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Ambriel - Shadow Empire Gladiator by Wildfire-Tama Ambriel - Shadow Empire Gladiator by Wildfire-Tama
23-DEC-17: Expanded on personality and new app art! Application features art from Firewolf-Anime, WingsandFeathers, and Polarfleets. Thanks guys for your beautiful art of her <3 Ambriel is open to rps and collabs! (though I am pretty behind on collabs as some of you may know, so those will likely be slower)

27-AUG-17: I have adopted Ambriel back! Thank you again, Saffaye, for taking such great care of her! I plan to update her application art next time I get the chance, but for now I am just so excited to get started again! Ambriel is open for role plays, plotting, collabs, and everything/anything else, just comment below or note me!
29-JAN-17: Ambriel now belongs to Saffaye! Please see her new official ref ---> EBC: Ambriel Reference
9-OCT-16:  New Apprentice reference for Ambriel! :D Slightly changed the white markings on her chest, otherwise I tried hard to make a more realistic style, using these references! (… and…). Her application is also featuring art from Polarfleets, WingsandFeathers and Saffaye
25-DEC-15: She is born! :D Open for any rps within Shadow Empire, please just let me know! :D

{ Name // Ambriel
{ Nickname // Amber, Ambri
{ Species // Jaguar/Lion
{ Starting Age // 0 months (Born December 25, 2016)
{ Current Age // 3 year and 3 months (March 25, 2017)
{ Gender // female
{ Build // Ambriel is a strong-ish build much like a jaguar. She has thick legs and large paws with broad shoulders. Her body is sleek but not exactly slim. She has a long tail with a dark tuft at the end. Her head is neat, but wide.
{ Genetics//
Dominant: golden fur, strong build, black mane
Recessive: brown rosettes, pale hazel green eyes, half spotted coat
Carrier: freckly leg spots, amber eyes, ice blue eyes, pale gray coat, fully spotted coat
Mutations: None

{ Faction // Shadow Empire
{ Rank // Gladiator
{ Training Progress // COMPLETE
Cub Training: Bullet; GreenCOMPLETEBullet; Green  3/3
Bullet; Green  With Caretaker: My Family (Ambriel Cub Assignment 1/3)
Bullet; Green  Meeting Someone New: I Won't Let Go (Ambriel Cub Assignment 2/3)
Bullet; Green  Playing: Innocence Lost (Ambriel Cub Assignment 3/3)

Apprentice Training: Bullet; Green COMPLETE Bullet; Green   5/5
Bullet; Green Offensive Training: EBC: Gon' be great
Bullet; Green Meet Mentor: A New Mentor (Phoebe and Ambriel)
Bullet; Green Defensive Training: Capture The Flag - Open Shadow Empire RP
Bullet; Green Hunting: Huntresses of the Shadows (App Assignment 2/5)
Bullet; Green Final Task: Time to Shine (Ambriel App Assignment 5/5)

{ Mentor // None
{ Past Mentor(s) // Dion
(left Shadow Empire), Pheobe
{ Apprentice //
{ Past Apprentice(s) //

{ Residence // Shadow Empire Temporary Camp in Silvered Forest (as of Sept 2017)
{ Armor // Ambriel Armor Request
{ Other Possessions // Nothing

{ Overall Aura // Spirited, yet somewhat bossy, social butterfly
{ First Impression // Polite but confident and playful, warm and empathetic
{ Major Traits // Courageous, Impulsive, Confident, Personable, Outspoken, Supportive, Affectionate, Passionate, Bossy, Anxious, Sensitive, Nosy, Romantic, Distracted, Curious, Restless

{ Detailed Personality // 

Ambriel is a very brave girl and there isn’t much that she fears. Her first gut reaction to most trouble is to leap right in with claws and fangs flashing. She isn’t a cat to waste time on a plan, she would much rather just power through her problems. She is impulsive and doesn’t tend to think ahead, nor does she completely grasped the fact that her actions can have serious consequences if they don’t go as she expects, and this can get her into some tough situations

Ambriel has a good amount of confidence in herself and it makes her bold and upfront. There is nothing coy about this liguar. She will approach nearly anyone with a kind smile and a friendly question, just to hear what they have to say and learn a bit about where they are from. Ambriel likes most everyone by a default. She is empathetic, charismatic, and works to make those around her feel comfortable, included, and involved. She is not a particularly serious cat, and tends to try and ease the tension of situations with humor, optimism, or in general acting more-or-less casual.

