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Lord Fehderer | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama Lord Fehderer | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama
Yess I finally took the leap on an older character. I'm excited to give it a shot! Lord Fehderer is open for plotting and rps! :D

Basic Information

Name: Lord Fehderer
Nickname: Fehder (private only)
Meaning: A swiss occupational name for traders

Gender: male
Age: 21 years (as of Summer 772 of the New Age)
Year of Birth: Summer 751 of the New Age
Height: 11.3Hh
Build: Medium
Phenotype: Black Smoky Fawn
Genotype: Ee/aa/fwsfws
Eye Colour: brown
Design Sheet: Lord Fehderer Bacon Design

Sire: NPC Lord, deceased
Dam: NPC Lady, deceased
Bloodline100% Glenmore
Magic Type: Earth

Skill Points

Speed: 10 [Medium Level] (Build Cap: 15 points max)
Stamina: 20 [Advanced Level]
Strength: 15 [Medium Level]

Magic: 5 [Basic Level]
Herbs: 0 [Basic Level]
Crafting: 0 [Basic Level]

Experience: 2

+2 speed - base bonus
+4 stamina - base bonus
+4 strength - base bonus
+2 stamina - starter bonus
+7 strength - starter bonus
+2 magic - starter bonus
Too Close
+3 stamina - lit - 2000+ words - Too Close
+1 strength - practicing/sparring/fighting with another Fawnling
+10 stamina Rehomed Character stat bonus (Proof:… )
After the Fight
+3 magic - lit - 2000+ words - After the Fight
Excuse Me!
+2 strength - collab art - Excuse Me!
+1 strength - practicing/sparring/fighting with another Fawnling
+1 experience - losing a fight
She is mine
+3 speed - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - She is mine
+1 stamina - practicing/sparring/fighting with another Fawnling
+1 experience - losing a fight
+3 speed - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - Knights
+2 speed - training/sparring with a Fawnling of higher level

Herd Information

Herd: Glenmore
Herd Position: Lord
Current Location: Greengrove (his glade)
Position in Glade: The Lord
Current Possessions: None

Current Household (listed here will be Fehderer's betrothed, harem, fawns, and staff as of Y772):
Betrothed: Princess Tori
Harem: Lady Orlaith
Royal Guard: None (open)
Butlers: Jameson (NPC) (open)
Hoofmaidens (femles also harem): Venna (NPC, cremello), Lady Arai (NPC, pale with brown eyes), Hersley (NPC, palomino), Lady Freyda (NPC), Hilda (NPC, Tori's hoofmaiden), (open)
Other Staff: Luca (gardener, NPC)

Claimed Offspring:

Claimed NPC Offspring:
  • Duke Querry (NPC) - Y757NA - Out of Hoofmaiden Venna
  • Lady Serora (NPC) - Y760NA - Out of Hoofmaiden Arai
  • Lord Calmar (NPC) - Y761NA - Out of Lady Elara - Twin of stillborn Lord Zhiron
  • Lord Felton - Y761NA - Out of Lady Annette - triplet to Lord Fenton and Lord Fennel
  • Lord Fenton - Y761NA - Out of Lady Annette - triplet to Lord Felton and Lord Fennel
  • Lord Fennel - Y761NA - Out of Lady Annette - triplet to Lord Felton and Lord Fenton
  • Lady Andrea - Y766NA - Out of Lady Annette
  • Various other NPCs

Fehderer’s Outside Relations (list of all outside friends, allies, rivals, enemies, etc.)
None yet

None yet

None yet

Previous Household (former harem, former court members, disowned children, etc.)

  • Lady Elara (NPC, former harem doe, deceased)
  • Lord Zhiron (NPC, stillborn son out of Lady Elara)
  • Lady Annette (NPC, former harem doe, deceased)
  • Other various high standing does in his harem over the years


In a Nutshell: Fehderer is a traditional, active, and competitive stag who loves to fight and spar. He is also quite spoiled, can be impatient, and expects perfection from those around him.

