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Some more yuri?

2 min read
I'm doing my thing and short comic about Lo-Ren's dreams is slowly taking shape. I already know how all the pages are going to look like and now I only need to ink/edit those pages. This means I need to think about the answer to "what's next" question. At some point I'll draw part 3, I'm thinking about ideas for this one, but maybe now I should do something else. Maybe... another comic with my 2 naked girls? Quite some time ago I drew bonus comic about Lo-Ren and Mei https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Amber_Mage/5693798/ . I felt that I want to draw something about their relationship and now, many months later, I still feel that I could add few more pages showing the girls spending time together, maybe also focus more on Aika to make some connection with comic about her and Aron I'll draw someday. This of course leaves me with more questions I need to answer. I need to decide what exactly Lo-Ren and Mei will be talking about on those few pages and I need to find balance between
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'm drawing stuff, as usual, and I feel like writing about my new idea. Now I only need to take deep breath while somebody is calling the police and... I may begin. So I'm posting comic about Lo-Ren on TDW, nothing really that special. Just something about a young girl who masturbates in the bathroom to a fantasy of being spanked by her teacher for acting naughty. I'm somebody who always asks "what's next" question, so of course I can't just stop at the moment where she has enough for the evening. I need to think about about what she will experience next and since I like to get into character's heads, drawing something about her dream seems like a nice idea. I started sketching and the idea I got is little bottomless girl playing with a naked man, hoping for something more than just playing. I made this sketch and it feels... weird. Nothing really will happen, I just wanted to draw something that will represent her fear about beeing seen as just a child, loosing to more
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Lo-Ren's turn

1 min read
Comic about Aika is complete and I will post all the less naughty pages here soon. This of course means that I need to find something else to draw and I think I'll continue with fantasies of a girl. I feel that Lo-Ren needs some attention now and I will draw second part of short comic about her internal monologue, where she started thinking about sex. She's going to... take care of herself, if you know what I mean. This leaves me with a big question - what will she be imagining? I made few sketches of her in the bathroom, before she will do that, and at the moment I can't move forward. I need to find someone who I could suck some ideas off. Something a girl like her would imagine.
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Hi, remember me? Well, I finally have an account on PayPal. So if you're still interested I would like to commission some artwork from you.

Yes, I do. I was paitently waiting and your drawing is on the shelf in the state I showed you before. After the payment is done I'll add ink/grey in 2-3 days. I'll give you my adress in the chat and let's hope it wont swallow the message.

Did you have some issues with the chat where your responses disappear? If that for some reason happens just poke me here.

Hi, I don't know if you remember me but I requested you to do some artwork for a fanfiction I wrote once.

You said you are interested but that it was only a "maybe."

I would once again like to make this request if you, only now I'm willing to make a commission.

There are a few things I'm going to need to ask ahead of time though.

Obviously my first question is are you willing to accept my commission or are you too busy doing something else at the moment?

If you are willing to take my commission I'm going to need to know how much it'll cost and how long it may take to get it done.

Yes, I do remember, naked Robin Hood fanfiction. I had one idea, but didn't touch your request so far. I was drawing my comic and when it comes to doing requests, I do them when I feel that I want some rest from doing my own stuff.

But if you want to make a commission my "maybe" turns into "sir, yes sir" and I'll focus all my energy on drawing it as soon as possible.

The answer to questions about how much and how soon depends on what exactly you want. It can be really quick ink/pencil drawing for 5$, or detailed drawing in color with multiple caracters for 35-40$, and in this case it will take few days.

If you have some part of your story that you want illustrated, just send me a note and we'll talk about details.

Here is a fanfiction I wrote. If it's not too much to ask, do you think you could do some fan art of it?

Interesting idea, but at least for now I'm going to pass on this one. Maybe later I'll be in mood to do something with those Disney characters, but this is only "maybe"

I understand.

If you do decide at some point to do something with my idea please let me know.

Regardless, it's entirely up to you.