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Aoife | Doe | Glenmore Commoner by Wildfire-Tama Aoife | Doe | Glenmore Commoner by Wildfire-Tama
Aoife is open to rps and plotting with anyone in Glenmore! :D Feel free to either comment or send me a note! C:

Aoife's story may contain sensitive material about unhealthy relationships. Reader and viewer discretion is advised.

Thank you all so much for this honor! ;v;

:star: 2nd Runner Up Character OTM July 2018!

Basic Information

Name: Aoife (ee-feh)
Gender: Female
Age: 9 (as of Spring Y771)
Year of Birth: Y762 of the New Age
Predicted Height: 10 hh
Build: Light
PhenotypeDark Wild Bay
Genotype: EeM/A+a/fwfw/nrz
Eye ColourBrown
Design Sheet: Fawnling November 2017 Design Pool #26

Sire: Lir (NPC)
Dam: Beven (NPC)
Bloodline: 100% Glenmore
Magic Type: Earth

Skill Points

Speed: 7 [Basic Level]
Stamina: 3 [Basic Level]
Strength: 1 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 5 points max)

Magic: 8 [Basic Level]
Herbs: 4 [Basic Level]
Crafting: 2 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+7 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+1 strength - starter bonus
+4 magic - starter bonus
+4 herbs - starter bonus
+2 crafting - starter bonus
Magical Practice
+2 magic - collab art - Magical Practice
+2 magic - training/sparring with a Fawnling of higher level

Herd Information

Herd: Glenmore
Herd Position: Commoner
Mate(s): Lord Jinxario
Current Location: Lord Jinxario’s Glade



In a Nutshell: A sweet, obedient, and generally pleasant individual, though noticeably timid and anxious.

Major Traits: Realistic, Sweet, Forlorn, Low Self-Esteem, Meek, Anxious, Gregarious, Dependent, Passive, Resilient, Dreamer

Detailed Personality: Aoife grew up in the bottom rungs of society, being a Glenmore commoner with an ugly dark coat. Ever the realist (and never the optimist), she accepts her place with a quiet grace, understanding that she will never be a doe of value. She humbly works her way through society as best she can. And she does it all with a pleasant, obedient smile.

She is a sweet and gentle soul, polite and civil in any situation, but her warm and agreeable impression doesn’t mean that her coat does not bother her deeply. While she has come to terms with her misfortune she still looks at the high ranks and the lighter does with sadness, wishing she could be treasured and included but ultimately she doesn’t even try. She has a quite low opinion of herself in all ways because of her appearance and how society treats her.

Aoife does not like to rock the boat or speak badly about anyone. She tries to be low maintenance and wants nothing more than a quiet, modest life. She gets very anxious about misstepping or offending somehow or bringing the attention to herself at all in a negative light. She will put up with almost anything without standing up for herself, just to keep out of trouble.

To those who she is “equal” to (though she doesn’t believe herself equal to anyone, but those who she feels comfortable enough with to grow close to) she can make an attentive, helpful, and affectionate friend. She loves companionship and craves it, and she truly cares about her friends and will put them before herself in many situations. She is often too skittish and afraid to be called “loyal” when push comes to shove but she does try her best, and gets very upset at the thought of letting someone down. She needs friends who will treat her gently, because harsh treatment makes her fearful and uncomfortable around you because she is scared to upset you again.

Aoife is dependent on others, to the point of being socially “desperate”, and if someone of a higher class than herself even looks at her nicely she takes it too seriously. She has had many crushes on royals or handsome commoners who have been kind to her. She basically worships any Lady or Princess who treats her with any amount of compassion or respect. She never thought that she would find love or have a family, so any stag who were to show interest in her would quickly sweep her clean off her feet and she would love him.

Rather than try to take initiative and change of her life, Aoife tends to just roll with what happens and make the best of it. This often leads her to convince herself that things are okay even if they aren't and even if she is unhappy. It is not uncommon for her to be in denial or be putting up with far more than is reasonable. However she is surprisingly resilient about it all. Her sweet personality and drive to continue on will not be quenched by any amount of misfortune. She expects misfortune, after all, and simply focuses on those who are kind to her even when they don’t have to be. She is also able to see the good in others and has a large, sensitive heart full of empathy.

Aoife often dreams impossible dreams, and in them she is a beautiful princess as white as snow, with a silky tumbling mane and tail. She is powerful but gracious, just but kind, and she treats everyone with dignity regardless of their fur. And best of all everyone respects and appreciates her. She loves sleeping, hoping she can dream about this other life, and be the doe she wishes she could have been. If she is not working on herbs and magic or with company then most likely she is sleeping. Sometimes this makes her seem slothful.


Aoife is a slender, willowly doe, and gets thinner still when she is anxious because she loses her appetite when she's scared. She has an ‘ugly’ dark coat by Glenmore standards, but she does her best to keep herself looking presentable and neat anyway, and she learned this skill early when her parents taught her how to look presentable in front of royals. Her hair has a good amount of volume and easily gets messy but she tries her best to keep it well groomed, clean, and simple. She sometimes wears her hair up in a loose bun if she is working or if it gets in the way, though she would rather have it down because the covering makes her feel safer.


Aoife’s mother, Beven, was a beautiful pale hoofmaiden and her father a tall and handsome butler named Lir. They worked in the service of a Glenmore Lord and his Princess. Despite Aoife’s ugly dark coat the Lord allowed his servants to keep their baby and she was raised in comfort within their glade. Aoife was a sweet, shy little thing. She wasn’t allowed to play with any of the royal fawns, and many of the other commoner fawns shunned her, but her parents found friends more suited to her, pale stags and dark does who were commoners as well. For her young childhood she played with them and was a happy baby.