Ambriel has a loose tongue that can cause her to speak her mind in situations where it may be better to stay quiet. She isn’t afraid to challenge another if she disagrees, and can be a bit too open about her opinions. This can lead to consequences in terms of insubordination and cause confrontations that didn’t have to happen at all. She doesn’t mind a whole lot, though, she will stand her ground in a respectful argument. While she isn’t snarky or sarcastic, she can be insistent and stubborn when she thinks she’s right. Though despite this she will ultimately bend to her superiors’ will. She may have a mind of her own, but disloyalty is unlike her (though not impossible…).

Ambriel has this confidence and candidness because she thinks she is valuable, so she thinks her opinion is important. But she feels that everyone else and their opinions are as valuable too, and thus would expect anyone with an opinion to speak up just as she would. While Ambriel can be good with helping shy or nervous cats out of their shells (though may also be intimidating to them), she also genuinely does not understanding why someone would be too nervous to speak their mind. She is a very supportive friend in this way, and will insist on how important you and your thoughts are. But this also makes her pushy. Though she tries to be empathetic and patient, if a cat is still unwilling to speak after prodding, Ambriel may take it upon herself to express their opinion for them.

Ambriel shows her love for her family and friends very clearly. She wants them all to feel protected, valuable, and safe. It doesn’t take much to be her friend either (she considers everyone in Shadow Empire her friend, to start). She is quick to trust and quick to love, and likes to believe the best in others. She makes a pretty good friend too, always having your back and just being supportive, affectionate, and playful! Ambriel is extremely social, and her greatest happiness comes from her home and her friends and family.

Contributing to all abovementioned traits, Ambriel is passionate about the things she believes in, which is a driving force behind her outspoken-ness. She feels things strongly, and she is not always objective because her emotions have a lot of sway over her opinions about a subject, and how she sees the world. Less destructively, this passion extends to near everything in her life as well, and she will work hard at anything she tries. She has a fierce determination to do the best she can, believing that anything worth doing is worth doing well. She doesn’t care much about how she looks, and is willing to get down and dirty or look ridiculous if it will help her reach her goals.

Because of her confidence in herself, Ambriel is always willing to take charge of things. She thrives in situations where she can teach others and when she is with younger cats. She is a good teacher, and will re-articulate advice or strategies whenever and to whomever she deems appropriate (possibly to the annoyance of others), knowing that repetition is a valuable tool in learning and plus it makes her feel better to lay things out clearly for the sake of herself as much as others (and she also sorta likes hearing herself talk). She does expect to be taken seriously, and may get huffy if she doesn’t feel like she is being respected.

Along those lines, Ambriel is also a worry wort, and thinks a lot about the safety of her friends and Empiremates. She can be bossy and controlling, believing that she knows what is best, and that her advice is useful and should be taken into account. SHE may go off on stupid and reckless adventures on a whim, but that doesn’t mean YOU can. And if you do, prepare for a tongue-lashing from this anxious hybrid upon your return!

For all of her bravado, however, within Ambriel can be a somewhat different cat. While she can certainly be dense with her big mouth and her “act now, think later” personality, she can also be quite sensitive to the reactions of others around her, and listens closely to the words of others and is good at sensing emotions. Sometimes she listens too closely and it is not uncommon for her to read too much into words, tones, and expressions and extract some meaning that wasn’t intended by the speaker. She can be borderline paranoid about this sort of thing, and often secretly worries what other cats think of her and how they feel. While not exactly a gossip, Ambriel is nosy and likes keeping tabs on others and what’s going on in their lives no matter how big and small (okay yeah she’s a gossip).

Ambriel has another (and often conflicting) love other than her friends and family, however, and that love is for the world. Ambriel has a deep appreciation for beauty in all its forms. Nothing is ever plain in her eyes. She finds everything interesting and even awe-some. Even bad things are not lacking in some level of beauty and romanticism to her. From leaves in the trees to finely forged armor to the ferocity of enemies and the stoic grimness of the distant city skyline, very little is lost on Ambriel. This deep love for almost all things is often distracting to her, and it is not uncommon for her to stop mid-step, mid-sentence, or mid-training when something catches her eyes, such as a glimpse of the sunset through the trees, or an unusual bug she has never seen before. She is a cat who likes to live in the moment.

Her distraction goes beyond just interesting and pretty sights at home. Ambriel’s romanticism often leads to a curiosity and restlessness within her. She has a desire to see many of the wonders of the world, and although she loves her Empire she also yearns to travel to other places and see what else there is, or how other cats may live, and find sights that would otherwise have been left unseen. She wants her picture of the world to be as complete as possible, and something that gives her the greatest joy is finding fascinating things that she didn’t even know existed. She is a free spirit and is a bit of a drifter at heart, often frustrated by the world she lives in. Empire cats are free, but being free should mean going wherever you please yet even Empire cats are trapped within stark borders. However, she knows the consequences of crossing borders, and plus she loves her Empire and doesn’t want to leave them. And so tries to resist as best she can, but if the opportunity were to come for her to venture onward without retribution, she would likely not stay back from exploring the possibilities.

