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Alcatraz - Lord of Aryn - Deceased

:new: 2-APR-2019: Alcatraz is deceased
10-NOV-2017: Update for Alcatraz's art just in time for his new kids! :D ref:…
30-MAY-2016: Much overdue update for Alcatraz! Look at how fat FLUFFY he is! Joking aside I think I may have overdone the fluff, making him look quite shorter than he is. But for now this will do! :)

((Any suggestions on anatomy or anything, please let me know!))

Semper Fidelis by Tazihound
[DotW] And Then Peace by Zoketi


Alcatraz Pixel by Wildfire-Tama

{ Name // Alcatraz
{ Nickname // none
{ Age // Adult (8 years as of September 2018)
{ Sex // male
{ Voice // (starting at 1:20 of this video:… )


{ Height // 35”
{ Weight // 109 lbs
{ Build // large and strong, well-muscled
{ Color // very dark brown
{ Eyes // sand baked yellow
{ Scars // Large scar on shoulder


{ Pack // Aryn
{ Rank // Lord (Alpha Male)


[ noble ] ~ [ impatient ] ~ [ curious ] ~ [ proud ] ~ [ independent ]

{ noble //

Alcatraz has very high moral standards, and he expects everyone to be at his level of righteousness. He is quick to point out other’s flaws and can be blunt and hurtful. He believes that the truth is more important than petty feelings. Being an Alpha has made him soften this part of himself a bit, and he realizes now that sometimes it is important to be tactful and kind. He is open to criticism of himself as well and takes what others say seriously. He may not agree with them, but he will at least give it a thought to determine the statement’s credibility as fairly as he can. He may be grumpy about it though.

{ impatient/gruff //

Alcatraz has little patience for those who act inappropriately in his eyes. He is a very no-nonsense wolf and dislikes sugar coating. He is especially impatient with those who are “too soft” in his eyes, as in they care too much about feelings. If he sees someone sugar coating the truth, he will not hesitate to critically call them out. He believes that the world is turning into a bunch of soft wolves too dependent of their precious packs and blind to the truths of the world. Being a father and Alpha has allowed Alcatraz to gain quite a bit of patience. He sees the strength of a pack and also the strength of being social sometimes. That said he is still rather gruff and can be harsh.

{ curious //

Alcatraz is very curious about the world around him. That was one reason be became a loner. He felt trapped as a wolf belonging to a pack. He constantly dreamed of traveling and finding out the secrets to the world. Alcatraz is quite content where he is, but still does enjoys speaking with others and learning more about how things are in other places, given they are polite and noble wolves in his eyes. He will not hesitate to approach someone he sees who he deems interesting, since along with his curiosity he is also confident in his skills and fears very little. He is always ready to learn

{ proud //

Insult Alcatraz and you may have a fight on your hands. He has little patience for provocation and is quick to leap with teeth flashing. He gets wound up over words, believing them to be powerful and often abused by others. He likes to put those who abuse them in their place. He enjoys speaking about the sights he has seen to others and enjoys teaching others about what he has learned. He has a lot of pride in his accomplishments.

{ independent //

Alcatraz hates to be dependent on anyone. As a puppy, he grew up as fast as he possibly could just so he could be out on his own. He enjoys company, but knows that relationships with others are most often fleeting and never permanent, so he does not get attached. The only one he trusts is himself. While Alcatraz still remains independent and often distant, rarely confiding in others or showing emotion, he loves his family and his pack. He is a more social creature than he once believed, and has found happiness in Aryn that he never could have imagined before. He has made many friends that he trusts deeply.