Major Traits: Confident, Competitive, Active, Vain, Demanding, Picky, Irritable, Strict, Chivalrous, Kind, Distant

Personality Details: Fehderer has been on his own since his early days, and it shows with his confidence and independence. He is a very driven and ambitious stag, spending his free time training and honing his skills for the next competition. He loves competition. The feelings of urgency and passion that take over and the pride he feels at success are what he lives for. He is quite trigger happy, preferring to solve disputes with actions rather than words, though over the years he has learned well enough how to be patient and engage in the more mind-centric aspects of Glenmore culture and politics but it’s never been his favorite way to navigate life, and he is often fidgety and restless in such situations just due to his trouble with sitting still and naturally short attention span. He is also quite restless in his sleep.

Fehderer spends a lot of time and staff maintaining his personal appearance, which can come off as vain. He likes his coat to be glossy and sleek and likes his muscles to be toned and healthy. He puts a lot of effort into training and sculpting himself and remaining fit and powerful so he can win spars.

He is also demanding and expects a luxurious lifestyle, as he has always known. He wants everything to be just the way he likes it whether it be a fawn’s combat abilities, a groom-job, a doe’s public etiquette, his dinner, his glade’s landscaping, or even the weather as a few examples. He will demand perfection if possible, and complain if he can’t. His desire for total contentment causes him to be rather intolerant of physical discomfort and it can make him grumpy particularly as he ages, and he is quick to find a solution to the problem at the first ache. The only pains he doesn’t mind are those after a good workout.

This picky personality can cause him to lose his patience with others, as he does have quite a temper. He usually does well to keep a hold of it, but if particularly irritated he may rage at the source or first available outlet. He does feel bad about his anger in the end, though, and tends to seek amends after his outburst.

He asks a lot of his staff, and also his family. His does are expected to be excellent mothers, and his children are expected to become great Lords, Ladies, and Dukes (or royal guards which he approves of). He is a demanding and strict mate and father, often harsh particularly on misbehavior or failure, but he does it out of a sense of responsibility, love, and desire for his does and fawns to be the best Glenmore Fawnlings they can be.

As harsh as Fehderer can be, he is good to his friends and enjoys sparing or just spending time with other stags. He is very chivalrous to all does, and though he sees his own does as property, trophies, and a way to continue his bloodline he is also respectful and gentle to them. He sees them as meek but at the same time he certainly does enjoy their genuine friendship and knows that many are quite clever in their own right.

Fehderer is kind to all of his harem but does tend to have favorites that he likes to spoil in particular, sometimes chosen due to just getting along best with them but more often a doe becomes a favorite by being won in a hard-fought battle and/or being of an excellent line. He prefers to earn his does in battles, in fact, and loves treasuring females that he fought hard to obtain or protect. Those are always the most precious to him. But he does want all of his does to be happy, and he will try his best to make it so. While heirs are important to him, Fehder would not pressure any doe into an uncomfortable situation and prefers to win their favor just by being a good and gentle provider.

Ever since the death of his favorite doe, Lady Elara, Lord Fehderer has not been able to find a doe he likes close to as much, and at this point has lost most hope that he will find such love again. He still enjoys friendships with his does, however. Princesses are a sensitive topic for Lord Fehderer, as he knows he is growing older and the likelihood of getting betrothed to one lessens each year. He has always dreamed of being gifted a prized Princess to take her place forever at his side, and considers it a failure that he never gained the King’s attention enough to earn one. So he dislikes others speaking of it and carries around a vague dissatisfaction with his life because of it.

-->Beliefs on Fawns: Fehderer produces fawns only from pale, high standing commoners or royal does. Traditional colors are preferred and treasured, mid-ranged are acceptable, non-traditional coloration and mutations such as lilac, kudu, or brindle are looked down upon but reluctantly accepted. Squiffy, piebald, chimerism are publicly disowned.

These fawns are raised almost entirely by their mother in their early years (if the mother is a commoner he insists on extra oversight to ensure proper royal raising). He does not take a major role in the training of his daughters at any age, expecting their mother and his hoofmaidens to take care of it. His sons he will train hard as soon as they are old enough to spar. He holds his fawns to the highest standards and thus can be harsh but ultimately he does love them. Still there are not often sentimental moments between himself and his children. 

-->Beliefs on Does: Fehderer prefers to fight for his does, though will accept them if they approach him asking to join his harem as long as they are respectable. He will not go out of his way to gain a doe who isn’t high standing. While he is kind to all his does, he has favorites that he goes that extra mile for to pamper them and make sure they want for nothing in his glade.