{ Talents // Fighting, leading, and being a good friend
{ Flaws // Impulsive, thoughtless, can be too bossy, outspoken, easily distracted
{ Likes // the world, exploring, her friends and family, trees, water
{ Dislikes // being alone, feeling as if she is being judged, when loved ones are in danger, wide open spaces (she enjoys the cover of Shadow Empire's territory)

{ Background //
Sariel the jaguar and Azrael the lion lived together for more than a year and a half before the jaguar started to question her place in human society. She lived a life of luxury, but wondered what her purpose here was. At what price was this comfortable life she lived? These thoughts began to make her feel trapped, and she began to yearn for freedom. Azrael, in the mean time, enjoyed his wonderful life with his mate, completely unaware of the unrest she was feeling. One day Azrael showed Sariel his dark side by attacking Wybrent, a cat who had been flirting with Sariel, and taking his eye out. Sariel left for the Empires a few days later, leaving a shocked and devastated lion in her wake. In order to try and find her, Azrael became a Bounty Hunter.

During the war of Massilia, Sariel found herself at her old home and reunited with her mate, and for months she stayed in the city and fondly remembered the life she had once had. She even agrees to try and mend her relationship with Azrael. When one of her Empire Mates, Scorpio, comes to free her, Azrael tries to stop them at first but he agrees to let Sariel go under the agreement that they will meet at the border every half moon.

Sariel realized when she returned home that she was pregnant with Azrael's cubs. It is under these conditions that Ambriel was born into the Shadow Empire. It was clear from the beginning that Ambriel was a fearless cub, often acting recklessly and without regard to her own limitations. But no one could deny her love for the world and her family. She loves playing with her sister and she looks up to her mother immensely, hoping that she will grow as big, strong, and brave as Sariel. She enjoys hearing stories about the city and other places. Although she has no father, she does not think much of it at this age, being so young, and she currently accepts the world she was born into without question.

{ Group Record //

-->Cub (age 0-8 months)

+18 Ambriel is born with her sister Anane to the Shadow Empire jaguar Sariel: //My Family (Ambriel Cub Assignment 1/3)//
+7 Explores Healer's den with Alchemy: EBC: Trouble in the Healer's Den
+0 Explores the winter snow: //Ambriel gift//
+7 Plays with Claudette: Fluffy Friend (Claudette and Ambriel)
+14 Crackship RP with Raymond: I Left My Heart by the Ocean (Raymond and Ambriel)
+9 Plays with Phoebe: Coliseum Champions (Phoebe and Ambriel)
+10 Bonds with Nadav and learns about rain: Falling Rain (Nadav and Ambriel) //EBC: Best Friends for Cuddles//
+17 Spends day with Catori: A Day at the Beach (Catori and Ambriel)
+19 Learns about Aurelia with Sara: Aurelia's Mantle (Sara and Ambriel) //Aurelia's Mantle//
+9 Bonds with Anane: Tickles and Secrets - Anane x Ambriel
+9 Meets Mulligan: Play Time (Ambriel and Mulligan) //EBC : Ambriel and Mulligan//
+0 Grieves the disappearance of her mother with Anane: //EBC - we fall, we fly, EBC | Sariel's Goodbye//
+8 Is consoled by Sara: Try to Trust (Sara and Ambriel)
+13 Meets Saturn: Good Distraction (Saturn and Ambriel)
+0 Comforts Mulligan: //Song Meme - I Wouldn't Mind//
+0 Plays with Claudette: //Nice to see you again [EBC]//
+20 Plays with Zemar, Claudette, and Anane: //Cub Sitting - Ambriel's AssignmentCubsitting(assingment july)//
+0 Rests with Phoebe after a day of playing: //Lay Your Weary Head To Rest//
+9 Plays with Anane, Sara, and Seidon: Mid-Morning Fun
+26 Meets and is comforted by Caedric: I Got You (Caedric and Ambriel) //I Won't Let Go (Ambriel Cub Assignment 2/3) , I won't mind//
+0 Plays with Anane: //EBC - sun fun//
+15 Meets Herne: EBC: RP: Cloaked Under a Prison: Herne and Ambriel
+0 Enjoys a beautiful early autumn day: //COM: Wherever the winds blows//
+34 Trains/plays with Phoebe: Serious Play (Phoebe and Ambriel) //Innocence Lost (Ambriel Cub Assignment 3/3)//
(Total EP as cub: 244 EP)

