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Welcome to my Page!

Main Characters


Lord Tuscan || Aoife
Lord Tuscan | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama Aoife | Doe | Glenmore Commoner by Wildfire-Tama
Lady Dervla || Lord Fehderer
Lady Dervla | Doe | Royal by Wildfire-Tama Lord Fehderer | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama
Princess Laodice || Lord Saranno
Princess Laodice| Filly | Royal by Wildfire-Tama Lord Saranno | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama
Princess Jonquil
Princess Jonquil| Filly | Royal by Wildfire-Tama

Domain of the Wolf
Alcatraz || Lazarus
Alcatraz - Lord of Aryn by Wildfire-Tama Lazarus - Aryn by Wildfire-Tama
Shenandoah || Yuaei
Shenandoah - Loner by Wildfire-Tama Yuaei - Highvalley Meister by Wildfire-Tama

Yuaei by IonVoxx

Other Characters

Cottonwood Valley

Lir(#103) by CV-Admin

Empires Before Clans

Ambriel || Rebekah
Ambriel - Shadow Empire Gladiator by Wildfire-Tama Rebekah - Bounty Hunter Tribune by Wildfire-Tama
Domitius - Ice Empire - Gladiator by Wildfire-Tama

Other Characters
Rhinaldo [$] by Jaeggy
Kuroda || Fawnflower
Kuroda (Kuro) - Mais by Wildfire-Tama Fawnflower - WindClan Warrior by Wildfire-Tama
Diomi || Quon
Character Sheet - Diomi. by TheOutli3R Quon - Underworld Dragon by Wildfire-Tama
Rusudan || Radjedef
Rusudan 14923 by TotemSpirit Radjedef 13396 by TotemSpirit
Cerethe || Lorien
Cerithe 14119 by TotemSpirit Lorien 16665 by TotemSpirit
Wheatly || Honey Bell
Wheatly by Wildfire-Tama Neighberry: Honey Bell by Wildfire-Tama
Boston || Songo
Boston - Alpha by Wildfire-Tama Songo - Hunter by Wildfire-Tama
Dandelion || Rhoenys
Dandelion - Juvenile by Wildfire-Tama Rhoenys - Juvenile by Wildfire-Tama

To-Do List

Please let me know if I've missed something!

:bulletpurple: Alcatraz and Co. (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Impala x Rocko (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Blizzard x Kuroda (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Shen x Jeri (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Yuaei x Roran (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Dervla x Espa (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Dervla x Elisa (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Lazarus x Tzuri (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Aoife x Ambriel (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Dervla x Leia (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Fehderer x Desmond (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Tuscan x Khyrian x Tristan (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Dove x Dervla (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Fehderer x Penelope (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Tuscan x Oleander (My turn)


:bulletpurple: Whisper and Zarax Picture (Art Trade, awaiting contact) AhoyItsDusk
:bulletpurple: Art Trade with NeoShadowWolf (My half finished, awaiting their half)
:bulletpurple: Art Trade with MostlyMoose (Both halves unfinished)

Trying to get this out early! :D

Lord Tuscan | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama
Lord Tuscan // Glenmore Lord // 5 years old // Tentatively closed for breeding (still pretty young)

OPEN FOR: Plotting, RPs, collabs, relationship-developing art trades!


Tuscan is now 5 years old and he will be trying to gain his very first harem! There are a few things I’d love to happen this rut:
  • FIGHTS with other stags over does! Preferably PC royal does! Gotta get him some experience. He can win or lose!
  • Does who’d like to be in his harem, or who he can try to impress! They can join either by their own choice or by him winning them or perhaps their Lord gifts her to Tuscan? He’s also going to be strutting around being irritating to every pretty royal doe in Glenmore so feel free to volunteer your Lady to snub him as he tries to look cool for her!
  • I don’t expect Tuscan to have fawns this rut, he’s still so young, but I’m not toootally against it either so feel free to throw your ideas at me!

