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Sneak peak #21 - Solitude (+ speedpainting)

Page 36 from the reboot of "Gimkhana Vol.2 - Solitude" :)
I'm pretty happy with this page , it doesn't happen often ^^
What's in here? Well , just added another part I missed in the first version: representation of 'khana's solitude

I tried a "weird" narrative technique here , with the last two panels, I hope it worked xD
She doesn't turn human SUDDENLY: the last panel it's just a representation of what the beast really is - simply a woman

This to make the reader understand her condition more!
Speedpainting of the first panel:…
YES I managed to upload videos on YT! OR better , finally found the way to upload short videos without waiting ONE WHOLE DAY for the upload :°D

Hope you like it!
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Amazing! And the colors are simply gorgeous!
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*A* thank you! :heart:
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I love love -love- the story telling technique here! It is so unique and it gets the message about the character across wonderfully :heart: :heart: 
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Thank you very much *A* 
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Dove lo trovo (o compro) il lavoro completo? Lo trovo pubblicato in edicola? Avete un sito web?
 Me gusta 
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Ow le copie del Volume 1 sono esaurite al momento ! E' prevista una ristampa a settembre o direttamente al Lucca Comics (se tutto va bene ^^) 
Per tutti gli aggiornamenti puoi tenere d'occhio la pagina Facebook qui!:…
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Gorgeous work on colors and lines! 

Cannot wait for more XD 
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The lineart is amazing and I love the colors you use!
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Gorgeous work on colors and lines. Very inspiring mood, too. :)
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I always love how you coloring you Environment and set the lights ;__; <3
It's just soooooo beautiful. 
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Thank you very very very much *vvvv*
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That colors! Everything is so... PERFECT :D I love it! :D How long took the whole page? ^^
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Thank you very much :hug: mmmh I think 4 hours in total ^^
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Only 4 hours?! Well the last time - years ago - I tried this it took me whole day for just one ugly page x'D This here is soooo awesome for such little time! :D want to see more!
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I'm in love with your lights and colors. Saw a speedpainting on youtube yesterday, I thought I'll die of awesomeness~ And man, those backgrounds!.. I'd sell my soul to Devil to draw like that! Did you study somewhere?
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Gah thankies çvç :glomp:
Aaand nope ! Never studied art x3 I'm a Business Economics student right now xD sooo really nothing to do with art xD
always been self-taught ^^
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