Fehderer respects all does but prefers those that are traditional and obedient, come from good lineage or are accomplished and respectable, have pale coats, and of course royalty is much preferred. That a doe is a good mother is perhaps most important to him, as that is their main purpose in his eyes. He tends to avoid does who are tainted, commoners (unless particularly pretty and/or respectable), dark in color, lazy, or disobedient and sassy.

-->Beliefs on Princesses: Princesses are the daughter of their sacred goddess and if he were betrothed Fehderer’s princess would be treated with the utmost respect and love. He would always put her first before his other does, even his relationship with her personally is not as strong as others. Fehderer has never had a Princess and longs greatly for one because he sees it as the greatest honor, so if he were to be betrothed someday he would likely keep a smaller harem so he could focus on the precious goddess who was gifted to him.

-->Beliefs on Glenmore SocietyFehderer dislikes change and believes strongly in tradition and the old ways. After all, they have always worked in the past and he believes they will work for all of the future as well. He believes that commoners should do the work of the herd (and should be respected) but ultimately they are inherently lower than royals and it is only the royal stags who have the strength and intelligence to lead the herd.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Likes, and Dislikes:
Strengths: physical prowess and fighting, charismatic, traditional in color and behavior, stoic
Weaknesses: Can overheart, irritable and can lose his temper, internally emotional, lengthy and/or boring conversations
Likes: Fighting and sparring, winning and success, does and fawns, strong hearts in others, being a protector, traditional values, royal guards, obedience and respect
Dislikes: Sitting still, length conversations, disobedience and disloyalty to the herd or him, disrespect to him or other Lords, midday, crickets, heat, disinterest in strength and traditional values
Fears: Being alone, failure, disappointing his family, becoming tainted, becoming physically disabled
HopesTo be betrothed, to find love again, success for all of his children and posterity.

Fehderer is a medium built stag, lean and well muscled with a lot of power beneath his glossy black pelt. He has a healthy layer of fat at this point in his life, due to his comfortable and pampered lifestyle and continued aging, but if anything it makes him look larger and he denies that it’s there. His pride, dignity and experience are clear in the proud way he carries himself and there is not a doubt that he is a Lord upon first glance. His rack is large and arching with various prongs and it speaks of his long life as a fighter. He has thick and lush mane that covers his entire chest and hair all down his tail, always smooth and flowing from all the work he puts into grooming himself. He has deep brown eyes that glow warmly out of his otherwise all-black figure.

Lord Fehderer has a few scars from his years fighting, his largest on the back of his left thigh. He has two small gashes on his left shoulder, a nick on his right brow and two scars on his muzzle.


Y 751 - 755 NA

  • Born one of many sons to a pair of proud royals.
  • Basic training is overseen largely by his guards and older siblings. His father takes some part, though is mostly focused on his older siblings. Fehder treasures his limited time with his father.

Y 756 NA

  • Encouraged to leave home as soon as he is mature enough to start building his reputation and legacy as a Lord.
  • Participates in his first rut for several does but is badly beaten at first.
  • By the end of the rut season, after much training and sparring he manages to win his first doe, a pale but high standing hoodmaiden named Venna.
  • Determined to improve for years to come, Fehderer requests for his father and one of their guards to assist him in his training. The guard willingly agrees and, seeing his son’s eagerness to succeed and his good job already, so does his father.
Y 757 - 760 NA

  • Fehderer’s first son is born, Duke Querry, and Fehder cares deeply for him, busying himself with his new fawn who he plays with and spars.
  • As he gets older he nurtures a growing love and appreciation for sparring and vows to become one of the best fighters in Glenmore

Y 761- 762 NA

  • Fehderer continues to train and gets very good, winning many fights.
  • Meets Lady Elara, a young lady he was smitten with and fought for and won in a spar
  • They soon grow very close and she becomes his most treasured doe, his true love in his eyes.
  • She becomes pregnant and gives birth to two fawns, though only one survived. Elara survived but was greatly weakened and became sickly.
  • Lord Fehderer spends all his free time with his little family, seeing that Lady Elara is given the best care.
  • In his anxiety and growing concern he stops fighting as much and he throws everything into the healing of his mate.
  • Despite everyone’s best efforts, Elara develops cancerous tumors and her condition worsens.
  • King Dustran reveals his secret and flees the main herd with his harem and children.
Y 763 - 764 NA
  • Lord Rafe is crowned king, which Fehderer fervently supported from early on in the race, knowing he will maintain Glenmore traditions and values and trusting his already proven success.
  • Could not rejoice at King Rafe’s success because his sickly Lady Elara died soon after the crowning.
  • Fehder is devastated and closes off to the outside world, becoming more distant and irritable with others.
  • Unsure what else to do with himself, he throws even more effort into sparring and training and gets into the best shape of his life.
  • He continued to participate in the everyday life of a Glenmore royal, even if he still grieves his Lady’s death.
  • He builds an admirable reputation over time and his father seeks to reward him by finding a princess for his betrothed. He found one, which heightened Lord Fehderer’s spirits, but unfortunately the arrangement fell through.

