd. :aww: I'm surprised that he is considered pale by Glenmore standards - I mean, he is still brown, even if he isn't super dark, which is still a 'manly' coloration in my eyes. :plotting:
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Oh thats a good point about the ram horns! I mostly just wanted something somewhat easy and with how curly his fur is I figured itd look cute it he was like a sheep haha.

His darker legs/face definitely help him out, and there are stags much worse off than him! But unfortunately yeah hes an ugly GM to many though Im glad not to you <33
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orengel|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg I love him! *0*
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Aw thank you so much! ;v; Let me know if youd ever like him to meet one of your fawnling characters!
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orengel|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd like that! I have a few Lords that could potentially be friends/acquaintances/enemies :giggle:
Reply  ·  
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Oooh any in particular?? :0
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ohhhh he look so pretty  :o  I may have pron for him but need to see how far that are in the family  xD  His sire is brother to my pron own sire  xD
Reply  ·  
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Ah thank you, Im glad you like him! :D Hmm I might prefer a not/less related mate for him but at the same time Im not totally against cousin marriage for him (since it does feel quite GM to me xD) so Im open to rping them and seeing how it goes! C:
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You’re welcome and I understand if you don’t xD we do family rps.  She take after the family stripes lol 
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Haha yess she does! Either way Id love for them to meet! :D
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Breezy-likes-to-RP|Student Digital Artist
*Hyperventilates and makes the grabby hands*
You have a new Lord, I have a new Lord, maybe we can figure out something to do with the both of them?

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Wildfire-Tama's avatar
Yeah absolutely!! Wooah Viorel is mega handsome I love his mane!

Were you interested in establishing a past relationship or should we just start with them meeting? Im not sure Viorel would like Rano much given his pale coat, hes also BA with earth magic which might help or hurt xD I am super open to negative relationship as well though! Let me know what you think! :D
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Breezy-likes-to-RP|Student Digital Artist
Woooooo so many potential things we could do. And eeeeeeeeee! I’m so happy you like him! Ima note you with all my rambling since the current comment is so long. Or we can talk in discord, I can probs find u thru the EBC channel

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Okay great! Yeah shoot me a message on discord, Ill respond a bit quicker there C:
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PrimalInstincts|Hobbyist Digital Artist
-paps the stripes-
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Ee thank you! ;v; Let me know if youd ever like to rp with him C:
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PrimalInstincts|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh I'm sure I could think of some fawns who could meet him!
Reply  ·  
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Ah awesome, I'm always interested in rps/collabs/plot discussion/whatever! :D
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Ahh he's so pretty! Another one that's related to my Lothian boy <3 
Reply  ·  
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Thank you, I love his design too! :D Yup such a big family!
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You’re welcome! It is such a big family xd
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