As Tuscan grows he will be looking into making a little Glade for himself, and that will need staff! I’d love to be able to plot/rp some of these relationships, and am particularly looking for:
  • Guard(s): Tuscan is a secret scaredy cat so I think he’ll want at least one of these xD
  • Hoofmaiden(s)He can’t take care of his long mane alone!
  • Herbalist: Without a Princess, Tuscan will want someone who can help him when he gets hurt! (Could also be a hoofmaiden)
  • Also Butler and Gardener because he is spoiled hehe


And just random potential things I am looking for:

  • Untraditional stags around his age he can be a jerk to.
  • Perhaps a “high-quality” Princess he can sorta “fall for” and attempt to irritate swoon?
  • Traditional younger Lords he can take under his wing
  • Respectable older Lords he can idolize also irritate

Aoife | Doe | Glenmore Commoner by Wildfire-Tama
Aoife // Glenmore Commoner // 10 Years old // CLOSED for breeding (part of Lord Jinxario’s harem, not having children)

OPEN FOR: Plotting, RPs, collabs, relationship-developing art trades!


Aoife is closed this rut but I’m always looking for a few sorts of interactions for her:

  • Friends or negative relationships in GM! I’m open to pre-existing relationships too!
  • Stat-building things! (Particularly magic, herbs, speed, endurance, but I'm up for anything!)

Lord Fehderer | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama
Lord Fehderer // Glenmore Lord // 19 years old // OPEN for breeding

OPEN FOR: Plotting, RPs, collabs, relationship-developing art trades!


Fehderer is going on 20 now and I am really hoping to get him at least someone’s PC doe to be in his harem, He has a lot going on in his life so there are a lot of plots to be had here!:

  • Ladies/High-standing commoners to take into his harem/fight for! I’m open to tension in the relationship, friendship, maybe even romance, I mostly just want to rp/plot and see what happens!
  • Fawns if anyone would like one out of him! We’d need to find a doe for him to breed with though! I am also open to discussing him being the father to your starter Lord!
  • Other stags he can fight!


Other ongoing stuff I’m always looking for:

Lady Dervla | Doe | Royal by Wildfire-Tama

Lady Dervla // Glenmore Lady // 1 year old // CLOSED for breeding (too young)

OPEN FOR: Plotting, RPs, collabs, relationship-developing art trades!


Dervla is only two so she is closed this rut! But she’s open to rps/relationship development! C:

  • Royal friends around her age to rp/collab with (open to things such as best friend, friend, frenemies, enemies, rivals, baby crushes)
  • Older royal fawnlings she can irritate hehe.

Princess Laodice| Filly | Royal by Wildfire-Tama

Princess Laodice // Glenmore Princess // 0 years old // CLOSED for breeding (too young)

OPEN FOR: Plotting, RPs, collabs, relationship-developing art trades!


Laodice is closed for breeding, she’s just a baby! But I have some fun stuff planned for her future and I’d love to start building relationships early:

  • Friends to rp/collab with! (open to best friends, friends, older fawnlings to annoy, bullies because she’s strange, baby crushes)
  • I’d like for her betrothed to perhaps be a childhood friend? Though I could also picture her be given to someone quite a bit older too… I have no ideas really and am open to hearing the ideas of others! I’m not willing to commit to anyone until it gets closer, and until we’ve done some rps, but just throwing this out there early!

Lord Saranno | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama

Lord Saranno // Glenmore Lord // 8 years old // Tentatively closed for breeding?

OPEN FOR: Plotting, RPs, collabs, relationship-developing art trades!


My first rut with Saranno! :D I can’t picture him doing much in terms of rut this year, but I am open to a few things:

  • Saranno isn’t into rut fights really, but he would be happy to take a doe into his harem if we’d like to plot something! (And if he had a reason to fight a stag for a doe then he would so I am open to plots like that!)
  • I can’t picture him fathering children yet, but I am not totally opposed either depending on the situation.

I have some ongoing things I am searching for with him!:

  • Childhood friends/foes/whatever of either gender. Or those he can meet currently. I just want him to meet more people!
  • He doesn’t have a betrothed planned, so I am open to discussing it! He's a rather wayward Lord, traditional enough but independent and adventurous. A similarly restless Princess might be happy with him if they can see past his coat, or a more home-body princess that insists they stay in the center of things rather than the edges might make for fun plots! Either way I do really want an active betrothed for him someday.

Thanks for reading! Comment or note me if you are interested!


Favorite Things <3



Avatar by Tazihound
Night Skin by WithoutCommonSense ( )
Drifting Dream Skin by DanikaMilles ( )
Blue Boxes Code by CypherVisor ( )
Scolling Blue Box Code by LabLayers ( )
Cream Box Code by CypherVisor ( )
Shen and Bellamy Background by Faainleog ( )


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