Y 765 - 770 NA

  • Continues to do his duty as a Lord, and while after some time is able to somewhat move on from the death of Elara and the disappointment of his near-betrothal, he loses hope that he will get a princess or find real love again and thus he is unable to be as happy as he once was.
  • Establishes his own Royal Glade near the New Oak, a spacious green haven where he can reside with his household. He dubs it Greengrove.
  • His father passes away, which causes him even more grief
  • Maintains a good reputation and continues to participate in rut to win high-standing does and produce offspring, but he still often keeps friends and family at a distance even if he has mellowed out somewhat over the years.

Group History:

(season) brief description: link to literature //link to artwork//

Y 759
Y 770
Y 771
Y 772
Y 773

Other Art

Relationship Tracker:

  • Penelope - [Glenmore commoner] - /likes/attraction/ - Penelope is a very kind doe. I enjoy spending time with her, and I like that she isn't afraid to have fun!
    • /likes/attraction/affection/ - I didn't think I'd see her again but she came to my wedding... I forgot how lovely she is. 
  • Desmond - [Glenmore royal guard, lieutenant] - /respects/ - He put up a good fight and ultimately won the day! A worthy opponent. I hope to lock antlers with him again. 
  • Tori - [Glenmore Princess, betrothed] - /uncertain/feels responsible for/cherishes/inwardly repulsed by/ - My betrothed. She is... not much to look at.... but she is a precious Princess. And she is mine. We shall make do. 
    • /uncertain/feels responsible/cherishes/inwardly repulsed by/dislikes/ - I have tried very hard to be patient... she always insists on being difficult. I have wondered in the beginning if the King was mocking me.... I would never tell Tori such a thing, but now I am sure of it. -sigh- In the mean time I will try my best to soldier on. At least she will bear me a fawn this year. I just hope... it takes after me.
    • /uncertain/feels responsible/cherishes/inwardly repulsed by/dislikes/irritated by/ - Tori has done nothing to raise our son Nevyn. It is her duty and she neglects it! Sometimes I don't know what I will do with her... the king was cruel to lay such a burden upon me... we are having another fawn. I will need to warn the hoof maidens that this one will be their responsibility... once again. -grumble-
  • Orlaith - [Glenmore Lady, harem member] - /affection/protective/attraction/love/ - My beloved Lady Orlaith was won in a great battle. I am proud that she is the mother of my son.
  • Ariel - [Glenmore Lord] - /likes/respects/ - He is eager to learn, a fine Lord who is well on his way.  
  • Arendel - [Glenmore Lord] - /respects/annoyed/ - A fine Lord, yes... may need to learn better how to control his assaults -irritable grumbling-
  • Alberich - [Glenmore Lord] - /likes/respects/pities/ - A strange little fellow for a certainty. But Alberich has his own strengths. We have been friends for a long time now and I consider him one of my closest companions. 
  • Nevyn - [Glenmore Lord, son] - /loves/ - I love my son, though he is... needy. Likely because Tori isn't taking any responsibility in caring for him! I don't know what to do with a fawn, I'm too busy for it. -sigh- Oganach has blessed me, however, with a fawn of perfect color, and for that I am still grateful. 
  • Darious - [Glenmore Lord, son] - /loves/ - My son is perfect in every way, I couldn't be more proud of him! 

UPDATED: 19-MAY-2019

Lord Fehderer (c) :iconwildfire-tama:
Design (c) :iconephemeral-shire:
Previous RPers (c) :iconephemeral-shire: (Original Application Here:iconcamyza:
Link to template: Glenmore Herd | Free to use Reference Background


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