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Rebirth of o.W.n. by WildDancer101 Rebirth of o.W.n. :iconwilddancer101:WildDancer101 2 0 GMOD MK/TF2 Raiden Medic VS Ermac Pyro by WildDancer101 GMOD MK/TF2 Raiden Medic VS Ermac Pyro :iconwilddancer101:WildDancer101 7 0 TF2 Persona: Koponya by WildDancer101 TF2 Persona: Koponya :iconwilddancer101:WildDancer101 2 0 GMOD Spider-man VS Venom (Stan Lee Tribute) by WildDancer101 GMOD Spider-man VS Venom (Stan Lee Tribute) :iconwilddancer101:WildDancer101 8 0 GMOD Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by WildDancer101 GMOD Mighty Morphin Power Rangers :iconwilddancer101:WildDancer101 2 1
MLP FIM Saviors of Harmony Chapter 16
A feminine scream echoes throughout the large cave, and Azerrad, Vohrnil, Ryzoth and Tirek are startled by it except for Dark Shadow. The Changelings back away from Queen Chrysalis who has awakened to find her horn missing on her head, and she isn't taking it well.
"My horn! My wonderful horn!" cried Chrysalis as she clutched her head with her hooves, "Without it, I can't disguise myself nor feed on love, all because of that wretched and inconceivable stallion who broke it off of my head!"
"Whoa. And I thought getting my ear messed up was bad." Ryzoth muttered.
"Chrysalis, calm yourself." Dark Shadow calmly said.
"Calm myself?!" the Changeling queen lashed out, "How can I calm myself when my horn-"
"I SAID CALM YOURSELF!!!" the helmeted pony bellowed. Chrysalis and everypony else got scared by that tone, even Tirek is wondering why he is feeling this way. Dark Shadow took a breath and continued, "Getting frustrated with your misgivings is a pointless th
:iconwilddancer101:WildDancer101 1 0
The Most Precious Gift of All by WildDancer101 The Most Precious Gift of All :iconwilddancer101:WildDancer101 3 0 I'm Sorry by WildDancer101 I'm Sorry :iconwilddancer101:WildDancer101 10 1
MLP FIM Saviors of Harmony Chapter 15
It wasn't long before Twilight Sparkle and her friends led Zenith to the farm where the sweet apples are harvested. After walking up a hill, Applejack turned to Zenith smiling and waved her hoof to the farm.
"Well, here we are, sugarcube!" Applejack happily announced, "Welcome ta Sweet Apple Acres!"
Looking to where Applejack is pointing, Zenith's eyes widen in amazement. Not only were there plenty of farm equipment placed neatly around the place, but there is white painted fences, a farm house with a barn connected to it, and lots and lots of apple orchards seen for miles beside the farm.
"This is where the Apple family does the simple farm work of harvestin' fruits and vegetables, including apples," Applejack explained, "and it is as ya said, the place where Ponyville came to be. What 'cha think?"
Zenith smiled, still in awe of what he sees. Rarity finds his amazed face so divine, even more so with the light from the sun shining down on it. This made her blush mildly and glance away
:iconwilddancer101:WildDancer101 1 0
Wile E Coyote as the Batman by WildDancer101 Wile E Coyote as the Batman :iconwilddancer101:WildDancer101 1 2 Blueblood's   -Redemption- by WildDancer101 Blueblood's -Redemption- :iconwilddancer101:WildDancer101 2 0 Happy Hearts and Hooves Day by WildDancer101 Happy Hearts and Hooves Day :iconwilddancer101:WildDancer101 1 0 Canvas: The Enchanted Rose by WildDancer101 Canvas: The Enchanted Rose :iconwilddancer101:WildDancer101 2 0 (Gmod) Desmond's Gone Crazy by WildDancer101 (Gmod) Desmond's Gone Crazy :iconwilddancer101:WildDancer101 2 0 1st Anniversary of being a Brony by WildDancer101 1st Anniversary of being a Brony :iconwilddancer101:WildDancer101 3 1 Pittance of Time by WildDancer101 Pittance of Time :iconwilddancer101:WildDancer101 4 1


Lelouch by sakimichan Lelouch :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 3,831 103
The Truth About Kindness
I met a woman two years ago that’s changed my life in every way I never knew I needed.
One thing I learned from her is something I want to share regarding what most people view as kindness, how it’s often distorted into something else, and what true kindness at its purest can be.
Before meeting her I thought I knew what kindness was. I associated it with any number of synonyms. It was something benevolent and gentle, conjuring ideas of selflessness and self sacrifice and other charitable words that seemed to all boil down into something *good*.
The truth of the matter is, I had it wrong, and I think most people do.
Do you see a common thread in the words I listed above? I did, and it began to disturb me. To speak plainly, what most people see as kindness is almost always damaging to the person who is kind. It’s associated with giving of oneself to the benefit others often to their own detriment.
I’m sure you’ve heard it before. People who self describe as
:iconkissthethunder:KissTheThunder 33 14
Older Sora  by sakimichan Older Sora :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 5,867 224 Spider Gwen .final render. by sakimichan Spider Gwen .final render. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 12,203 309 Mai Valentine by sakimichan Mai Valentine :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 12,177 268 The Last Shelter by Nemo2D The Last Shelter :iconnemo2d:Nemo2D 418 19 -Redesign- Zelfes Rune by ultimatewino -Redesign- Zelfes Rune :iconultimatewino:ultimatewino 59 28 Happy Birthday Count Mickey!!!!!!!! by hentaib2319 Happy Birthday Count Mickey!!!!!!!! :iconhentaib2319:hentaib2319 541 29 Jen by SugarYuyu Jen :iconsugaryuyu:SugarYuyu 87 56 Morrigan .NSFWoptinal. by sakimichan Morrigan .NSFWoptinal. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 12,886 328 Sexy Sephiroth .NSFW optional. by sakimichan Sexy Sephiroth .NSFW optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 13,859 707 Heidi Skulls by Saviage Heidi Skulls :iconsaviage:Saviage 90 10 New Adventure in Hoenn by twisted-wind New Adventure in Hoenn :icontwisted-wind:twisted-wind 331 21 Font: Varian Glyphs by cocktail-mafia Font: Varian Glyphs :iconcocktail-mafia:cocktail-mafia 108 20 Font: Astral Tongue --UPDATE: VERSION 1.1 by cocktail-mafia Font: Astral Tongue --UPDATE: VERSION 1.1 :iconcocktail-mafia:cocktail-mafia 159 43 Carmen the Rabbit by Mystikal-Aurora Carmen the Rabbit :iconmystikal-aurora:Mystikal-Aurora 32 19
I mostly have a random sort of favorites, but some of them are for something bigger I have planned. If you'd like to know, feel free to watch me and add me as a friend.


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Joey Ormay
I am

and a

I'm a quiet guy who doesn't talk much, and my interests are worth guessing.
My goal is to be a voice actor for western and eastern media.


And just recently without any regrets:

still love disney by raspberryred……
Wild Dancer's Journal
May 24, 2019

My dad and I are gonna spend the next few days replacing our furnace with a new one.
Considering that we had winter days going up to minus 40, the furnace gave everything it had to keep us warm.
Now, its pushing too much heat into one part of our house.
So, we're gonna call some guys to take out the wall where the furnace is and take it from there.
It'll take up my time offline throughout the days, but I'll be back.

Wild Dancer out.

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