{ Talents // hunting, fighting, great speed and endurance, a near prefect physical specimen
{ Flaws // far too proud, easily angered, distant
{ Likes // being alone, the night, respectable wolves, young wolves, adventures, new places, the stars and sky, unusual things, the pouring rain, himself
{ Dislikes // rude and disrespectful wolves, the extreme heat, light rain, “soft” wolves


{ Pre-Group //

    Alcatraz belong to a large wolf pack in the mountains. He was a spoiled child. The pack was full of wolves that were all dependent on each other and were very kind wolves, as it turned out. Alcatraz loved his life for most of his puppyhood. He had two loving parents, two sisters, one brother, and a best friend his age named Gabitrix. He and Gabitrix were the very best friend, inseparable in fact. She instilled a deep sense of beauty within Alcatraz for she loved to lead him off to adventures that would lead them to a beautiful place. And then she would sigh and look at him and say how beautiful the world was. Alcatraz was impatient with her at first, but as he grew attached to her he started to see what she meant. Soon he loved going on these little adventures with her and enjoyed her company as well as the company of the fantastic world they lived in.

But nothing lasts forever. His pack was too open with newcomers, so as they were greeting a visiting group of wolves, they were attacked. Nearly the entire pack was wiped out. Alcatraz survived, but lost his father and two of his three his siblings. He also lost Gabitrix, which was perhaps the hardest for him to deal with of all. Seeing her tiny murdered body by the lake was the first time he had ever cried. He also grieved heavily for his family since he had loved them all very much. His mother and sister were a wreck and Alcatraz grew up quick from there as he existed puphood, realizing the horrors of the world and the only way to be ready for them was to expect them. To his dismay, the remainder of the pack did not change their ways after the experience. They continued to be kind and welcoming to others. Alcatraz was soon a disliked member of his pack due to his distrust to new members of the pack and how blunt he was to the pups, sparing none of their innocence in his recounts of the massive battle that had slaughtered many of their parents.

Alcatraz began to question everyone’s judgment except for his own and longed to leave the pack, although he did not say so just yet. He trained to be a fighter and a hunter for the pack, excelling in both fields due to his ferocity and how importantly he viewed both jobs. But he was not training to serve his pack, he was training so he could have the necessary skills to run away. And that he did, the night after he made his first lone kill. He knew that it must have hurt his mother and sister for him to abandon them, but he knew that she would be fine with the bunch of soft wolves that would be oh so sympathetic. He disdained their foolishness.

He went south through the mountains and settled in the valley of the four packs that inhabited the large plains and forests south of the mountain. There were wolf packs, yes, but there was also plenty of open space to travel through that was wild and unclaimed by anyone with sights to see and many others to meet. Alcatraz has never been more happy that now, not since the death of Gabitrix and his family, out on his own with no one bogging him down or mooching off his skills. Independent, wild, and free.

