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Welcome to my Page!

Main Characters


Lord Tuscan || Aoife
Lord Tuscan | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama Aoife | Doe | Glenmore Commoner by Wildfire-Tama
Lady Dervla || Lord Fehderer
Lady Dervla | Doe | Royal by Wildfire-Tama Lord Fehderer | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama
Princess Laodice || Lord Saranno
Princess Laodice| Filly | Royal by Wildfire-Tama Lord Saranno | Stag | Royal by Wildfire-Tama
Princess Jonquil
Princess Jonquil| Filly | Royal by Wildfire-Tama

Domain of the Wolf
Alcatraz || Lazarus
Alcatraz - Lord of Aryn by Wildfire-Tama Lazarus - Aryn by Wildfire-Tama
Shenandoah || Yuaei
Shenandoah - Loner by Wildfire-Tama Yuaei - Highvalley Meister by Wildfire-Tama

Tuscan and Celeste by HayleyRPG and Shenandoah by lightningspam

Other Characters

Cottonwood Valley

Lir(#103) by CV-Admin

Empires Before Clans

Ambriel || Rebekah
Ambriel - Shadow Empire Gladiator by Wildfire-Tama Rebekah - Bounty Hunter Tribune by Wildfire-Tama
Domitius - Ice Empire - Gladiator by Wildfire-Tama

Other Characters
Rhinaldo [$] by Jaeggy
Kuroda || Fawnflower
Kuroda (Kuro) - Mais by Wildfire-Tama Fawnflower - WindClan Warrior by Wildfire-Tama
Diomi || Quon
Character Sheet - Diomi. by TheOutli3R Quon - Underworld Dragon by Wildfire-Tama
Rusudan || Radjedef
Rusudan 14923 by TotemSpirit Radjedef 13396 by TotemSpirit
Cerethe || Lorien
Cerithe 14119 by TotemSpirit Lorien 16665 by TotemSpirit
Wheatly || Honey Bell
Wheatly by Wildfire-Tama Neighberry: Honey Bell by Wildfire-Tama
Boston || Songo
Boston - Alpha by Wildfire-Tama Songo - Hunter by Wildfire-Tama
Dandelion || Rhoenys
Dandelion - Juvenile by Wildfire-Tama Rhoenys - Juvenile by Wildfire-Tama

To-Do List

Please let me know if I've missed something!

:bulletpurple: Alcatraz and Co. (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Blizzard x Kuroda (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Shen x Jeri (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Yuaei x Roran (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Lazarus x Tzuri (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Aoife x Ambriel (Their turn)
:bulletpurple: Dervla x Leia (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Tuscan x Khyrian x Tristan (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Fehderer x Penelope (My turn)
:bulletpurple: Tuscan x Hanford (My turn)


:bulletpurple: Whisper and Zarax Picture (Art Trade, awaiting contact) AhoyItsDusk
:bulletpurple: Art Trade with NeoShadowWolf (My half finished, awaiting their half)

DotW Event: Secret Gift Exchange

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 5, 2018, 12:13 PM

:new: 18-NOV-2018: Everyone should have the name of their person now! :D Please let me know if you did not get a note from me or if you have any other questions or concerns! Have fun everyone! 

Hello, everyone!

It’s time for the fourth annual Domain of the Wolf Secret Gift Exchange! wow I'm old A Secret Gift Exchange is when you draw a picture for a random member assigned to you, and in return another random member draws a picture for you! It is a great way to spread the holiday spirit and make people happy with beautiful fanart!

!! PLEASE read everything fully before you sign up !!

What You Need To Do:

Very simple. Comment here that you want to sign up. I add you to the list. After signups end I note you the person you will draw a picture for. You draw a picture (full or near full body with background) for that person featuring your choice of one of their DotW characters.

Timeline of Events
Bullet; Blue Thursday, November 15, 2018: Signups for the Secret Gift Exchange end! (Must enter name by 11:59 pm Eastern time on the 15st)

Bullet; Blue Monday, November 19, 2018: By the end of the day you should have the name of your person!

Bullet; Blue Friday, December 28, 2018:  I will begin sending out reminder notes to those who have not completed their gift.

Bullet; Blue Sunday, January 6, 2019: After 11:59 pm eastern on this day the event is over.

You are free to submit your gift at any time between the day you get your name and January 6th! When you submit your gift you may cash it in for two bones for your choice of any of your characters, and these two bones do not count toward the 6 bone monthly limit (which means you can gain 8 bones total for a character with this!), AS LONG AS it is before January 6th 2019! (If you submit after the deadline you will get no bones… and also it will be upsetting)


Bullet; Blue Only sign up if you are SURE that you will be able to get the gift done before January 6th! That is plenty of time, but it’s just really sad when someone puts so much effort into their gift to someone, but then don’t get any gift in return. Please don’t do that to someone!! D: If you are worried about it then just get it done early, you have almost 7 weeks to do one picture, so running out of time should not be an issue. If something does come up and you fear you won’t be able to complete the picture, let me know ASAP, by no later than a week before the deadline (Sunday, December 30th). This is really not ideal, though, so please make sure you are committed before you sign up!

If you don’t complete your gift, and don’t let me know by a week before the deadline, then you won’t be able to participate in this event in the future.
 Bullet; Blue This picture must feature a character that belongs to your person but other characters can be included if you’d like! Just make sure that the character of your person is the focus of the drawing!

Bullet; Blue This picture should be a FULL BODY or near full body picture with a complete background. Remember, this is about giving a really nice gift to one of your friends here online and spreading the holiday spirit, so it is expected that you put a lot of effort into this! Here are some examples of "near full body" so there is no confusion:
Alar in the first picture and Alcatraz (lower left) in the second picture are examples of the bare minimum amount that must be shown. In the third picture, Seven (right) is another example of around the minimum accepted, BUT Loki (left) is NOT acceptable because you can only really see a little more than half of him.
I know this is arbitrary and I apologize but I needed some sort of standard just to avoid confusion! Rule of thumb: if you are worried just include more!

Bullet; Blue Do not tell anyone who you have! Part of the excitement is that it is a SECRET gift exchange! It is not as fun if you know who has you!
Bullet; Blue If you are removed from the group you are still expected to complete your gift! 

Member and admins, everyone in the group can participate!

This event is being run by me, Wildfire-Tama, so please bring all questions and concerns to me!

That’s all for now! Please comment on this journal to sign up!


((beautiful skin from here))

Favorite Things <3



Avatar by Tazihound
Night Skin by WithoutCommonSense ( )
Drifting Dream Skin by DanikaMilles ( )
Blue Boxes Code by CypherVisor ( )
Scolling Blue Box Code by LabLayers ( )
Cream Box Code by CypherVisor ( )
Saurugol Background by Naviira ( )


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