--->Apprentice (8 months- 2 years 2 months)
+0 Becomes an Apprentice with Dion as her mentor and receives her new armor from Eleka //Ambriel Armor Request//
+8 Hunts with Poseidon: First Success (Poseidon and Ambriel)
+0 Plays with Nadav: //COM: Always Playtime//
+5 Bonds with pregnant Sara: //EBC: Future playmates//
+0 Spends time with Sara and Seidon and helps to train her sister and their cubs: The Hippocratic Oath
+0 Patrols with Quintin, Zemar, and Rafael: // EBC April Assignment - All About The Bag//
+16 Wrestles with Silvia, Apprentice assignment: //EBC: Gon' be great//
+0 Patrols with Silvia, Rafael, and Sebastian: //Silvia 4/8/17 Assignment || EBC//
+9 Learns that Mulligan is Pregnant: Good News (Mulligan x Ambriel)
+19 Helps evacuate the Shadow Empire camp when it flooded during the eclipse: Eclipse Event - Roleplay Blog ,Flooded //We've Not Reached Safety Yet!//
+17 Finds comfort in Nadav after the flood: Help from a Friend (Nadav x Ambriel) //EBC| Best Bud's Gotta Stick Together//
+16(?) Ambriel and Kazuro go to the beach: Fun at the Beach (Kazuro x Ambriel)
+7 Plans to go hunting with Freya and Raphael: //Hunting Trip?//
+19 Trains with Phoebe: A New Mentor (Phoebe and Ambriel, App Assignment 3/5) ,
+8 Continuation of training with Phoebe: Lessons (Phoebe x Ambriel)
+32 Trains with other apprentices: //Capture The Flag - Open Shadow Empire RP (App Assignment 4/5), Clarity + Co//
+9 Finds Kieran at Shadow Empire's old camp: Out of the Waters (Kieran x Ambriel)
+0 Ambriel greets Mulligan's new cubs: //Kalligan fam//
+22 Ambriel hunts with her closest friends: //Huntresses of the Shadows (App Assignment 2/5)//
+9 Ambriel and Saturn speak about traveling: Talks of Travel (Saturn x Ambriel)
+7 Meets Star: Meeting at the Border (Ambriel x Star)
+14 Gets caught in a trap and is saved by Bazhud: Good Samaritan (Bazhud x Ambriel)
+0 Spends time with her Empire: //Amongst the Shadows - Empire Picture (Collab)//
+0 Patrols with her sister Anane: //On Watch//
+24 Passes her final apprentice test: //Time to Shine (Ambriel App Assignment 5/5)//
+0 Catches Altan and Asrai out late: //EBC - So long cubhood...//
+0 Plays with some Empire mates: //EBC - Playground//
(Total EP as Apprentice: 241 EP)

---> Gladiator (2 years 2 months - present)
+0 Promoted to Gladiator: February Gathering 2018
+0 Nadav congratulates Ambriel: //EBC | Happy BFF's//
+7 Ambriel and Anane find their mother's necklace near the Shadow Empire border with the city and resolve to search for her: The Discovery (Anane x Ambriel)
+0 Bonds with Sara: //Ooh a Butterfly!//
+6 Tries to help Yuki with her confidence: //EBC: You matter//
+0 Swims through the swamp: //Swamp Monster Ambriel//
+0 Gains Grimm as her apprentice: August Gathering 2018
+14 Reflects about the murder of the Fire Empire cub: //Insane//
+0 Bonds with Quintin and her family: //Friends are the family we choose for Ourselves//
(Total EP as Gladiator: 27 EP)

---> Other Art
+0 Ambriel gift
+0 Half Cousin, All Family
+3 Help - Ambriel Eye Color
+0 COM: Wherever the winds blows
+0 The Golden Light || Commission
+0 Ambriel Armor Request
+9 Vampbriel Bat - Week 3: Costumes
+13 EBC: Assignment #1 2017, Ambriel
+0 (Saffeye's Ambriel app) EBC: Ambriel Reference
+0 EBC: Lots of Kitties Part 2
+13 Ambriel Mistletoe Meme
+0  ~ by SwordFangs
+0 Swamp Monster Ambriel
+0 Ambriel AT
+0 Friends are the family we choose for Ourselves

(Total EP from Other Art: 38 EP)

{ Total EP // 550 EP


{ Mate // none
{ Cubs // none
{ Other Family // Azrael (father), Sariel (mother), Anane (sister)Angel (uncle)Shadow (uncle) ,Perceus (cousin) , Saphire (cousin), Scipio (cousin)

NOTE: All relatives besides her mother and sister are unknown to her.

:star::star:Ambriel Relationship Tracker:star::star: (under construction!)


{ Roleplay Availability // notes preferable
{ Roleplay Ratings // any
{ Updated // 20-JAN-2019

 Ambriel (c) :iconwildfire-tama:
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