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Lady Dervla | Doe | Royal
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Published: March 23, 2018
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22-MAR-2018: She is born! :D Unfortunately the day before I am away for a week T-T But I figure best get her submitted before I go! Dervla is open to rps!

See here for coloring guide! (she's easy to color I promise!)
Dervla Coloring Guide by Wildfire-Tama

Basic Information

Name: Dervla
Gender: female
Age: 4 years (as of Summer 774)
Year of Birth: Late Summer Y770 of the New Age
Predicted Height: 9.2hh
Build: Light
Phenotype: Seal perlino dun partially restricted classic fawn
Genotype: Eem/Ata/CrCr/nD/fwfw/nrz
Eye Colour: blue
Design Sheet: Lady Dervla (Lord Faulkner x Lady Dove)

Sire: Lord Faulkner
Dam: Lady Dove
Bloodline: 100% Glenmore
Magic Type: Earth

Skill Points

Speed: 7 [No Level]
Stamina: 3 [No Level]
Strength: 0 [No Level] (Build Cap: 5 points max)

Magic: 20 [capped at 0, No Level]
Herbs: 0  [No Level]
Crafting: 3  [No Level]

Experience: 0


+7 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+20 magic - hereditary bonus
Blooming Friendship
+2 crafting - collab art - Blooming Friendship
+1 crafting - practicing/sparring/fighting with another Fawnling

Herd Information

Herd: Glenmore
Herd Position: Lady
Current Location: with Lady Dove
Current Possessions: none

Current Glade - Lady Dove's Glade
Current Lord/Mate: None, lives with Lady Dove! (plus too young!)
Royal Guard: None! (open for plots) 
Servants: None! (open for plots)
Hoofmaidens: None! (open for plots) 
Other: None! (open for plots)

Dervla’s Family (for those related by blood):
Sire: Lord Faulkner - loves, respects
Dam: Lady Dove - loves, respects, best friend, whole world
Offspring: None yet!
Other Kin: Princess Elizabeth (aunt) - friend

Other Relations (list of all outside friends, allies, rivals, enemies, etc.)
  • None :C

Previous Court (former Lords, staff, disowned children, etc.)
none yet!


{In a Nutshell: Lady Dervla is your standard Glenmore lady; obedient, pleasant, social, and delicate in most every way. However she is also easily jealous, sensitive, and manipulative, as well as a very high-maintenance friend. Only when she loves someone is her true inner strength revealed.
{Major Traits: Obedient and Traditional, Social, Romantic, Spoiled, Jealous, Manipulative, Delicate, Loyal
{As a fawn: Dervla is bold and friendly as a fawn, doing best in one-on-one interactions where her jealousy and bossiness may be less apparent. She loves when other fawnlings do as she tells them. She is a bossy and entitled little thing particularly to those lower in rank than herself (to royal stags she was quick to learn that they like best when she does as they say so she tends to be more demure with them). This bossiness as a fawn will gradually turn to manipulative as she grows and learns that a doe often cannot be so upfront about getting others to do what she wants. From an early age she loves crafts, gardening, dancing, dressing up, and other lovely lady activities. She likes to play and explore with others her age as long as it isn't too dirty or too far from home. Tag is her favorite game, as long as it is the other person chasing. She may grudgingly chase but the game often ends quickly in that case. She loves attention, and if she doesn't feel like shes getting enough of it she will feign illness or injury to get the eyes back on her. She is a flirt with the boys, just enjoying the attention. Even in her youth, if someone is special to her, she is a steadfast and loyal companion. But she is also obnoxiously jealous about these individuals. She is her mother’s only daughter and wouldn’t have it any other way.
{Details: Dervla is a product of her society; a perfect little lady who is pleasant and obedient, never disobeying the order of a stag and always doing as she is told. She loves to sit pretty and please others with her easy charm and agreeable nature. She is very traditional and believes that stags should be in charge while does have the important jobs as mothers, supports, and beautiful trophies.

She also loves to entertain guests and impress others with her fabulous ability to keep a beautiful and tidy home. She is great with magic, dancing, singing, speaking, and she is generally a great Glade-Keeper. She will often help the servants with Glade upkeep, but only when she wants to and only because she likes it. When something isn’t fun for her, she won’t do it. After all, she is a Lady of Glenmore. This means that she loves to be pampered and spoiled by stags and servants and enjoys her comfortable and carefree life. She has a certain expectation for her high standard of living and it makes her a bit haughty and aloof (particularly with commoners and usually lesser royals and sometimes even Lords).

Dervla dreams of true love in all the Glenmorian ways. She loves to be fought over and wooed and swept off her hooves by handsome royals. She loves being a Lady, with the ability to pick her own mate from all the suitors she may gather. She is quite flirty and tries to attract stags to her, particularly Princes and Counts and Kings and anyone in high positions of power. Most of all Dervla dreams of finding the perfect Lord (preferably a powerful one) who loves her the most. But despite this desire for a deep love, Dervla herself is rather shallow and has a strong preference to the traditional coloration. She will be polite to non-traditionals but her disdain would likely be clear beneath paper-thin courtesy.