{ Group History // +bones summary: rp //pictures//

+2 Became loner
+1 Antagonizes Suteki of Chandor: A Rocky Meeting (Suteki and Alcatraz)
+1 Meets loner Willow: Brief Meeting (Willow and Alcatraz)
+1 Meets the loner Thea: Walk by the River (Thea and Alcatraz)
+1 Meets Gypsee of Morrow: Almost Friends (Gypsee and Alcatraz)
+1 Battles Charaka of Morrow: Unwelcome Guest (Charaka and Alcatraz) //I said... LEAVE//
+1 Meets loner Nahi: :DotW: Nahi Meets Alcatraz
+1 Advises Kidari of Kausen:A Lesson Learned
+1 Meets Hyena: Strange Indeed... (Hyena and Alcatraz)
+1 Meet Nora: DotW RP: The Wolf And The Cavern
+1 Rescues Nora from river: DotW RP: River Run
+1 Meets loner Judith: Haunted by the Past (Judith and Alcatraz)
+3 Saves Judith from flash flood: Picture/RP(MSE) //Teach Me: Animation//
+1 Waits out a storm with Gypsee and Charaka of Morrow: Behind the Watery Curtain
+2 Hunts with Gypsee and Charaka: Proving One's Self - TrazCharGyps //Cougar Attack//
+1 Helps Skye of Chandor in battle: Chandor Champion (Skye and Alcatraz)
+1 Befriends Phen of Chandor: Don't Mess with Phen! (Phen and Alcatraz)
+1 Meet Dakota of Morrow: Have You Seen a Wolf Like Me?(Dakota and Alcatraz)
+1 Meets Mihiel of Morrow: I'll See You Again (Mihiel and Alcatraz)
+1 Meets loner Kestrel: What are you looking for?
+1 Seriously wounded by Ivan: A Lethal Lesson (Ivan and Alcatraz) //The Mirage Comes Crashing Down//
+1 Ocala of Blutwald helps his injuries: DotW: RP: Ocala Meets Alcatraz
+1 Hunts with Ocala: DoTW: RP: Dinner and Discussions //Lovely Weather//
+1 Bonds with Judith: We Meet Again (Judith and Alcatraz)
+1 Helps Kidari Defends Kausen: //Walk With Me?//
+1 Bonds with Charaka: Scars and Wolf Hugs - Alcatraz and Charaka
+2 Escapes fire with Phen: Escape the Inferno (Phen and Alcatraz) //We'll Get You Out//
((-10 New character, Wren, brought in))
+2 Meets Athena: Lonely Worlds (Athena and Alcatraz) //A True Gentleman//
+2 Finds his childhood friend Gabitrix in Chandor: I Will Come (Gabitrix and Alcatraz) //I Have Found You//
+1 Meets Vaiyalhi: A Tense Meeting (Vaiyalhi and Alcatraz)
+1 Fends off a pack of coywolves with Athena: The Better Part of Valour, The Better Part of Valour II (Athena and Alcatraz)
+1 Meets Fitu and agrees to train him Mentor and Apprentice (Fitu and Alcatraz) //What In The-?! Animated//
+2 Phen helps him make a den near Chandor: Building a Home (Phen and Alcatraz) //Safe and Sound//
+0 Parts ways with Fitu: Parting Ways (Fitu and Alcatraz) //You're Leaving?//
+1 Agrees to join Athena's pack: Where Others Merely Dream
+1 Vows to protect his new family: The Guardian
-3 joins Aryn
-3 becomes Delta Warden
-10 becomes Gamma Warden
+1 Meets Raghaalr: Welcome to Aryn (Raghaalr and Alcatraz)
+0 Confronts Raghaalr after hunting accident: [DotW] Black Bear and Brown Bear
+1 Raghaalr saves his life and earns his trust: The Bears Fight a Bear (Raghaalr and Alcatraz)
+0 Aryn captures Bloom: The Aryn Assembly - Blutwald Intruder
+0 Reunited with Gabi: DotW - A Second Reunion (Gabi' x Alcatraz RP)
+1 Upsets Charaka: Honey Is Better Than Vinegar- Alcatraz Charaka rp
+0 Takes Bloom on a walk: DOTW :: Its Not Blutwald I'm Worried About
+0 Fears for Athena's safety: Promises
+0 Supervises Warden training: //Call me fat//
+1 Brings Lawson to Aryn: Something New (Lawson and Alcatraz)
+1 Speaks with Gabitrix: DotW - Training, Politics, and Psychology
+1 Introduces Phen to Athena: Friend of a Friend
+1 Trains Lawson: When Push Comes to Shove (Alcatraz and Lawson)
+2 Trains Erin: Teachers (Erin and Alcatraz) //DotW Collaboration: Training with Alcatraz//
+1 Assists in stopping Bloom's escape: Part 1, Part 2
+1 Meets loners Keeva and Evita: Little Lessons (Keeva, Alcatraz, Evita)
+1 Hunts with Lawson: Now We're Even (Lawson and Alcatraz)
+1 Informs Athena of prisoners' escape attempt: Dour Homecoming
-15 Promoted to Beta: //After My Own Heart - Collab//
+1 Comforts Athena: //Mess Is Mine//
+1 Assists in meeting with Blutwald, which turns to Bloodshed: Fall of the Hammer (P1), Drums of War (P2), Outbreak (War P3), Denouement (War P4)
+2 Speaks to Lady Athena after the battle: Leap of Faith //All I Want, I Bring You A Song//
- 11 Becomes mates with Athena and she becomes pregnant with their pups
+1 Checks on Bloom: Slow Recovery (Bloom and Alcatraz)
+1 Bonds with Gabitrix: DotW - Sleep is for the Dead (Alcatraz x Gabi RP)
+1 Bonds with Athena: //Daydreams Together, Alphas' Afternoon Nap//
+1 Confronts Lawson about his post-war depression: Inner War (Lawson and Alcatraz) //Toward the Sun//
+1 Meets his children: //Our New Family, At the Beginning, Athena Intro Meme//
+0 Bonds with Teva: //DotW: Mom and Dad//
+1 Rescues Lazarus and Storm from a Badger: Badger Hunt [Lazarus-Storm]
+0 Assigns Lawson to watch Lazaras: All Fun and Games... (Lawson and Lazarus)
+1 Teaches Kane and Lazarus history: History Lesson (Kane, Alcatraz, Lazarus)
+0 Bonds with Lawson: //Commission: Bros//
+1 Visit Gabitrix in the Vicar's den: //You'll Be Okay (Gabitrix and Alcatraz)//
