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Lazarus - Aryn - Retired

09-FEB-2019: Lazarus is retired

10-MAR-2017: Updated his application art and relationships! (reference picture:… )

MAY-28: A bit late updating his young adult art, but here it is! I'm not a huge fan, so I may change it at some point, since it doesn't really reflect his slim build at all. But it is a pose I have never tried before so good practice! :) Here is the loose reference: ('s%20in%20Michi…)

FEB-1: Lazarus is now a juvenile! He is also a ranger so anyone from any pack who'd like to meet him/collab/even do that new Valentine MSE I am always willing! :D

DotW 2018 Superlatives

:star:Funniest: Lazarus of Aryn made us laugh the most this year! His antics have made him legendary.
:star:Most Likely To Die Doing Something Stupid: Lazarus and Aivar, brothers of Aryn, tied for the honor of being the Domain’ s most reckless fools! It runs in the family, clearly.

Thank you all so much!! <33

:DOTW: A Talented Wanderer by FaIIenShadows


{ Name // Lazarus (Silver-face or Silver-butt by Seven, Blue-stoat by Raghaalr)
{ Age // Young Adult (born 4-NOV-15)
{ Sex // male
{ Height // 33” (as adult)
{ Weight // 113 lbs (as adult)
{ Build // Average built, smaller than most males, sleek fur
{ Color // black
{ Eyes // gray
{ Scars // none
{ Pack // Aryn
{ Rank // Ranger
{ Family // Athena (mother), Alcatraz (father), Teva (big sister), Storm (little sister), Raphael (little brother)
{ Voice //…


[ laid back/playful ] ~ [ adventurous/sly ] ~ [ protective/affectionate ] ~ [ talented/dispassionate ] ~ [ unable to handle feelings ]

{  laid back/playful //
Lazarus doesn't take anything seriously. He takes everything in stride and just kind of goes with what happens. Nothing really bothers him, be in insults or injury, and he is quick to bounce back. He doesn't really care about holding grudges or anything like that, he doesn't want to put in the effort. Life is a game to this black wolf pup. He loves to play with his siblings and tease them.

{  adventurous/sly //
Lazarus, never really considering the world a dangerous place, is not afraid of anything. He will explore anything and try to play with anything and this may get him into trouble. But as he runs from the danger he's laughing the whole time, hooting his adversary on. He is a clever wolf and knows how to think quick on his feet and he never freaks out or freezes. He doesn't take anything seriously, no matter the peril, and just sort of makes it up as he goes. Lazarus has an eternal smile on his face.

{  affectionate //
Lazarus can get himself and his friends into all sorts of trouble, but that is the most fun for him. Lazarus always tries to get his family and friends to play and have a good time, and is not good at just sitting around thinking. He is close with his friends and likes taking others under his wing and leading them on adventures. He is a natural leader in terms of composure and self confidence, and his abilities to make others feel comfortable, but he is much too rash and thoughtless to make a good leader.

{  talented/dispassionate //
Lazarus is a very talented wolf. Things come easy to him, particularly physical skills such as hunting and fighting. He is naturally agile, strong, and swift so he has never really had to try hard to learn anything. That may lead to the fact that he doesn't really care. Lazarus is not used to having to work hard for the gifts that he has, so he rarely tries at anything. He just sort of lets life go by and does not really lift a paw to shape his destiny one way or the other. He is not at all a deep thinker, or really a thinker at all, and he does not understand the magnitude of the things that he has. He just assumes that everything is as it is and does not care to try and change anything.

{  unable to handle serious situations //
Lazarus is always so laid back and rolling with the punches without really caring, but every once in a while something happens that he does care about. And if that happens he doesn't know what to do or how to handle it. He is so used to being that calm, collected, quick-thinking guy who has all the answers that when something serious happens that wipes the smirk off his face he just doesn't know what to do or how to properly react. He often hides feelings of grief, anger, or hurt, feeling way too uncomfortable having a serious conversation with another that isn't light-hearted, substance-less, or a game.

{ Talents // basically everything, including hunting, fighting, and making friends
{ Flaws // cannot handle serious situations, does not think deeply
{ Likes // his family and friends, exploring and playing, most everything else he's not picky at all
{ Dislikes // seriousness, uncomfortable life lessons

{ Pre-Group //
Lazarus was third born to the Aryn Alphas Alcatraz and Athena. It was clear from the start that Lazarus was an adventurous pup, and one not to be brought down. The loving atmosphere of his family and his pack has instilled in him a love for his family and friends. He is talented and cannot keep still and loves to play.