This romance and desire to be beloved makes Dervla easily jealous, and she gets upset when she sees “her” Lord paying more attention to other does. She knows that it is the nature of the society and accepts that stags often have many does (stags worth having, anyway). In fact, she prefers her stags to have large harems, but she wants to be the most important of all the does in the harem. This means that she rarely stays in one harem for long, usually too upset and jealous when her Lord doesn’t set her apart from the rest or do enough (in her opinion) to make her feel especially treasured.

When she doesn’t feel like she is treated as she deserves, Dervla can be quite manipulative. She has her own agenda, and quietly works to get what she wants. Her most common method, particularly if she is in a harem she doesn’t want to stay in, is playing the “damsel in distress” when she feigns (or exaggerates) distress to another Lord (claiming he doesn't satisfy her or he bores her, unlike you handsome new stag), and encourages him to challenge her current stag for her and “rescue” her. It always gives her a thrill when she watches two stags fight for her. Her manipulation does not stop at stags; she can be conniving toward her fellow harem does as well to try and bring them down or get ahead of them in the eyes of the Lord.

Dervla cries to be manipulative and get attention, but she also just cries. She is as delicate mentally as she is physically in many ways when push comes to shove, and she is easily overwhelmed and upset. She is very sensitive to insult and injury and is easily discouraged and upset.

Dervla’s true strength is only realized when she loves someone. If she is devoted to another she is doggedly on their side, and will be their calm and gentle but rock-hard and candid strength and support as best she can. She can keep it surprisingly together, even under stress, if she feels like she has to. She will fight for their interests and she desires for their happiness near as fiercely as she desires for her own. Those she may grow to love this much could include children, parents, siblings, close friends, and perhaps her perfect stag. She never quite outgrows her jealous tendencies, and gets quite upset when she feels like she is being replaced by someone she cares about, and she isn't afraid to confront them about it.

Slim, long spindly legs, small neat head, huge eyes and long wavy dark brown mane
Born to Lady Dove and Lord Faulkner. Spends most time with her mother. Even at a young age is quite the attention hog.

Group History: 
(season) brief description: link to literature //link to artwork//

Y 770
Y 771 
Y 772 (Current)

Other Art:
  • None!

Relationship Tracker:

Lord Faulkner - [Glenmore Lord, father] - /love/respect/ - WIP
Lady Dove - [Glenmore Lady, mother] - /love/respect/ - Mama is the best! She's so beautiful and strong. I want to be just like her!
Princess Elizabeth - [Glenmore, Princess, aunt] - /likes/ - Princess Elizabeth and I made flower crowns and took a nap together! She's a princess, and I love her! 
Princess Espa - [Glenmore, Princess, friend] - /likes/ - Espa kept me warm when we were hiding from a spring storm. We got to spend a lot of time together, she's the best!


Dervla (c) :iconwildfire-tama:
Design (c) :icontazihound: with edits by :iconwildfire-tama:
Link to template: Glenmore Herd | Free to use Reference Background

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She’s so stinkin cute!
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Aww thank you so much! :D Let me know if you'd ever like one of your characters to meet her!
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KingdomHeartsOrgXII3|Hobbyist Digital Artist
ok its offical i adore her shes such a soft and adorable bean<333333
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Ahhh wow thank you so much!! :D I'm so happy you like her <33 I'd love for her to meet one of your Fawnlings C:
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KingdomHeartsOrgXII3|Hobbyist Digital Artist
mine are always up for making new friends 8DD
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Dervla is bold enough to approach any of your fawnlings I'd say! She is closest in age to Lord Diarmaid though!
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halloweendonkey|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
omg, this design is far too cute !! -steal baby lady and run fast-
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Ahh thank you so much! :D Let me know if you'd like her to meet any of your characters C:
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halloweendonkey|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it's when you want I have many baby fawn in GM ^^
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Haha I see that you do now that I look at your gallery, so many adorable babies! 

So based on ages, Dervla is the same age as your little Princess Laureline so they could be friends! :D I imagine, if they end up getting along, Dervla could be an insistently encouraging friend to your girl when she's sad which might be cute. Dervla is also rather close in age to Belladone and Linnet (both of whom I think Dervla could easily be friends with as well, or she could rub them the wrong way as well if we'd want to go in that direction), and Ludwig (who I could totally see Dervla bugging xD). Those are the royal GM characters of yours closest in age to her, though she is bold enough to approach just about anyone so whatever you prefer! :D Any of those options sound fun to you?
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Ah, this little lady looks to be quite a handful! ;)
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Hehehe I think you are right about that! :D
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DodgerMD|Hobbyist Digital Artist
What a gorgeous little thing! *3*
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Thank you so much! :D
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She's absolutely gorgeous <3 Faulkner is going to do his best to spoil her like she deserves!
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Thank you so much!! :D

I was right in the middle of noting you when you commented this hahaha, she will love her papa to bits! I can't wait to make plans with them! C: <33
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