But of course it didn’t take her long to realize that something was wrong with her. That roots of her meekness and insecurity can be traced to this point in her life, when she began to realize why she couldn’t play with many other fawns, and began to realize that for all intents and purposes she was just an ugly common girl.

Although her inferiority complex would follow her throughout her life, in her second year there came a glimmer of kindness that gave her a tiny hope that maybe she wasn’t worthless. She met a young piebald Lord, Jinxario. He didn’t seem to care that she was a commoner, or that she was dark and ugly. He wanted to spend time with her anyway. Touched by his kindness (and clinging to the approval of a Lord to validate her own self worth), she was somewhat obsessed with him throughout her early youth, and considered him her best friend within two of their interactions. Forbidden interactions, by the way. Aoife’s parents tried their best to put an end to the friendship when it started, afraid that Aoife growing up with a Lord friend would make her feel too comfortable around royals. They often sent her away to spend days with her aunt and other commoner fawns. She made friends fine there, but it was her Lord that was on her mind. When she mentioned him most of her friends didn’t believe he was real. Especially her pale friends. After all… what royal Lord would befriend a dark commoner doe? Either way, each evening when she would return to the royal glade she lived in, she would sneak away and find him. No, nothing would separate this puppy-lovesick little filly from her Lord!

It was Jinxario’s status that drew the young Aoife in at first, without a doubt (even if she never would acknowledge being so shallow). But as they got to know each other, Aoife’s admiration for Jinxario went far beyond that. He did not have an easy life, and as Aoife offered a listening ear and a comforting embrace as well as more carefree play, she learned more about the strong stag within, kind and compassionate but hardworking. And he treated her as an equal. Or more. The dreams that Aoife had, about being a beautiful white princess that everyone loved, Jinx seemed to make those dreams come true. He didn’t care about her color, or that she was a commoner, he liked her just the same and put effort into their relationship just as she did and soon the two became true best friends.

Aoife’s parents still didn’t like her friendship with Jinxario and insisted she train as a hoofmaiden so she could be a functioning member of society. After all, if this Lord were to ever rid of her and Aoife was unskilled she’d end up in the lowest slums of Glenmore society! So Aoife was worked hard by her mother to learn how to be a hoofmaiden. She learned the basics of magic and crafting and herbalism and everything that may be useful for a hoofmaiden to learn. She trained to be swift so she could deliver messages quickly, and she trained to be eloquent and formal so she could properly address any royal. She stuck to the lessons, even if she didn’t plan on ever becoming a hoofmaiden, to please her parents and because she hoped they would make her an even better mate for Jinxario (after all being his doe was the only future she could imagine).  

She joined Jinxario’s permanent harem rather quickly. She was his first doe and she couldn’t be happier. She dreamed beyond hope that she would be his only doe as well. And perhaps he loved her romantically like she loved him. It became clear quickly that Jinxario would have other does, but Aoife was comforted in the fact that she could not see any that seemed to have as strong a relationship as she had with Jinx. Until a new doe came into the picture, Lady Arina, who she could tell immediately Jinxario was smitten with. She was a reputable Lady… beautiful in every way… Aoife was wildly jealous. But being a good little commoner she was always pleasant and polite, she pretended to be happy and supportive as the two fell in love. Aoife was sad, but it felt like a sweet sadness to her, a grief she was enduring for the sake of her beloved, convincing herself that all she really wanted was for him to be happy. After all, she had done this to herself. She had hoped against hope, and forgotten that she was a mere commoner, and a dark one at that. There would never be anyone who truly loved her.

However jealous she might have been, Aoife truly did like Arina and also how happy she made Jinxario. So when the female passed away with Jinxario’s newborn fawn Aoife was devastated. To make matters worse, when Aoife first went to comfort him he turned on her, and Aoife found herself beneath a torrent of fury from her Lord. Never having been treated this way, Aoife ran in terror. Jinxario found her later, apologizing profusely, and of course Aoife accepted. After all… it was hard times for them all. However, it happened again, and again, and again, sometimes at just the slightest provocation. It has reached a point where Aoife is quite afraid to be at home (and often spends time out with others), feeling as if she is walking on eggshells and getting increasingly anxious and afraid every time Jinxario is around. He has never hurt her, but the fury she sees from him makes her feel as if she doesn’t know him, and she has no idea what he was capable of. However, she understands that this is a hard time for him since he loved Arina and the memory of her passing is still recent. She believes that now more than ever he needs her support, and she trusts that with enough time and patience she’ll have her best friend back. So however stressful it may be for her, she hides his instability from the outside world as best she can, stays by him, and endures. 

Group History:

  • (Mid Spring) Born
  • (Spring) Begins training as an undermaiden under her mother
  • (Autumn) Agrees to be in Lord Jinx's permanent harem
771 (Present)

Other Art:

None yet!

Relationship Tracker

Lord Jinxario - [Glenmore Lord] - /loves/loves romantically/best friend (one-sided)/grief/fear/ - I can't believe how he snapped at me. I should have known better. He's hurting so much... I would do anything to be able to help him.

NewSilvinia - [Glenmore doe] - /likes/friend/ - Vina helped me with my magic, and I really appreciate it. I look forward to seeing her again! 

UPDATED: 28-JUN-2018
Aoife (c) :iconwildfire-tama:
Design (c) :iconbovidaeloony:
Application Template (c) :iconrusticforrest:
Reference for application pic: randyroberts.files.wordpress.c…

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