+1 Takes Lazarus and Kane out to train: //He is Strong (Kane, Lazarus, Alcatraz)//
+1 Watches over his sickly son Raphael: //In My Arms - Collab//
+1 Comforts and bonds with Athena during a difficult time: Always Me and You //Moondance//
+1 Accepts aid for sickly Raphael from Fellfang: Last Best Hope
+1 Teaches Teva about being a Warden: DotW: To Be an Alpha //DotW: Dreams Do Come True//
+1 Catches up with Kestrel: Remember Me Kindly
+1 Runs into Seven in the mountains: The Way Home (Seven and Alcatraz)
+0 Stands by Athena: //I'm a Fool for You//
-4 Athena becomes pregnant with his pups: //Athcatraznagoodnews By Wildfire Tama-dafi1u7 (1)//
+1 Bonds with Athena: //Around the World//
+0 Pups are born
+1 Bonds with his son Hawthorn: A Father's Advice (Hawthorn and Alcatraz) //DotW: A Father's Advice//
+1 Takes Tzuriel swimming: DoTW: Furs Swem
+1 Bonds with his four new sons: //Her Boys//
+1 Catches Killian trying to sneak away: DotW RP - Kill it, Killian!
+0 Discusses the fate of his daughter Teva after her carelessness killed a packmate: Teva's Trial //We Need to Talk About Teva//
+1 Talks with Teva: DotW: Fractured
+0 Hunts with his pack: //Aryn on the Hunt - DotW//
+0 Spends time with Hawthorn: //DotW: November 2016 MSE//
+0 Passes by Lawson with Athena: To Be Thankful (Lawson)
+1 Trains with Killian: Down By the River (Killian and Alcatraz) //Life of the Aryn Lord//
+0 Hears Asterion, Samhradh, and Saphira of Heylguard with Athena when the foreigners come to ask for help with their pack's sickness: //Audience with the Alphas of Aryn - DotW//
+1 Leads the pack while Athena raises their newest adopted litter: //I'll Be Home for Christmas//
+2 Gift from the admins
+1 Takes Aivar for a walk: Little Hunter (Aivar x Alcatraz)
+1 Gains clarity on his relationship with his daughter Teva: //I Know a Girl//
+1 Bonds with Kane: Like a Father and Son (Kane and Alcatraz)
+1 Greets Ruby when she returns home: Dotw: Bringing Back Family Part 1
+2 Talks to Lawson about Hani and love: Gumption (Lawson and Alcatraz) //Talks of Love//
+1 Spars with Nero: //Father-Son Sparring//
+0 Enjoys time with his pack: //Hani Bond Meme: April MSE//
+0 Alcatraz spends a fleeting moment with Athena before she leaves to persue Merrill's kidnappers: //Our Duty//
+2 Alcatraz and Athena furiously address the pack after the kidnapping of Merrill and injuring of many Arynians: Aryn Announcement - We Are Stronger //Righteous WrathDark Times in Aryn//
+1 Gains strength with Athena: Neshama
+1 Comforts Raphael: //I'm Here - Collab//
+1 Meets Kane's new adopted daughter, Riga: Family Introductions
+0 Attends the wedding of Kane and Eden: Through Heaven's Eyes (P1)
+1 Establishes alliance with Heyl, and reunites with Fitu: Old Friends (Fitu and Alcatraz) //Life of the Aryn Lord//
- 5 Pregnancy with Athena
+1 Relaxes with Riga: //Spectators//
+0 His new litter of 4 daughters is born: Light of Life
+1 Meets Barin: Like Father Like Son (Kane, Barin, Alcatraz)
+1 Trains Ragnarok: How to Defend (Ragnarok x Alcatraz)
+1 Finds puppy Daenerys who wandered away in the cold: A Cold Lesson (Daenerys x Alcatraz)
+1 Spends a day out with his family: //His Girls//
+0 Guards his daughter Daenerys as she sleeps: //The Lord's Ward//
+0 Comforts Athena after a tough day: //Rough Day//
+2 Speaks with Neka and offers to help her with self defense: A Gentle Nature (Neka x Alcatraz) //Rift//
+1 Alcatraz patrols with Raghaalr and bonds with Lawson: //Life of the Aryn Lord//
+1 Seven confides in him: A Lord and a Father (Seven x Alcatraz)
+0 Hunts with Athena: //Eternal Youth//
+1 Consoles Storm: //Solace in the Stars//
+1 Assigns Ronelle a teacher for being a Ranger: A Task and Teacher
+0 Happily watches Hani and Lawson officially wed: //You Are My Song//
+1 Comforts Athena after her fight with Aivar: Hold Fast to What is Good
+1 Speaks with Ronelle and she decides to leave Aryn to find her family: Find Your Home [Retirement]
+1 An attempt to train Neka in self defense goes badly: Doubts (Neka x Alcatraz)
+1 After an Aryn patrol with kidnapped by Vektren Alcatraz speaks to the pack: Alcatraz's Decree - The Lost Patrol Announcement
+1 Alcatraz and the Rah'at agree to send Brielle to Chandor to get help. Alcatraz visits his granddaughter on the eve before her journey: Eve of a Journey (Brielle x Alcatraz)
+1 Welcome Teiru as a guest into the pack when she arrives from Chandor to help alleviate Aryn's shortage of Vicars: DotW - A Warm Welcoming
+0 Cuddles with a sick Athena: //Switt Commission - 3//
+1 Merrill admits that she is supposed to be a Vektreni spy and Aryn's leaders discuss: Apokalypsis
+1 Lawson disappears on the day his pups are born, and after much searching Alcatraz finally finds him: Beating Heart
+3 Lured by Hekate holding Raph hostage, a group of Aryn is ambushed and Alcatraz and Athena are killedWhat Chilling Blows We Suffer, Our Own Conflicting Wills, How Fiercely We Loved //Semper Fidelis, [DotW] And Then Peace//
+0 The domain reacts to the death of he and Athena: //They're... Dead?!, I love you..., Numb,  DotW - Time of Troubles//

