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Dandelion - Juvenile
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Published: February 19, 2017
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Name: Dandelion (Dandy (he hates it but it sticks), Lion (self-dubbed, rarely does it stick))

Age: adolescent (between one and two years)

Gender: male

Rank: juvenile

Resentful / Conceited: if something goes wrong, it is never his fault, but the fault of the sun in his eyes, or a sore paw, or even the fault of his parents “who did not properly teach him anything”. He is convinced that the world has treated him unfairly, and uses that as an excuse for his shortcomings so to protect his own self-image. In his mind, he ended up great given the “bad hand” he was dealt.

Envious / Prejudice: he wants the abilities that others have, and if he sees that something makes someone happy then he will want it for himself. Sometimes he will even force himself to have it, but never can he find the same joy as the other wolf, and may end up frustratedly destroying it, grumbling about how stupid it is. He judges wolves viciously, any scar or abnormal size or even a pelt that is too light or dark can bring upon you a sharp remark. Just to make himself feel superior.

Aggressive / Cowardly: whenever he is angry or needs a confidence boost it is common for this wolf to go marauding through uncharted land, sneaking up on unsuspecting strangers and launching a brutal attack. It gives him a rush of confidence and satisfaction when he can defeat another foe (even if on the unfair grounds of an ambush). He likes to feel as if he owns all land he walks on. He is also not afraid to get into a serious fight about it. Especially if he will win. If the fight begins to turn tides against him he is very quick to flee. He doesn’t usually attack wolves bigger or more intimidating than him. However much he likes to push others around, he would never want to maim or kill anyone. He wouldn’t admit it, but doing any permanent damage to another would really scare him.

Unaware / unstable self-esteem: In his mind, he turned out pretty well, and he’s a pretty cool wolf. He’s not miserable, despite being unreasonably irritable, though he is admittedly discontent. He has his own image of himself and that is the image that he maintains no matter how his actions tell a wildly different story. This image of himself he defends fiercely against other wolves. It’s tough to know how he will react to insults, it depends a lot on his mood. Sometimes he will react laughing and mocking, minimalizing the offender with his own insulting string in return. Another time the same comment he could take as a slight and it could cause him to lash out, verbally or physically, as he tries to defend whatever image it is he is trying to maintain in his head. This is more likely the case with wolves he actually respects. The higher he thinks of you, the greater he will be effected by your words (though just because he thinks well or badly of you does not at all indicate how good or bad you really are.) He does not see anything wrong with the way he acts, but just sees himself as acting justifiably in the world he lives in. He thinks well of himself, but he is also insecure at the same time, perhaps unconsciously he likes himself quite a bit less than he is willing to admit even to himself.

Sensitive / hostile: It’s really hard for him to develop positive relationship because the way he perceives others is often skewed. He has a default negative view of the world, and when they are in a conversation together it is almost as if he is trying to read messages between the line that aren’t even there. He reads hostility and insult into things said even when the speaker didn’t intend it at all. He has a short fuse and will respond with hostility of his own, forcefully defending himself. He also is quick to point out the shortcomings in other wolves, if they act out of the ordinary (his own standards or ordinary, mind you) he is not going to hold his tongue.

Social / Athazagoraphobic: Believe it or not, this wolf likes interacting with others and he likes having friends, even if he has almost none. The fuel behind every way he acts is how eager he is to fit in and feel worthwhile. The reason that this social attitude has become unhinged is because of his strong fear of being replaced or forgotten. Even when someone does give him a chance, he often ruins it with his own paranoia, which comes with him being possessive and very jealous, attempting to put others down in order to try and prove to his friends how valuable he is. His blatant method of doing this can be extremely off putting, however, and very often lands him with nothing and no one. He doesn’t seem to learn from these experiences unfortunately, and responds to rejection with resentment and conceit, assuring himself that they aren’t worth it anyway. If he gets the feeling that he is losing his place he tends to leave them before they get the chance to kick him out so that he can say that he left on his own accord, and he is far too stubborn to ever return to try again, though he does secretly yearn that someday someone he once knew and respected will miss him and come looking for him. Rarely do they coming looking for him, though, and if they do usually he had moved too fast for them to find him (that’s not an excuse, though, if they really cared about him then they would never stop looking for him, in his opinion).

Dull/ Simple : He’s just not the brightest wolf in the world. He’s not a bumbling idiot, but he is not very keen either, not one to really strategize or think things through or really make plans at all. He isn’t very reflective and doesn’t spend time thinking about himself or trying to string events together in his mind. He takes the world as it comes, he reacts exactly how he wants to react in that moment and never holds back or deceives you. It doesn’t take much to make him happy either, a few good laughs, some nice companionship (they’d better not be too sensitive though!). It just gets more complicated when someone else gets the spotlight and his fear sets in again.

He has his moments: he’s not really a good wolf. He hurts and insults others just to get a boost for himself. He is selfish, jealous, arrogant and irritable. And he doesn’t even have the courage to back up his bite. But he is a team player, deep down, one who needs to learn that sometimes the world doesn’t revolve around him, and that it’s possible to be ordinary and special. Having a job that makes him feel useful and like others depend on him could make him feel happy, but this is not a fix for him, because he would be very reluctant to teach the trade to anyone or share the job with anyone else, in fear that the other person would be better than him and he would lose his place again.

So I guess the real deal with him is that he’s subconsciously very insecure, which means his mind overcompensates by giving him a huge ego. He is selfish and he sorta wants to belong somewhere, but the fear and of rejection, something his pride cannot handle, keeps him from trying to make true relationships, and he too often resorts to “I’m too good for them anyway,” before strolling away as if he owns the place.

This personality was developed during his childhood and time as a loner, and may change over time now that he is part of the Sebago pack.

History: WIP

  • Rhoenys - She's my only friend. Whenever I leave no one ever tries to find me again, but she does. She's the only wolf I've ever met who's worth anything.
  • Boston - She's really mean. And a hypocrite. I wish she wasn't the Alpha. As soon as I am recovered from that jerk Tamaska's attack, I'm getting out of here.
  • Cynthia - I hate her, she's such a self-righteous jerk.
  • Songo - Songo is... okay. He's not great either, but at least he isn't mean. It's probably just an act, though. I can see right through him.
  • McKinley - WIP
  • Rowen - I don't know much about Rowen, he never talks to me. Good thing, he hangs out with Boston so he's probably a jerk too. WIP
  • Akelo - WIP
  • Spade - WIP
  • Rahla - WIP
  • Tamaska - He is the dumbest, most worthless piece of crap I have ever met. He almost killed me! The one thing Boston was good for was getting rid of him.
  • Murwen - She's a weakling, crying for her brother. I hardly even touched her, though I guess she was right to be scared. I could have killed her if I wanted, after all. 

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Original Design: CastleGraphics

Dandelion (c) :iconwildfire-tama:

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I love his anatomy so muchh <33
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Thank you! He's one of my favorites <3
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