{ Group History // {-summary: link to RP //links to pictures//}
+3 Born to Alcatraz and Athena in Aryn //Our New Family, Aryn's Little Alphas, At the Beginning//
+0 Plays with siblings: //DotW: Our First Winter//
+0 Listens to Hani's storytelling with his family: //But You Said It Was a Happy Story!//
+1 Learns history with Kane from Alcatraz: History Lesson (Kane, Alcatraz, Lazarus)
+1 Bonds with Riley and siblings: //DotW Collaboration: The Cool Brother, The Cool Brother//
+1 Wanders off and meets Rutnik: [DotW] Haven't seen you around
+1 Teases Teva: Teasing Teva (Teva and Lazarus)
+1 Gets himself and Storm into trouble: Badger Hunt [Lazarus-Storm]
+0 Plays with siblings and cousins: Bedlam Beginning [PUPPIES?? part 1/2], Chaos Conclusion [PUPPIES?? part 2/2]
+0 Greets Varrick on his return from his ranger duties: //Attack From The Horde//
+0 Plays with littermates: Distant Memory
+1 Plays with Lawson: All Fun and Games... (Lawson and Lazarus)
+0 Spends time in den site: //Awkward//
+1 Meets Tristan: New Wolf in Town (Tristan and Lazarus)
-3 Promoted to Delta Ranger
+2 Meets Seven and they go sledding: :DOTW: - Sled Bonding //:DOTW: Hello, :DOTW: Young Misfits - Collab//
+1 Trains with Kane and Lazarus: He is Strong (Kane, Lazarus, Alcatraz)
+1 Meets Valencia: You are a Wolf (Valencia and Lazarus)
+1 Wakes Seven up to go on an adventure: //I Love to Wake Up Next to You//
+0 Hunts with Aryn: The Great Hunt - Aryn RP - P1, The Great Hunt - Aryn RP - P2,
+1 Meets Annabelle: Flying Wolves (Annabelle and Lazarus)
+1 Listens to more of Hani's stories: //Tell Us Again!//
+2 Goes on an extended adventure with Seven: :DOTW: - Follow the Sun - Part 1, Follow the Sun - Part 2 (Seven and Lazarus), :DOTW: - Follow the Sun - Part 3 //Sinners//
+1 His adventure with Seven goes wrong during a thunderstorm: A Living Nightmare (Seven and Lazarus) - FtS pt.4 //:DOTW: I've got you//
+1 Seven and he have a lucky hunt and then head home: DoTW - Chasing the Sun Finale
+0 Runs with Seven: //Sprint//
+1 Avoids Seven during thunderstorms: //Don't Let Me Down//
+1 Goes out ranging with Storm: //[collab] Remember the one about the badger?//
+1 Comforts Seven after the death of her adopted father Kris-tran: Liquid Stars (Seven and Lazarus) //DoTW - Liquid Stars, I'm Here For You//
+0 Hunts with his pack: //Aryn on the Hunt - DotW//
-7 Ranked from Delta Ranger to Gamma Ranger
+1 Spends time with Tzuri: DoTW: Here and There
+0 Passes by Lawson with Seven: To Be Thankful (Lawson)
+1 Plays in the leaves with Seven: DoTW - Autumn Shenanigans
+0 Bonds with Seven: //DoTW - Thank you, Severus//
+1 Catches up with Kane: Catching Up (Kane and Lazarus)
+1 Plays in avalanche with Seven: //DoTW - Winter's Misfits - MSE//
+2 admin gift
+1 Trains with Raghaalr: Training the Blue-Stoat (Raghaalr and Lazarus)
+1 Scouts for prey with Eden: 'Blackberry Black Bear' RP - DotW
+0 Teva recalls their games as pups: //Saving You Pg 3//
+1 Helped from a ledge by Echo: Out on a Ledge (Echo and Lazarus)
+0 Enjoys time with his pack: //Hani Bond Meme: April MSE//
+3 Goes on an adventure with Seven: On the Road Again - pt1 (Seven x Lazarus) //Kids, Damsel in Distress//
+1 On said adventure with Seven, they meet Seven's brother Loki of Vale: On the road again - Part II
+2 On their way home, one of Lazarus' stunts go wrong and he and Seven get into a fight: Done (Seven x Lazarus) //Is That Really All You Have To Say?//
+1 Lazarus thinks about what he did and returns to Aryn: Thinking Too Much (Lazarus)
+2 Freaks out because of everything happening in Aryn: //Dark Times in Aryn//
+1 Leaves Aryn, leaving Seven behind: The Escape (Seven x Lazarus)
+1 Meets Finarel on his way to Fellfang: //Fast Friends//
+1 Meets Olithia in Fellfang: A Chance Meet - Lazarus x Oll
+1 Meets Ian in Fellfang: Guilt (Ian x Lazarus)
+0 Seven talks to Raghaalr about Lazarus' disappearance: DoTW - Commiseration
+1 Tells Moth about the death of her mate Kris'tran: DotW - Unbloomed
+2 Get stuck in a cave-in and is rescued by Robin, having a change of heart: Trapped (Robin x Lazarus) //Seeing the Light//
+1 Lazarus confides in Robin on their journey home: [DoTW] - To Aryn (Lazarus x Robin)
+0 Robin has a little crush on Lazarus ;v; : //[DoTW] - Voulez-Vous//
+0 Lazarus and Robin pass the time laughing during the journey home: //[DoTW] - Laughter//
+1 Robin and Lazarus return to Aryn, and are greeted by Raghaalr: The Return (Lazarus x Robin x Raghaalr)
+2 Apologizes to Seven: Afternoon (Seven x Lazarus) //Two Halves//
+0 Robin reacts to Lazarus' reunion with Seven: //[DoTW] - Crestfallen//
+1 Robin says goodbye to Lazarus and leaves Aryn to return to Highvalley after finding out that her father has died: [DoTW] - A Little Scrap of Normal
+1 RETIRED - gets lost in a blizzard with Seven: //DoTW - Maelstrom (Retirement Collab)//

{ Total Bones // 48

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Click here for relationships --->>> Lazarus Relationship Tracker by Wildfire-Tama<<<

{ Roleplay Availability // notes preferable
{ Roleplay Ratings // any
{ Updated // 17-JAN-2021

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