{ Total Bones // 66

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{ Mate // Athena
{ Pups // Teva, Lazarus, Storm, Raphael, Hawthorn, Killian, Tzuriel, Nero, Daphne (adopted), Miriam (adopted), Aivar (adopted)

{ Aryn //

Athena/friend/respect/unsure/attraction/ She was polite, letting me keep the kill she took down. I was glad that I decided to share it with her because she did much of the work anyway. Although she seemed lonely.... I hope she finds what she is looking for someday.
//close friend/respect/love/strong attraction/ Ever since I helped her found Aryn I have been feeling more and more attracted to her. I fear for her safety when she leaves and I want to do noting but protect her... I do wish she would listen to me more.

//best friend/respect/loyal to/love/strong attraction/ I think... I love her.
//best friend/respect/loyal/love/in love/ She has made me the happiest wolf in the world by becoming my mate. I will always stay by her side and protect her, she is everything to me.

Charaka/dislike/respect/ I admit that I should not have hung around for so long... but to attack a wolf without true cause seems a little impulsive to me. I wasn't even in her territory. I still feel bad for I should have guessed she would attack me and left before it came to that. She is brave, though, I'll admit. I could have killed her but she fought valiantly.
//discomfort/unsure/acquaintance/ She had to be the one to come into the cave I was sheltering in with that other Morrow wolf! She was as impulsive as ever but... I was shocked as she defended me in front of Gypsee. I just don't understand her. At least it seems like she wants to be friends... and I can't defy a wolf who wants that. Better have friends than enemies.
//friend/respect/sympathy/ Charaka is a good friend. She was the only wolf able to console me after my fight with Ivan... granted she was the only wolf I spoke of it with. I appreciate her friendship greatly and feel sorry about the destruction of her pack. I wish her only the best and I hope to see her again in the future. 
//close friend/respect/trust/ I am glad Charaka is safe within the borders of Aryn. She is dear to me and I trust her with my life.

