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Rat's Lone Survival by wildface1010 Rat's Lone Survival by wildface1010
Rat knows his other friends weren't awake yet, but they have to as soon as possible. The Hazel Power around them will slowly corrupt them bit by bit. Their green eyes were a sign about it, just no one knows. If a green mist surrounded one, one will be in danger on being corrupted. And Rat was TOTALLY in danger.

Running though the gaps between buildings, Rat just kept running and running. He doesn't want to stop. The static monsters were following. If he ever dare to stop, he'll got another scar. Plus, the Hazel Master is stalking him. If he got caught by that monster, he'll end up one.

A static's hand crashed through the window next to him. Rat just barely managed to Dodge that. The static dog was barking at him. "Oh crap." He thought. The dark figure of the Hazel Master appeared at the entrance. Silently and swiftly, he teleported next to Rat and grabbed his throat.

A pain shock through Rat's body, as his soul slowly slip into darkness.


This is one of my theories of why Rat doesn't appear in AE Chronics. My theory is Rat got turn into one of the monsters. I know my drawing sucks really bad (COMPARE WITH OTHERS), but this is an entry for the Fandome art. Plz make my art be in! I drew it for, I think, around 4 hours!!
wildface1010 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
No love of mah arts?! *sobs*...
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September 26, 2014
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