Raghaalr/unsure/suspicion/ I don't know about her... if her story of her past is true then I hope she will make a good addition to Aryn. I'll just have to keep an eye on her.
//unsure/bitter/suspicious/guilty/ She ruined our hunt! Well... she says it was an accident... perhaps I judged her too quickly...
//friend/trust/ She saved my life from a bear. I was too quick to judge, but now I know that she is a true wolf of Aryn.

Gabitrix/best friend/love/ After all this time... I cannot believe you are alive! How I missed you... following your spirit each day to my next adventure for years and somehow it has lead me to you. I am still afraid that this is some cruel joke, but at the same time I know you are real this time... I wish you would come with me... just think of all the amazing adventures we could have, just like we did when we were young...
//best friend/love/attraction/ Gabi has joined Aryn and I could not be more pleased! Now we can truly be together again, and never again need to be separated.

Lawson/friend/respect/ He is a peaceful wolf and I respect him. I am glad he is willing to fight for his pack despite his nature. It shows how much he cares.
/close friend/respect/affection/sympathy/ Lawson suffered great losses mentally from the war. I only hope I can help him recover.

Bloom/acquaintance/pity/ Petty thief. She is far from home and for that I pity her. She should have thought better of her actions. Honestly, however, she only allows Blutwald's anger to fester. I would have given her a good beating and sent her on her way. But I am not Alpha, so I do as I am told.
/acquaintance/pity/feels responsible for/ I am happy that she will recover from her wounds. I fear that he mother may not return.

Erin/acquaintance/neutral-positive/ She showed me the first sign of the presence of the One and for that I am grateful. She is too peaceful, but I suppose that is what a Vicar is supposed to be like.

Lazarus/love/annoyance/feels responsible for/ I love my son, of course, but he worries me. He reminds me of myself as a pup, always wandering off fearlessly. Except not as smart.

Kane/affection/feels responsible for/ Kane is a good pup. I know he will grow into a strong wolf like his parents.

{ Loners //
Willow (missing)/acquaintance/unsure/dislike/ this she-wolf can't even run a straight line without rolling herself down a hill! Lost in thought? Hmph. Well, she was nice at least. She wants to join a pack, I think, and I hope she does. I think she is more suited to pack life than loner life. I hope she finds what she is looking for.

Nahimana/acquaintance/unsure/respect/ A kind she-wolf, impressive that she can make it this far on her own for her age. However, she believes in some very... odd things. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose, but I would rather not be involved.

Hyena (missing)/dislike/ A very... strange wolf. He gives me the creeps and I hope to not run into him again.

Nora (missing)/acquaintance/attraction/curious/ A strange wolf I met in the mountains... but she was kind and playful to me and showed me her world. I enjoyed spending time with her and I hope to see her again soon.
//friend/attraction/understands/ Silly she-wolf nearly drowns herself in the river! Ridiculous... She's lucky I was there to save her. Well... at least she is okay. And I have to admit I was happy to see her again. She seems to like being around me, which is odd... but a nice change from the norm.

Judith (missing)/acquaintance/sympathy/ I met Judith on my way out of the mountains. She is a poor soul burdened by guilt of something she did to her mother far in the past. I wish there was some way I could help, but there is only one person who truly can save you from such sadness, that that person is you. I hope she can find the strength to forgive herself and move on.
//close friends/sympathy/ She was lucky I was there to rescue her after she was injured and caught on low ground during a flash flood! Even injured and trapped in a cave due to the dangerous flood outside she still just wanted to leave to find her mother... I tried to help her learn how to relax but it was not very successful, especially since she sneaked out when I fell asleep. I wish her the best, but am afraid that she may never find what she is looking for...

Kestrel/acquaintance/ She's a sweet young she-wolf. I enjoyed our talk and I hope she finds a pack for herself.

Dakota (missing)/acquaintance/ I hope she finds her parents someday. Not having closure can be a terrible thing. I'll keep an eye out, but it is a big world, so I don't have much hope that I will be a help to her.

Vaiyalhi/unsure/ an interesting she-wolf. Although small, she has the spirit of a mountain wolf.

Mihiel (missing)/acquaintance/ She allowed me to drink from the waters of Morrow on a brutally hot day. I appreciate her for that. It would be unusual to see her again despite her words, but I suppose it is possible

Ivan (missing)/hate/fear/bitter/ Huge brute gave me my first scar! I can't believe I lost... I didn't think there was anyone I could not take on, but I could hardly touch him and I was lucky to escape with me life! He's dangerous, and I only hope that someone takes care of him soon...

Ocala (missing)/acquaintance/unsure/ A kind wolf... I appreciate what she did for me in helping with my wound. I was quite ashamed for her to see me that way, though...I don't know what she is doing in such a cold hearted pack.
//friend/ We spoke again after I took down the deer she was chasing. I must admit, I enjoy her company and her genuinely nice personality... I am happy to be leaving Blutwald, but I do hope her uncle takes over soon because I would not mind returning and perhaps running into her again.

Gypsee (missing)/unsure/dislike/bitter/ She was the first wolf a played with in a very very long time... but she does not have enough respect. I though we could be friends, but she underestimated me and in the end I'm afraid I may have spoiled that one for myself. But at least I showed her that you cannot just mock a wolf you hardly know and expect him to take it sitting down. Still.... I wish the best for her.
//discomfort/unsure/ Of all the wolves to come stumbling into the cave with me, it had to be this one and her crazy friend! She still distrusts me, as she should, but at least we are on better terms now.

Thea (Deceased)/acquaintance/respect/ She was a nice wolf and I enjoyed our talk. I wish her luck wherever she ends up.

{ Chandor Pack //
Crash/contempt/ She's a sneaky thing, this one. Betraying Aryn like she did. I understand she wants her packmate free, but there are better ways than being a liar. Blutwald needs to speak with their words, not come up with convoluted plots that will inevitably fail.

Kidari/friend/unsure/ A bit of a pushover... I hope she will be more confident. But she seems kind and has been through a lot. I'm glad that she is happy with her new pack.

Suteki (missing)/unsure/dislike/ A silly she-wolf. Unaware of her surroundings and does not even raise a paw to defend her territory. She left me standing in heart of Chandor; a lone wolf she knows nothing about! She's lucky I don't make her and her pack pay like mine did.

Skye (missing)/acquaintance/respect/ This courageous she-wolf helped me fight off three loners I was facing. She has skill and bravery and I appreciated the help, even if I easily could have defeated them on my own. It sounds like she had a hard past, but I respect her for what she has been through and how far she has come.

Phen/friend/respect/unsure/ She seemed uncertain when we first met, but upon facing a couple loners I soon realized what this she-wolf was capable of. She was... a bit scary. She killed a wolf! Not that I myself was scared! She would never be able to do that to me, of course. But she was brave and I hope her leg healed well.
//close friend/respect/feels responsible/attraction/ We escaped a fire together and I have to say... having to work together with her and nearly loosing my life was quite the experience.... the loyalty I felt for Phen and how I was willing to die to protect her was a strange feeling, the more I think about it. But... it's not a bad feeling. I am just happy she is okay. I hope to see her again soon.

Fitu/acquaintance/unsure/ Silly pup. I hope I can help him keep himself out of trouble.
//friend/affection/feels responsible/ I wish him luck on his journey, and I do hope we see each other again... he has much more strength than he knows.

{ Havir Pack //
none yet!

{ Fellfang Pack //
Rhaegan/hate/ I wish I could have killed this rat before he fled. He had caused bloodshed and death with his recklessness and bloodlust and his actions are unforgivable.

{ Vektren Pack //
none yet!


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